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Hi! Im a superdooper otaku and the most fave anime of mine is "sailormoon". But i will not focus this page to "sailormoon" only...i'll be including yuyu hakusho and weiB kreuz. Or if i get really that excited, i'll include more!

I have been an otaku since i was in high school and im happy to say that i have collected so many anime items that i dont know where i'll put it! And thus, i wanna share them all to you!

My fave anime character is usagi tsukino aka sailormoon. i like her amazing personality...even though she's a crybaby, she has a pure heart. She easily forgives anyone who made her angry or who had sinned her...and for her loving, good heart, she brought all the senshis together!

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Hey you! Filipino otakus out there! Those who are fans of sailormoon i have collected all the episode titles of salormoon super...just click here

*Do you know that the name "Endymion" is written in the greek mythology? He was a beautiful young sheperd loved by "Selene" who is the greek goddess of the moon.
I have always think that every planets each senshi represents has something to do with their personalities, powers, etc., there's something more to the judge, think deeply about the connection...

   moon - intrasitive verb - (from the notion of behaving as if moonstruck) to 
          behave in an idle, dreamy, or abstracted way, as when in love (Usagi's  
          always thinking of Mamoru)
   mercury - in roman mythology, the god of cleverness, eloquence and commerce
          (Ami's a super-genius...)
   mars - also in roman myth., the god of war (Rei's always on fire! Even at battle
          she's so hot to fight!)
   jupiter - also in roman myth., the god of the sky (Sailor Jupiter can summon 
   venus - also in roman myth., the goddess of love and beauty (Sailor Venus' love me
   uranus - in greek myth., a god who was the personification of heavens
            and husband of Earth (Sailor Uranus' power: World as in 
   neptune - also in roman myth., the god of the sea (Sailor Neptune's power: Deep 
   pluto - in greek myth., the god of the subterranean world of the dead
           (Sailor Pluto's power: Dead Scream...)  

i've got something too about yuyu hakusho or ghostfighter in the philippines courtesy of GMA.

name : Eugene (Yusuke Urameshi)
special attack : Rei gun
strengths : limitless spiritual power
code : spiritual detective
*He fights for honor*

name : Dennis (Kurama)
special attack : Rose whip
strengths : extremely intelligent
code : the Man-wolf
*He fights for duty*

name : Vincent (Hiei)
special attack : Black dragon spirit technique
strengths : lightning-fast reflexes
code : the Fire-demon
*He figths for power*

name : Alfred (Kazuma Kuwabara)
special attack : spiritual sword
strengths : extremely determined
code : the Gentleman
*He figths for love*

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