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Family Tree Photo Album

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Pat's Barbeque

This is the resturaunt owned and operated by Milton Leslie McKee and Carsa Opal Noris McKee in the 1950's in Terre Haute, Indiana.


Albert Banford McKee with his wife Bertha Wallace and their son Milton Leslie McKee

Milton McKee

Milton Leslie McKee about age 4 at his home (abt. 1906) in Terre Haute, Indiana

James and Cora

James Alexander Ballard and his wife Cora Elizabeth Ballard

Vigo County Courthouse

The Vigo County Courthouse, located in Terre Haute, Indiana (photo taken in the 1950's by Robert L. McKee)

Downtown Terre Haute, Indiana

Downtown Terre Haute, Indiana looking westward on from 7th Street and Wabash Avenue (photo taken in the 1950's by Robert L. McKee)

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