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More Images of Historical Millers.

Kingston Mill, New Jersey.

More Images of Historical Millers.

The Roller Floor in a Manilla Flour Milling Company in Manilla, Crawford County, Iowa. Postally Used in 1910.

The Power of a Fitz Water Wheel.
Flour millers on the waterbox of the Waterford Mill, Catoctin Creek at end of Main Street, Waterford, Loudoun County, Virginia.

Looking NW toward the grist mill; the back reads, "Wes Hunt, Joe Gee, The Old Mill, Pardeeville, Wis" Note: We don't see anyone other than Joe Gee in the photograph - no Wes Hunt. - from the Columbia County Historical Society Dry Mount Collection.

Dated 1902 - interior view of the grist mill showing John Wesley "Wes" Hunt with some of the machinery which was powered by water from the Mill Pond - from the May McDonald Johnson Family Collection.

Pepperidge Farm (Wayside Inn) Grist Mill, Sudbury, Massachusetts.
This (Reproduction of an) 18th Century Grist Mill is now grinding the wheat for the Famous Pepperidge Farm Whole Wheat Bread. The Sudbury Grist Mill, Sudbury, Massachusetts....The Sudbury Grist Mill, Sudbury, Mass., "The Miller Still Grinds Goodness."

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More Images of Historical Millers.

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