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Welcome and Introduction

This is my first attempt at doing genealogy research and compiling all of my rich family history into a record that will be used for generations yet to come. My research has been quite extensive and very interesting. Many hours of research and frustration have been spent scouring the Vigo County Courthouse, Vital Statistics Records, The Family History Center at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Vigo County Public Library. Thanks to all the staff who have assisted in making this search a little easier.

This page is dedicated to my Aunt Marilyn Mc Kee who has always wanted to know the history of our Mc Kee side,
and dedicated to the memory of my daddy, Robert L. Mc Kee.

This webpage will be continually changing, and it is an effort to provide the most accurate data on the individuals included in my genealogy. I am in hopes to be able to provide you with the best sites in your quest for your roots. Please email me any sites that have been especially beneficial to you in your search. Be patient, and visit often! If you note any inconsistancies, errors or ommissions, please email me.

A full version of my entire family tree can be found at
(click here)

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If you would like to see my entire family tree, including surnames
McKee, Menser, Pinkston, Jackson, Hancock, Franklin and others,
Click HERE

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