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A Better Place

I wish I was a child again,
Imagining foolish thoughts and dreams.
I want to live in a fantasy world,
Where nothing is as it seems.
I wish words could express how I feel,
My excitement and my fear,
For though I知 going to a better place,
I知 wishing you were here.
God痴 taking me to heaven,
On this cloud high in the sky,
And though I know you must be hurting,
Try your hardest not to cry.
Understand that I had to leave you,
But I値l be with you through the years.
I値l be standing right beside you,
And I値l wipe away your tears.
Even though I値l be in heaven,
Don稚 ever think I知 gone,
For I値l be loving you forever,
And my spirit will live on.