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Graves Mill Then & Now, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Graves Mill, a.k.a Clay's Mill 1774, Powhatan Mill, Tomahawk Mill,
Tomahawk Creek, Graves Mill Road, Lynchburg, Virginia.

The double Fitz Water Wheels installed in 1909 by William E. Graves, and the sluice box.

Graves Mill hasn't always been a road in Lynchburg. The old mill was built in 1774. The mill burned to the ground in July of 1967. For 10 years now a member of the Graves family has been working to rebuild it and turn the site into a tourist attraction. Paul G. Graves actually wants to make the grain mill fully operational again.

Paul Graves the mill owner says,"I'm 81 and I hate to think I'm going to leave this earth with this place in worse shape than when it was willed to me."

The Lynchburg Planning Commission has okayed a plan to rebuild the mill and locate an antique store and specialty shops on the site. A cottage (Rosedale) on the property is the oldest known structure in Lynchburg (still standing on its original foundation) and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Graves Mill, Tommy Hawk, Campbell County, Virginia, 1935, Library of Congress.

Graves Mill Then & Now
Theodore R. Hazen

(Including photos of Graves Mill of the restoration)

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