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Mary's Journal July thru Nov 2002

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November 30, 2002

Our deepest sympathies go out to Caroline and Brittney who lost Kendall early this morning after his courageous battle with cancer. Caroline is my brother George’s daughter and Brittney is her daughter… HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALFRED!!! Alfred is our friend in Yukon, Oklahoma I had a call from my friend Martha this morning and we made plans to go out to Ken’s Steak Restaurant in Amber, Oklahoma tonight to celebrate Alfred’s birthday… I called my Mother and she answered her phone. That made my day to be able to talk to her again. She sounded weak and they are still working on getting her sugar regulated. She said that Jr and Anita brought Thanksgiving Dinner to her since she was too weak to go to their home this year… I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said she didn’t need anything… Got to go watch the OU and OSU football game now… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

November 29, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!! Bob is Dave’s brother in Huntington, West Virginia… Thanks to Alice in Middleton, Idaho, Phyllis in Columbus, Ohio, and Pat in Carson, California for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Today has seemed like a Monday and the clothes hamper looked like a Monday too… I forgot to mention that yesterday Kathy’s niece was there at that big gathering with her baby and I got to hold him and feed him a bottle. That and spending time with the grandchildren really made my day… I gave the dogs a bath and did laundry, played some dominoes, fixed supper, and watched Cheaper By The Dozen on TV… Dave got the leaves out of the guttering. It sure worried me to see him on the ladder since it was a year ago that he did that and fell off the ladder and broke his shoulder. Then later Dave took some of the stuff out of the garage to the hangar because he wants to get the garage painted… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

November 28, 2002

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! We had a big dinner at Kenny and Kathy’s. There were twenty-nine people there… I ate too much and now have a tummy ache… Dave and I are thankful that we have gotten to spend time with all our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren this week. I hope all of you had a wonderful time with your family and friends today… We found out today that our friends David and Alice from Idaho are coming to visit. These are friends we were stationed with in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1967. We are so looking forward to seeing David and Alice again… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

November 27, 2002

I have had a lazy day and haven’t got much accomplished. I did remember to go play dominoes at I haven’t done that in a long time… I am really getting excited about tomorrow. I just found out that Mitch, Jamie, Allison, and Matthew came in from Kentucky today as a surprise. I know that makes Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Kenny happy and we can’t wait to see them… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

November 26, 2002

Thanks Lynne in Iowa Park, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Thanks Marie in Florida for the phone call last night. It meant a lot to me being able to visit with you again… I had the same kind of night as the night before only this time I had lots of dreams. One was where my tulips were in full bloom. LOL I must be really looking forward to spring… The sun has been shining today but not very warm. My roses are still blooming… I have been thinking about Thanksgiving and how it has been eight years since I have had Thanksgiving at our house. I used to really enjoy preparing dinner for my family. I wish I could still do it but I am just not able to do that anymore and I have to accept it. Kenny and Kathy have invited us to their home for Thanksgiving dinner. All of Kathy’s family will be there and I am looking forward to being with her family and the dinner too… David will be having dinner with Lori’s family… I love Thanksgiving; it reminds us of all we have to be thankful for. I have so many things I am thankful for. God really has blessed me… I called my friend Lynne in Texas and my phone buddy Virginia. I have tried for several days now to get a hold of my Mother and I only get the answering machine. I IM’d with my sister tonight and she said Mom wasn’t doing well. She refused to go to church services tonight with Martha. That is very unusual for Mom… Dave took me to look at another hangar home. It was yucky… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

November 25, 2002

Thanks to Pat in Carson, California and Marie in Miami, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I had a hard time falling asleep again last night even with a sleeping pill. I kept hitting the button on the radio for another hour of music. But once I got to sleep I slept well and didn’t wake up till ten o’clock. I felt good and rested. Best I have felt in a long time… I had my shower, dogs put outside, a load of laundry in the washer, and potato soup ready by the time Dave came home for lunch at 11:00… This afternoon I finished up the laundry and took care of all my indoor plants and I got caught up on my email… I got to IM with granddaughter Jamie in Kentucky… We received our first Christmas card today from my school friend Carolyn Ege in Florida… David called and they were all having a good day… I am so thankful for a good day… Oh no, just as I was thinking I was having such a great day I realized I forgot to take my afternoon medications… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

November 24, 2002

Last night I got a call from Kenny. I am so thankful for our sons… My foot has started to hurt again. Even with the 800mg of Neurontin I take three times a day each day for the pain. I figure it is because of the change in weather… Today has been one of those days. I played couch potato all day. Not wanting to talk to anyone, just watched a couple movies, The Dead Poet Society and The Great Escape. Both movies I have watched before but it was like watching them for the first time… Dave fixed us some steaks on the grill. Thanks honey, they were so good… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

November 23, 2002

We went to Madison’s first birthday party and what a party that was. It was held at Erin and Kerry’s home. Madison was all dolled up in her princess dress that her Grandma Lori had made for her. She was a real pro eating her birthday cake. We got lots of pictures… There was a houseful there and we left early because it was a beautiful day and Dave thought he needed to get some flying time in before the bad weather hits. It was in the 70’s today and I know winter is just around the corner. I guess I want it to come on and get here and leave so spring will be here… The dogs and I will watch the OU game on TV… We miss Dave when he is gone but know he needs to get away and play for a while…. My sister called and I enjoy talking to her very much… Dave just called to let me know he is on his way home. I am always relieved to get that call… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

November 22, 2002

Happy Birthday Glenn!!! Glenn is our Nephew in Seagrove, North Carolina… Before I forget again, I wanted to post here that my web mistress Teresa lost her husband Bill to cancer after a courageous battle on October 27. This happened while Dave and I were on vacation in Tennessee. Teresa, I am so very sorry and I just can’t imagine losing my Dave… I woke up feeling better this morning but before noon I was back in bed trying to get warm… Josh, our grandson called me last night to let me know he had gotten his progress report and he had gotten all A’s except for two and they were B’s When I asked him if his Daddy made him call me he said yes… Seems like when you are thirteen you have better things to do than to call your grandparents. Kenny, thanks for having him call me. I love talking to my grandkids. I also got to talk with granddaughter Heather… I had a nice chat on IM with my friend Glenna in Vancouver, Canada… David came by for a short visit on his way to work… I gave the dogs a bath and did a load of laundry and that wore me out… Dave cooked supper with a little help from me. I am so thankful I have him… Goodnight all… KTFIOK BR> November 21, 2002

Happy Birthday to Peter!!! Peter is a DASNI friend in the United Kingdom… My brother George called me last night. I am thankful I still have a brother and sister living… I called Carolyn in Denver, Indiana last night. She is an old friend who I used to work with back in the sixty’s at Dukes Hospital in Peru, Indiana. We hadn’t talked since my brother Everett’s funeral last year. I am so glad I called her as she had just had surgery... I get to thinking about my friends and miss them so I will pick up the phone and call them… I had a terrible night last night with a flare up with the Diverticultis again. I got very little sleep. I have been eating Yogurt and taking Imodium AD and getting a lot of time under the covers… Jan and Ruth called me and I got a package from Jeanne in Hawaii. I am blessed with the best Internet friends… I heard from David and Lori today. The other night they spent the night outside to watch the meteor shower… Dave has really been busy. He got the pool covered, cleaned the aquarium, set the points on the Volkswagen, and cleaned in the garage… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

November 20, 2002

I woke up feeling better this morning and not quite so cold, even though I have kept my sweater on all day… It was another beautiful day. There was enough of a breeze that I got to enjoy my wind chimes when I was outside feeding the birds and smelling the Roses. The Queen Elizabeth and Cecil Bruner Roses smell especially wonderful this time of the year and are so pretty… I had a nice chat with my friend Jeanne in Hawaii this afternoon. Jeanne just returned from Barcelona and I am happy she is back safe at home with her Vern… My friend Martha called… Dave and I went to Chelino’s Mexican Restaurant for dinner tonight and I came home with a take home box… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

November 19, 2002

Happy Birthday Madison!!!Madison is our great granddaughter in Norman, Oklahoma and is one year old today… Happy Birthday Diane!!! Diane is a friend in Australia… I made it to see Dr. Morgan this morning. The Pet Scan showed I may have Vascular Dementia but Dr. Morgan disagreed with that. He thinks I have Alzheimer’s. He was saying we have Dr. Tang here in Okalahoma City who is really working on a cure for Alzheimer’s. We are praying it happens soon… The Merry Maids came today… We have a DASNI Newsletter that reaches people all over the globe. Carole Mulliken, our DASN secretary does a wonderful job writing the newsletter. I would like to post here what she just wrote about me in it.

"Mother Mary" 365 Days a Year
“Mother Mary” Lockhart is there for you any day you need a friend. She has “been there” without fail for close to three years, hosting chat rooms for isolated care-givers and for people with dementia alike.
Because dementia is frightening and awkward for many, it is commonplace for people with dementia and their care-givers to lose their careers, then their colleagues and then close friends to dementia.

However, Mary Lockhart has learned in the ins and outs of computers, of Alzheimer’s Disease resources internationally, of web pages, and finally of hosting the boogie-man of the Internet—chat rooms.
Most chat rooms are operated by bouncers, mufflers or referees. None of that for Mary. She is deservedly proud of the fact that her chat room is “hosted” instead, and she reigns with a velvet glove. “Mother Mary” is unfailingly supportive and positive.

Once trained and paid for hosting chats, Mary has been trained on how to coach newcomers about using chat tools without interrupting the flow of communications. She comments on common interests of strangers, making joining a group conversation much easier. It is her personal warmth that shines through.

Frequently, people with dementia and their spouses go out of their ways to meet with Mary and her husband Dave “in the flesh.”

It might be going a bit overboard to say that people with dementia view Mary with the adoring eyes of that curly white dog sitting on Mary’s lap above, but not much.

We asked Mary what ideas she would like to carry to ADI in 2002 if she had gotten the chance to go.

“I would like to see the ADI recognize the fact that most of us with early stage dementia still have a lot of potential. I would also like to see them recognize DASN

International reaches out to the newly diagnosed patient and we never want them to feel like they are alone. We are always there to offer them a hug, a hand, or whatever is needed. “

Mary, a person with Alzheimer’s herself, takes great comfort in God; her three dogs, Cindy, Karmelita and Tootsie and in her laptop, her constant companion.

Because of her limited mobility and her belief in intellectual stimulation to combat the progression of dementia, Mary is one of the DASN International members who spends much of her time (when not attending to DASNI duties) playing challenging Internet games. Like others, she competes only against herself, trying always to match or exceed her personal best scores.

A personal web log or “blog is one of Mary’s other favorite pastimes. Mary and her ’blog were featured in a recent edition of “Wired Magazine” online. “My journal helps me maintain continuity with my own past,” Mary says.

Mary’s web page can be found at

Dave thinks I am bragging but sometimes I can’t help myself… I have spent a lot of time under the electric blanket again. Think I will ask Santa for an electric throw.. Goodnight all… KTFIOK November 18, 2002

I didn’t feel much like getting out of bed this morning but it was a Monday and I had so much to do. Laundry, picking up and getting ready for the Merry Maids visit tomorrow. I have an appointment at 8:00 in the morning with Dr. Charles Morgan my Neurologist. I have two Dr. Morgan’s. Patrick Morgan’s is Dave and my medical doctor and they are not related… I am having one of those days where I am freezing. I tried lying on the couch with an afghan but that just didn’t keep me warm enough so I had to go to bed and turn on the electric blanket. I do not like going to bed in the middle of the day but today I didn’t have much of a choice… Dave came home for lunch and fixed us a can of Chili Soup. I don’t know what causes my thermostat to do this… It was a beautiful day up in the 60’s and I noticed there was a beautiful yellow butterfly flying around my garden… This has been one of those days when I wish I could crawl up in my Mother’s lap… David came by today for a quick hug… I am so thankful I have Dave and I am feeling guilty for all the extra work he has to do… Tomorrow will be a better day… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

November 17, 2002

Happy Belated Anniversary to Brian and Jean!!! Brian and Jean are friends in New Zealand who just celebrated their 38th Anniversary... Thanks to Kathy in Smyrna, Georgia for visiting Mary's Place and signing my guest book... Today has been a beautiful sunny day... Dave moved the bird feeder so I could watch it from inside the house... I had a phone call from Barbara Ruth and I called my Mother and niece Kathy in North Carolina... My legs aren't hurting so bad today... I am having trouble with Microsoft Word so I am really having to depend on Dave with my spelling and wording. I recently received a seven stages of dementia from Dan Spencer, one of my DASNI friends and when Dave checked it out he said I was between stage four and five. I would like to post the stages here.

Dan's Seven Stages of Dementia

1. Stage One, UPS, (Unidentifiable, Persistant Stress). Variable symptomatic duration. No cognitive decline is evident, although life stresses of unidentified origin developing. No subjective complaints of memory deficit. No memory deficit evident on clinical interview that can't be accounted for by other situational factors. Subtle mood changes and increassing stress reactions present, yet no observable neurological issues are identifiable. May NOT continue into stage 2 progression.

2. STAGE Two, PSO, (Problems with Self and Others) Criteria of stage one plus noticeable, mild cognitive decline (forgetfulness) and social friction (mild irritability) evident. Subjective complaints of memory deficit begin, most frequently in attention span, minor situational confusion, forgetting where one has placed familiar objects or forgetting names one formally knew well. No objective evidence of demonstrable memory deficit on clinical interview. No testable objective deficits in employment or social situations, yet subjective personal perfomance stresses continue unabated. Mood sensitivity observable by significant others. May NOT continue into stage 3.

3. Stage Three, MCI, (Mild Cognitive Impairment) Earliest clear-cut deficits. Manifestations in more than one of the following areas which now tend to be progressive, although variable at times. (a) patient may have gotten lost when traveling to an unfamiliar location; (b) co-workers become aware of patient's relatively poor performance; (c) word and name finding deficit becomes evident to intimates; (d) patient may read a passage or a book and retain relatively little material; (e) patient may demonstrate decreased facility in remembering names upon introduction to new people; (f) patient may have lost or misplaced an object of value; (g) concentration deficit may be evident on clinical testing. Objective evidence of memory deficit MAY be evident on clinical testing. Objective evidence of memeory deficit obtained only with an "intensive" interview. Decreased performance in demanding employment and social settings. Denial begins to become manifest in patient. Moderate anxiety and mood disturbances accompanies symptoms. The duration of stage 3 may be long enough for adaptive responses to develop as patients MAY or MAY NOT compensate for losses usually depending upon early diagnosis and treatment (meds)

4. Stage 4 EMD, Early Moderate Decline. Clear-cut deficit on careful clinical interview. Deficit manifest in following areas: (a) decreased knowledge of current and recent events; (b) may exhibit some deficit in memory of one's personal history; (c) concentration deficit elicited on serial subtractions; (d) decreased ability to travel, handle finances, control emotions. Frequently no deficit in following areas: (a) orientation to time and person; (b) recognition of familiar persons and faces; (c) ability to travel to familiar locations. The inability to perform some complex tasks is evident. Denial and anger may be common defense mechanisms. However acceptance may ocurr in this stage. Flattening of affect and withdrawal from challenging situations occur. Medication compliance for cognition, mood and behavior can reduce fearful and catastrophic retains. Counseling and group support highly beneficial. Rehabilitative efforts to maintain cognitive functioning level appear helpful. Duration greatly variable, depending on treatment compliance and individual efforts to decrease rate of deterioration.

5. Moderately severe cognitive decline (Early Dementia), EDem. Patient can no longer survive without some assistance. Patient is unable during interview to recall a major relevant aspect of their current lives, e.g., an address or telephone number of many years, the names of close family members (such as grandchildren), the name of the high school or college from which they graduated. Frequently some disorientation to time (date, day of week, season, etc.) or to place. An educated person may have difficulty counting back from 40 by 4s or from 20 by 2s. Persons at this stage retain knowledge of many major facts regarding themselves and others. They invariably know their own names and generally know their spouse's and children's names. They require no assistance with toileting and eating, but may have some difficulty choosing the proper clothing to wear and appropriate emotional/verbal behaviors. Duration again is greatly variable as in previous stage.

6. Severe cognitive decline (Middle Dementia), MDem. May occasionally forget the name of the spouse upon whom they are entirely dependent for survival. Will be largely unaware of all recent events and experiences in their lives. Retain some knowledge of their past lives but this is very sketchy. Generally unaware of their surroundings, the year, the season, etc. May have difficulty counting from 10 both backward and sometimes forward. Will require some assistance with activities of daily living, may become incontinent, will require travel assistance but occasionally will display ability to familiar locations. Diurnal rhythm frequently disturbed. Almost always recall their own name. Frequently continue to be able to distinguish familiar from unfamiliar persons in their environment. Personality and emotional changes occur. These are quite variable and may include delusional behavior, where patients may accuse their spouse of being an impostor; may talk to imaginary figures in the environment, or to their own reflection in the mirror, obsessive symptoms where person may repeat simple movement activities like cleaning and rocking. Anxiety symptoms, agitated mood and even previously nonexistent violent behavior may occur, as well as loss of willpower, because an individual cannot carry a thought long enough to determine a purposeful course of action. Middle Dementia symptoms may be moderated by structured environments, mood stabilizers and cognitive enrichment therapy. Medication adjustments are often found helpful.

7. Very severe cognitive decline (Late Dementia), LDem. Mostly all verbal abilities are lost. Communication is difficult. Frequently there is no speech at all ... only grunting, unintelligible vocalizations may be present. Incontinent of urine and stool requires assistance toileting and feeding. Patients loose basic psychomotor skills, e.g., ability to walk and balance or grasp. The brain appears to no longer be able to tell the body what to do. Generalized and cortical neurologic signs and symptoms are frequently present. Difficulty swallowing may lead to dehydration or malnutrition. Bedridden patients become susceptible to infections frequently Urinary tract or Respiratory. Some patients maintain rudimentary relationships with primary caregivers and appear to respond to them and maintain their sense of identity, i.e., respond to their own name. Other become profoundly confused. Some patients, unable to feed themselves, have pre-chosen by Advance Directives to refuse invasive feeding techniques such as IV tubes and feeding tubes, as well as any attempts at resesitation, DNR, and are usually transferred to Hospice for comfort care only during their remaing days.

Goodnight all... Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

November 16, 2002

Happy Birthday Dewey!!! Dewey is my brother in law in Lexington, North Carolina... I was able to get a good nights sleep thanks to my sleeping pill Ambien… We went to Kenny and Kathy’s to see their new ceramic tile kitchen floor and a new stove top Kenny had installed by himself. He is turning into a Mr. Fix It. Kenny had a fall last night and broke his wrist. He said he was trying to be like his Daddy. LOL, Silly guy… Kathy gave me a jar of Super Blue Stuff to try on my legs… We went by and saw our friends Alfred and Martha and made plans to go to Amber for dinner soon… On our way home we went by the State Capitol. Tonight they had the dedication of the new Oklahoma Capitol Dome and Guardian. I would have liked to have stayed to watch but the crowds were so bad that we came home and watched it on TV. So many Oklahoma stars were there and the biggest fireworks display ever. I am proud to be an Oklahoman. We have lived here since 1978. Both OSU and OU won their football games today... Lori called... I have felt like crying but didn't... Dave called me Mary today :( Goodnight all... Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

November 15, 2002

I slept a little later than usual this morning then started doing the laundry… I took my shower and got ready to go with Erin today. We went shopping in Norman for a rug for our den and we found the perfect one. We had lunch at the Border Crossing and then we went to see the home she and Kerry had just bought and it was a nice three bedroom two bath home. We are really happy for them... Erin and I never stopped talking the whole time we were together. She is just a delight to be with… Dave took advantage of me being gone and went flying and as always he came home smiling… We had leftovers for supper… My legs are hurting bad tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

November 14, 2002

Thanks to Mary Beth in Lexington, North Carolina for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Last night Kenny, Kathy, Josh, and Heather came to visit us. Kenny got into our old pictures and sat on the floor looking at them and sharing them with the rest of the family. Someday we are going to dig our old video that was made in the 60’s when our boys were very young and Kenny was just learning to walk and show it to the Grandchildren… Dave and I had a 7:45 eye appointment this morning. The doctor said there was just a slight change in my cataracts and there was no need to change glasses. Dave had to have one lens changed on his glasses… Dave and I worked on getting the leaves cleaned up. The trees are still full of leaves so we will probably have a yard and court yard full again tomorrow… I was fixing stuffed peppers tonight and had to call for Dave to help. Seems like I tire out so easily… I called Chip and Sharon in Florida last night and had a nice visit and today I called my phone buddy Virginia… I had a call from my Sister and she said our Mother is having trouble with her sugar. I am really worried. My friend Joanne in Arkansas called… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

November 13, 2002

We had a good time last night. The Cowboy Hall Of Fame has changed a lot since I was there years ago when our boys were teenagers. The dinner and entertainment was great and I won the fresh cut flower fall centerpiece on our table… I have spent the day paying bills. That has sure made me tired. I also got my medications set up for four more weeks… We are enjoying the leftovers that Lori brought to us the other day. She also brought us some fresh turnip greens from her granny’s garden. I fixed them for supper tonight, I had never fixed turnip greens before but I love turnips… Our granddaughter Erin called and she is coming to get me Friday to take me shopping and to see her new home. I am really looking forward to that… The leaves are falling and my roses and many of my flowers are still blooming… Last night when I went to bed I was listening to the radio and couldn’t believe they are already playing Christmas music. It is so hard for me to believe it is just around the corner… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

November 12, 2002

Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Last night I went to bed at 6:30. I was exhausted; I never want to feel that tired again. I woke up feeling rested this morning and it was a good thing… I fed the birds for the first time since I had been home, did some work with my plants and did that last load of laundry… This afternoon Dave drove me to the dentist. It was a beautiful sunny day and I could think of all kinds of things I would rather do this afternoon than to sit in a dentist chair having my teeth cleaned. They do feel so much better though. I have a cavity, not something I wanted to hear… Tonight we are going to the Cowboy Hall Of Fame and to an Appreciation Dinner… I had phone calls from my phone buddy Virginia and my Aunt (Saint) Florence in San Antonio, Texas, she always makes me laugh and I love her so much… We got our snail mail today and that took forever for Dave and I to go through all of it. Now tomorrow I will be busy paying the bills… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

November 11, 2002


HAPPY BIRTHDAY WESLEY!!! Wesley is Dave’s brother in Lake Isabella, California… Dave went to see his surgeon this morning for a follow up appointment and everything was fine… David, Lori, Chris, Jenni and Madison came to visit today. Madison got to show off her walking and she spent quite of bit of time in my lap. When I sang, You Are My Sunshine to her she would bounce on my lap… I got all my laundry finished except for one load. I am just pooped today… My neighbor Jaunita called… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

November 8, 9, 10

Thanks to Kaye in Thayne, Wyoming, Sis in Rusk, Texas, Martha Jean in Peru, Indiana, and Diane in Australia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… We left Richard and Frances house early in the morning and drove to Russellville, Arkansas and spent the night in a RV Park. We sure have seen more than our share of construction on Interstate 40 between Tennessee and Arkansas… The next morning we headed for Oklahoma spent the night at Jan and Wade’s KOA RV Park. It sure is a nice park. They even have a Restaurant on the park and we had dinner there. I had the Southwestern Chicken and Dave had Catfish. It was delicious. It sure was good to see Jan and Wade again even though we didn’t have much of a chance to visit since they are really busy with their RV Park. We plan on going back some time during the week to visit when they aren’t so busy and they are only a hundred miles away… We got home this morning and it is sure good to be home… I have been doing laundry and spending a lot of time chatting with my friends and reading my emails. Hundreds of them… At least it is Sunday and I don’t have to go through my snail mail for a couple days since tomorrow is a holiday we can’t pick up our mail till Tuesday… I had a phone call from my friend Ruth in Atlanta, Georgia tonight… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

November 7, 2002

Happy Birthday Heather!!! Heather is our granddaughter in Bethany, Oklahoma… Today we are headed back to Smithville. Spending the night in Richard and Frances’s RV Park... Richard gave me a start of his Crown of Thorns plant… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Tennessee

November 6, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT FLORENCE!!! Aunt Florence is my Dad’s Sister in San Antonio, Texas… Today we go to see my niece Kathy and her family in Seagrove, North Carolina… Kathy had a big pot of Chili on the stove and had cake in the oven when we arrived… Kathy is following in my footsteps and runs a day care home. She had lots of little children there and I enjoyed them so much she even had a seven-month-old baby for me to hug, rock, and feed a bottle to. That evening I smelled like spit up and I loved it… Kathy made us Breaded Tenderloins to go with the Chili. The tenderloins came all the way from Peru, Indiana. I ate a lot of tenderloins when I lived in Peru many years ago… The next morning Kathys daughter Amanda came to baby-sit so Kathy and I could hit the pottery shops in Seagrove. What fun we had going into all the shops. I ended up buying some pieces for myself… Kathy is a niece to be proud of and she is a great cook just like her Mother was. It was great seeing her husband Glenn, and children Amanda, Lewis and Ashley again… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In North Carolina

November 4, 5, 2002

Dave and I had our Cheerios and Oatmeal and while I cleaned up the kitchen and got the RV ready to go on the inside Dave walked the dogs and got the car hooked up … We arrived in Lexington and Judy who is Dave’s Sister and her husband Dewey had dinner ready for us. Soon their Son Dewey and daughter Mary Beth arrived and we all sat down do a delicious Chicken dinner. Judy had even baked a spice cake… After dinner Mary Beth took me in her little sports car convertible and the rest followed and we went to see Mary Beth’s new home and then we went to see Dewey and Cindy’s home... Mary Beth had just returned from New Zealand where she went with her church group… One evening while we were there I hooked up my laptop and went to the DASNI chat so they could see how my chat was done. That night they were able to hear Alan in New Zealand. Ray and Eileen were also on that night from New Zealand and so was Ben in Dallas… Judy and Dewey took us to lunch at Kerley’s Barbeque. Then we went to Old Salem. I loved it there. And then to Thomasville to see the Big Chair. The foliage was just beautiful. Dewey stopped at a Nursery to pick up some potting soil for Judy so she could give me a start of her Christmas Cactus. When he came back to the car he was carrying a big concrete turtle that he bought me. It really looks real and I named him Dewey and he will go perfect in my garden. Thanks Dewey, you are a great Brother… Judy, Thank you for the beautiful set of drinking glasses you gave me. I will think of you every time I have a drink… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In North Carolina

October 31, thru November 3, 2002

We arrived in Ashville, North Carolina around noon. I was at the sink peeling potatoes for potato soup while Dave was checking in at the Taps Campground. I had been craving potato soup since we left home. It was really good too. I added carrots, celery, and onions to it. Dave even bragged on it, something he seldom does. He usually will just tell me if he eats it then it is good… We rested for awhile and then went in to town to the hotel where our Internet friends were staying, about eleven miles from the campground… At the hotel we met Chip and Sharon from Satsuma, Florida, Sandy from St Charles, Missouri, Marie from Miami, Florida, Sharon from Southern Pines, North Carolina, Diane from Hixson, Tennessee, Norma from Durham, North Carolina, Maxine from Coral Gables, Florida, June and Jon from Elkhart, Indiana. These are the friends I had never met before. Then the friends we had met before in San Antonio last April were there also. Janey from Plainfield, Illinois, Phyllis and Jere from Fairhope, Alabama, and Linda and her friend Judy from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I can’t explain to you how wonderful it is to have these friends. They are all more like family and their cyber hugs are great but when you get the real hugs how wonderful. All these friends either have Alzheimer’s, are Care partners to someone with Alzheimer’s, or they have lost a parent to Alzheimer’s… Thanks to Sharon, Diane, Janey and Marie for the gifts… We did a lot of visiting and eating those three days and did some sight seeing and even went to the Biltmore Home. What a home that was. Because I was in a wheel chair I was only allowed to see the first and second floor. Dave and the others got to see the basement and the third floor. It is a place you don’t want to miss in Ashville. I wasn’t dressed warm enough and about froze though… The trees were at their peak while we were there. I couldn’t have asked for more… It was hard saying good bye to our friends but we hope to meet most of them again in San Antonio, Texas in April 2003… Thank you God for allowing me to make this trip to meet my friends and to see the beautiful sites.

October 28, 29, 30, 2002

The Cool Doggie Do’s Van came to Richard’s house and groomed our three doggies. Frances and I went to the beauty shop and I got a manicure then we all went to Center Hill Restaurant for Catfish. This restaurant has the prettiest view that I have ever seen and the catfish is great too... We visited and went home early to go to bed… One day while there Dave fixed his famous Spam Supreme and I made a Tossed Salad and we had them come to our house (motor home) for dinner… We said our goodbyes and went to bed as tomorrow was the day we leave for Ashville, North Carolina… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Tennessee

October 27, 2002

Happy Birthday Kathy!!! Kathy is our daughter-in-law in Bethany, Oklahoma… We left Larry and Vicki’s house right after a quick breakfast in the motor home and headed for Smithville Tennessee… The foliage just keeps getting prettier It is just like God reached out and painted the trees just for me… Dave is doing a wonderful job Driving Miss Mary around. We have a tag on our motor home that says Driving Miss Mary. It was a gift from our son David… We arrived at Dave’s brother and his wife’s house and our nephew Gene and his daughter Ashley were there… After a lot of visiting, I took my last antibiotic and we went to bed early… Good night all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

October 26, 2002

We had a quick breakfast and went to Goodlettsville, TN to visit Laura and her dog Roy. We first met Laura when we went to Montana last year. Laura was the first person I met online when I was desperate to talk to another person with Alzheimer’s. I call Laura my lifesaver friend. Laura had some Clam Chowder and a Pumpkin Pie waiting for us when we arrived. We had taken a long time getting there as we got tied up for about an hour and a half in traffic due to construction work in Nashville… After the short visit with Laura we headed back to our RV campsite in front of Larry and Vicki’s. When Larry got off work at Wal-Mart where he works as a greeter. He and Vicki took us downtown Nashville to the Spaghetti Factory for a nice dinner. I had never met Larry and Vicki before and the way I got to know Larry was that he found my website when he was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and we have been chatting online ever since. Larry and Vicki are some of the nicest people you could ever meet. Larry kept saying I am so happy to finally meet Miss Mary… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

October 25, 2002

We woke up early and I felt terrible. It was one of my cloudy days and I did not feel like getting out of bed. Joanne brought me a country breakfast into the motor home and I ate in bed. It was really good. I am never feeling too bad to eat so it seems… I stayed in my PJ’s most of the way to Tennessee. That is one of the advantages of a motor home… When we got to Mt. Juliet it was dark and we had a hard time finding the campground and when we finally did we found out it was closed for the winter. So after a few times of Dave having to unhook the car and turn around I called Larry and told him where we were and he came to meet us and we ended up spending a couple nights in front of his beautiful home. He lives on a cul-de-sac. We had a nice visit with Larry and Vicki and met the little poodle and Larry’s dog Auggie who is a registered Alzheimer’s Safe Return dog… We went to the motor home for a good nights rest… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Tennessee

October 24, 2002

Last night when I was busy doing last minute things to get ready for our trip my legs gave out on me and I had a bad fall and hit the right side of my head and face on the oak bench in our entry way and Cindy’s crate was sitting near by and I sat on it and busted it. Cindy didn’t care for it anyhow. I think I might have cracked my cheekbone. We left home early this morning for Benton, Arkansas and spent the night in our friends, Ken and Joanne, driveway. Joanne had prepared a delicious roast beef dinner and some of the best bread pudding that I can ever remember eating. She gave me the recipe and Ken had baked a loaf of fresh bread. Their son Jimmy came by and we all had a nice visit talking about the good old days that we used to have when our boys were small… It is really damp and my bronchitis seems to have gotten worse. I am still on antibiotics and using the inhaler. We went to bed early… Goodnight all… Keeping the Faith in Arkansas

October 23, 2002

I can’t believe it is finally time for us to leave. We will leave tomorrow morning going To Ken and Joanne’s in Benton, Arkansas and then to Nashville where we will visit with Larry and Vicki and then to see Laura. We will arrive in Smithville, Tennessee on the 27th and spend a few days with Dave’s Brother Richard and his wife Frances. On the 31st we will be in Ashville, North Carolina visiting with about 20 of my online friends until the third of November when we will leave for Lexington, North Carolina to Dave’s Sister Judy and her husband Dewey. Then we leave there on the fourth to go to my Nieces home in Seagrove, North Carolina… Then we will head back home. We hope to stop and visit with Jan and Wade in their new RV KOA campground in Henryetta, Oklahoma… I got the peppers put in the freezer and I was chopping up some leftover for the dogs and chopped my thumb so Dave will probably stop me from playing with knifes… I called my Mother and she is fine and is getting new glasses. I also called my phone buddy Virginia… I am taking my laptop with me and will try and update here if I can. Take care everyone and stay healthy. I am feeling better… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

October 22, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LELA!!! Lela is our friend in Port Charlotte, Florida… I failed to mention yesterday that David came by and we had a visit from our granddaughter Erin. Erin has just bought a house and we are so proud of her… I got up especially early this morning for a busy day. I had called the Merry Maids to come early and then Dave and I had an appointment at the Legal Office. Then we went to the commissary and got groceries for our trip. We spent a lot but sure don’t want to go hungry. We always do our own cooking in the motor home. We never have been ones that go out to eat much… I wish I could have stayed home and rested today but I will rest tomorrow… I had phone calls from friends Joanne, Barbara Ruth, and Martha… It has been dreary day, no sunshine and a some rain…. . Dave picked all the bell peppers today in case it freezes while we are gone. I will put them in the freezer… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

October 21, 2002

I went to see Dr. Morgan this morning, I have Bronchitis and he changed my antibiotic from Cipro to BIAXIN*XL Pac and Albutrerol Inhalation Aerosol. I also had to go for a chest X-ray… I believe I will be feeling better real soon now. I have to because I have plans… I made stuffed peppers tonight. I picked the bell peppers from the garden… Goodnight All… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

October 20, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA!!! Linda is our friend in Ohio and we will be meeting her in Ashville, North Carolina in November. Linda's Mother had Alzheimer's... I didn’t sleep well last night and haven’t felt good all day. I think I may be getting bronchitis, gosh I hope not. I will call my doctor tomorrow. I have to get better, I am leaving in a few days for vacation. Why does this have to happen? Dave went flying and I stayed home and went to bed and actually was able to take a nap. That is proof I am sick… It has been a beautiful day. I was even out on the patio for a little while to watch the birds and the flying flowers. My flowers are so pretty. I think the later it gets in the year the prettier they get… I called Joanne in Benton, Arkansas. We will be visiting Joanne and Ken on Thursday… I have tried to call my Mother but didn’t get an answer… My friend Barbara Ruth and my Sister called. Martha said brother George was visiting with them… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

October 19, 2002

Thanks to Danielle in Fremont, California for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… YEAH OU!!! They beat Iowa State today and are still undefeated. Dave and I watched the game together and now we will watch the Texas/KSU game… My cold seemed a lot worse last night as I was coughing pretty bad and had a hard time getting to sleep. I am taking cough syrup and hoping I get over this real soon… It has rained all day and I have been cold. I dug out the sweaters and sweat suits… I even went back to bed this morning, it just seemed the right thing to do. I had to force myself to stay there though. I have a terrible time being in bed when I am awake. But thought the rest would do me good… I broiled us some Rib Eye Steaks for dinner. I did another interview online for a student doing research on Dementia and I have got caught up on all my emails… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

October 18, 2002

Thanks to Marian in Baltimore, Maryland for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I had a surprise call from our Niece Kathy in Seagrove, North Carolina this morning. Today was the anniversary of Kathy’s Mother, my Sisters death. I still miss Lula and think of her so often. She was only 40 years old when we lost her… I have done more laundry and put a few more things in the motor home. The rest of the day I have been in an online Conference at the University of Pennsylvania Dementia Conference. It was great and they had some wonderful speakers… David came by and took his Dad to a computer shop… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

October 17, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!! Joe is our DASNI friend in California. We first met Joe and Penny when they were traveling cross-country spreading the word on Alzheimer’s and stopped at our home… Thanks to Ed in Peru, Indiana for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… It has been a beautiful day in Oklahoma with lots of sunshine… I had a call this morning from Jan/Mina she and Wade are moved to Oklahoma now. We were glad to hear they arrived safely. Dave and I hope to spend the night in their RV Park on our way home from our vacation… I got my haircut this afternoon and I feel so much better. I love it when I get groomed… My phone buddy Virginia called this afternoon and we talked for a long time about our meeting for the first time. I read to her what Carole had written about me in The Dementia Survivor Letter that is to be distributed in Barcelona, Spain at the ADI Conference. She read me an article that she had saved from a 1991 newspaper article. We agreed that neither of us get much of a chance to use our voices. We have rats in our back yard and if Cindy sees one she has a fit. Once she even caught one. Today Dave set a trap out there and caught a couple. I think they are after the birdseed… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

October 16, 2002

Happy Anniversary to Norb and Janey in Plainfield, Illinois… Janey is a our friend and we will be meeting her in Ashville, North Carolina in a couple of weeks. Her husband has Alzheimer’s and is in a Nursing Home… David called and asked if we could go look for shoes so I said sure and away we went. He found the perfect shoes… I talked to my sister on IM and she said the leaves were starting to turn in Indiana… I did laundry, fixed supper, and did some picking up. The dogs had their toys all over the house… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

October 15, 2002

Thanks to Diane in Australia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… David called last night to let us know that Madison has taken her first steps… I had to get up to an alarm this morning so I could go to Deaconess Hospital for a Pet Scan they had told me it would take three or four hours and I was there for four hours. Dave had a dental appointment this afternoon so he wasn’t able to stay and wait for me. Kathy came and picked me up when I was finished and she knew I was starved because I had to go NPO at midnight. Kathy took me to a Chinese Buffet and we both ate good then we went to her house until Dave was able to pick me up and I was there to see Josh and Heather when they came home from school… I am really tired tonight and glad this day is over with… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

October 14, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRGINIA!!! Virginia is my phone buddy in Midwest City, Oklahoma who turned 86 today Thanks to Alan in Parksville BC, Canada for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… A Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canada friends… Last night I called Jeanne in Hawaii, I wanted to wish her a safe trip. Jeanne leaves today for Barcelona, Spain for the Alzheimer’s Disease International meeting… I still have my sore throat so I called my doctor and they did a blood test and a throat culture. I sure don’t want to be sick for my vacation in ten days… Dave was off today for Columbus Day. He groomed Cindy, did some work on the motor home and took me to meet my phone buddy for the first time. We have been talking on the phone for a couple of years but have never met in person. So for her birthday I wanted to surprise her with a visit and give her a hug and a Giant Hershey candy bar and some green tomatoes because she had mentioned she likes fried green tomatoes. And she has told me that her favorite candy was Hershey candy bar without nuts many times. Virginia is a beautiful lady and she was so happy to meet me, as was I to meet her. As we were leaving she was smiling, waving, and saying she was pinching herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. LOL Thank you Dave for taking me to meet Virginia… I did laundry and fixed supper... I got a call that my PET scan is scheduled for in the morning… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

October 13, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERESA!!! Teresa is my DASN friend and web mistress in Missouri … When I woke up this morning the furnace was running. My ears were hurting and I had a sore throat. I haven’t had a sore throat in a long time and I hope it is a long time before I have another one… It got down in the low forty’s during the night and supposed to get ten degrees colder tonight… David came by and brought us some goodies. He was on his way to Kenny’s house. I love it when my Sons spend time together… I called my Mother in Indiana, Teresa in Missouri, and Lynn in South Dakota… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

October 12, 2002

Yeah OU!!! they beat Texas 35 to 24 and to think I used to hate football. I started watching the OU Sooners last year and now I am hooked… This morning I fixed Dave a big country breakfast and we ate on the patio. Then he washed the motor home and I deadheaded flowers and dug up the Geraniums to put in the garage for the winter. Tonight I will bring in the rest of my houseplants from outside… I received a letter from my school friend Lynn in South Dakota. She got to make it to our class reunion in Peru, Indiana and had a wonderful time. I plan on making the next one which will be our 50th … David called, he was taking his grandkids to the Pumpkin Patch to get pumpkins today… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

October 11, 2002

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ALFRED AND MARTHA!!! Alfred and Martha are our friends in Yukon, Oklahoma who are celebrating their first year of marriage… I called my brother last night and found out he is having to have more surgery later this month. George also told me my Uncle Bob in Louisville, Kentucky who is my Daddy’s youngest and only living brother has Alzheimer’s and is starting to get lost driving. I hope he gives up driving. His doctor just told him to get a cell phone. I can’t believe some of these doctors. My Daddy was never diagnosed with Alzheimer’s but I do remember him getting lost driving… Daddy still has one sister living and she is my Saint Florence in San Antonio… I woke up early this morning, way too early so it is going to be a long day… I have gotten started on taking inventory and loading the motor home. It is a big job but after it is all finished it is all worth the work… IM’D with my niece in North Carolina this morning and called my Mother. Mom is back to playing Bingo and she had won some socks and she was happy about that. She said she had enough toys. They usually give them stuffed toys when they win and she gives them to grandchildren or the needy. She wasn’t sure who I was, she thought maybe I was Martha. I guess Sisters sound alike… I have had another flare up with my diverticulitis, seems like there is no end to this. I had to call Dr. Morgan and I am back on Cipro… I noticed my roses are so pretty right now and I have a Hibiscus still blooming and looking closely I saw one more bud… The Sun came out today and so did the Monarch and the other flying flowers… I called my friends Martha and Virginia and did laundry… I received my Class Reunion book in the mail and it is fun hearing where all my class mates live and how many children and grandchildren they have. Twenty four of them are deceased... Goodnight all… KTFIOK

October 10, 2002

We had an enjoyable evening over at Kenny and Kathy’s home last night. We walked in and the house smelled so good. Kathy was making a pot of stew and making a batch of beef jerky. We ate with them then afterwards Kenny blew out the candles and we had birthday cake and ice cream. I got my grandkid fix too. We came home with birthday cake and some beef jerky… I got a call from Ruth last night… Today has been a busy day for Dave and me… We left this morning to go to the Social Security Office then to the Tri Care Office and then the fun part we went to do some retail therapy. We got new jackets and a microwave and the list goes on. I also picked up a Good Housekeeping magazine that has a great article in it on Alzheimer’s and features my DASNI friend Ruth Harris in Atlanta, Georgia. We had dinner at Monterey Jacks… Two weeks from today we leave for vacation and we are getting anxious. We will get to meet Ruth Harris and Chip and Sharon Gerber for the first time among many other friends… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

October 9, 2002

Happy Birthday Kenny!!! Kenny is our youngest Son who lives in Bethany, Oklahoma and is 39 today. Our Sons are two years and one day apart… HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAUDE!!! Claude is my friend Sue’s husband in Canada… Dave took advantage of the rain and dumped the pool last night so he can get it ready for the winter. I had a dream last night that he flooded the whole neighborhood. That was a nightmare… I woke up with a terrible headache this morning and my ears were hurting… I had a call from David and he and Lori were in the neighborhood and stopped by for a quick visit and hugs. I love their hugs, makes everything better.,, We still have no sunshine here… I called and sang Happy Birthday to David last night and this morning I called Kenny and sang to him… Tonight we will go to Kenny and Kathy’s for birthday cake and I will deliver Kenny and Kathy’s birthday shoes to them. Kathy’s birthday is coming soon. So they both picked out their shoes early and I got them for them. David and I will go shopping for shoes soon… I love getting to buy shoes for our Sons and their wives. Lori was wearing her birthday shoes this morning when she came to visit and she really likes them… I called my friend and web mistress Teresa in Missouri and she is great need of our prayers for her and her husband Bill… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

October 8, 2002

Happy Birthday David!!! David is our Son in Norman, Oklahoma. David turned 41 today. I can’t believe our Sons are getting so old… I have had a relaxing day, I slept late and then had to cook my Oatmeal on the stove this morning. They turned out good as I followed the directions on the Quaker Oat box. I always add a teaspoon of honey from David’s bees to my oatmeal and I never get tired of oatmeal. I was raised on it and I still love it… It has been a rainy cold day here and I have been covered up in a afghan with the dogs on the couch the biggest part of the day… I played some more dominoes... My phone buddy Virginia called… Our DASN International Directors meeting went well last night. That was our last one before Christine, Jeanne and Lynn leave for Barcelona, Spain… This afternoon in chat Lynne, Alan, Jay, and I were lucky enough to hear the speech that Ben Stevens will be giving at the Dallas Memory Walk this coming Saturday. Ben that should really open their eyes to what people who have Early Onset Alzheimer’s can do… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

October 7, 2002

I woke up early this morning and I got my Monday started right after my oatmeal and coffee... I did laundry, folded clothes and put them away and then I picked up some around the house and paid bills… I had a phone call from my brother George in Louisville, Kentucky… I even remembered to play some dominoes at and I did great, racking up a lot of points but didn’t win the jackpot… I have had a busy day and tonight I have a DASN directors meeting… When Dave was fixing our Marie Callender dinners tonight our Amana Microwave died. We bought it in 1980. It sure was a good one. Dave had to finish cooking the dinners in the microwave in the motor home… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

October 6, 2002

We had our coffee and breakfast out on the patio. It was a little rainy but not enough to do us any good… I called my Mother and after lunch we went to the airport. I cleaned the windows on the plane while Dave did some other things and then our friend Martha and Alfred came out. Dave took Alfred for a plane ride. Martha and I would have went too but then there would have been too much weight with the fuel and all so we decided the plane needed fuel more than our weight so Martha took me to her house and we visited. We saw the guys fly over her house. When the guys finished flying Alfred and Martha prepared us a delicious steak dinner. She even baked a Pumpkin Pie because she knows how much I love them. Dave and I sure did have a great day… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

October 5, 2002

Thanks to Stasia in Kaneohe, Hawaii and Harry in Loudon, Tennessee for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I was really tired last night and grouchy too when I went to bed. I slept late this morning and that always helps when I get my rest… Dave and I snapped green beans and I cooked a mess for us with some potatoes and fixed a ham steak and I almost forgot I made cornbread too which is my comfort food… I froze three quarts of green beans for later… We watched part of the OSU/Texas game. Too bad OSU lost… Kenny called this morning. He and Kathy have to work this weekend… I deadheaded flowers and called my Sister in Peru, Indiana… Dave and I will now watch the OU/ Missouri game… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

October 4, 2002

I keep forgetting to write in my journal about Kenny’s plane ride that he took last Sunday in a B25 Mitchell Bomber with his friend Brian. He said it was his greatest plane ride ever... Kenny is a private pilot and has been in many planes. Kathy was there to watch the event. Dave and I had meant to be there but we both forgot… David came by and had coffee with us early this morning. It was a cool morning in the 50’s, too cold for me to stay out on the patio with them… Later we went to David and Lori’s and David and I picked a bunch of green beans. We had a nice visit and Lori is doing well but she was in pain when we left. Her Mother Barbara was there to help her out… I am going to go watch Providence now… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

October 3, 2002

I made Dave’s favorite apple pancakes for our breakfast this morning and yes we took advantage of the nice weather and were out on the patio… Then we got ready to go to the Airport. Dave showed the plane and did some cleaning up of the hangar. We took the dogs with us as they always enjoy going out there because it is like a huge yard for them… We had planned to fly to Ponca City for lunch but the weather wasn’t good enough to fly… We came home and I fixed us a quick supper and we left to go to a Waddell and Reed financial meeting at the Civic Center… I have had a good day. Thank you God… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

October 2, 2002

Thanks to June in Plymouth, Indiana for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I slept well last night and didn’t wake up till 9:00. I went straight to my computer and the time just flew by. Dave came home for lunch and I hadn’t gotten anything done and the poor dogs were still in their crates. Some days are like that. I have had an ass backward day or something like that… I opened a can of soup for our lunch and we ate on the patio… I hadn’t filled the bird feeder and the Chickadees were at the feeder yelling at me. Dave filled it and they were happy. My favorite bird today was the Wren. They are so tiny and so noisy… I have not seen any Hummingbirds for a couple of days but the Monarchs are still around… My school friend Helen in Marietta, Georgia called… I thought I needed a pick me up today so I asked Dave if I could get a manicure and he said I could. I made the appointment and was able to get in today and while I was there I thought I would also go for a pedicure. I feel much better now… I did laundry and fixed supper…. Dave has been so good about giving me my nighttime medication and I really appreciate it too. Thanks Honey for all you do for me… Dave has given up on eating the ice cream and his blood pressure has been doing better… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

October 1, 2002

Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… It just doesn’t seem possible that I am putting in the date of October already. I like it though because this is the month we leave to go on vacation…. Last night right after our evening chat I had to go to an online board meeting for DASN International. I am on the board of directors so I needed to be there. We got a lot accomplished and soon some of our board directors Christine in Australia, Jeanne in Hawaii, and Lynn in Canada will be leaving to go to Barcelona, Spain where they will be attending the Alzheimer Disease International Conference. They will meet with several other DASNI members at the conference and will be speaking and doing workshops. I am so honored to be a member of this great group who are all people with dementia and are trying to make a difference in how Alzheimer’s/Dementia people are viewed… I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed with so many things to do… I washed our bedding and the dogs bedding also and hung them on the line to dry. Gave the dogs a bath, made a grocery list for Dave and cooked supper… David came by yesterday to pick up his computer that Dave had been working on for him and he brought us some leftovers and I got a hug. I love leftovers and hugs… I called my Mother and she is doing okay… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

September 30, 2002

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DAVID AND LORI!!! David and Lori are our children in Norman, Oklahoma and have been married eight years… HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARRY!!! Larry Rose is our friend and also a DASN member in Arkansas and author of Show Me The Way To Go Home… I did some garden work this morning. Picking tomatoes, deadheading flowers and pulling some weeds. I fed the roses and some of the other flowers and then I took care of my indoor plants… I went to see Dr. Morgan for a follow up appointment of my knee x-rays and I do have arthritis and some swelling and I can’t remember what all he said. When he asked if the Vioxx was helping with my knees, I had to be honest and tell him that I keep forgetting to take it. I told him I have been messing up lately and forgetting to take my medication also told him how hard it was for me when I feel like I have to convince people sometimes that I have Alzheimer’s like I need to carry around proof. I started crying when I told him I just want people to believe me when I tell them I have Alzheimer’s. So many people will say, “Are you sure you have Alzheimer’s?” “You don’t look like you have Alzheimer’s, etc.” I am an honest person and when people act like they doubt me it bothers me. I don’t want them to have to follow me around the house to believe me. The next thing I knew I was I was crying. Dr. Morgan gave me a big hug and I appreciate him understanding what I was saying. He said he would speak to Dave and ask him to make sure I take my medicines. He is going to set up an appointment for a PET scan… It has been very warm here the past few days and we are back to using the air conditioner… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 29, 2002

I woke up a couple times during the night with a charlie horse in my leg. I haven’t had any for a while so I guess I should be thankful for that. I spent a lot of time walking and standing on my feet yesterday and that may have been the cause of it… Dave and I sat out on the patio planning for his January retirement and going through the paperwork they gave him to look at. It seems all too complicated to me. There are just so many decisions to be made. Then we started planning for our vacation next month. I think we have all the dates figured out now and when we will be where. We are really looking forward to it… We watched all the butterflies flying around enjoying the different flowers, especially the Butterfly Bush. The Hummingbirds are still here. I saw them around the Geranium Ivy that Jamie brought me from Kentucky. Jamie it is even prettier now than it was when you gave it to me… My MR. FIX IT got the speedometer all hooked up in the Volkswagen. We took a drive and it works great… We had a call from our DASN friends Wade and Jan. They are still in California and hope to be leaving there around the 15th of October moving to Oklahoma… I talked to Larry in Nashville and Dave’s sister Judy in North Carolina… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 28, 2002

I had just gotten out of the shower this morning when my sister called. She said that Melenie is doing well after her surgery… I called to check on Lori. David said she had a bad day yesterday but is doing better today... Dave and I enjoyed drinking our coffee and watching the birds and butterflies out on the patio. Later we drove out on Tinker Air Force Base to see the new BX that will be having it’s grand opening next month and it is really going to be nice. We got the dogs some new collars and leashes. Then we went to the Imports store to get a new speedodometer cable for our Volkswagen. It broke the other night when we were coming home… I called my Aunt Florence and she is doing fine. She asked about my Internet friends. I also called a couple of my neighbors, Doris and Jaunita to check up on them. Then I checked on my friend Martha in the hospital. She got the report back and it was benign and she will be going home today... I did laundry and I have had a good day… We will be watching the OU/USF game tonight... Goodnight All… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

September 27, 2002

It was really cool this morning when I got up at seven. In fact it was too cool for me to stay outside and watch the birds… But it didn’t take long for the sun to come out and it warmed up to the mid 70’s. We sure could use some rain. I pulled some weeds and brought in some of my tropical plants for the winter… Dave took our Bichon dog Cindy to the Vet Hospital to get her teeth cleaned and she handled it well and was happy to be back home… The Hummingbirds are still here to entertain me and my roses are loving this weather… I had a phone call from my friend Pat… My body thermostat has not been working well today and I am feeling very anxious… I hate this disease… I guess I haven’t been easy to live with today cause Dave called me Mary and he knows my name is Honey… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 26, 2002

Another beautiful day in Oklahoma… Dave and I enjoyed our breakfast and coffee out on the patio… After a lunch of Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato we went to Mercy Hospital to visit Martha. We took her some fresh flowers and a nice card. I had a tattoo that I put on her tummy, It was a smiley face and it should make the doctors and nurses smile. We ran some errands and then went by Kenny and Kathy’s. I got my hugs from Josh and Heather then came home just in time to eat some supper and post my journal before I had to go to chat… I am really tired tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 25, 2002

Thanks to Marie in Miami, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I slept much better last night and I am convinced that it is the full moon that causes me to have a hard time falling asleep… I woke up this morning before seven and went out on the patio and had my oatmeal and coffee… I fed the birds and picked tomatoes. We only have bell peppers and tomatoes left in our garden now… I had a call from Lori this morning and she said that she and David were at my front door. It was good to see her and she seems to doing well even though she will be in a brace for a long time and won’t be able to lift Madison. David made coffee for us and we had our coffee out on the patio and visited and watched the butterflies at the butterfly bush. Lori and I commented that we had never seen such large Monarchs… This afternoon I got so excited when I seen the Hummingbirds were back at the feeder, I had to call Dave at work and tell him… I called my friend Ruth in Atlanta, Georgia, my Mother, and Josh. Josh and Heather got to go to the fair and had a great time. I hope to see them tomorrow and get my grandkid fix… Dave cut the grass tonight... Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

September 24, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!! Bob is my friend Marie’s husband in Miami, Florida… Thanks to Jae in Lancaster, California for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I had a terrible time falling asleep last night even with a sleeping pill. When I have pain it affects my Alzheimer’s and everything else… I woke up early this morning and right after my shower I got busy... I set up my medication for another month, did laundry and hung out my bedding to dry. I love this time of the year. Windows are open and the Air Conditioner is off and no heat is needed… David called saying Lori’s surgery went fine. No one told me she was having the surgery. I knew it was a possibility but I was hoping it would never have to be done. Because of all the pain she has been having she decided to go and ahead and have it done. They did surgery on Lori’s neck because of all the pain she has been having. They removed a bulging disk and replaced it with a bone. I hope and pray it will help. … I answered emails and cleared out my email box. I can sure get behind on emails if I don’t watch it. A lot of my Emails are from DASN chatters who can no long get into the chat room at eldersearch. I am one of them. If you are a person with dementia and are having problems getting into eldersearch to chat, send me an email and I will give you a link to our temporary chat room. I receive a lot of junk mail and I wish there was away to stop it… I phoned my friend Larry Rose this morning. He has had another stroke but he says he is doing well. Then I called my sister, she was on her way to Georgetown, Kentucky to be with her daughter Melenie who is having surgery tomorrow… Dave brought us lunch today from the Burger King and we ate out on the patio and we seen several butterflies and some were Monarch’s… David came by and Virginia called… It sure is nice to have a clean house. It seems like a long time in between the Merry Maids visits. Now I have to try and keep it clean for another month… Dave is still coming home at noon taking a nap and falling asleep when he gets home. The doctor has increased his blood pressure medication…. Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

September 23, 2002

Last night I called my Mother and we had a pretty good visit for a change. She seemed to be able to hear me better. One thing did bother me though; she said she hasn’t been playing Bingo. She said she got so she didn’t enjoy it. My Mother has always loved playing Bingo. I was able to make her laugh when I said goodnight Mom and don’t let the bedbugs bite. We used to say that when we were kids… Thanks to my DASN friend in Hawaii for letting me know that I am featured in The Ribbon newsletter for this month. The Ribbon Thanks Jamie, I feeled honored... I have been really busy today. Tomorrow the Merry Maids will come and I have been doing laundry. I washed our comforter and hung it out on the line. Doing some more picking up and clearing a path for the maids… I did take time out for some bird watching. Guess my favorite bird would have to be the sparrows today because by the time I got out to watch the birds they were all that was out at the feeder. I haven’t seen the hummingbirds since I filled the feeders on Saturday. I hope that doesn’t mean they are gone already… I IM’d with our granddaughter Jamie in Kentucky and niece Kathy today in North Carolina. Kathy, we are so looking forward to our visit with you all next month… My legs and knees have really been bothering me today and I am so afraid of falling again. I run around all day saying be careful Mary, Don’t Fall! David called, he has been busy picking green beans and tomatoes and taking care of all the animals on his farm and Kenny called too my lucky day for hearing from both our sons... I called my friend Martha, she will be having her surgery tomorrow and she is in our prayers… Goodnight Everyone… KTFIOK

September 22, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANE!!! Brian and Diane are my friends in Kansas and Illinois… Dave went out to the Airport this morning to show the plane and I stayed home and did some more picking up. We sure can make a mess around here… When Dave got home I fixed him a big country breakfast. He can eat anything he wants now. No more soft diets… This afternoon we went to the Parade Of Homes. We saw some beautiful homes. We ran into Jeff Moore who is a famous builder now. He just had started building homes when his children came to my daycare. Now his signs are everywhere. .. We stopped by at a roadside stand and picked up some cantaloupes and a watermelon… We have had an enjoyable day and the weather was beautiful… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 21, 2002

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CHRIS AND JENNI!! Jenni is our granddaughter in Norman, Oklahoma… I had too much fun yesterday. I did some retail therapy with my daughter- in- law and we did lunch, made a trip to the airport with Dave, and then Kenny, Kathy, Heather, and her little friend came for a visit, so when I went to bed at little after nine I was so tired. At 1:00 this morning I was trying to figure out why I was still awake, I was feeling horrible. I had been awake for over eighteen hours. I didn't want to get up and go check to see if I had taken my medication because I knew the dogs would bark and wake up Dave. So I just laid there wide awake and oh so tired. Finally I decided to get up and go check and sure enough I hadn't taken my bedtime medicines. Trying to be real quiet I reached for my sleeping pill bottle and dropped it and made a terrible racket but no one woke up. Got my pill out of the bottle to take it and dropped the pill on the white ceramic floor. So then I had to go hunting for it. I sure didn't want my little dogs finding it. I found it and took all my bedtime medicines and got back in bed and no one woke up. I could have wandered off and no one would have known...I think I need a nurse!!! Dave usually will make sure I take my bedtime medication and usually I remember to take it by myself. But last night we both goofed… I woke up feeling terrible but felt better by the time afternoon got here… I did some laundry and folded clothes from yesterday’s laundry. I took care of my hanging plants outside and my indoor plants… David came by and brought us some fried pies Lori had just made and they were still warm, yummy! David was teasing me about my flying around Wal Mart and Lowe’s yesterday in a motorized wheelchair and doing wheelies. Lori, do you have to tell everything??? I called my friend Joanne in Benton, Arkansas and my Sister in Peru, Indiana… A beautiful last day of summer… This morning we had three pigeons looking into our back yard from the neighbors roof but they decided not to come down. I think pigeons are pretty but we don't want them in our back yard... Goodnight all... Keeping the faith in Oklahoma

September 20, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELENIE!!! Melenie is our niece in Georgetown, Kentucky… This morning Lori came and we went looking for wallpaper. Lori has good taste and is a big help when I have any decorating problems. We found the perfect wallpaper for the kitchen/dining room and the entryway. Now I just have to wait on Dave to feel better so he can do the papering… After the afternoon chat I went with Dave to the airport and then when we got home we had a Marie Callender dinner and then I watched my favorite TV show Providence… I called my friend Martha… I sure am tired tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 19, 2002

Slept better last night in fact I slept through another storm. We got another two inches of rain and the temperature is really down, only 63 degrees now… I didn’t go outside any today so my favorite bird would have to be the Hummingbird. I watched it at the feeder from inside the house… I have spent a lot of time resting, as today hasn’t been one of my better days. I am still having headaches... The only thing I got accomplished was clean a bathroom and cook supper… I had a phone call from Virginia… I called and talked to Josh and Heather and found out they had received there five week reports and they are both making A’s and B’s. Great job Josh and Heather… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 18, 2002

Welcome Home Glenna!!! I have really missed my friend Glenna in Canada who has been away visiting her family… Congratulations to Linda in Ohio on her new grandson Reece Jacob… I had forgotten to mention in my journal about how bad the rush hour traffic was coming home from the doctor’s yesterday. I was sure squeezing my beanie buddy Fuzz. It is a good thing that Jacob gave me a new one called Huggy because I have about got Fuzz worn out. He hardly has any beans left in him. It also helps me to close my eyes. The cars seem so close to me and if I close my eyes it helps keep me from screaming. Of course Dave doesn’t pay any attention to it anymore, he has gotten used to me screaming… I have really been enjoying this weather. I didn’t want to come in last night and host chat because it was so nice out on the patio… I called my friend Lynne. Lynne, I hope you are feeling better soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers… This morning I woke and ran to check my purse and cell phone. I dreamed last night they were both stolen. I hope how soon these dreams stop… My favorite birds this morning were the Mourning Doves… I have been busy picking up around the house and giving the kitchen a good cleaning… I have been fighting another headache… Lori called me… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

September 17, 2002

I had another night of dreams. I don’t know why all of a sudden I am starting to dream. Nothing has changed in my medication. I woke up feeling good again this morning. Thank you God… My favorite bird this morning was the Wren. I hadn’t seen a Wren in awhile… I had a knock at my door this morning and I looked out the peephole and didn’t recognize who it was and then I looked out a window and seen it was Jeff. I opened the door and he said a little bird told him that my grass needed cutting. Now Jeff lives a ways from us and is a very busy guy. He is a fireman and is building a new home. He has a wife and two young sons who are very active in baseball and other sports. But here he wants to cut our grass. Have I mentioned before how I love birds. Jeff cut our grass and I kept him supplied with fresh ice water. We have never met anyone like Jeff and Brenda. Thanks Jeff, you will never know how much I appreciate you cutting our grass… I went to the doctor with Dave for his follow up appointment after his surgery. The doctor gave him a prescription for some more pain medication. He told him the ear pain was normal with the surgery he had done. He gave him permission to go back to work and he can even cut the grass next time… I called my friend Alice in Indiana… I fixed Spaghetti and fried green tomatoes for supper… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 16, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDIE!!! Edie is my school friend in Marietta, Georgia… Dave colored my hair for me last night. I was getting sick of the gray hair and needed a change. It will take awhile to get used to it but I think I like it…. I had dreams all night last night and none of them made any sense… I slept till nine this morning and woke up feeling good. I took my shower and fed the birds and had my coffee on the patio and watched the birds and butterflies. The butterflies seem to be enjoying the Lantana flowers the most. My Bougainvillea is prettier than it ever has been. I think my favorite birds were the Chickadees today. They are so small and sing so loud for such a small bird… Dave decided to go back to work. He came home for lunch and seemed to be doing okay. We enjoyed our lunch out on the patio. I love this weather, temperature in the 70’s… I got all my laundry caught up, even did our bedding. It feels so great to have a productive day… I called my Mother but she was having trouble hearing me. She did tell me that Jr and Anita had brought the baby up to see her. She said he is so cute and looks just like Jr… I IM’d with my niece Karen and it was great catching up with them and I called my phone buddy Virginia… David came by and brought us some of Lori’s potato soup and brought us our Anniversary gift. Thanks David and Lori… When Dave got home from work he was very tired and fell asleep in his recliner… I registered to be on the no call list for telemarketers, that should give us a big relief of phone calls. Now my phone may never ring again. LOL Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

September 15, 2002

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MITCH AND JAMIE!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SEAN AND ANGELA!!! Jamie is our granddaughter and Angela is my favorite news anchor who did my TV interview… I woke up this morning with a very cloudy head and it turned into a whopper of a headache. I got up and let the dogs out and checked my email and went back to bed. Then I got up again made our breakfast and took some Ibuprofen and went back to bed again. This afternoon I started feeling much better… I have tried to call my Mother for a couple days and can’t catch her in her room… I called my friend Diane in Florida… I got caught up on the bills and have been sitting out on the patio with Dave. I think I have Dave convinced into waiting until he sees the Doctor before he cuts the grass even though it is high after all the rain we have had. I wish some neighbor boy would come to the door and ask to cut our grass like in the good ole days… Dave has decided to sell our plane, he is concerned about being able to afford it once he retires plus his blood pressure is on a small roller coaster. I hope he won’t be sorry. He really has enjoyed having it and it was a good way to get away from it all… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 14, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBARA!!! Barbara is Lori’s Mother in Noble, Oklahoma… Martha called last night and my brother George was there so I got to visit with both of them… Dave and I spent the morning out on the patio again. We got two and half inches rain during the night. It was so cool this morning I had to stay wrapped up in an afghan in order to stay out there and watch the birds. The Hummingbirds are sure eating a lot right now. They must be getting ready to leave. I hope not because I enjoy watching them so much… Wade and Jan called… We ran out of black oiled sunflower seeds and was getting low on thistle so Dave made a trip to the feed store and then on out to the airport. I hope he didn’t over do it. I worry about him so much… I wanted to stay home and rest today. This nurse is so tired… Dave and I will be watching the OSU football game tonight… I have been very stressed about our DASN chat room. They are having problems on their site and I can’t wait till they are fixed… I was able to chat with Teresa for a little while tonight, she will be going to St. Louis tomorrow to visit Bill… This has been one of those days where I have eaten everything in sight…. Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

September 13, 2002

Dave and I spent the entire morning out on the patio. We saw several new birds and a squirrel. It was a beautiful morning… Our State Fair started today and I would like to go but we will have to see how Dave does and if he is able to push me around in the wheel chair or not… I did laundry, went to the airport with Dave, and I am still playing Nurse… Virginia and David called… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 12, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEWIS!!! Lewis is our nephew in Seagrove, North Carolina… Congratulations to Kenny on his salary increase at his job. We are always happy for our children when they get a promotion of any kind. I used to reward them every time they did but now that I am without an income except for my monthly disability I am unable to do that anymore and I really miss being able to do that… Thanks to Aralee in Swartz, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I have been using the wrong words more and more and not being able to get out what I want to say… This morning I asked Dave if he could turn off the high beams. What I wanted him to do was to turn off the overhead lights. The lights really bother my eyes and seem to put out so much heat. Our electric bill came today and it was over $150.00. I hope we can turn off our AC soon but I do know Dave and I both have to be kept cool. My body thermostat doesn’t work well at all… Dave is improving everyday but his throat still hurts and his blood pressure keeps fluctuating. We have been doing some rearranging of our living room. We both needed a change… Dave and I got out and ran some errands this afternoon… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 11, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!! Matt is my DASNI friend in Long Island, New York… I spent most of this morning in the doctor’s office. Just about three minutes with the doctor and the rest of the time waiting. Then I had to go to get X Rays of my knee at the hospital. My right knee has been bothering me every since my last fall… I have tried to avoid watching too much TV today. It is too sad for me to watch… David and Lori came by on their way to the Rangers baseball game in Dallas… My friend Martha called… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

September 10, 2002

Happy Birthday Allison!!! Allison is our Great Granddaughter in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky who is six years old today… Thanks to Ann in Central Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Our thoughts and prayers are sent out to my web mistress Teresa and DASNI friend and her husband Bill. Bill just found out he has terminal cancer… Last night when we were watching the news they said they found a body of an Alzheimer’s patient in a pond here in Oklahoma City. She had wandered away through an unlocked door at an assisted living center. This really upsets me and I see no reason for this kind of thing to happen. Something has got to be done… This morning we saw the Chickadees. I hadn’t seen them for a while. I picked tomatoes and did some deadheading and took care of my indoor plants… Dave’s blood pressure continues to be elevated. I am trying not to worry too much. I will see our doctor tomorrow and ask him about it… Dave and I got out of the house this afternoon to run some errands… I called Allison and my sister called me… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 9, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!!! Karen is our niece in Huntington, West Virginia… Thanks to Pat in Miami, Indiana and Andrea in London, England for visiting Mary's Place and signing my guest book... I have been extremely tired today. I realized at 2:00 this afternoon I hadn’t taken my morning medicines… Seems like every time I have a really good day the next day is not so good. The only thing I got accomplished today is break green beans and shell black eyed peas and cooked supper… Dave hasn’t had a good day either. I think this has been his worst day. He has had several naps… I called my friend Martha and found out Alfred had a heart attack and she is going to have to have colon surgery. Martha has all my sympathy because I had that surgery three years ago… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 8, 2002

Happy Anniversary Honey!!! Today is our 42nd Anniversary. Happy Belated Birthday Kerry!!! Kerry is Erin’s Boyfriend… We had to celebrate our Anniversary Wednesday night because of Dave’s surgery… Thanks to our granddaughter Jamie in Kentucky for the beautiful Anniversary card… I made Apple Turnovers and we ate on the patio. We got some rain this morning, it sure was nice and cool… Later Dave took a nap and I was going through some paperwork I had set back to take care of later and found a letter about my class reunion that was supposed to have been mailed off by August 15. So I quick called Pat who was taking care of the information and gave her everything that was needed. Also ordered the booklet so I will be able to keep up with what is going on with my classmates even though I won’t be attending… I called my Mother and she wasn’t having a good day. I don’t even think she knew who I was… I called Alice, Laura, Sandy, Ruth, and Larry, all DASNI friends. We chat all the time on the Internet but it is so nice to hear their voices. Larry was working so I got to talk with his wife Vicki… Lori called this morning and invited us out for dinner. So we went and took her birthday shoes to her. The meal was great as always. Lori and I picked green beans and black eye peas after dinner. Kerry and Erin were there and Chris, Jenni and Madison came in just as we were about to leave so I got my Madison fix… Erin gave us a pretty Grandparents card and I hadn’t even realized it was Grandparents Day. Happy Grandparents Day to all Grandparents… I have had a great day. Thank you God… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 7, 2002

Yeah OU you did it again… Dave had a good night’s rest, slept for twelve hours after I finally talked him in to going to bed and no I didn’t slip him a sleeping pill… We had our coffee on the patio and did some watching of the birds, butterflies, and enjoying the flowers. The Hummingbirds had no trouble finding my new feeder… Later we watched Iris and this afternoon we watched the football game between OU and Alabama. That was an exciting game. Maybe I should say it was exciting because OU won as I don’t understand football but I am trying and driving Dave batty. The dogs don’t know what to think of me when I get excited about a touchdown… I ended up having to watch Iris two times in order to be able to follow it... I gave the dogs a bath and washed their bedding… Wesley and Norita called and so did my sister checking on Dave… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

September 6, 2002

Thanks to Pam in Selden, New York for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Dave’s surgery went just fine. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. David brought me home last night, as I was so tired I just wanted to get in bed and sleep. I thought if I got a goodnight’s sleep I would be better able to take care of him. Dave’s big brother Howard in Ohio called last night to check on him… Dave stayed overnight in the hospital. He really got great care in the hospital. He was on the heart unit to keep a close eye on him. His blood pressure was up higher than I had ever seen it… Kenny brought him home today around 3:00 PM… He is on liquids and jello and being very stubborn. David and Kenny were here and they wouldn’t let him pick up his medication at the pharmacy he thinks he has to do everything… I may have to slip a sleeping pill in his jello. LOL… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

September 4, 2002

I was so tired by the time I got to bed last night. I wish they could do something for my fatigue. If only I could relax and take a nap during the day it would help… When I was outside watching the birds there were five doves on the ground or on the fence all at once. I even saw the Cardinal today. It has been awhile since I have seen the Cardinals. The Blue Jays came and so did the Sparrows, and the Hummingbirds were at their feeder too. I wasn’t out there long because the heat was starting to get to me… I paid bills, folded clothes and I have been watching Gaither videos. They always help calm me… The Oklahoma Highway Patrol called me and asked for our address since Dave had witnessed an accident awhile back where a guy was killed. They said he would be called in as a witness when they have the trial… Dave and I went out for a steak dinner at the Cimarron Steak House to celebrate our 42 nd anniversary which is Sunday. Since he won’t be able to eat for a while we decided to celebrate a few days early… We stopped by a nursery and picked up a new hummingbird feeder. This one has a suction cup on it. So I hope the hummingbirds find it. This way we can watch the hummers even when it is too hot to set outside… When we got back home we went for a swim in the pool. I hadn’t been in the pool since I had my last fall… Thanks Janey for the phone call, it was great hearing your voice again… I appreciate all your prayers for Dave tomorrow… I will probably not be writing in my journal for a few days but will try and take care of all E-Mails… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma.

September 3, 2002

Our deepest sympathy to our friends Candy and Pat in California. Dave and I are so sorry to hear about the loss of your dog Megan. I know what she meant to you and we fell in love with her when she was in Montana… I made it through the DASNI chat and then the Director’s Board meeting right after chat last night even though I was so tired…. I heard from Karen this morning that they had made it home safely… This morning I had my coffee and oatmeal out on the patio all by myself. There was a nice breeze and I enjoyed watching the hummingbirds, flying flowers, and doves. I haven’t seen the bunny or squirrel lately… Dave went back to work this morning even though he didn’t really want to… Dave had his stress test and did just fine. His surgery is scheduled for Thursday and David called last night saying that he and Lori would be at the hospital with me. We sure are blessed with our children… I have been busy doing laundry all day. I did three loads and tomorrow I will do one more and then I will be ready to take care of Dave when he gets home from the hospital on Friday. I am hoping after his surgery he will be able to get more rest and not be so tired. Now if I only wouldn’t get so tired.. Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

September 2, 2002

Thanks to Susanna in Houston, Texas, Francis in Bend Oregon, HolySocks in Topeka, Kansas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Last night I got overtired, I mean really overly tired and I broke down and started crying and I couldn’t stop. I know better than let this happen but sometimes I want to keep on keeping on and act like a healthy person and I can’t do that anymore… I slept late this morning and had coffee out on the patio with Dave and Karen... Josh ended up spending three nights with us. He and Jacob had a good time together… David, Kenny and Kathy came by to tell Karen and Jacob good-bye before we took them to the Airport… Karen helped me fix a spaghetti lunch before they left and then we made sure that Karen and Jacob got to try our Braum’s Ice-cream … Dave and I took them to the airport and goodbyes are so hard for me and it wasn’t easy for Karen and Jacob either. Jacob and Karen went into the Gift Shop to pick up some last minute Oklahoma gifts and Jacob came out with the cutest Beanie Buddy for me. His name is Huggy and that really brought tears to my eyes. We really enjoyed your visit Karen and Jacob. You made Dave and me feel so special… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

September 1, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTAL!!! Kristal is our niece and Karen’s Sister in Atlanta, Georgia… Thanks to Tim in Laguna, Canada for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Dave and I thought we pulled a fast one on the boys last night. We hid all the remotes so they wouldn’t wake us up early with the TV. Well we aren’t too smart because we had forgotten that you could turn on the TV without the remote. Duh! But they were good boys and didn’t turn it up loud and wake us up… Dave and I were out on the patio having our coffee and letting Karen get some well-deserved sleep and the boys play on the computer and watch their videos. Later Dave and I fixed a big country brunch and the boys went swimming… We had a phone call from Wade and Jan. They are still in California but will be closing on their house on the 5th of this month then will soon be headed out here to Oklahoma to their new home in Henryetta… We are off to eat dinner at Barry’s, drive by Toby Keith’s home, go to David and Lori’s farm, back home and then to Kenny and Kathy’s where I will stay with Kathy while the rest go flying… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 31, 2002

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ROBERT AND MARY ANN!!! Robert and Mary Ann are our friends in San Antonio, Texas… Kenny and Kathy brought Josh over and the boys had a great time in the pool and played a lot of video games. Josh spent the night so he could have more time to spend with Jacob... This Morning we had breakfast on the patio. Then Dave took them out to show them all around Tinker Air Force Base. They enjoyed seeing the different planes and they went in the BX… After lunch Kenny and Kathy came in and we all got in his van and went to a gift shop called And Bear Makes Three so Karen could pick up something to take back to her daughter Karianne… We went to the China Inn for dinner… Later we went to the Go Cart Track to let Jacob, Josh and Pops race the Go Carts. I don’t remember who won but they had a great time, especially Pops… Then we went to watch the cars at the RC Model track… Then to Kenny and Kathy’s home… When we got back home David and Lori were here with Winston, their new Mini Cooper car. Everyone was taking turns driving it and admiring it. A really cute car… It was late when I finally got to bed and I was exhausted, so tired it took me forever to fall asleep… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

August 30, 2002

Thanks to Aralee for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Karen and Jacob arrived right on time last night. While we were waiting for them I started to have a panic attack but started fanning myself with a newspaper and talked myself out of it… This morning we all sat on the patio and watched the birds for awhile while eating breakfast… Then after lunch we went downtown to the Murah Memorial Site. Dave and I had never been to the museum and we were very impressed. I think Karen and Jacob really enjoyed it too. Karen took lots of pictures and then we took them to the Red Hawks ballpark where she took more pictures of Jacob standing in front of Johnny Bench and Mickey Mantle statues… We came home all of us were tired… We all rested for a while, me with my ice bag… I did laundry this morning so I folded clothes while Dave fixed pizza tonight… Erin called and told me how her nursing school is going and it sound like she is really enjoying it but said it was tough and that her two years of Latin in high school was really paying off... Kenny, Kathy, and Josh will be over later so Josh can go swimming with Jacob… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 29, 2002

Thanks to Edie in Marietta, Georgia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Gosh, so much flying going on in Oklahoma today. Dave left with David and Lori early this morning and they called as they were taking off from Page Airport going to Kansas City, Kansas… My President flew into Oklahoma City around 10:30 AM and landed at Tinker Air Force Base just a couple miles from where I live. I wished I could have been there but watching it on TV was very touching and emotional for me. Like my friend Jeanne always says, it gives me chicken skin… Dave called from Kansas City to let me know they had made it and as soon as he got back to Page he called me again… Tonight around 10:00 PM Karen and Jacob will be flying into Will Rogers Airport. What a day… I fed the birds and picked a few tomatoes. Our tomatoes are really slow about ripening now, only a couple a day but we are sure enjoying them… Kenny called, he wanted me to be sure and keep him informed on his Dad’s trip. He will be going to the airport tonight to meet Karen and Jacob also… I received another nice long letter from my school friend Lynn in South Dakota. She is going to our 45th class reunion. I won’t be able to make this one… I have tried to rest this afternoon but it hasn’t been easy. I feel like it is such a waste of time… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

August 28, 2002

Thanks to Roberta in Canada for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I was outside this morning touring my garden and noticed the Morning Glory’s are blooming and I seen where the Lantana that we planted last year came up again and is blooming. That should make the flying flowers happy… I saw the Squirrel this morning for the first time in a long time. He was walking along the fence and eyeing the birdfeeder then when he seen Cindy he jumped up on our house. I bet as soon as we came in the house he figured out a way to the birdfeeder… David and Lori were notified that their Mini Cooper car, which they have named Winston, has arrived from England and is in Kansas City ready to be picked up. Dave plans on flying them up to get it tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the car as I have never seen one in person… I am going to try my best to behave myself while they are gone. Then tomorrow night we get to pick up Karen and Jacob from the Airport… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 27, 2002

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DONNIE AND MARTHA!!! Martha is my sister in Peru, Indiana… Thanks to our RN to be Erin Brooke in Norman, Oklahoma and Vicky in Kewanee, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I got woke up during the night because of a bad thunderstorm. I usually sleep through them but this must have been a bad one… I got up early and stripped our bed and started the laundry and starting picking up around the house and getting ready for the Merry Maids. I was really looking forward to their visit today. I don’t know where all the dust comes from. The house looks so clean now and smells so fresh… I had phone calls from my friends Martha and Virginia… Dave brought us Burger Kings for lunch and we ate on the patio and it was a nice 72 degrees. Dave checked the new water gauge and we had gotten ½ inch of rain during the night. I picked tomatoes and fed the birds when I noticed the regular feeder was empty again and the Sparrows were eating out of the Finch feeder. There were two Doves on the ground eating… Kenny called and said there had been shots fired at the Mercy Heart Hospital where his wife Kathy works and he wanted me to know that Kathy was okay. I would have been worried if I had seen it on the news before he called… I cooked supper with a lot of help from my friend. I couldn’t figure what burner was for what so I had to call Dave in to help… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

August 26, 2002

Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I woke up early again this morning and I got busy right away. I fed the birds, picked bell peppers, and got the Peppered Steak going in the Crock-pot. This is one of Dave’s favorite meals and I love pleasing my man. Then I got my medications set up for the month. I was so busy doing everything I almost forgot to have my coffee and oatmeal. Not like me to ever forget a meal… I ordered Lori’s birthday shoes and paid bills… I washed the dog’s bedding, fixed our lunch, and I even tried to take a nap before chat but it is like I am a child being made to take a nap. I wish I could have relaxed and taken a nap but I couldn’t. It is like as soon as I lie down I think of too many things I need to do and I am afraid I might miss something too. LOL… The phone has been ringing all day and it is always a recording from a candidate wanting my vote. Tomorrow is Election Day… Dave helped me to give the dogs a bath… My supper sure does smell good, now I need to go make some Rice to go with it… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 25, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PERRY!!! Perry is Lori’s Grandfather in Okemah, Oklahoma… I woke up at 7:00 this morning and let the dogs out, fed the birds and did some bird watching. It was a cool morning down in the 60’s. It almost felt like fall. When Dave woke up I fixed pancakes and Dave made the coffee and we ate on the patio. We had a thunderstorm while we were eating and the power went off for a little while. We got a nice shower. We love being outside when it is raining… I filled the hummingbird feeder and when I was hanging it I dropped it and broke another one. Now we are down to one feeder… Dave went to the airport right after lunch. I was going to go with him but then the sun came out and it was hot again. So one minute I was going with him and the next I wasn’t. I know sometimes I must drive him crazy with not being able to make up my mind but it isn’t easy for me either… It is now starting to get dark and he still isn’t home. I am glad I decided not to go with him… I called my Mother and she was having a hard time hearing me again. She had a fall the other night at my Sister’s house. Martha had gone to get her from the Nursing Home for a baby shower for her Great-grandson. When Mom was walking up the steps she fell on her knees. I am so thankful she is okay… David called and he and Lori had gone to get some more chickens. They will have plenty of fresh eggs now… I did laundry, deadheaded flowers, picked tomatoes and cantaloupes, and laid down with the ice bag to my breastbone… Tonight it will be leftovers for supper… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 24, 2002

My deepest sympathy goes out to my dear friend Glenna in Canada who lost her Sister… Today would have been my brother Everett’s 54th birthday. I have always called him on his birthday and this is the first year I can’t. I miss him so much and since I can’t call him anymore I called his daughter Barbara and we had a nice visit… Dave and I sat out on the patio this morning drinking our coffee, watching the birds and breaking the fresh green beans. While we were out there we seen a Monarch butterfly… I cooked the green beans with some potatoes and fixed corn on the cob for our supper and they were so good. Thanks David and Lori for thinking of us and sharing your garden with us… I am getting our guest bedroom ready for our guest who will be here for Labor Day weekend. We are looking forward to Karen and Jacob’s visit… We had a little shower early this morning. We could use a good rain… I called my Sister… I have played some games on and read some more of Dr. Phil’s book. Anything to keep my mind off me… Goodnight All… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

August 23, 2002

Thanks to Martha in Kentucky for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Dave and I had a nice morning to set outside on the patio. There was a nice breeze and we got out there early before it got too hot… Dave finally found the dog clippers. They were right where he had left them. He groomed Cindy and she doesn’t act too embarrassed this time. Dave is getting better at it… David and Lori were here and so was Madison. In fact I babysat Madison while Lori went for a haircut. I was glad Dave was here since I don’t trust me anymore carrying a baby when I can barely walk myself and besides I am still hurting... Madison was so much fun and she loves her Grandpa 3. David and Lori gave us some fresh green beans from their garden… I called Rosalie this morning and she had been in the hospital again. Rosalie said she was having trouble hearing me and she isn't the first person to tell me that. Dave is always asking me to repeat what I say too… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 22, 2002

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MICHAEL AND SALLY!!! Sally and Michael are our friends in California… Thanks to Marie in Miami, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Dave found out he will be going in for his surgery on September 5th. They will be removing his tonsils and part of his pallet. I am not looking forward to him having to go through this and I am sure he isn’t either… Dave and I went to get groomed today and we are both feeling and looking much better. Then we went to Red Lobster and I got my favorite Crab Legs. We went by the Wal-Mart and Dave pushed me around the store in the wheelchair. I enjoyed looking around and didn’t have to worry about getting lost, or walking on my foot, or my legs giving out on me. We both picked out some CD’s and then we made a trip to the feed store to get some more thistle for the Finches. We like to get our birdseed at the feed store. It reminds me of when I was a kid when we pick it out and they weigh it like I used to pick out candy… I called my Mother and she was telling me about how cute and sweet her new Great Grandson is and they she got to hold him. I can’t wait to see the little guy. Right now his name won’t come to me, but the little fellow was born in June and just recently got to come home from the hospital… I called Carole in Missouri to ask her to host for me this afternoon so I could go out and play. Thanks Carole for hosting for me. I just got an email from my web mistress Teresa. Her husband Bill was on his way home to Missouri from California and had to go to the Emergency Room here in Oklahoma City. I am praying everything will be all right with him. I just called Teresa and she will keep me informed. If Bill is admitted Dave said we would go up to the hospital to check on him… Every night I have to call for Dave to come check what I have written in my journal. Sometimes I will watch him and he will just shake his head as he reads it and corrects all my mistakes… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 21, 2002

Thanks to John in Atlanta, Georgia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I woke up early this morning and was in the shower at 6:30. I figured I might as well get my day started because they go by so fast… I had my oatmeal and coffee out on the patio. Seen lots of different birds and butterflies. The Humming birds are at the feeder all the time now and I love it. I even moved one feeder so I could see it from the window and watch it when I am resting on the couch… After the job of bird watching I pulled weeds, deadheaded some flowers, picked tomatoes and bell peppers, watered flowers and then came in and gave the kitchen a good cleaning and started laundry… Kenny and Kathy sent Jamie a Digital Camera and she has been sharing pictures of the great grandkids by email and I love it. What a nice gift that was. It is a gift that keeps on giving me pictures. Kentucky is too far away for me to be from Grandchildren… My soreness is getting better. Only have one area that still hurts when I cough or laugh… Ben Stevens a DASNI member and Co-Host friend in the chat room must give a speech in Dallas, Texas you can read it below Goodnight all… KTFIOK

Speech for BrainHealth Café

First I would like to thank the kind people here at The Church of the Incarnation for hosting this inaugural meeting of the BrainHealth Café. We very much appreciate your kind hospitality.

Some people look at a glass of water and see that it is half full and others look at it and see that it is half empty. We however look at that same glass and ask, “did I or did I not take my meds?”

She was only a seamstress. She was tired when she got off from a hard day’s work of stitching and ironing shirts. She only wanted a place to sit when she boarded the bus to go home. So she took one of the few seats available and finally settles for a spot in the middle of the bus. End of the story. That is not much of a story, is it? This story is irrelevant. This story is insignificant This story is meaningless. It is irrelevant except the date is Thursday evening, December 1, 1955. It is insignificant except the city is Montgomery, Alabama. It is meaningless because what she only wanted was a seat on the bus and there were only a few seats available. To be certain she was not a political activist, all that this seamstress did was to take a seat on the bus and Rosa Parks forever changed history. Rosa Parks did not leave work that day telling everyone that she was going start a civil rights revolution. She had no idea what was ahead of her. However history and civil rights did not change instantly at that moment. It was to be a long and exhausting struggle that continues to this day. Justice and equality are still not what they should be, but they are far, far improved from what they once were. Rosa Parks was in reality a very, very small part of the civil rights movement. The problem was not really one of prejudice; there was plenty of that to be certain. The problem was not really one of hatred; there was plenty of that also. The problem was not was really even one of race. When you scrape away the topsoil, scrape away the gravel; go through many layers of sediment and clay and finally you reach the bedrock of just about all social problems; then you discover the problem is one common to most of all our tribulations. The true problem in reality is one of just plain ignorance. Now ignorance does not mean lack of intelligence. It only means lack of knowledge. I do not wish to imply that we with this disease face the same degree of intolerance, as did the people in the civil rights movement. Today we are meeting here to take our seat on the bus. We have no intention of starting a revolution. We have no intention of altering history. We have no delusions that we will become some great organization for social change. But neither will we surrender our seat on the bus. We are only meeting together to have mutual understanding, mutual caring, and mutual support of one another. We are assembling here to challenge the misunderstandings, the prejudices and lack of knowledge about this disease. We are the people who share this disease, we are the victims, and we are the care-partners, and we are the caregivers, and we are the trained professionals as well as students seeking knowledge, we all carry the burden of this disease. What we do here remains to be seen. At this point we have no predetermined agenda. The very reason that we are here is to determine how we may serve one another. Even in this small group collectively we have many resources, many talents and abilities to share with each other.

There will many questions to be worked out. What type of organization will we be? Will we be strictly social or will we be in some way a proactive organization? Will we be strictly independent or will we have other organizational connections? How often and where will we meet? I believe that everyone that wishes to be heard should be heard, regardless of his or her views and abilities. How will our meetings be structured? The challenges we face may be arduous but they are not insurmountable. Are we looking at an impossible task? I think of a rose just straining and straining trying and trying to reach the sun. Will it ever reach the sun? No, of course not. But in the process it will become a very beautiful, fragrant flower.

One ship sails East, And another West By the selfsame winds that blow: ‘Tis the set of the sails, And not the gales, That determines the way to go! Like the winds of the sea, Are the waves of Time, As we voyage along through life: Tis the will of the soul That determines its goal, And not the calm or the strife

I also think about the great football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant from Texas A&M. Well, ok, it was at University of Alabama where he achieved his fame after he left A&M. He said that over his career he had identified three types of football players. First, he said that there were the ones who had what it takes to for championship material and that they knew it. Second, there are the players who had what it takes to be champions but they didn’t know it. Third, he said that there were those players who simply did not have the ability to play championship football and they did not know it. Coach Bryant they said that over the years that those players who did not have ability to play championship football and did not know it had won more games for him than all the other players combined.

And then this poem from Edgar A Guest: Somebody said that it couldn't be done But he with a chuckle replied That "maybe it couldn't," but he would be one Who wouldn't say so till he tried. So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin On his face. If he worried he hid it. He started to sing as he tackled the thing That couldn't be done, and he did it! Somebody scoffed: "Oh, you'll never do that; At least no one ever has done it;" But he took off his coat and he took off his hat And the first thing we knew he'd begun it. With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin, Without any doubting or quiddit, He started to sing as he tackled the thing That couldn't be done, and he did it. There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done, There are thousands to prophesy failure, There are thousands to point out to you one by one, The dangers that wait to assail you. But just buckle in with a bit of a grin, Just take off your coat and go to it; Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing That "cannot be done," and you'll do it. Now let us get on the playing field. Now let us go get on the bus. Let us reach for the sun.

August 20, 2002

Happy 42nd Anniversary to Peter and Ann in United Kingdom… Peter is a DASN International friend… Thanks to Aralee in Schertz, Texas and Edie in Marietta, Georgia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I woke up early this morning and went out and fed and watched the birds. I haven’t seen the bunny lately but I keep putting lettuce and carrots out for him… My best friend today has been the ice bag… I can’t believe how bad a fall can cause a person to hurt. I do believe this has been my sorest day yet… I folded clothes and put them away and that was it for me today… I had phone calls from Virginia, Ruth, and David. David has been picking green beans and Lori has been busy canning them… Dave fixed supper. Thanks Honey, I hope you know how much I appreciate all you do… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

August 19, 2002

I had a hard time falling asleep last night because my lower back was hurting. Ended up having to use the ice bag for some relief… I woke up this morning feeling like I was on overload. I have so much going on in my mind. Do laundry, soak your toe, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, take medications, put dogs out, feed the birds, fill the bird bath, take care of indoor plants, pick up mess from the weekend, fix salad for Dave’s lunch, read and answer Emails, get mail ready to go out, call Mom, Lela, Pat, host chat, do my journal, figure out what I will fix for supper and the list never seems to end. I did get all that done today and at the end of the day I wonder where the day went. Tomorrow I hope will be an easier day… I hope all of you have had a great Monday… It was 97 degrees here and the heat index 105… I received the pretty quartz turtle earrings in the mail today from Martha in Kentucky… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 18, 2002

Thanks to L. Kiser in Kentucky for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Dave and I have spent most of the weekend looking for the Doggie clippers and can’t find them anywhere. I am beginning to wonder if Cindy hid them. LOL We did find other things that have been missing. One was a rattlesnake skin that David and his friend killed and skinned when he was thirteen years old. When David called this morning I told him I had found it and he was tickled... I spent a couple hours out on the patio this morning with the dogs while Dave was sleeping. I seen lots of birds and the bunny… Martha, my sister called. She and Donnie were at a campground in Indiana when she called and she said there were lots of Amish people camping there. She knows I enjoy visiting the Amish. A few years ago Lori, Jenni, Erin, my friend Martha and I went to have dinner with the Amish in their home. I would love to do that again some day… My friend Martha called and she and Alfred invited us to their home. Dave and I agreed to go to visit them and we had such a nice visit. Martha and I have been friends for a long time and Dave and Alfred have a lot in common too… I had phone calls from Norita and David… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 17, 2002

Thanks to Sis in Rusk, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I woke up with an alarm this morning because I had forgotten to shut it off yesterday. It is a radio alarm and shuts off after an hour. I let Dave sleep in. He hasn’t been getting enough sleep… I let the dogs out, filled the bird feeders, pulled weeds, deadheaded flowers, and made some fresh nectar for the Hummingbird feeders… I have found a cure for the ants crawling all over the hummingbird feeder. I wipe the hanger with Vaseline. Thanks to Glenna and Sis for the great hint. It really does work… Dave went to the airport and I decided not to go because of the heat so I just rested and watched a movie and some Elvis shows… I called my buddy Virginia… I am still thanking God that I didn't break any bones when I fell... Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

August 16, 2002

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LAURA!!! Laura is our DASNI friend in Nashville, Tennessee. I really hate that I missed her birthday. She is the one who saved me when I felt like I was drowning with my new diagnosis. She is also the one who discovered DASNI… We are so proud of our Granddaughter Erin who started to Nursing School this week. She will make a great nurse… Last night we went to Kenny and Kathy’s. It was great to spend some time with Josh and Heather. I asked Kathy to drive us to Stage so Josh and Heather could pick out a tee shirt for school. It gives me a good feeling to do something for the grandkids… Josh picked out an OU Sooner Tee Shirt and Heather picked a pretty yellow Cheer Leader shirt… They both were looking forward to wearing them to school today. Josh showed me a drawing he had done for an Art assignment and it was so good. He is quite the artist. Tonight he called to let me know that he had made an A on it… Josh wanted us to stay and watch a DVD movie “Major Payne” with them. We did and it was our first time to see a DVD movie. Dave and I really enjoyed it. All this was helping me keep my mind off me… I went to my appointment this morning for my toe. I lucked out as the doctor just worked on my toe and cut out the ingrown part. I hope this will take care of it… I paid some bills, worked on the checkbook, have laid around most of the day with ice bags on all my bruises… I called David and Laura… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 15, 2002

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO LARRY AND LYNNE!!! Larry and Lynne are our friends in Iowa Park, Texas... Thanks to Glenna in Vancouver, Canada for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I had to get up early this morning for my appointment at the hospital to get an EEG done. I had never had one before and didn’t have a clue to what to expect. The tech was a very nice lady and didn’t mean to scrub my head so hard but I have a tender head. Now I just have to wait to see the doctor for my report… We went by the library so I could renew the SELF-Matters book. I am hoping to finish reading it before it is due again… We stopped in the Ace Hardware store so Dave could pick up some items and I seen the cutest rain gauge. It had turtles all over it. Dave bought it for me… I did some laundry and then I was outside watering my hanging baskets and I don’t know what happened but I went down. I think I might have tripped but not sure. Anyhow I yelled HELP and thank goodness Dave was in the house and heard me and came and helped me up. I was bleeding from hitting the patio furniture. Both knees are banged up and leg, arm, and toe were bleeding. I am hurting all over. Dave suggested I get in the whirlpool. So guess I had better go do that now. I hope he can get me out… I want to go see Josh and Heather tonight and see how their first day of school went… Good night all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

August 14, 2002

I slept through another storm last night. We got some more rain… I am so enjoying this cooler weather. I opened up my windows and am loving it… I spent most of the morning out on the patio. I filled the birdfeeders and I was wishing I never had to come in the house. The flying flowers are really enjoying my butterfly bush. The ants and wasp along with the Hummingbirds are enjoying the fresh nectar I made. I wish I knew a way to keep the ants off the feeder… Dave came home for lunch and I made us grilled cheese sandwiches and a salad and we ate on the patio… Dave found out today he wouldn’t be able to retire in September. But that is okay because he will for sure retire in January… David called to see if I could watch Madison tomorrow when Lori went for a Doctor appointment but because I have an appointment I won’t be able too. I hated turning him down. Kenny called me and in the background was playing I Walk The Line by Johnny Cash. Kenny always calls me when he hears that song and it always makes me smile… I called my Sister… I folded clothes, cleaned the refrigerator, made a grocery list and went through the coupons … Dave got groceries and now we have a large choice of food to pick from. Decisions, Decisions… I am going to go now and watch a Gaither’s Gospel Video… LOL Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 13, 2002

I slept much better last night, in fact I slept through a storm.. David called last night and he had followed through with his promise and seen his doctor and is now on antibiotics. Good Boy David… We got some much needed rain today and the temperature is down to 69 degrees. I love it and hope it sticks around for a while… I did laundry and fixed supper… Josh called and he had gotten some new school clothes and supplies and was enrolled in school. I could tell he is getting excited about school now… My phone buddy Virginia called and DASNI friend Ruth in Atlanta, Georgia… I called my Mother and she is feeling better… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

August 12, 2002

Thanks to Danos in Australia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Last night before we went to bed Dave fixed us a dish of Frozen Yogurt. After eating the Yogurt I took my medication and went to bed as I was feeling so very tired. About 1:00 AM I woke up with server pain in my tummy and it would not let up. I got out of bed and did some walking around and that helped a little. I was awake until around 4:00 with pain so bad that I thought I was going to have to wake up Dave to take me to the emergency room. I was so thankful when it did ease up enough that I could get back to sleep. I remember now this happened to me once before when I ate Yogurt before going to bed. I NEVER, NEVER want to do that again… Dave went to see the Doctor today to get his Sleep Study report. The report wasn’t good. He will need to have surgery. During the test he stopped breathing for more than ten seconds 58 times in an hour and his heart rate ranged from 48 to 90 … I have had an Alzheimer’s day and have spent most of the day in bed just resting. I hate this Alzheimer’s disease and I want a cure for it and I want it now… I called and made an appointment with Dr. Clinkenbeard to see about my toe and I have an appointment Friday to have the toenail removed. OUCH!! But since it is on my foot with the tumor in it, I need to be careful… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 11, 2002

Dave and I went to the Hot Air Balloon Fest but the wind was too bad for them to go up. I was disappointed and I am sure I wasn’t the only one… We left the Fest and went for a nice visit with Kenny and Kathy… It was good to take a break from doing the chat and just go someplace. Thanks to Ben for hosting the chat for me… We had a nice morning out on the patio. Among all the other birds the Chickadees showed up at the feeder this morning. I enjoy watching them and they are so tiny. Dave got to see the baby Cardinal and his daddy feeding him… I fixed Liver and Onions and Rice for lunch. Then we took a trip out to Norman to see David and Lori. We went with David to feed his cattle and we got to see the new calf KC. Lori still isn’t feeling well. I pray she gets better soon. David has an infected leg and he has promised me to call the doctor tomorrow… Dave brought me home and he went to the airport. I laid on the couch and watched A Beautiful Mind… Then I gave the kitchen a good cleaning and mopped the floor. I tried to sit outside and watch the Hummingbirds tonight but the Mosquitoes were just too bad… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 10, 2002

Thanks to Jamie in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… My Sister called last night, the Nursing Home had called her and told her that Mom has a urinary tract infection. They had called the doctor and she is now on antibiotics for it. I guess she is not drinking enough water. They will only let her have thickened drinks. Even her water is thickened. She doesn’t care for that and I don’t think I would either. My brother brought her some buttermilk and she liked that… I called her this morning and she told me she was fine. But she is always telling me that … Dave and I got up early this morning and I did some deadheading and feeding the flowers. It was so humid I didn’t stay out long. My allergies have really been bothering me lately… Dave did the lawn work and I kept giving him some ice water… I fixed bacon, eggs, gravy, biscuits and sliced tomatoes for brunch… I tried so hard to do some reading in the SELF Matters book but I had to quit and go lie down for awhile. It is so hard for me to read but I will keep trying… It doesn’t look like we are going to get any rain. We really need a good rain… Dave and I are going to the Hot Air Balloon Festival at the Wiley Post Airport… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma.

August 9, 2002

We had another evening in the pool last night. One thing about this summer, we have enjoyed our pool more than ever. It is the only exercise I get so I love it… I called my Sister last night and we had a nice visit. My brother had came to visit her and my Mother… This morning we had our breakfast on the patio and I was enjoying the Doves. I think they are so pretty and love the way they will sit up on the privacy fence and pose and then fly down and walk around under the birdfeeder looking for Sunflower seeds and then there is the sound they make when they fly away… I had a surprise phone call from Ruth in Atlanta, Georgia. Ruth is a DASNI friend. Ruth, it was so good to hear your voice and hope someday we can meet face to face… My toe is infected again, the one they removed a part of the nail about a year ago. Looks like this time I will need to have the entire nail removed. That is what the doctor said if I had a problem again and besides I am tried of putting up with pain… I folded clothes that I washed yesterday and got them put away… Dave had to work on the pump on my angel fountain and he enlarged the landscaped area around it and put up new steel edging. So I got to arrange my collected rocks around the fountain, now that it is larger I will need to collect more rocks on our next RV trip. Dave loves hauling around my rock collection. LOL… I tried to call my Mother but she wasn’t at home. Daddy always called her a gad a bout… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 8, 2002

Dave and I had a nice dinner at El Chico’s last night and we got there early enough that it wasn’t that busy and it was quiet. I wasn’t able to eat all my dinner… On our way home we stopped to visit our friends Carl and Pat. Pat had just gotten out of the hospital and I wanted to give her a Bromeliad plant. It was a baby from my plant. I love sharing my flowers… I just had time for a quick swim before hosting the DASNI chat. A swim always refreshes me… Dave and I got to enjoy breakfast on the patio this morning. We had cantaloupe from our garden and peanut butter on toast. A great combination, at least we think so. The bunny was on the patio when I started to open the back door then it took off for a little ways and then when the dogs and I went out the bunny just sat there and looked at us for the longest time then when I went to fill the bird feeder it ran away. Cindy never did see it. The other two dogs could care less about the bunny. We watched the birds at the feeder and there was a male Cardinal at the feeder feeding a baby Cardinal. I think that was the first time I had seen a baby Cardinal. It didn’t have any color that I could see. I seen two Hummingbirds, they are coming regularly now… David came by on his way to work and brought us some black-eye peas and a big hug…. I did a load of laundry and pulled some weeds and filled the bird bath… I am feeling lazy today; I have a book I need to finish reading but don’t feel up to it… Thanks to Marie Callenders Microwave dinners. I didn’t feel like cooking tonight… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

August 7, 2002

Happy Birthday Sharon!!! Sharon is a friend in Florida… This morning I woke earlier than usual and fed the birds and had my breakfast and coffee on the patio while watching the birds and especially the Hummingbird at the Trumpet Vine. The Hummingbird hit each bloom at least once. The Cardinals, Blue Jays, Finches, and the Sparrows were at the feeder… Last night I had a call from Lori, she had a Doctor’s appointment today and asked if I would watch Madison while she went. Of course I said yes. I was needing a Madison fix… Grandpa David and Grandma Lori came around eleven and I got to keep Madison till two. We had such a fun time. Madison is eight months old now and is going everywhere now and is climbing up on things. So I kept busy with her not wanting her to get injured. She now has five teeth, she didn’t like Grandma 3 counting them but I did anyhow… I called Kenny and he and Kathy are doing fine. Josh and Heather are spending most of the summer with their other parents… I had a phone call from my phone buddy Virginia. Virginia is in her eighties and has Parkinson Disease. I think I am the only one she talks to on the phone. Doesn’t have much contact with her family it seems… I called Margot and Aunt Florence… Dave is taking me to El Chico’s for dinner… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 6, 2002

When I went outside last night to get in the pool I saw the bunny run off the patio. He must have been up there getting a drink of water out of the dog’s water bowl. While we were in the pool we seen the Hummingbird at the feeder, it kept coming back for more going to one feeder and then back to another one. There was a wasp at the feeder trying to run the Hummingbird off. That made me angry… Cindy, Karmelita and Tootsie went swimming too and when we put them out of the pool they would run around and play with each other. Cindy kept jumping up on the step and looking in the pool at us. She is feeling so much better since she got rid of her infection. She is still on the Antibiotics for another week yet… I got out right after breakfast this morning and deadheaded the roses and fed them some Miracle Gro … My DASNI friend Christine and author of “Who Will I Be When I Die” now has her own web site. Go here Christine Dave and I met Paul and Christine, who live in Australia, when they came to the DASNI meeting last year in Montana… I called Josh today. I thought of him when I was watching The View and seen where they were talking about back to school clothes. But Josh doesn’t even want to talk about back to school. .lol He doesn’t want his summer vacation to end… Dave and I love all our grandchildren but Josh is our only blood grandchild… Dave heard this morning he might get to retire in September, he should know for sure tomorrow. We are keeping our fingers crossed… He has worked since he was barely eighteen and it is time for him to quit. I worry about our finances but I am sure we can cut back. We had to when I had to give up my job and we can do it again… I begged Dave to take some time off work to take me to the EASE (Early Access Support Education) meeting this afternoon. He did and it was a big waste of his leave time, car gas, and my time. There was only one other couple there and Dave and I were very disappointed and we will not be going back… I called Carolyn in Canada… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma.

August 5, 2002

Dave and I went for a swim last night and so did Cindy and Tootsie. They are so playful after a swim… I slept late and right after my shower I went outside and had my oatmeal and coffee. Then I fed the birds, and pulled some weeds… I checked my email and answered them. I don’t like to get behind on my emails because then I will forget. I did laundry, made a dump cake, and fixed supper… It was the late afternoon when I noticed I had not taken my morning medication…. I found out our Niece is coming from West Virginia to visit and we are all looking forward to Karen and Jacob’s visit… I had a nice chat with my friend Edie in Marietta, Georgia she is going on a cruise with her line-dancing group. Sounds like a fun trip to me. Eat all you want and then dance it off. LOL … Dave seen Dr. Morgan this morning and got a good report. It seems the three-day workweek is working out well for his blood pressure... My friend Pat called and I received a letter from my school friend Carolyn in Canada… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 4, 2002

Happy Birthday Richard!!! Richard is Dave’s Brother in Smithville, Tennessee… Thanks to M.Kiser in Kentucky, Maria, in Boden/Sweden, Diane in Australia, and Lisa in Oceanshores, Washington for visiting Mary’s Place and taking time to sign my guest book. I always feel like you came to visit me when you sign my guest book. I love visitors… Dave and I had coffee on the patio and we seen several butterflies and even had a Hummingbird come to our feeder. Dave filled the hummingbird feeders then I go walk into it and got my hair all sticky. UGH!!!! Chip and Sharon are now all moved and are in Florida. To go to Chip's web page go Chip Dave went to the Airport and I made the decision to stay home where it was cool and start reading the book by Dr. Phil “SELF Matters” I like to give Dave some free time as often as I can and if I had gone I may have been nagging him to bring me home… I just noticed I went over 20,000 mark on Mary’s Place but I wasn’t notified who number 20,000 was so I don’t know who that person was… I called my Mother and she is still able to enjoy playing bingo and I am thankful for that... Goodnight all… KTFIOK.

August 3, 2002

I slept late this morning and it was too hot to even go out on the patio… Chloe was picked up this morning and her owner was sure happy to see her. I think Chloe was very happy here. We miss her but I am happy the responsibility of another dog is gone. Maybe that is what was causing my hives??? We will see… I have folded clothes, picked tomatoes and a cantaloupe and helped Dave with the checkbook. It is a job for him that he has never had to do before… It is so hot I haven’t felt like doing much of anything…. I called my friend Gayle in Washington and David called me… Dave fixed our supper… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

August 2, 2002

I called my Sister last night and sang Happy Birthday to her. Then we started giggling, because I can’t sing.. LOL She had a great birthday but I was so sad when I found out that my birthday card hadn’t gotten to her on her birthday. I will never understand why snail mail is so slow… I woke up this morning with a very cloudy head. I forced myself out of bed and got started on my day. Some days are like that and I don’t like it but have learned to accept them and just wait for tomorrow… I did laundry and took care of my indoor plants… Dave met a friend for lunch today. He used to work with Ron but Ron is now retired and Dave is a wannabe. I always like to see Dave get to do fun things… I laid on the couch this afternoon and watched a movie… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

August 1, 2002

Happy Birthday Martha!!! Martha is my Sister in Peru, Indiana… Thanks to Susan in Canada for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Lori called last night and she is feeling better… It was a beautiful morning and not too hot early this morning. I made us Apple Pancakes and we ate them out on the patio… David called and came by and brought us some cake… I had a phone call from Susan in Canada. Susan and I met on ICQ and we have become like sisters and it was so good to hear her accent for the first time. Thanks Susan for the phone call and your prayers… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

July 31, 2002

Thanks to Brian in Manhattan, Kansas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… It is hard to believe that another month has gone by…. I just noticed I have 19,856 hits to Mary’s Place I am getting close to 20,000 hits. I hope the person who is number 20,000 will let me know so I can put your name here. Teresa, my Web Mistress started this web page in March when I switched to a cable modem. I am so pleased with all the visitors who have visited my site since then… I slept till nine again and then I got up and started some Pepper Steak in the crock-pot. It was nice to be able to go to our own garden and pick the bell peppers… While I was out picking the peppers I noticed the birds were watching me so that reminded me to fill the bird feeder and fill the bird bath. Later I will fix some rice to go with the Pepper Steak. I will wait till Dave gets home before I use the stove. He doesn’t like it when I cook and he isn’t here. He is downtown standing in line to get us a free Squeeze A Breeze from EMSA. They are little hand held battery operated fans that have a container that holds water to use as a mister. EMSA is giving five hundred away today. I am so thankful for my Dave, without him editing my entry every night you would have a hard time reading it… Virginia called and I called Lynn and Larry… I still have my hives. :-( Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 30, 2002

I ended up taking a couple short naps yesterday. That is so unusual for me to take a nap… This afternoon Dave and I took the dogs to the vet to get their shots and Cindy and Karmeletia were do for their blood test for heart worm. Cindy got treated for a staph infection on her shoulder and the doctor was suspicious that it may be a type of cancer. Also Cindy has a heart murmur. Everyone thought they were the cutest dogs. Anyhow, that Vet trip was quite expensive… We still have Chloe for a few more days and she is very happy she didn’t have to go with us today… Dave bought me a turtle pendant and a silver chain, and then we ran some errands, and went to the library… We came home and found out that we had just missed David’s visit… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 29, 2002

This morning I slept till 9:00. I must have been extra tired… I watched the Ceremonies of the Opening of the I-40 Bridge. I then got started working on my Monday chores. I am glad that I did the job of setting up of my medications for the month yesterday… David called and they had a new bull calf born last night… Congratulations to Jeanne for the Awards on her web page, to visit Jeanne’s web page go. Jeanne’s… I got all the laundry finished and I am so tired… Goodnight All… KTFIOK

July 28, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIP!!! Chip is my DASNI friend in Canton, Ohio… Last night I called my Mother and Sister... David and Lori’s Mini Cooper was born on July 26 and it should be delivered to Kansas City next month. They have named the car Winston… When we were visiting Jan and Wade the other night as soon as we drove into the RV Park and seen a sign that said Turtle Crossing I thought this is the one they should buy. LOL Jan gave me a cute turtle visor. I will get a lot of smiles and use out of it… Yesterday in the mail I received a gift from my friend Lynn in Vancouver, Canada. It is a turtle made out of Rocks. Her name is Suzy and the artist signed it..… I have the best Internet friends and have not met one in person that I didn’t like… Dave took me out on base shopping and then he went flying. I had planned on going with him but changed my mind. It was so hot and I just wanted to rest. I watched a movie and had some quiet time… Kenny and Kathy came over tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 27, 2002

Thanks to Garnette in Corsicana, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I found out last night that Wade and Jan had put an offer in on an RV Park in Oklahoma and it looks like it was accepted. We are so excited to have them in Oklahoma. Now we will not have to go to California to visit them… We had a phone call from my DASNI Friend Dan in Ohio last night. He and his wife Nancy were in a motel here in Oklahoma City and said they would be here in the morning… Dave and I got in the pool last night. I keep hoping it will help with my hives but nothing seem to help, in fact they are spreading… I got up this morning and gave the dogs a bath. Yes, four dogs a bath… Then I did some picking up… We had a great day with Dan and Nancy. We had never met them before but it you would have never known that if you could have seen us visiting. We had so much in common. We took them to Cracker Barrel for lunch and then downtown to see the Murrah Memorial Bombing Site and the oil well at the Capitol and the new dome. Then we showed them where the tornado had hit three years ago in our neighborhood… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

July 26, 2002

Dave and I had breakfast on the patio and watched the puppies play and the birds at the feeders. I filled the birdbaths, did laundry, paid bills and had Dave check the amounts before they were mailed out. I am getting another chance at paying the bills. This afternoon I went for a CT Scan and read some more of The Forgetting… The heat is really bothering me. The temperature now is 99 degrees I want SNOW!!!… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 25, 2002

Thanks to Janey in Plainfield for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Our Great Granddaughter Allison who is five years old just lost her first tooth, a very exciting time for her. The tooth fairy came to visit and left her money and a note instructing her how to care for her grown up teeth. Jamie, her Mother said Allison has a very cute toothless smile now… Dave left this morning to run some errands and came home with a box of Krispy Kreme assorted donuts. So I had to make a few decisions on which ones I wanted. I have a hard time with decisions. Dave has spent the day painting the garage. The temperature here is 97 and the heat index is 107. His thermostat works better than mine… David called, he said Lori wasn’t feeling well. We are hoping she is feeling better soon… I folded clothes, took care of the indoor plants, answered emails and fixed supper... Poison Ivy is drying up. Can’t see any changes in the Hives though… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 24, 2002

Thanks to Howard in Indianapolis, Indiana for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I called my Mother last night and we had a good visit. My brother George had taken her out of the Nursing Home to visit my brother Everett and his wife Ruth’s gravesite. Mom got to see the Monument that she had picked out and bought for the gravesite. Mom was really pleased with the way it looked… I still think about Everett and Ruth and want to pick up the phone and call them. I still have a hard time believing they are gone… The poison ivy and hives are still with me. I have a couple hives on my back and side that are three and half inches long… My itching has stopped but don’t like the way the medicine makes me feel. I slept all afternoon… That is not like me at all… My friend Joanne in Arkansas called and Josh called, he always calls when we have thunderstorms and tornado warnings. I am always able to calm him down. We pray together… We have had thunderstorms and strong winds. We got some needed rain… I am going now to watch a Bill Gaither Video... Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 23, 2002

I had another rough night, woke up itching at 2:00 AM. I had taken a sleeping pill but I still woke up. I got up and applied more Caladryl to the affected areas and was finally able to get back to sleep and slept till about 7:30… I fed the birds and bunny and had my oatmeal and coffee on the patio. Then I played with Chloe, throwing her toys and she would bring them back to me for more. Our dogs are not that playful but then they are older too… I did laundry, took care of some doctor bills, and fixed us a pork chop supper… Last month I wrote a check for Dave’s AOPA credit card and I wrote the correct amount in the written line but on the other amount I put the wrong figures. So this is the amount they used when they received the check. This caused Dave to owe some interest. I don’t like paying interest. I have this terrible feeling that soon I will lose my privilege of paying bills. I have already lost my checkbook balancing privileges. This had always been my job of paying bills and balancing the checkbook. I enjoyed it too… Last night I started listening to the audio book of Who Moved My Cheese and I finished it this morning. It made a lot of sense to me… Now I have started reading The Forgetting, Alzheimer’s Portrait of an Epidemic, by David Shenk. My DASNI friend and a fellow Board Director, Morris Friedell was mentioned in this book. Dave and I met Morris in Montana when were there for our Board Meeting in 2001. Dave and I enjoyed getting to meet Morris. I even got to have a dinner with Morris, Lynn, Christine and Paul. It is a dinner I will always remember… The Nurse called to give me the dates of EEG and CT Scan that Dr. Morgan ordered. I told her I was still itching so Dr. Morgan prescribed a pill for me to take every four hours. I hope this will work… Virginia and David called… Susan in Canada, I always enjoy our chats… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 22, 2002

I had a terrible time falling asleep last night. I kept getting up and putting more Caladryl Clear on my itchy areas… I spent some time outside this morning just watching the dogs, they were all having a good time together… I spent the rest of the morning trying to get my journal straightened out. Oh what a job that was but I couldn’t have it hanging over my head. I got several emails from people who were wondering what had happened. I guess I had accidentally done something wrong and deleted the whole month of July. I finally got it fixed… Dave took me to see Doctor Morgan and I have Poison Ivy and Hives. Leave it to me. If it isn’t one thing it is two others. I got a steroid injection and I am to call the nurse tomorrow if the itching hasn’t stopped… Dave fixed us Marie Callender’s Dinners for supper with sliced tomatoes… Tomorrow will be a better day… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 21, 2002

We had a good visit with Wade and Jan last night and it was late when we arrived back home. I was so tired… Dave offered to watch a co-worker’s Yorkshire puppy while they went to New York for a wedding. Chloe is seven months old and she is so cute and playful. What is another dog around here? … This hasn’t been a good day. I have Poison Ivy or something and if that wasn’t enough I am having trouble with getting my journal posted. I feel like my laptop always knows when I don’t feel good or when I am in a hurry and gives me extra trouble… My sister called. I was wanting to call my Mother but don't like to call her when I am not feeling good. Mom's always can tell... Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

July 20, 2002

Thanks to Brigette in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Marie in Miami, Florida, Junior and Shirley in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Dave and I had our breakfast out of the patio while watching the birds and drinking our coffee. We still have the bunny in our yard and I have been putting out carrots for him. Dave was trying to get me to relax this morning, he could see I was getting nervous about having guests tomorrow and I was thinking I needed to clear a path for them. LOL. This is a week before the Merry Maids come. We are really looking forward to Wade and Jan/Mina’s visit… I have given the dogs a bath and did laundry and a lot of picking up… Dave has been working in the yard… I had a phone call from Peru, Indiana. It was my brother and sister; they were at the Big Circus Parade and wanted me to hear the band. I wish I could have been there with them to hear the Peru High School Band play our school song. I love parades… David and Kenny called… Chip, I enjoyed our chat this morning. I will be thinking of you as you and Sharon move to Florida from your home in Ohio… Wade just called and they want us to meet them at Henrietta. That is were they will be spending the night at a KOA. So we are heading that way… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

July 19, 2002

Thanks to Peter in Canada and Brenda in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I noticed this morning I was number one in the Top Alzheimer’s/Caregiver Sites. Thanks to everyone for voting for my site and making me number one… There are over 130 great sites there. I hope you will visit them too… We had a nice visit with Jeff, Brenda, Garrett, and Wyatt last night. The boys are now 11 and 7 and they are handsome, intelligent boys and so well behaved. I got to show Brenda my web page and she watched me as I hosted the DASNI chat. Dave and Jeff talked airplanes and Garrett was very interested in the plane and Dave being a pilot. Wyatt liked our pool and was interested in the garden… I heard from Vanessa Fuhrman this morning and she sent me the articles she had done for the Wall Street Journal. I was cut from the USA edition but made the European one. Here is a link to read it. Wall Street Journal … I woke up early this morning and went out side and started reading. Dave was still sleeping… I am reading Alzheimer’s Early Stages by Daniel Kuhn. This is a great book for all family members or friends who know someone with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. The book has lots of great information… I only wish I could get Dave to read it, but I can’t get him to read anything anymore… I was able to make it to chat with my AD Friends last night. Sis, Sally, Glenna, Tim, and Janey, I enjoyed our chat… Since I have had several bites lately. I think they may be spider bites. Dave set off some insect bombs in the house and we had to be out of the house for four hours. We went to Wiley Post Airport and had lunch at the Airport. Dave had several errands to run then we went for a scenic drive and out by the Capitol to see the Guardian on the dome in the daylight. Then we came home and opened up all the windows to air out the house and left for a Braum’s Ice Cream cone… I called to check on my friend Lynne in Iowa Park, Texas. We had phone calls from David and Kenny… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 18, 2002

Thanks to Riley in Tallassee, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I fixed apple pancakes this morning for us and we ate outside on the patio… Later Dave and I went to the library and I picked up some more books to read, then went to the bread store and then for a haircut. A good haircut always makes me feel better… I had phone calls from Virginia and Brenda… Brenda is someone who used my Day Care several years ago. I had two of her boys when they were infants. Garrett and Wyatt. They are coming by for a visit this evening. I am looking forward to seeing them…. Dave and I found out our DASNI friends Wade and Jan will be here Sunday from California. We are looking forward to having them visit… I was eating my yogurt and Dave told me to wipe my mouth, in fact he had to tell me twice. I have a problem with that when I eat. I don’t know why but it just happens… Teresa has added a couple more pictures to my photo page of my flowers… Antie Jeanne, I enjoyed our chat today… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 17, 2002

Last night Kenny called to say that he wasn’t able to get to my web site. Several people were having that problem. I am sure it was because of the Wired News article. It has caused a lot of people to visit my web page and I love it… But if it keeps up I will have to buy some more space at Angelfire… We got some more rain today. I always love it when God waters our garden and lawn… I did laundry, cooked supper and called Josh.. Today has been one of those days that I can’t seem to get enough to eat. Right now I am craving a cookie and there isn’t a cookie in the house. I think Dave ate all of them. LOL… I hope everyone will call to tell their Senators that we want them to pass a Medicare drug benefit at least as good as the Graham/Miller/Kennedy proposal, S. 2625. You can use the AARP toll-free number to call: 1-800-869-3130… Thanks to my DASNI friend Lynne for hosting chat for me tonight… Dave, thanks to you for proof reading my journal every night. We don’t want anyone to know what I really write and say… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 16, 2002

Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois and Karen in Huntington, West Virginia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Yesterday just before I dropped off to sleep around 4:00 Kenny called, as he often does when he isn’t too busy at work and he wanted me to listen to Johnny Cash who was singing I Walk The Line on the radio. Kenny knew I always liked that song. It makes you feel good when your son calls you when he hears a song that makes him think of you… Soon I was sound asleep. I woke up just in time to make it to the DASN International Directors Meeting. Not wide-awake but I was awake. I hope I never make that mistake again… I was watching a Christian Show on the TV the other morning, the lady’s name was Joyce Meyer and she said that Worry Is A Waste Of Time. I started thinking about how much time I waste. I wrote that down in big letters and stuck it up near my recliner so I can read it often… I woke up at 7:00 this morning and I wanted to get my plants watered, do some deadheading and pick the vegetables before it got hot… I had a phone call from Vanessa Fuhrmans, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal. She wanted to interview me about my diagnosis of Alzheimer’s… I received the Birds and Blooms magazine in the mail today. I do enjoy that magazine… Virginia called and I chatted with granddaughter Jamie in Kentucky on IM… David stopped by for a minute on his way to work. Just long enough to give me a hug. I love hugs… Goodnight all... Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

July 15, 2002

My deepest Sympathy goes out to Pat in Midwest City, Oklahoma on the loss of her brother… Thanks to Jeanne in Honolulu, Hawaii, Mark in Milton, Massachusetts, and Jane in Berkeley, California for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Last night I decided to start on my laundry so I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed this morning. Monday’s seem to do that to me. After having Dave at home for four days it seems like I don’t get much accomplished. I love being able to spend time with him and going places with him… We bought some solar patio lights this past weekend to put around our landscaped area around the pool. I was really disappointment that they didn’t put out more light than they do… I was notified this morning that Mark Barrd of Wired News had done another article on Alzheimer’s and he has featured my DASN International friend Alice and me on it. You can go here to read it Wired News. I have been folding clothes and doing more laundry and gave the kitchen a good cleaning… I called my neighbor Jaunita to check on her and my friend Pat called. … I was feeling very tired after hosting chat this afternoon and had a headache. When I went to take my afternoon medications I automatically reached up in the cabinet to get something for my headache and instead of a headache pill I grabbed my sleeping pill in the middle of the day and took it… I am posting this early because I am sure to be asleep soon… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 14, 2002

Dave and I enjoyed another nice morning out on the patio… When I am thinking of someone I always like to call them and let them know. I think it is good to let people know you are thinking of them. This morning I called my Sister-in-law Catherine in Gahanna, Ohio. She is married to Dave’s oldest brother Howard. Dave is the youngest of seven sons. Then he had three younger sisters… I was the oldest of seven children. There were four boys and three girls… David called last night and invited us to come see their new floors. They had replaced the carpet with wood floors and Ceramic Tile. On our way out to David’s as we were going down Choctaw Road, we had a Roadrunner run across the road in front of us. It got me to thinking back to when I was a teenager in 1958 when I bought my first car for a hundred dollars. It was a 1947 black Dodge coupe. I had more fun with that car. It was fast, it had fluid drive, and I used to do a lot of drag racing with it and I don’t ever remember losing. I had friend paint Road Runner on each side of the car. Once my brakes failed and I ran into a signpost to stop. I remember the street it was Water and Sixth Street… Oh The Good Ole Days… We had a nice visit with David and Lori. We got to meet Lori’s Dad and Stepmother. Chris, Jenny and Madison were there too. So I got my Madison fix in. Their floors were just beautiful too… My friend Jo Ann in Benton, Arkansas called while we were gone…. Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 13, 2002

Thanks to Susan in Canada, and Aunt Bev and Uncle Joe in Lakeland, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I worked in the yard this morning and picked vegetables. Then I listened to my garden show on the radio and I watched so many birds at the feeder. They would always scatter though when the Blue Jay came. We even had a dove walk up on the patio. That really surprised me… Dave cut the dogs nails and I cut the hair on their little paws… I called my Mother and brother George… After lunch, Dave wanted to go to the airport. He always likes it when I go with him. So I grabbed the bills so I could pay them while I was out there sitting and my book, Thomas DeBaggio’s, Losing My Mind. I finished it while I was out there. I was surprised to read that he had lived in Peru, Indiana also. I bet we were living there at the same time. A very small world… Every so often while I was reading I would take a break because reading make me so tired but I know it is good for my brain. I called my school friend Barbara in Peru, Indiana and my sister Martha. Donnie and Martha got home from their vacation last night… On our way home from the Airport we stopped to pick up our supper at the Olive Garden… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

July 12, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Norma in Canada!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Vern in Hawaii!!!… Josh did a great job babysitting me last night while Dave went to Bethany Hospital to spend the night for his sleep study on his Sleep Apnea… Josh and I had a fun time in the pool. Then later we got on the computer. He was on Dave’s computer and me on my Laptop… I was sleeping so good when Dave came home around six this morning. I am such a light sleeper that I woke up and wasn’t able to get back to sleep. So it has be a long day for me… Josh and I had an early morning swim… I got a phone call from David. He and Lori are putting hardwood floors in their home. I also got a phone call from Thomas DeBaggio in Virginia. It is always nice talking to someone who is in the same boat as me… Dave took Josh bowling… We had a thunderstorm this afternoon and we got some well needed rain.., Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

July 11, 2002

This morning Dave was home from work and it was cooler than usual. Josh had called at 6:30 this morning and woke us up. I guess he thought because he was up that everyone should be up. LOL he gets that from his grandma… Dave and I did some weeding and deadheading. He watered and worked some on the landscaping. He brought my laptop outside and hooked it up to the cable so I could read and answer emails as I watched the birds. I saw the bunny again this morning and also saw a beautiful butterfly. I hope it decides he likes it here and stays… Later I went inside and made us a country breakfast and by the time we finished eating it was too hot and humid to stay out any longer… I called my Mother and we had a good visit for a change. She was having a good day and was planning on playing Bingo later today. Sometimes when I call she acts like she doesn’t want to talk. She is no longer on oxygen and she is happy about that… I gave the three dogs a bath and washed their bedding and ours too… Josh, our grandson is spending the night. He was a big help to me with fixing supper and we are going swimming later… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 10, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY BETH!! Beth is a DASNI friend in Irving, Texas… Thanks to Sis in Rusk, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Dave and I got in the pool last night. The water was warm but it still felt good to be able to swim… After getting out of the pool I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed before I did chat. After chat I was so tired that I just put my laptop down and went and took my bedtime medicines and went straight to bed.. Dave told me later that I had forgotten to shut my computer down. I have never done that before. It is good that I have Dave to follow me around. Thanks honey… This morning I went out and had my oatmeal and coffee on the patio and then I fed the birds, and cleaned the water fountain and put fresh water in it. I found out the pump doesn’t work anymore. Another job for my Mr. Fix It… I starting reading Losing My Mind and read for an hour. That is about as long as I can read anymore because reading tires me. I am enjoying the book and I can relate so well to what Thomas DeBaggio is saying… Dave got a few groceries as I was out of yogurt. I have started eating yogurt everyday and I think it has helped with my tummy problems… It has been in the high 90’s here and the heat index is much higher. We need rain really bad… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

July 9, 2002

Thanks to Heather in Bethany, Oklahoma for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I love you Heather… Last night I watched the movie Horse Whisper on TV, that is until I had to leave and go for a DASNI Board Meeting. Dave recorded what I missed and I finished watching it this morning… I fed and watered the vegetables and flowers, paid bills, and worked on the checkbook, and cleaned the birdbath and filled it up… I have been getting a lot of insect bites this past week and I am not sure what they are. I have large patches of red spots where I have been bitten and it is painful… My phone buddy Virginia called… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 8, 2002

Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… David and Lori came by last night on their way out to eat. It was Lori’s anniversary for quitting smoking. Congratulations Lori. I am so proud of you… David picked green beans and black eye peas and brought them in to us. Thanks David for picking and sharing your vegetables… Dave and I got in the pool last night. Sometimes that is the only way I feel I can get cooled down. I have been having a hard time with this heat. I think I am ready for winter already… I got up early this morning. Dave had gone back to work and I was feeling overwhelmed with my Monday chores. I did laundry and then went out on the patio and broke beans and shelled black eye peas for about two hours. Then I came in and started answering my emails and before I knew it Dave was home for lunch… Dave has been helping with my deadheading and I really appreciate that… My Crepe Myrtle that Kenny gave me is starting to bloom… Dave is ready to start landscaping around the pool. It was looking bare since he removed the deck. He has the steel edging material already to install. I am looking forward to getting it all ready… I think in a former life I may have been a landscaper or a supervisor. Ha Ha… I fixed us a vegetable supper. Green Beans, Corn on the Cob and Sliced Tomatoes out of our garden. My kind of meal… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 7, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNIE!!! Donnie is my brother-in-law in Peru, Indiana… Thanks to Renate in Cottbus, Germany for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I have felt lazy today. I think it is from the headaches that I had yesterday, they always leave me feeling exhausted… I chatted online with my niece Barbara in Kokomo, Indiana and had phone calls from David, Kenny, and Kathy… To all the people I owe emails to, I will get an answer off to you soon… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 6, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PRESIDENT BUSH!!! Kenny called last night and I tried to bribe him and Kathy with Butterscotch Pie to come visit us but it didn’t work… Dave and I sat out on the patio this morning and listened to the Flower and Garden show on the radio. We watched the birds at the feeder and seen a bunny run into the vegetable garden. He was too fast for Cindy… It soon got too hot and we had to come into our air conditioned house.. Usually, I can stand to stay out till noon but we came in at ten this morning… Phone calls from Dewey. George, and David. Dewey is getting chemo treatments and it is making him pretty weak. George had just gotten out of the hospital this morning. David and Lori have a Mini Cooper car on order and it is to be born the 27th of this month. They are really looking forward to getting it… I called my Mother and she answered the phone. She said she was doing okay. I called Laura in Missouri. It was great to visit with her again. Also called Sister-in-law’s Frances in Tennessee and Joyce in Colorado… I folded clothes and that is about it for today… I got a love gift in the mail from Linda in Ohio. Linda is one of my Internet friends. Thank you Linda for the pretty turtle pin… Dave went to the airport and I stayed home where it was cool. I had a headache so laid on the couch and watched some Lifetime movies… Kenny and Kathy came over tonight and had pie with us and took us for a drive in Kathy’s new car… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

July 5, 2002

Thanks to Aralee in Schertz, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Aralee I am so happy you didn’t get flooded out of your home… Dave and I got to watch the fireworks from our driveway last night. They were really good. While I was out there I was thinking how we used to watch the fireworks with our Sons. Kenny, I remember you climbing up on the roof to watch them and trying to get me to climb up there too. LOL… I always loved being a Mother to our boys and still do. I have such great memories of their childhood. They just grew up so fast… Last night I dreamed of butterflies. There were hundreds of beautiful butterflies flying around. I only have one butterfly here to watch but it is a very special flying flower… I called my nephew Jr. and Anita to check on their preemie baby Kasey. He is still in the hospital but they hope to have him home in a couple weeks… I called Kathy, Martha and Donnie made it to their home and they were all going to the lake today… I can’t get my Mother to answer the phone so I just leave her a message… Dave and I went to the Sewing Center to pick up (something) I say something cause I can’t think of what it is called. The loss of words is happening to me more and more. Oh now I remember it was belts for my sewing machine that I bought new when I was a senior in high school. It still works great. We stopped by Pioneer Pies and picked up a Butterscotch Pie. We haven’t had a Butterscotch Pie in years… I did laundry, picked tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers from the garden and made us a big salad for lunch. Dave and I cooked supper together… I spent over an hour on hold on the phone and then I still didn’t get anyone to talk to me. Sure made me angry. There ought to be a law… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 4, 2002

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! Last night Dave took me to the Library to pick up Thomas BeBaggio’s book Losing My Mind. I am looking forward to reading it when I have some quiet time… Dave and I had Apple Turnover’s out on the patio this morning. So many birds were at the feeders. I am beginning to think we are the only ones in the neighborhood who feed the birds… Dave took the solar cover off the pool and cleaned it before Chris, Jake, and Trevor went swimming. The pool wasn’t that warm but it didn’t stop those guys. They stayed in for three hours and then when them did get out they had a big appetite and were very tired. I fixed them hotdogs that is about all I am able to fix now for our company but it is always a big hit. We had watermelon too. I don’t feel like it would be a Fourth of July without watermelon… Later we all watched a Emmett Kelly Circus video. Jenni and I had a nice visit while the guys were in the pool. I got to spend some special time with Madison. I think she is growing up too fast. Have I mentioned before how much I love my grandchildren? … Martha called, Donnie, Jacob and Eli and her were in their RV on their way to Seagrove, North Carolina to visit our Niece Kathy and her family… I am tired tonight but feeling very blessed… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 3, 2002

Thanks to Jerry in Glendora, New Jersey for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I have gotten to take it easy today. I am enjoying having a clean house. I have been on the computer most of the day, played some dominoes… I keep making so many mistakes in my journal. Sometimes I catch them but other times I have no idea that I made a mistake. Dave or Kenny will usually catch them for me and I appreciate them so much. I think it is odd that if someone else makes a mistake in their speaking or writing that I am the first to spot his or her mistake but can’t always catch my own mistakes… Jenny called and she and Chris will be bringing Jake, Trevor, and Madison over tomorrow after they see the parade. I have something to look forward to now. Dave and I put the solar cover back on the pool because the rain cooled the water down. We want it to warm up for the kids to go swimming tomorrow… We had more thunderstorms and rain this afternoon and it sure got humid afterwards… Here are the last of some more Tips For Enhancing Communication With People Who Have Alzheimer’s Disease.

Ask one question at a time.

Allow enough time for a response

Identify people by their names and avoid using pronouns.

Avoid using negative statements and quizzing (e.g. “You know who that is , don’t you?”).

Use nonverbal communication such as pointing and touching.

Offer assistance as needed.

Don’t talk about the person as if he or she isn’t there.

Have patience, flexibility, and understanding.

Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma.

July 2, 2002

I played couch potato and rested while I watched Sling Blade on TV. I had seen it before but I liked it so I watched it again. There were many parts of the movie that I had forgotten about. So it was almost like watching it for the first time… David called last night, he was happy to have the rain for his pond. He said it was getting pretty low… We had a DASNI board meeting last night at 9:00 and I was so tired I could hardly stay awake… I hate getting so tired. But I know it is because I wake up so early and can’t take naps… I got up early this morning and got busy getting ready for the Merry Maids to come. Doing laundry and picking up, then I went outside, fed the birds and deadheaded the flowers. Boy, is that getting to be a job. My last Hibiscus bush was blooming today. They are so pretty but keep me busy deadheading them daily and I have the Roses and Petunias to deadhead too… Some more ideas to help people diagnosed with Dementia and Alzheimer’s:

Use a gentle, relaxed tone of voice.

Use positive, friendly facial expressions.

Always approach the person from the front, identify yourself, and address him or her my name.

Speak slowly and clearly.

Use short, simple, and familiar words.

Break tasks and instructions into clear, simple steps.

Goodnight all… KTFIOK

July 1, 2002

We were having showers when I woke up this morning and it was wonderful. I have always loved to walk in the rain, so I toured the garden in the rain. I set all my hanging baskets out so they could get rained on and my Orchid also… I noticed that my red Hibiscus is blooming and I still have one more Hibiscus that hasn’t started to bloom yet… I have been smiling all day just thinking of the cute things that the grandkids did last night. I love them all so much… We ended up getting more than our share of rain today I think. Water is standing in our back yard tonight… I have been busy picking up and doing laundry. The Merry Maids called and they will be here tomorrow… I called Larry Rose and asked him to come to DASNI chat this afternoon. We had a newly diagnosed person who had read his book Show Me The Way To Go Home, and wanted to talk with him. So Larry got off his roof to answer the phone and came to join us in chat. Thanks Larry, and please be careful up on the roof… Tonight and the next few days I would like to add a few things in my journal that will help when you are around a person who has Alzheimer’s…

Show that you are listening and trying to understand what is being said.

Maintain eye contact.

Encourage the person to continue expressing, thoughts, even if he or she is having difficulty.

Be careful not to interrupt.

Avoid criticizing, correcting, and arguing.

Be Calm and supportive.

To be continued tomorrow… Goodnight all… KTFIOK July 1, 2002