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Martin's Motorcycle Safety Web Page.

Life can be hard when you are slidding down the road on your ass with gravel being forced under your skin and the friction ripping you apart to the bone, and in slow motion you watch the telegraph pole getting closer and closer, you feel and hear a cracking crunching noise as the collision happens pain quickly turns to blackness. Hazyness, a familiar face, strange noises, waking up in intensive care, broken ribs, legs and pelvis, lucky to have lived at all. Months pass slow in traction.

Mechanical Condition and MaintenanceMechanical Condition and Maintenance

My Dream Bike, Triumph Trophy 900. This is the 1998 model, mind you I like the 2000 model too.Regular maintainance and cleaning of your motorcycle my seem a troublesome and tedious task but a sensible motorcyclist will keep their bike clean and in good mechanical order. A motorcycle which is not regularly maintained will become unsafe. Older machines with high mileages will require more regular attention. It is best to follow the manufacturers routine checklist on a regular basis so that some points are not overlooked. The maker's handbook will tell you what needs done and how often. Books such as the Hynes manuals are an invaluable aid to servicing your bike, but be warned. Do not attempt jobs that are out of your league which would require a trained dealership mechanic. These may need specialist tools and tuning / balancing equipment. Note the following as a checklist for maintaining your bike. Note to prolong the life of your engine you should change the oil twice as often as recommended using the best quality synthetic oil and change your oil filter with each oil change. If you have bought your bike new it is still good practice to run the engine in for at least 1600 Km.


Link to Triumph Web SiteThe best of British Motorcyles.

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Check that:

Motorcycle Clothing

You should buy the best clothing that you can afford. It should be well insulated to keep you warm and provide waterproof protection. You clothing should be highly visable. Buy bright or fluoresent clothing with reflective patches alternatiively you can wear a reflective belt and sash combination or fluoresent reflective over waist coat. Good motorcycle clothing must be able to stand up to the abrasion caused by falling off you bike

Being Seen

In many of the collisions involving cars, the drivers claim not to have seen the motorcyclist. This applies equally in the day light as night time. It is easy for a motorcyclist to be obscured by a tree, lamp post or padestrians from a driver coming out of a junction. Therefore:

Brakes and stopping distance

Apply brakes gently except in an emergency. Apply front brake first fractionally before applying the rear brake, this gives more stability, control and stopping power

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