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I canít remember the last time,
I felt the way I do,
I find I donít stop smiling,
Whenever Iím with you.

Itís been so long since I met someone,
Who really caught my eye,
And made it all too difficult,
For me to say goodbye.

I rarely feel this comfortable,
Around someone I hardly know,
But you make it easy for me to be myself,
And let my feelings show.

Itís amazing how you seem to know,
The perfect words to say,
You make me forget my fears,
I watch my worries float away.

Itís strange how you will often speak,
As if youíre reading from my mind,
We think alike on many things -
I know thatís a good sign.

Tonight you made me realize,
That nice guys still exist,
I felt myself just melt away,
With every single kiss.

I had butterflies in my stomach,
And shivers down my spine,
A kind of electricity,
When your hand reached out for mine.

I donít know where fate might lead us,
Or what the future will contain...
But I know I enjoy spending time with you,
And canít wait to do it again.