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Friendships and Relationships

"Stories will be told until we're old...Stories will be told until the end of time...Until the sun won't rise...Oh let me tell you mine, let me tell you mine..." ~ Hanson ('Stories')

"As you read the words I wrote, I couldn't speak..." ~ Hanson ('Runaway Run')

"I'm like a book that is waiting to be read..." ~ Hanson ('You Never Know')

"I never thought I'd be speaking these words...I never thought I'd need to say..." ~ Hanson ('Save Me')

"There are stories left untold..." ~ Hanson ('Lonely Again')

--> 07.10.2K2: An interview about my thoughts has been posted! Chapters 25 coming soon! Also, there are two new polls that have been added recently -- one for favorite character and one for favorite scene! <-- Thank you to all the avid readers of my story who have enjoyed reading my story so far, and have been quite patient with waiting for me to update and write more chapters. It's touching to know that people have liked reading my story and are interested in it that much; I really appreciate it a lot! I will write more to the story as soon as I can.

This is my fictional story I am writing. For the characters in my story, "Friendships and Relationships," I use the names of the members of the Hanson family, as well as names of made-up, fictional characters I have created. This is NOT a true story; it is completely FICTIONAL, and made up from my own mind and imagination. I am the only author of this story; there are no other writers or people helping me write this; I write all of it all on my own and by myself; I write this completely independently. I would say my story is rated PG, since the situations do not contain inappropriate adult-content, and the overall language is appropriate; my story generally does not contain any curses, swear words, obscenities, vulgar expressions, foul language, and whatnot. In any circumstances in my story in which blasphemy and profanity are approached, I opt to use euphemisms in place of the vulgarity, in order to keep the language appropriate. In my story, I portray the members of the Hanson family somewhat differently from how they are in actuality and real life; I portray them in the manner that I have chosen their personalities to be like. I have done this in order to fit the characters into the storylines of the plot. Please do not take any offense in what I have written. If you do not like the story or have taken offense to something I have written, I suggest that you not read it. All right, enough said about that.

And just for the record, nope, I am in no way associated with Hanson or their family members, friends, relations, record label, etc. I have absolutely no connections with them whatsoever, and I do not know them personally at all. I just chose to make Hanson as some of the characters in my story, solely because I feel that they would make interesting characters in my story. Also, I spend a lot of time writing this story as thoroughly and as carefully as possible, and these are my own ideas I have come up with, so please be respectful of that, and no copying or plagiarism, please. Blah, blah, blah...all righty, you get the idea. Okay, enough said on that note.

Right now, I am in the process of writing more chapters and putting together parts of the story, and more chapters will be up and ready to read as soon as possible. So check back later on to read them!

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If anyone who really enjoys and likes my story, and thinks that my story is really good enough to be nominated for an award, please feel free to nominate and vote for me at the "Hanspirational FanFic Awards"! I know my story isn't that long yet, it's nowhere near finished as of now (come to think of it, I don't even know when it will end!), and it hasn't been around that long, compared to some other Hanson fan-fiction stories, but still.........I would really appreciate it very much if anyone would nominate me for a category! The nominations started at the beginning of last April, and will continue on for a few more months; voting will begin after the nominations time period ends (visit the "Hanspirational FanFic Awards" site for more information). Hopefully by then, I should have even more chapters written and added to my story, so you guys can wait a little longer to read more of my story (that is, as soon as I get around to writing and putting up more chapters!) before you consider nominating me for an award or voting for me! But, please think about it! Thanks!!

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~ Table of Contents ~

>|< Chapter 1 >|<

\\*// Chapter 2 \\*//

`;` Chapter 3 `;`

^v^ Chapter 4 ^v^

<<-> Chapter 5 <->>

..:.. Chapter 6 ..:..

.;~;. Chapter 7 .;~;.

<^v Chapter 8 v^>

..:/\^/\:.. Chapter 9 ..:/\^/\:..

-=#=- Chapter 10 -=#=-

<:(:< Chapter 11 >:):>

;)\(: Chapter 12 :)/(;

...`,'; Chapter 13 ;',`...

.:[{({[ Chapter 14 ]})}]:.

~`';.,.;'` Chapter 15 `';.,.;'`~

...*)`|'(*~ Chapter 16 ~*)'|`(*...

=/\^/\= Chapter 17 =/\^/\=

^"~` Chapter 18 `~"^

*/// Chapter 19 ///*

`;-_= Chapter 20 =_-;`

..>x<.. Chapter 21 ..>x<..

-=#^# Chapter 22 #^#=-

././/. Chapter 23 ././/.

..:o:. Chapter 24 .:o:..

~> Chapter 25 Coming Soon! <~