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Here I go again,
Crying the tears I've cried before,
I swore I wouldn't let anyone persuade me,
To open up my heart once more.

It started out as friendship,
I never thought that it would grow,
But then you tempted me to love again,
How was I to know?

Why give me a taste for what it's like,
To have someone to hold...
And now that I'm addicted,
You suddenly turn cold.

When you needed a friend to be there,
You knew you could count on me,
To listen when nobody else would,
To see the man that you could be.

You weren't there for me this evening,
When all I needed was a friend,
To talk to and to lean on,
With a shoulder they would lend.

You didn't have time to hear me out,
You were blissfully unaware...
Yet you think that we could be happy together,
When you don't even show you care.

I thought that you were different,
You would make time for me in your life,
But you can't even prove to me,
That you've got your priorities right.

I know I'm just a simple fool,
For hoping that you could make me feel,
Like I am no longer alone,
And I possess a love that's real.

Was I really just scared of being lonely,
When I dreamt of being yours,
Though your affection will never be meant for me,
I couldn't see past your flaws.

Why am I so doubtful,
Of finding a man whose love is true,
He will love me just the way I am,
I guess he just isn't you.