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Water Power
Water Wheels
Fitz Water Wheels

Water Power & Mills
Wind Power & Windmills
Tidal Power
Oliver Evans and His Machinery
Regional Mills and Milling
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Research Sites
Suppliers Online
Household Mills

Milling Books Online
Mill Models
Just Photographs of Old Mills
Mill Calendars
Mill Art

Water Power

o Archaeology of the Central Minneapolis Riverfront: Institute for Minnesota Archaeology- FSTS Sources - Papers - Historical Figures and Photographs- St. Anthony's Falls & cross-sectional drawings of mills along with maps of water systems for those mills.

o Early Water Power, Woonsocket mills and area.
o Water Power, Woonsocket, Rhode Island.
o Stonework in Woonsocket, Stonework and Mill Construction.

Harpers Ferry National Historic Park, Water Power At Harpers Ferry
-This site may not be available when the Park is closed!

Hydroelectricity: A vialable Renewable Resource,
Link to sophisticated water wheel drawings. -Sorry to say this great site has done dead!

The Small Scale Hydroelectrical Home Page by David Jenniings
-Sorry to say this great site has done dead!

o Gilbert Stuart Birthplace | Water Power, Gilbert Stuart Birthplace, Rhode Island.

o Ultra-Low Head Hydro, by Cameron MacLeod, turbine builder.

o Technical Paper#5 - Understanding Hydropower, by Walter Eshenaur.

o VWF Archaeology Institute, Water-Powered Industrical Archaeology-Arcadia Mills in Florida
-Sorry to say this great site has done dead!
Check with Archaeology Institute for 3 reports available on Arcadia Mills at the URL below.
The root site is still active:
o University of West Florida Industrial Archaeology

o Waterpower for Personal Use, by Rudy Behrens.

Sorry to say this great site has done dead!

o Water Power.

o Waterpower.
Sorry to say this great site has done dead!

o Water Power Page

o Water Wheel Engineering, by Ron Shannon (Australia), Chapter Eight - Technology Stream, a submitted paper, from Conference Proceedings and the Permaculture Association of Western Australia Inc.

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Water Wheels

o Against the Current and Against the Odds: Noria Technology in México, by William E. Doolittle, Department of Geography,University of Texas at Austin.

The Big Wheel,The Fairwater Electric Company, Fair Water, Wisconsin. The largest water wheel constructed by the Fitz Water Wheel Company, Hanover, Pennsylvania. It is 50 Feet in diameter Steel Overshoot Water Wheel. Built in 1924, the 29 ton wheel is 10 feet wide, and produced about 140 horsepower.

o The Big Wheel, same site different address.

o Central Europe´s Last Working Waterwheels! Historical Waterwheels - Homepage, Wasserradgemeinschaft Moehrendorf, noria water wheels, Moehrendorf, Germany.

o Deutsches Museum - Power Machinery. Models of various types of waterwheels.

o Focus on Fond du Lac County: The Fairwater Water Wheel,
by Bob Schuster, April, 1999.

o From Tread-Wheel to Water-Wheel, Drehendes Wasserrad, (Austria)

o Gigantic Water-Wheel, the Laxey Wheel ILN 14 Oct 1854.

o Jesse Laper's Water Wheel

o Laxey Wheel Isle of Man, United Kingdom, pitch-back water wheel 72 1/2 feet in diameter by 6 feet wide.

o Laxey Wheel, Isle of Man, United Kingdom, information site.

Noria Water Wheels
Hama is a river town, built on the banks of the Orontes. The town is famous for the 17 huge wooden water wheels, known as norias, which once scooped water from the river and deposited it into the aqueducts, which then supplied homes, public buildings and farms. These wheels are about 20 meters (90 feet) in diameter and still turn today, although their water is not used.

The norias situated in the town centre are located in a public park and the Four Norias of Bichriyat are situated on a weir about 1km up-river from the town centre. The largest noria is known as
Al-Mohammediyyah. Source: ArabNet -- Syria, Tour Guide, Hama

o Old Mill Wheel, Berry College Water Wheel, near Rome Georgia, 44 feet in diameter.

o Pompeii - Technology - Noria Water Wheels.
o Pomoeii - Technology - Water-wheels-Roman.

o Renovations of the Aberarth Corn Mill, Aberarth, West Wales.

Renovation of the Mill Wheel at Victoria Bridge

o Roman Mills- Mola, article by James Yates, M.A., F.R.S., on pp765-66 of William Smith, D.C.L., LL.D.: A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, John Murray, London, 1875.*/Mola.html

o Roman Water Wheels.

o Technological Aspects of Water Wheels.

o Water Wheel Engineering, by Ron Shannon (Australia), Conference Proceedings, Chapter Eight - Technology Stream.

o Water Wheels, by Roger D. Hansen.

o Water Wheels of Hama, Syria -Sorry to say this great site has done dead!

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Fitz Water Wheels

o An Analysis of the Fitz Water Wheel at Falls Mill, by Stephen Moss.
Inspired by three Old Mill News articles by Mr. Robert L. Omland entitled "The Modern Steel
Overshot Water Wheel."

The Big Wheel,The Fairwater Electric Company, Fair Water, Wisconsin. The largest water wheel constructed by the Fitz Water Wheel Company, Hanover, Pennsylvania. It is 50 Feet in diameter Steel Overshoot Water Wheel. Built in 1924, the 29 ton wheel is 10 feet wide, and produced about 140 horsepower.
o The Big Wheel, same site different address.

o Jesse Laper's Water Wheel

o Focus on Fond du Lac County: The Fairwater Water Wheel, by Bob Schuster, April, 1999

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Water Power & Mills

o Acmylen Mill, an Anglo-Saxon 'side shot' mill reconstucted from the dig at Tamworth. The Village of Wichamstow, Living History Exhibit- Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History, England. Great cut-away drawing of mill and sluice gates.

o The Arles Aqueduct & Barbegal Mill, c. 2-3 century AD

COM446 Project Milling Process,The Watermill Analogy, cutaway of the Virtual Mill.

o The Development of Traditional Himalayan Watermills for Sustainable Village-Scale Micro-Hydropower. 1st International Conference: Renewable Energy - Small Hydro 3-7 Feb 1997, Hyderabad, India, drawings of horizonatl mills.

o Early Technology for Power: The Water Mill, a student paper by Nathan Boice.

o Exploring the Potentials of Water Mills in the Grain-Milling Industry in Ethiopia, by Dejene Aredo.

o (Ghattas) In Rural Areas of Nepal, hydropower through impovement of water mills.
o Improved Water Mill (Ghatta), a General Description Hydro power is being used in the Nepalese hills and mountains for centuries in the form of horizontal water wheels, are traditionally known as ghattas.
o Photographs of Water Mills (Ghatta).
o Nepane Rural Electrification Scheme through Improved Water Mills (Improved Ghatta).
o Centre for Rural Technology in Nepal.

o How a Water Mill Works # 1, By Lance and Dean, Cogs and Gears #2, and Mill Ponds #3, by Claudia & Jenni. A cute kids interpretation of water mills.

o The Hydraulic Saw, The Art of Invention - Sienese engineers, a waterwheel-powered saw drawing and model.

o Labor and Industry in Troy and Cohoes: A Brief History, Original text: James S. Corsaro and Kathleen D. Roe, Updated and Revised: Dr. Gerald Zahavi and Susan McCormick, Department of History, University at Albany, SUNY, January 2000.

o Mills and Water Power, An Introduction, Old Sturbridge Village, water powered machines, textile mill, saw mill, gristmill, and carding mill, building plans and photos of mills, animation and narrations, etc.

o Mills in Europe.

o Powerful Waterwheels OSV's mill neighborhood illustrates three old ways to harness energy and one that's very new, by Ted Penn, from Old Sturbridge Visitor, Summer 1983:  pp. 17-19

o The Power of Water and the Industrial Revolution, texitle mills.

o Pre-industrial watermills in Europe.

o Roman Water Mills, Roman Technologies.

o The Vital Role of Watermills, Some watermills of the area Rhayader and district, Wales.

o Water mills finally come of age, India's northeast region.

o Water Power- Early Industrialization, a student essay. Same page different address.

o Water-Powered Mills Were Once Used By Many Russell County Industries Old Mills Were Important To Paper, Textile, And Oil Industries, Author Unknown, Times-Journal - Ca. 1975.

Waterwheels and Mills

o Why did the Ancients not Develop Machinery?

o Woonsocket Water Power, Stonework and Mill Construction, and Mill Villages, Woonsocket Falls, Rhode Island.

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Wind Power

o BBC Weather Center Online: The Grace & History of Windmills.
-Sorry to say this great page has done dead!

o Beltmolen Fulton, Illinois, The Dutch companies Lowlands Management, Molema Millbuilders and Havenga Restoration Contractors were asked to construct the Fulton windmill.

o Biggest Mill-Site in the World (Spain), in both Spanish and English.

o The Dutch Windmill (1.2MB)

o Dutch Windmill Links & Millbuilders (in Dutch)

o English Windmills.
o History of the English Windmill

o Mid-America Windmill Museum, Kendallville, Indiana.
o Mid-America Windmill Museum and see a re-enactment of craftsmanship and construction as it was done over 350 years ago of the Robertson Post Windmill (circa 1620), reconstructed in the 1960's by Edward Hamilton, located at Old Williamsburg in Virginia. Timber Framers Guild will begin construction of the Robertson Post Windmill from May 22, 2000 until June 4, 2000.

o Molenvaria

o Old Dutch windmills: In the Dutch language! A interested site with lots of nice picture's of old windmills in Holland.

o Rural News- Wind through their sails.

o VVV Noord-Holland - Windmills, information about Dutch Windmills, Museums, Mill Cycle Trips, Mill Open Days, Mill Language, and the The Holland Mill Society.

o Windmills of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

o The Windmills of East Hampton, Hook Mill , Pantigo Mill and Gardiners Mill

o Windmills of Grossefehn, Holland.

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Tidal Power

o A Gazetteer of Tidemills in England & Wales; past and present.

Tidal Mill at Nendrum Monastic Site, Newly discovered Tide Mill from 787 AD. at Nendrum Monastic Site.

Tidal Power, Classic drawings showing the operation of a traditional tidal mill.-
Sorry to say this great site has done dead!

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Oliver Evans and His Machinery

o The Abortion of the Young Steam Engineer's Guide, by Oliver Evans, of Philadelphia, author of The Young Millwright and Miller's Guide, Philadelphia: Printed for the author by Fry and Kammerer, 1805.

The Country Grain Elevator Historical Society

o Engineering Education by Apprenticeship, a student paper by Pamela E. Mack.

o The Factory Comes to America, a student paper by Pamela E. Mack.

Oliver Evans Marine Elevator Leg

o Grain Elevators- Buffalo's Lost Industry, in 1842 Joseph Dart took Oliver Evans idea for the Marine Elevator Leg and built the first grain elevator.

o The Friends of Occoquan Mills, Occoquan, Virginia.
Thomas Ellicott's Oliver Evans automated merchant mill of 1790.

o From Independence to the Civil War, industrialization European-style: New England, by Louis Bergeron and Maria Teresa Maiullari.

o The Industrial Revolution, Its People and Inventions, & New Technological Advances, a research paper by Stephanie Kosnick, Project Renaissance.

o The Letters of Thomas Jefferson: 1743-1826 NO PATENTS ON IDEAS, To Isaac McPherson Monticello, August 13, 1813.
o The Letters of Thomas Jefferson: 1743-1826 No Patents on Ideas, same as above.

o Old Gears.

o Oliver Evans

o Oliver Evans,The Engines of Our Ingenuity.

o Oliver Evans, Steam Engineer Guide, 1805.

o They're Still There, The Last of the Scoopers, by Fredrick Allen, Invention & Technology, American Heritage.

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Regional Mills and Milling

o Abbeydale Mills, the River Sheaf in Abbeydale and the Sheaf water wheels.

o Adopt A Wheat Field Home Page, a photo essay where you can watch wheat grow throughout the year from preparing the soil to the flour mill where it is made into flour, then it is exported, and baked into bread.

o Arkansas Water Mills, Still Attract Visitors, by Craig Ogilvie, travel writer, Department of Parks and Tourism.
o Millers Tales, Mills center of growth in early towns, by Craig Ogilvie, Department of Parks and Tourism. Same article but with photos.

Colonial Agriculture in Fairfax County, Virginia, by Karli, Fairfax County 4-Her, for the Virginia 4-H County History Investigators Project.

o Down By The Old Mill Stream, settlements in central Maine, by Alice Hellstrom Anderson.

o Early Settlers of Strawberry River Valley And The First Watermill In The Area, by Joseph G. Taylor -1956, Lawrence County Historical Quarterly, Winter 1983 - Volume 6 - #1

o The Era of the Watermill, by Jan Barwick, the English Water Mill.

The First Grist Mills Of Southern Indiana.

o Flour Milling in Nebraska, NSHS Educational Leaflets No. 1.

o Gristmill Day, A brand new old fashioned gristmill was created at the Agriculture and
Forestry Museum in Courtland, Virginia.

o Grist Mill Restoration, Let Meadows Restore Your Grist Mill. A 24" wooden frame Williams stone burr mill has been carefully restored by our skilled team of millwrights. Let us restore your grist mill to fully operational status. We do complete restorations as well as routine maintenance, such as dressing stones. Call us for a quote at 1-800-626-2282 or 336-838-2282.

o Grist Mills in Northwest New Jersey, Run of the Mills, Story by Frank Dale.

o The Grist Mills of Frederick County Maryland, by Dr. Harold Moser, The Valley Register, Middletown, Maryland, December 7, 1984.

o Grist Mills, the Grist Mill Exchange- Buy, Sell, Mills and Parts, a Williams Mills Page, exhibits of mills in shows, other types of mills, cane mills and ephemera.

o Harnessing Water and Wind, Colonists build mills to grind grain, saw wood and pump water, Long Island, New York Wind & Water Mills, by George DeWan. ...............Sid Clements found this site!
Do a word search for "mills," of this site in its search engine at url:
Discover the following and more stories about wind, water and tidal power on Long Island:
o The Daily Grind, by Bill Bleyer.
o Living History/The Colonial Period
o Community Profile / Water Mill, Long Island, Boasting a Water Mill and a Windmill.

o Haswell Vividly Recalls Ancient Mills in Ozarks, by A. W. Haswell

o The History of Grinding Implements for the Domestic Use in Japan, by Shigeo.

o The Legacy Of Water Mills, by Patricia Laland, Early American Life, February, 2001.

o The Life and Times of the West River 1776-1896: A Study of Early Industry in Westville, by Valerie Polino,Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.

o Lippitt Mill and Related Textile History, by: J.E. Hayes, III.

o Little Rock District - Millsites, Arksansas.

o Livingston County Mills, Compiled by John T. and Elizabeth P. Milbank, Missouri.

o Meadows Mill Restoration, a restoration project by Keith Kinney.

o Mill Creek Falls, Cleveland, Ohio.

o Mill Guide for Missouri

o Milling and Baking, Bread was a main staple of the Acadians' diet.

o Milling Around Missouri, Oct.-Nov. 1999.

Milling Around The Ozarks, story by Terry Brant & Jim Baldwin, "Bittersweet" (the magazine), Volume 2, Number 3, Spring 1975, Springfield Green Country Library.

o Milling Page, this page is all about flour milling with moving pictures and lots of
explanations by Johan Moorlach, Rheine Germany. In English!

o Milling Tecnology, An Ancient Art.

A Mill in New York, a Snuff Mill in the Bronx.

o Mills By The Suir, By Aideen Quinn 6th class 1999, The mills of Kilmacow. Milling in Kells County Kilkenny, Ireland (Mullins Mill & Bolands Mill), 5th grade class project.

o Mills in the Area, mills of the Ozarks.

o Mills in Missouri.

o Mills Located Around The Cedar Grove Church (First Called Shiloah in 1850) and Community or Joe Burleson Township, Arkansas.

o The Mills of Milford, Pennsylvania.

o Mills on the Calapooia, Oregon

o Mills on the Little Beaver (Pennsylvania), by Ira F. Manfield, 1911, Historical Collections of Little Beaver, Milestones Vol. 3. No. 4--Autum 1977.

o The Mills of the River Ayr, by John R. Hume, B.Sc., From "Ayrshire Collections" Vol 8, 1967-1969, published by George Outram & Co, Kilmarnock, for Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society.

o Mill Tour, View a Sample of Michigan's Historic Mills. Michigan Historical Center, Michigan Department of State

o The Mobilization of Labour in the Milling Industry of Thirteenth- and Early Fourteenth -Century England, by John Langdon, Canadian Journal of History/Annales canadiennes d'histoire XXXI, April/avril 1996, pp. 37-58, ISSN 0008-4107.

o The New Zealand Cyberguide to Flour Milling and Baking.

o North East Mills Group, Helping preserve the mill heritage of the North East of England.

o Ohio's Old Mills Today, by Brenda Krekeler, an online book about mills in Ohio.
One of the best mills sites that I have found in a long time!

o Old Mills of far Southwest Virginia, by Emory L. Hamilton.

o The Old Mill, Pioneer history preserved at Midwestern gristmills, AAA Midwest Traveler.

o The Polish Miller

o Shenandoah County Mills, Grist, Chop & Saw Mills, Shenandoah County, Virginia.

o A Short History of Flour Milling, from Planet Wheat.

o The Story Behind a Loaf of Bread, Pages on: The History of Bread, A Grain of Wheat, Old and New Methods of Milling, Yeast, and the The Baker.

o Student Pack, A series of fact (7) sheets for reference about bread and flour.

o Swatara Watershed Mills, Lebanon, Dauphin, & Schuykill Counties, Pennsylvania.

o Water-power in north France, Nord/Pas-de-Calais, France. A number of pages on wind and water power industries. Windmills in the north France, Nord/Pas-de-Calais, France.

o Wheat Mania! Kansas Wheathearts Educational Site.

o The Women Tradition of Grindmill Songs, by Hema Rairkar.

o 12" Williams Stone Burr Grist Mill Restoration in Progress, by John Bailey, Lake Charles, Louisiana

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Educational Sites

o Colvin Run Mill: A Reflection of 19th Century Life in Northern Virginia, Social Studies Lesson Plans.

Social Studies Field Trips, Colvin Run Mill Activity, Montgomery County Public Schools, 1996.

o Social Studies Field Trips, Pierce Mill Activity, Montgomery County Public Schools, 1996.

o Minnesota Historical Society (1999) Lesson Plans:

1. Lesson Plan- Milling.
2. Lesson Plan- The Falls (St. Anthony's Falls).
3. Lesson Plan- Hydropower.
4. Lesson Plan- Mill Explosion.

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Research Sites

o Flour Industry Links, by the Australian Technical Miller's Association.
Educational, research, development, engineering, and equipment.

o Hagley Museum & Library, Greenville, Delaware.
Hagley Museum on the site of the waterpowered Dupont Gunpowder Works. Hagley has a must see Oliver Evans model of an automated mill in Museum. Now with library catalog online search

o Historic American Building Survey HABS/Historic American Engineering Record HAER Beebe Windmill, Long Island, New York:

o Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress, use their online search engine to locate photoraphs, etc. in their online collection with such keywords as: Mill, mills, grist mill, watermill, waterwheel, Pierce Mill, etc.

o National Register of Historic Places, National Park Service, Interior Building, Wash. DC
Information of how to prepre National Historic Landmark Nomination forms.

o Recording Historic Structures & Sites for the Historic American Engineering Record, Provides guidelines for documenting to HAER standards historic engineering and industrial sites and structures with measured drawings and written data.The HAER Field Manual files are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Online Version!

o Recording Historic Structures and Sites with HABS Measured Drawings, Provides procedures for producing measured drawings of historic buildings to HABS standards. Online Version! (HTM File)

o Technical Preservation Services for Historical Buildings & Districts, the National Park Service. Online informaiton and resources. Everything from "Yes!" and"Nos!" of preservation to grants and tax credits.

o Windmill and Watermill Web Links, Mill Links on the Web. Links to Windmill and Watermill sites on the web. Also FREE milling related ads. Mills for sale. Milling sales and wants. Entire stock of Windmill and Watermill books for sale.

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Suppliers Online

o Austrian Grain Milling Systems, Milling equipment & Stonemills, the Osttiroler Built-In Stone Mills, Odessa, Austria. Note: They are built traditionalily with wood covers, hoppers and bolters. Available in models from table top models to full size mills.
There is a distributor in the United States who imports them.

o Emery Flour Mill Stone- Saboo Industries, Nawacity, Rajasthan, India.
Emery flour millstones - vertical and horizontal type millstones in various diamaters.

o Historic Waterwheels, Homepage. Central Europe's last working waterwheels! Noria Water Wheels. Wasserradgemeinschaft Moehrendorf, Germany.

Homepage Millers (English version), industry links, Uetendorf, Switzerland.

o Kansas City Bag Company, Division of The New England Trading Company, Inc.

o Kansas City Milling & Design, Inc., Grain Milling Equipment Specialist.

The James Leffel & Co., Springfield, Ohio. Hydraulic Turbines.

o Meadows Mills,Inc., Page, Meadows Stone Buhr Mills, North Wilksboro, N.C.
Meadows Mill Company, Manufacturers of Sawmills, Hammer Mills, and Stone Burr Mills 1352 West D Street, Post Office Box 1288, North Wilksboro, North Carolina 28659 (800) 626-2282, (336) 838-2282

o Millhiser Incorporated Home Page, Richmond, Virginia.
Cloth bags for flour & meal.

Please Note: Millhiser has been recently sold to Hubco of Hutchinson Kansas. They still sell cloth flour sacks. Contact Hubco at 1-800-563-1867 or 215 S. Popular, P.O. Box 1286, Hutchinson, Kansas 67504-1286.

o New River Mills, New River Stone Buhr Mills, Scottesville, N.C.
Edward Wingler, Scottsville, NC 336-982-2323

o New River Mills, New River Stone Buhr Mills, Scottesville, N.C.
Hank Duncan, 150 Haunted Branch Road, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659 336-838-1260

o Oskar Mill, with natural millstone.

o Sabko Industries, India. The largest manufacturers and exporters of stone mills from India. Exports mills to 50 countries worldwide including countries like Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, USA etc. Horizontal mills, vertical mills, food mills, and replacement stones.

o Sunstone Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd., Rajasthan, India. Vertical and horizontal grinding mills.

o Vivas Ltd . Flour Milling System, Ukrainian flour roller mill plants, Austrian grain milling systems- Classical stone mills, Combined Roller-Stone mills and Roller mill plants.

o WaterWheel Factory - Affordable, inexpensive, light-weight metal water wheels.

o - Homepage, Nautilus Water Turbine, 2131 Harmonyville Road, Pottstown, PA 19465 610-469-1858 Cameron MacLeod

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Household Mills

o Stone and Steel Burr Mills- Kitchen mills.

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Milling Books Online

o American Association of Cereal Chemists, Bookstore.
The Complete Catalog of Books & Products from AACC/Eagan Press

Association of Operative Miller, Publications & Training Courses

Gysbers & van Loon, antiquariaat - import boekhandel - uitgeverij
Specialised in Books About Molens/Windmills.
Gysbers & van Loon Bakkerstraat 7-7a, 6811 EG Arnhem.
Postbus 396, 6800 AJ Arnhem. Nederland. Tel. (026) 442 44 21. Fax (026) 443 47 20.

o The International Molinological Society, (TIMS), See Publications.

o On Historical Technology and Industrial Archaeology.
Zeelsterstraat 147, NL-5652 EE Eindhoven, Nederland
Telephone, in Nederland: 040 252 00 46 idem, from abroad +31 40 252 00 46

o Readings from the Miller's Bookshelf, For Online Download Only!

o Shire Books - Rural History - Book List.

o The Society for The Preservation of Old Mills, (SPOOM), The MillBook Store.

o The Wind and Watermill Section of the S.P.A.B.
(S.P.A.B.) Society of the Protection of Ancient Buildings, See Publications.

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Mill Models

o The Atlantic Flour Milling Company, Structures of the Keweenaw, Part II., the Hotbox, Summer 1995.

o Campbell Scale Models Products, the Grist Mill at Knotts Berry Farm.

o The Doric Mill, step by step instructions to build the "Stone Craft Doric Mill."

o Fiddlers Green has downloadable paper models of airplanes, buildings, cars, trains, and boats.
Models include a Smock Mill,
a Water Mill,
and the Grist Mill.

o Glade Creek Mill, a G-Scale model by MSProductions. Sorry website temporary offline!

o Kits by Emerson, Product Number: 105 HO Scale-the Old Town Mill, New London, Connecticut.

o Mills Models, of the Blue Mountain Mill a.k.a. Mabry Mill, Milepost 176.2 of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Floyd County, Meadows of Dan, Virginia, and the Big Trout Creek Mill a.k.a the Pickwick Mill, Winona, Minnesota.

o 1880's Miniature Flour Milling Machinery (will manufacture flour) Models, Miniature Model of Flour Mill Machinery, requiring 35 years in building, owned by Paul Lucas, Sanford, NC.
Priviously on display in the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C. FOR SALE ! For Sale to highest bid, send your bid to: "Flour Mill c/o Paul Lucas" 1306 Bickett Road, Sanford, North Carolina 27330 , contact owner Paul Lucas, Jr. , 919 -776 - 1337 --

o New England Water Mill from Old Sturbridge Village.

o PIKO: Rosenbach Watermill, Rosenbach Watermill Product ID: 62051 Old Rosenbach Watermill Scale: G

o Precision Lasercraft, Laser Cut Wood Craftsman Structure Kits For Model Railroaders.
o HO Scale 15 foot and 22 foot Waterwheels with wooden sluice box.

o Solared Powered Watermill, Model: 206 Watermill Snap-On type.
o Solar Powered Windmill, Model: 203 Windmill Glue type.

o U-Bild Woodworking Plans - Grist Mill (No. 456), U-Bild -- America's Favorite Woodworking Plans, Modeled on a real Tennessee grist mill.

o Walthers Model Railroad Mall, do a word search in the catagory of section of "structures" on the words "mill," "windmill," and "watermill."
Locate models of watermills, grist mills, wind mills (both grain mills and wind pumps), saw and lumber mills, feed mills, cement mills steel mills, stamping mills, linen mills, and others. Some of the great models available are the Thomas Chickerings Mill (a waterpowered grist mill that once stood in New York State-For photos of the real mill and historical information see: "Early American Mills," by Martha and Murray Zimiles, 1973.); the Campbell Grist Mill (modeled after the grist mill at Knotts Berry Farm); the Grimes Mill (a roller mill museum in Salisbury, North Carolina); the Easton Mill a roller mill in Morgantown, West Virginia; the Champion Mill in Champion, Nebraska; the Pola G-Scale Watermill; a Dutch Windmill; the "Cat" Windmill located in Zaandamn, Netherlands; the Hexenloch Mill with double water wheels that turn in opposite directions just like the prototype; the Red Wing Flour Mill a modern flour mill; the Meadowsland Mill; the Grist Mill & Feed Store; the Watermill Moisburger, a Black Forest Grain Mill, and others such as this Watermill.

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Just Photographs of Old Mills

o Aderholdt Mill Photographs.

Cecile & Ginger Goeldner's Old Mills.

o Free Windmill Pictures, by Tish van Horick.

o Leo's Outdoor Photography, Photographs of Old Grist Mills.

o Mill Pictures and Mill Information.

o Nemoris - Mills/Watermills, photographs of watermills & windmills by Kim Christensen.

o Old Mill Photos, Delph, Saddleworth, West Riding of Yorkshire, England.

o Photographs of Marble Mill and Crystal River.

o Photo Index of Wind and Water Mills, by Bob Simpson.

o Photos of the Great Smoky Mountians. Put the word "mill" in the search engine for photos of the John P. Cable Mill, Mingus Mill, and the Pigeon Forge Mill.

o Water Mills of Yesteryear, Old Mil Section.

o Water Powered Mills, photos by Vincent A. DiNoto, Jr.

o Webshots Community - Grist Mills- Scenery & Nature: Grist Mills.

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Mill Calendars

o Mill Calendars and Archives, (video coming soon)

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Mill Art

o Gordy Mill, historical re-creations (bird's eye views) of old mills & industrial complexes by Gordon Callison of Baltimore, Maryland.

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