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-Fire Dance-

opinions from chick who cant spell
fuck what everyone else thinks, are YOU happy?
pain is an choice, u either choose to feel it or not
LOVE, HATE, difference???
show who u really are and f**k the rest of them if they dont f**kin' like it :) who u must,love what u must, but dont love because u must...
Saddam, Bush, difference???

hey! sup people. if ur at this site, i probably told u to be here, [hey kate, len, garry, racheal, neon steve] but, if u have come of your own free will,, good for u! [and thanx for comeing!] anyways, i started this page to voice my current opinions, original poems, friends poems, fav. quotes, lyrics, and basically anything that comes to mind. if u wanna tell me ur opinion about my page [if u think its kick, or if it sux, either way i dont care, just lemme know] e-mail me.

if some pictures dont download to your computer, try refeshing this page, and if problem continues, lemme know and i'll try to fix it

UPDATED WEEKLY---last update: March, 2003

WAR WILL ONLY KILL MORE!!!!" speak out against bush's trigger-happy intentions!!

quote of the week:"its like your going against god if you speak your opinion nowadays"- person in my 5th p. class.

bonus quote: "The world keeps putting bastards with Angels & Saints with bitches"-as said by Tigerspaw

SONG FOR THE WEEK: "bang and blame"R.E.M.

LYRIC [from song]: " f you could see yourself now, babyIt's not my faultYou used to be so in control "You bang, bang, bang, bang and bang,blame, blame, blameYou bang, bang, bang, bang and bang,It's not my thing so let it go.If you could see yourself now baby,the tables have turnedthe whole world hinges on your swings Don't point your finger,You know that's not my thing You've got a little worry,I know it all too well,Stop laying blame. You know that's not my thing.You kiss on me, tug on me, rub on me, jump on me,you bang on me, beat on me, hit on me, let go on me, You let go on me.

!!!!NEW NEW NEW!!!!--want more lyrics!!!???!!! scroll down to the bottom of this page and right above my bio you can find lyrics to all MY favorite songs. [maybe their your fav.s too?]. suggestions welcome.

R.I.P Bob-Oh... We miss you and your talents

R.I.P. to all thoase who have died and WILL die in bush's war against "terorism"

R.I.P. Lane Stanley...your music will stay with us forever

R.I.P were such a sweet pet and i will miss you alot.

CD OF THE WEEK-_--My cd of the week is picked from my own personal collection of cd's. Its usually the cd that i've been listening to most of the week--Cranberries--- wake up and smell the coffee/// fave songs--->"wake up and smell the coffee", "analyse", "Carry on", "the concept"

WHATS NEW =on my other web page [link to it down at the bottom of this page], awful pics of me and stuff i like. go see if you dare [why wouldent you, your all the ones who wanted me to put them up!, sorry, no nudeys of me. oh well, who needs more horror in life anyway?]NEW on other page!!--> /// new personal bio down past my poems. nothing really interesting. teeheehee, oh, go read the comic The Bondage Fairy's. its neat. oh yeah, one more thing, i added more links to my linkie page. go and see!!!/// I HAVE A NEW PAGE!!! it has lots of my artwork on it, and you should go see it. a link to it is on the bottom of the page. GO SEE!!!

Me and my boyfriend's two year anniversary is March 30, 2003.

NEW KICK ASS BAND!!---{well, new to me}---oculus, well, their not NEW new, but i thought i should mention them anyway, go listen to them! their sweet... another kick new band:Dargaard, very very sweet. go try to get one of their cd's! also, my aunt's BFs band just got going. Their called Ripley so go buy their cd!!!!

COMEING SOON!!! FINALLY!!... new poems by Kate!!! AND a new poem by my boyfriend Mike!!!!!

Movie:SPECTRE!! its an oldish movie with alot of no-names and its REALLY cheesy. it was made back in the nintys [remember thoase?] and its really fun. its a horror about a family [american] who move into this old irish castle. its haunted [of course] so they find the dead girl in the wall, and bury her theirby putting her soul to rest. trouble over, yes? no, problems start again that night. through the whole of the movie they try to rid themselves of this problem about 4 times before the husband finally stabs his possesed wife and the house blows up. very dramatic. if you like creepy statues, danceing old-woman ghosts, and dolls that talk to children [anyone remeber poltergeist?] youll laf your ass off at this one. highly recomended.

OTHER MOVIE: 13 Ghosts [dvd version cuz it has all the stories on the 12 ghosts]. WHAT A SWEET MOVIE!! Mathew Lillard makes my list now for awsome actor. yes i know, he was also in scream and hackers and thoase are awsome movies too, but this tops it. bravo to the director! thoase shots were great. the camera angles amazeing and even though it remimded me ALOT of house on haunted hill [like the screen shots, music, characters, basic plot] 13 ghosts definitaly stands out on its own as one of the best horror movies ive seen in a long time. i mean, House made my skin crawl, but 13 ghosts made me jump. hooray to the actors who played the 12 [well, 13 if your counting the dire mother and baby separate]ghosts! the makeup time it must of took! they pulled the ghosts off very nicely.

Other CD:staind---> tormented. for all you people who just jumped on the staind band-wagon [one of whom i am not, i've loved them scince 1998] staind has three cd's out, not two. go buy and listen to tormented, its my fav of the three.

My Poems

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thankx garry for the kick ass pict.!!


My Personal Bio. hehehe !


Tea Leaves --my other page, lots of pictures

Art-O-Rama: page with lots of my artwork GO AND SEE! :)

... search for skunk420 he's a great poet.

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