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Journal (Because everyone has one)

February 12, 2003 (Going strong and loving it)

Okay so I figured out what Jess and I are doing. She decided Motel and Movie were the way to go. Today in fact her parents let me drive her home from school which I thought was really cool. (Yeah Chinese Christians) She is a great girl and I am sorry because every time I compliment her I make her feel worse.

School sucked, Jess didn't. (Great taste, less filling)

Febraury 11, 2003 (Crunch time and lots more)

Problem number one. My mother is truly incompetent. She wrote me a check for $50 which bounced so bad I had to chase it into the road. That is the third time she hasn't paid up, I am no longer accepting checks from her.

On a tougher note. I still haven't figured out what I am doing with Jess for Valentine's Day. I want it to be special and do whatever she wants but she is indecicive about what exactly that may be. She says she feels out of place eating out. I worry about her, although she is supposed to be fine now. Maybe I'm being silly but I care. I would miss her if she went away for any reason.

Katelyn has been having a time of it too. Her head-scapades with Eric have made it around her circle of friends and no one is letting her live it down. She really likes Eric and he is just playing her out. I feel bad but am I really so different? Yes, I care about her and he is shunning her now. I would smash but Katelyn wouldn't appreciate that. Ugh. Infuriating. Not her, but definately him.

As for school? I still haven't seen my report card. Fits are killing me. Comp Sci is cool. Alexx has come back looking for sex. Danny Brown is pissed I made him back off. Rahe left the school. Physics is lame. I was exhonorated in English. CGI tomorrow. 1 Latin class since last Tuesday. And I make money selling things at lunch and I like it. ($8 profit on the week=gas money)

February 10, 2003 (A day in the life of Nothing)

BORING. Not much happened today. We had drama and that was okay ut we ended up spending about 20 minuted teaching people how to act like their characters. I talked to a few people later about nothing much in general. More head jokes for Katelyn.

Oh. Interesting thing from Alexx. Suddenly she is back to her old self and she wants to hook up again. Oh well, she's a little late for that. Maybe if things haven't gone well with Jess and me I will go back to Alexx but for now I am very content with my girlfriend. I did protect Alexx from little danny Brown though. He has been trying to get in her pants since we broke up. Sad thing is the kid tries to copy everything that I do. He even tries to talk like me.
Danny Brown: What are you doing on Wednesday Alexx?
Alexx: Drama until 4:30
Danny Brown: Not anymore.
Yeah right Danny. That line only works if you are me.

February 9, 2003 (Things finally fall into place, kinda)

It's Sunday and you know what that means. Church. I hate the establishment of church in general. If there is something that could be removed from all existance to make the world a better place it has got to be there church. Mine is run, much like the rest of them, by a money grubbing con-man who would stop at next to nothing to line his own pockets. The same guy who asks us to give to the church has just been awarded with a new Mercedes-Benz for his troubles. MAybe I should be a preacher. Today they took up 3 collections in the course of the service. Pathetic.

Out of church and into the real world. I called Schreck and he said Tori (his new girlfriend) was coming by. I went to his place to meet her and Dube was there too. Well, Schreck's girl is cute, but she isn't all he played her up to be. She was cool though, she took a liking to me. Nothing out of control I hope. We all were about to leave so I called Jess. I ended up there for about 2 hours. Good times.

Once I got to my father's house things got a little more interesting. I called Katelyn and she was still a little drunk after her 2 days of partying. I'm glad I didn't go because she had more fun without me. She and Eric had an interesting little hook up. He's a happy kid and so is she. He's got a girlfriend and Kate thinks it won't happen again but I know her and it will.

Other than that nothing has happened all too interesting but I guess that is enough.

February 8, 2003 (I am the great abuser)

Okay so apparently I have been abusing or mistreating Katelyn for god knows how long. Meanwhile I'm the one she is taking like cocaine. Whatever. I skipped the party last night mostly because I didn't want to see her friends. At least Anthony doesn't see me as the problem. He is the only one of her friends I really talk to so he knows me better than the rest of them. I suggested that if Katelyn is having problems she should probably get professional help. It couldn't hurt, right? I'm just pissed.

I went out with Randall and that was cool. Keith was pissed cause I hit on his sister like 3 weeks ago. I hit on everyone. Shameful really. But that has stopped lately, (Jess). The food was alright and we chilled for about 3 hours then home again.

February 7, 2003 (A short day for a change)

No schooooool. It is so great. Shoveled and did some other stuff until I went to Paul's house. Crowning achievement of the day? Movies with Jess. The movie was really good (Chicago), but the company was the best part. We tripped around the mall once or twice afterwards. Intrinsic is going out of business and we were both pissed about that but it means cheap swords if I want one. Not much else happened today so this one will be short.

February 6, 2003 (Time to take the plunge)

Tomorrow. Definately tomorrow. I have to ask Jess out. I really want to so what better time than now right? I was going to call her but it just seemed wrong. I'll see what she is doing tomorrow night or maybe Sunday. As far as Saturday goes it should be a good party.

Now for the bad parts of today. I almost had to kill Zilbergeld. The bitch really did accuse me of cheating on a test. I was livid. I ended up shouting at her about how I demand more respect or some shit like that. In retrospect it was a really stupid speech but I must have gotten my point across because she doesn't seem to think it was me. I feel bad though because now all of the heat is on Chris. He says he didn't do it and I believe him but he is also saying that he may just quit and say he did it which seems pretty strange to me. In any event I don't really care what he did, it doesn't bother me.

I wrote a report for Kelly, it was pretty good. We are taking the friendly approach to things and that seems the best. Now I can really concentrate on Jess (much to my liking). I'm too tired to write any more. The world is round.

February 5, 2003 (The Endless Day: Day 3)

So I didn't bother going to fit this morning. I didn't get much sleep and after the funeral I was not to happy to be out and about anyway. Something about having 15 people living in my house and trying to sleep just doesn't work. 5 have 13 hour jet lag and the others are up with them talking and laughing. I went to bed. I was pissed off about the funeral and didn't feel like hearing everyone say how nice of a service it was. Point: Wassee did NOT want a christian service. Forget it, it isn't even worth bitching about. At least I didn't cry.

I got to spend time with Jess today after school which was really cool. Something happened today which she was pissed about that I thought was great news. It had to do with her eating so I won't go to far into it. I was happy to be with her and she hugged me. It sounds dumb but it felt good.

I stole the director's position at play practice today. I just took over and never let the power go. I also started reading all of the roles for people who weren't there (and who may soon be cut). Doesn't matter, we're still fucked.

After practice it was on to Katelyn's house. I went to give her a hug, she sounded like she needed one for the last few days. We messed around a little but it wasn't a big thing and I am glad about that. It's not that I don't love her or that I love her any less, just that I don't want to give her the wrong impression. Anyway...the world is round, even though I know Jess doesn't know where this site is. I'm probably going to think of more things to say as soon as I post this but oh well. I'll just put it on tomorrow. Or later.

February 3&4, 2003 (Two Days That Kind of Ran Together)
The 3rd was a long day. Fit at 6:30 and a full day of school. Tack on the drama club and my family and you have a fully stressful day. Then I got on the phone with Kelly. She was nice. We really connected over our need for people. I have feelings for her but I'm not sure what I should do. Between her, Jess, and the ever present Katelyn I have no clue what I am doing. As far as the 4th goes. 5:15 wake up call. Fit, School, Work, Funeral. I actually came online to find people to say they love me so that I could make it through the day. I have to hit the funeral now. Maybe I'll be back later.

February 2, 2003 (Groundhogs Day)
Shit I wish I could do today over again. Last night my mother and I had a heart to heart, she wanted to know if I was a virgin. I just couldn't break her heart so I talked circles around her. She isn't sure what to believe right now. I want to start going out with Jess but I'm not sure how she feels about it. If she ever finds this site I'll know real fast though.

The day as a whole was pretty boring, that is why I want a do-over, I would go out and do something exciting. Anyway, I I start fits again tomorrow, back to my 5000 calorie diet. I'm ghost for now.

February 1, 2003
This is the first entry so don't expect anyhting special. Honestly I'm not to sure what I should be writing. I dodged a bullet today with my father, I'm staying at my mother's house tonight. Everyone thinks that I was having sex yesterday...they aren't wrong but they have no proof. They should at least wait until they have proof.

I worked today too. Met Spacey Tracy. She's nice, good looking, about 23, I must sound girl crazy. Anyway, we flirted and by the end of the day she seemed pretty cool with me. Could just be her way though. I'm not really into her, I'm more interested in Jess. She's really nice, cool girl.

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