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Mary's Journal January thru June 2002

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June 30, 2002

Dave and I have had a really busy day. I fixed us a big country breakfast and we ate out on the patio. It was a beautiful morning, cooler than normal… Then Dave and I took a drive out to the Airport and I read while he did some work on the plane… Later we drove out to Lake Thunderbird, on the way out we seen a little rain. We didn’t get any at our house though. We came home and fixed supper and checked our messages and found out Mitch had came to pick up Jamie, Allison and Matthew to take them back to Kentucky. So we got back in the car and drove over to Kenny and Kathy’s to tell them all goodbye. We sure enjoyed having them here to visit and we will miss them… On the way back home we took Josh to Teryl’s (Josh’s Mother) house. On the way there we had to stop by Taco Buena so Josh could order some Party Burrito’s to eat. Thirteen year olds can put away the food… We got to see Josh’s new puppies. They are so cute… I am really tired tonight… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

June 29, 2002

Happy Birthday Lori!!! Lori is our Daughter… David did a great job when he picked Lori as our daughter… I was too tired to go swimming last night… I woke up early again and went out on the patio with the dogs to watch the birds and left Dave sleeping. When he got up I got in the pool for a morning swim. Dave saw how much I was enjoying it so he joined me. When Cindy and Tootsie saw that we were going to get in the pool they got so excited because they love it in the pool with us. We always put them in the pool with us. I can sure feel it in my arms when I am swimming. They will get stronger in time… The Hibiscus are just beautiful, they are larger than a dinner plate… I picked our first tomato this morning. I will wait a day before we eat it. I was afraid a bird might get to it if I didn’t pick it and it felt so good to pick a tomato… I received a nice letter from my Aunt Bev and Uncle Joe in Florida She sent some pictures that were taken when we visited them about five years ago. Boy have I changed in looks since then… I called Josh and invited them all to come over, I don’t know if they are coming or not… I called and wished Lori a happy birthday and we will go shoe shopping soon. I always buy our Sons and their wives new shoes for a birthday gift. I really enjoy getting to have special time with them when we go shoe shopping… I fixed Liver and Onions and Rice for supper… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 28, 2002

I woke up this morning thinking about my brother George who was having surgery today and praying everything goes well for him… I IM’d with my niece Kathy in North Carolina and told her we hope to visit them this fall… I got some more flowers deadheaded and picked cucumbers but it was just so hot early this morning that my gardening days may be about over until cooler weather comes. We need rain. Dave was calling me Mary this morning and he knows my name is Honey. I don’t know what I did this time to be called Mary. Oh well… I got my medicines set up for another month. I don’t like the job but am thankful I am able to still do it… David called… Dave and I fixed supper but we both left the kitchen and burnt the potatoes but the pork chops were fine… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 27, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!! Sis is our friend who lives on a ranch in Rusk, Texas… Thanks to Sonny in Eureka Springs, Arkansas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Last night after it got cooler I deadheaded the flowers and a bumblebee almost stung me, they love my Hibiscus… Then I took the night off chat from hosting and Dave and I got in the pool. It was so wonderful. I couldn’t help but hum as I exercised in the pool. The pool is the only exercise I get anymore. I am unable to ride my Air Dyne stationery bike any more because of my foot. It hurts too bad to pedal… Dave and I enjoyed our coffee on the patio this morning but it soon got too humid for us to stay out there. I have been confused all day on what day it is. Dave being home makes me think it is Saturday… I called my Mother and she has been playing some bingo. That made me happy to hear that she is able to play bingo again… I called Sis and sang happy birthday to her.. I am starting to have a feeling that there are bugs or worms crawling under my skin. It is a terrible feeling… We had our first fresh corn on the cob of the year for supper… Looking forward in getting in the pool again tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 26, 2002

Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary's Place and signing my guest book... It is hard to believe that the month of June is almost gone already… I got up around 6:30 this morning. I was awake and when I wake up that is it for me. I can never get back to sleep, I am up for the day… I made chicken salad for lunch and had the laundry all done before Dave got home for lunch. I have to get my work finished early because as the day goes by I get really tired… When Dave gets home from work, he is tired and so am I. We don’t do much talking in the evening so this morning I called him at work, just so we could talk. I love to talk to him when we aren’t so tired. We are starting to make plans for our vacation in the fall. I love it when we have something fun to look forward to… I tried to call my Mother but no answer. My phone buddy Virginia called… I fixed us a Spaghetti supper… Dave brought home some Whopper’s candy and I am having a hard time being able to stop eating them and I know that after I eat too many sweets I feel bad… I forgot to take my afternoon medicines. I haven’t done that in awhile… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 25, 2002

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CHIP AND SHARON!!! Chip and Sharon are DASN friends in Ohio… Thanks to Sis in Rusk, Texas for visiting Mary's Place and signing my guest book... I slept until 8:00 this morning, later than usual. I fed the birds and took a tour around the garden, picked cucumbers and had breakfast on the patio. I didn’t stay out long because of the heat… I did some picking up, washed our bedding and the dog’s beds, and gave the dogs a bath. Tomorrow I hope to finish up the rest of the laundry so I can enjoy spending time with Dave on his four days home… Goodnight all… KTFIOK.

June 24, 2002

Thanks to Lynne in Iowa Park, Texas, Dave in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book. (((Hugs))) to all of you who tell me you read my journal and vote for my web site daily... Dave and Kenny went to do some night flying last night. I went to bed. I was exhausted. I hate being so tired all the time. I just want to do all the things I used to do and I can’t do it. I have a hard time giving in… I received an email this morning from Mark Barrd, the freelance writer from Wired News. He was telling me the first of two articles that I will be featured in has been published. You can go here to read it Wired News. I also got an email from Barbara, a school friend. Barbara found me by going to the DASN International site… I picked our first cucumbers and cleaned the birdbath and put in fresh water for the birds. I have been watching them enjoy their baths from inside the house. It is too hot to be outside… My Sister and I were IMing this morning and she told me I should watch Oprah today. Dave and I watched it and we were happy we did. It was about journaling. Tom DeBaggio and his wife were on the show, he is the author of Losing My Mind. He has Alzheimer’s. Dave and I were able to relate to him and his wife. I liked what he said: “We should have had fun earlier” and “If it isn’t illegal, do it”. I want to get his book and read it… I have had a headache all day and not feeling too chipper… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 23, 2002

We had a nice visit and a big barbeque with Kenny and family last night. We had pork chops, steak, hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs, potato salad, fried squash, corn on the cob, and last but not least was Kathy’s famous chocolate pie. Kathy’s parents Bob and Louise were there and so were Jamie, Allison, Mathew and Josh. Thanks Kenny and Kathy for having us… We came home with lots of leftovers and didn’t get home till late and I was really tired…. I woke up at six this morning wishing I could go back to sleep but couldn’t do it.. So the dogs and I went outside on the patio and left Dave to sleep… I am caught up on all my phone calls now I think. I called my Mother, Brother in Kentucky, Aunt Flo, in Texas and Lyn in South Dakota… I forgot to mention that we had a bell pepper, our first vegetable out of our garden Thursday. Dave used it for our Pizza and any day we will be eating the cucumbers and eggplant. We had one tomato that was starting to turn but had bottom rot. I sure was disappointed to see that… The Bougainvillea that David and Lori gave me for Mother’s Day is blooming for the first time and it is a purple color the same as all my Petunias. I also have hollyhocks the same color so it looks really pretty in my our haven… David came by for a visit… Dave and I did some work in the front yard. Okay, so I mostly supervised… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 22, 2002

Last night before the evening chat I got into the pool for the first time this year. I figured if I waited to get in after chat I would be too tired. I felt so refreshed afterwards. Cindy and Tootsie had to get in there with us. They spend most of their time on the raft but they do some swimming too. Karmelita chose not to join us… This morning when we woke up Dave turned to me and said it is time to get up and watch the birds. Of course I am always ready for that. While I was out there I watched for butterflies too but only saw one the whole four hours I was out there. I had the radio turned on so I could listen to my favorite talk show on Gardening and Flowers. I learn so much from listening to that show. Learning how to care for my vegetables and flowers… The Hibiscus was blooming this morning for the first time and so were the Geraniums that I had kept through the winter. I had never tried doing that before. So I was so happy that I was able to do that… Dave decided to tear our deck down this morning so I don’t know what he has in his head to do next. I guess it makes him feel good to tear down and rebuild. As long as he doesn’t make me move from our home, I am not going to complain. I just don’t think I could handle a move now. I love my home and being near my family… I called Joanne in Benton, Arkansas and Larry in Nashville, Tennessee… We have been invited to Kenny and Kathy’s tonight… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

June 21, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT!!! Robert is our friend in San Antonio, Texas… Hello to my friends in ADF Chat that I used to chat with right after my DASN chats but I have been too tired to chat with them lately. I seem to tire out more easily than I used too… I woke up this morning with that terrible burning sensation in my head again. It took me till the afternoon before I started feeling better. Dave got in the pool for the first time this morning and I could tell he really enjoyed it. He now has a sunburn. It is my fault, I should have told him to put on sunscreen or a tee shirt. LOL Well I feel that way. I have always tried to look after my man. I am going to try and get in the pool later tonight when it gets cooler. It is the first day of summer and it does feel like it, up in the 90’s. David and Angie called… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 20, 2002

Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois, Sis in Rusk, Texas, and Diane in Pleasant Plains, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Last night I took advantage of Lynne hosting the DASN chat and I played couch potato and watched a movie on CBS. I really enjoyed the movie even though it was a tear jerker… Dave and I got up early this morning did some work in the yard and then I made us Apple Pancakes and we ate our breakfast on the patio… I went out to the airport with Dave after hosting chat. He had a few things he had to do with the plane. So I just enjoyed being there with him. There are some wild flowers, birds, and butterflies out there too. There was a nice breeze and I was comfortable. I took the bills and I was able to get them all paid and while I was there I worked on the checkbook and read the AARP magazine. Reading is something I seldom get to do when I am at home because here there is always the computer and other things to do… I tried to call my Mother several times but never got an answer. I don’t care how old I get I think my Mother is always supposed to be at home. I got a call from my niece Kathy in Seagrove, North Carolina today. It is always so good to hear her sweet voice… Dave fixed supper for us tonight. Thanks Honey for all the things you do for me. Especially all my Honey Do’s… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 19, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANDY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PENNY!!! Candy and Penny are our friends in California and are both fellow Directors of DASN International… Thanks to Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Boris has gone home and our guest bathtub is empty now. I miss Boris and so does Cindy. Josh said he could tell we had taken good care of him. Heather enjoyed hearing about the Venus Fly Traps and she was so excited to see it had caught a fly… I gave the three dogs a bath, deadheaded flowers and cooked supper... The Doves were back this morning... I bumped my head on a hanging flowerpot on the patio, so I have another headache. I know better but seems I keep forgetting and keep doing it… Dave picked up groceries after work. He got me lots of yogurt, fruit, more gumdrops and jellybeans. He knows I have got to have my sweets after a meal… My friend Pat called, we had a lot of catching up to do and again after we finished talking I was exhausted… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

June 18, 2002

Thanks to Marie in Miami, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book…When I checked my email this morning I had one from Kenny saying that they were home. That was a big relief to know they were all home safe and sound… Dave went back to work so I have been able to get a few things done around the house. Also found time to do some bird watching while I had my oatmeal and coffee on the patio. I was watching a sparrow carry birdseed from the feeder to the baby birds in the birdhouse. The Blue Jays, Cardinals, Mocking Birds, and Finch’s were out but didn’t see the three Doves this morning… I have noticed I am starting to talk to myself more and more. It helps me to stay on track of what I am supposed to be doing. Dave says it is okay as long as I don’t start answering myself… Yesterday while we were out at the airport I picked up the cell phone and noticed we had a voice mail. Well neither one of us could remember how to retrieve the voice mail. Now that worries me. Dave is supposed to be able to remember. This morning I called Cingular to find out how to do it. I have made notes in my little spiral notebook that I always carry in my purse with important information in it and Dave has added it to his appointment book. We are hoping that will not happen again… We had a good showing in our DASN International Topic chat this afternoon. Our topic was: Complicating illness(s)we may have and how they interact with our dementia. So many of us have other diseases beside our Dementia. Virginia called and after we visited I had to lie down for a few minutes. I felt exhausted. Seems as though talking long periods on the phone will exhaust me real fast… Later tonight Kenny, Kathy, Jamie, Josh, Heather, Allison and Matthew came by. The kids enjoyed the pool and then we watched videos of their vacation. It was almost as good as being on the trip with them. Jamie brought me a beautiful red and white Geranium plant. I can’t think of what it is called right now but it is the kind that vines... Allison and Matthew have really grown and are the sweetest, loving and well-mannered children… I am really tired… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 17, 2002

We got to IM with Josh last night. He said he was so happy that we kept Boris for him. They had a nice visit with Roger, Lucy, Karen, and Kevin and their families in West Virginia. They left right after their visit with them and headed for Bowling Green, Kentucky to Mitchell and Jamie’s home… Kenny took them all to see to see Lincoln’s birthplace on Sunday... I woke up feeling so much better this morning. Thank you God… I fed the birds and did some bird watching. The new Finch feeder has been discovered… Dave had the day off so while he cut the grass I did laundry. It is so hard for me to get much done when he is home. I just want to be with him… This afternoon we went to the airport and while Dave waxed the plane I read… I received a letter from my school friend Lyn today. It is always good to hear from her. She was planning to go to our 45th class reunion and Lyn is an artist and will be donating a painting to be given away at the reunion. I have several of Lyn’s paintings that I really treasure… I called my friend Martha and we hope to find time to get together soon… David called this morning he was going to donate blood, he has donated over eight gallons of blood so far... Kenny and Kathy are due home early in the morning sometime. I will be relieved to hear they are home safe. They are bringing Jamie, Allison and Matthew home with them for a visit. These are the great grandchildren that I only get to see once a year… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 16, 2002

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! To all the Father’s… Belated Happy Anniversary wishes to Holt and Norma in North Carolina… We had another thunderstorm last night so I wasn’t able to get online to do chat. We watched a video, Bandits… I woke up about 7:30, feeling worse than I have in a long time. I had a terrible headache on the right side of my head, but I was determined to serve Dave breakfast in bed. So I got up fixed him Orange Juice, Sausage, Eggs, Gravy, Biscuits and Coffee. I even went out to the Rose Garden and picked him a yellow Rose Bud to put in a bud vase. I put this all on a tray and took it to him. He enjoyed it all very much and it made me feel proud to have been able to do it for him. I went back to bed soon afterwards and slept for about two hours… Dave had calls from David and Kenny… I called my Mother and she said she was doing fine. She told me about the pretty flowers that Kenny and Kathy had given her… The sun is shining today but it is a very cloudy day for me. Tomorrow will be a better day… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 15, 2002

This morning Dave and I got outside early and started working in the yard. We fed the flowers and vegetables Miracle Gro and pulled weeds. While we were pulling weeds around the rose garden we found a snake. I don’t think I will pull any more weeds. I don’t care if it was a small snake… We heard from Kenny this morning before they left Washington DC. He said people were so friendly there and very helpful. He said Josh climbed the steps of the Pentagon… Dave and I took a drive this afternoon right after I finished hosting chat. We went by and seen David and Lori. David had just harvested another beehive and got four gallons of honey. They were getting ready to paint the inside of their house. While we were there Chris and Jenny came by with their little family. I got to see Madison. Big Smile!!! She has two teeth now… We stopped by Warren’s Nursery; I had a coupon for some Petunias… Dave got my Butterfly Bush planted… My Cardinal Vine is blooming and is going everywhere… I have already told Dave to stay in bed in the morning and I am going to bring him breakfast in bed…. Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

June 14, 2002

Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois and Hosam in Cario, Egypt for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book.. Dave and I had our breakfast and lunch out on the patio. It has cooled down some and I am happy for that… We found a perfect place for a butterfly bush so we went to get one. While we were there we ended up with two Venus Fly Traps. I got a small one and Dave picked out a larger one. I am hoping to attract more butterflies. There seems to be a shortage on butterflies this year. I love to watch the flying flowers… We heard from Kenny last night. Today will be their last day in Arlington and tomorrow they will leave for West Virginia. They are having a wonderful time… Dave went to the airport this afternoon and I stayed home and worked on my computer deleting, answering emails and hosting chat, and then I managed to OD on some gumdrops and they never leave me feeling very good. You would think that I would learn… My Sister and her husband are visiting their Son and family in Marietta, Georgia and she and I got to IM this afternoon… I heard from my cousin Bob and Cheryl in Florida and they had been to visit my Mother. Bob, I am so sorry Mom didn’t recognize you but it has been awhile since she has seen you. Thank you for going to visit her… I have learned when Dave is not here things will come up that I want to tell him and sometimes they are important, by the time he gets home I can’t remember what it was. So today I came up with a great idea, I will just send him an email and when he is on his computer he will see it… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 13, 2002

I had another call last night from Mark Baard who is the freelance writer of Wired News. He wanted to ask me more questions… Dave had today off so we went to the Mall to pick up my ring that was being sized and Dave’s ring that was in for repair… Then we both went to get groomed. I love my haircut. Linda always does a great job even though it is a long trip to get to her. We bought a new finch feeder and some thistle. Dave hung it on a shepherds hook… Later we went to the BX. I didn’t host the DASN chat this afternoon because of the storms. We have been getting lots of rain and thunderstorms so it was a good excuse to do some running around… I called Kenny and Kathy this morning and woke them up. I bet they love me. Ha Ha!! I got to talk to Josh and Heather too. They are in Arlington, Virginia and were looking forward to their day of touring Washington DC today… Josh’s Hamster Boris is so much fun to watch. Tonight I gave him a piece of cabbage and he loved it… I noticed today my Bromeliad has a new baby. Little things like that make me happy. I wish I had more room for indoor plants… I am feeling good and felt comfortable in the stores today. I know I am still repeating myself and asking the same questions over and over because I can tell by the look on Dave’s face… I had phone calls from Jaunita and Virginia… Thank you God for a great day… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

June 12, 2002

Today would have been my Dad's 99th birthday and 43 years ago today Dave started his career in the Air Force... Thanks to Dewey in Lexington, North Carolina for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I have felt really lazy today… I enjoyed IM’ing with my niece Barbara in Kokomo, Indiana… She is my deceased brother Everett’s daughter. I love you Barbara… Dave picked up The Long Long Trailer at the library for me to watch tonight. I haven’t seen it in a long time… It is too hot to spend anytime outside. I did take a quick tour of the haven though. Everything is looking great. The Hollyhocks and Roses have never been this pretty before… I heard from Kenny and Kathy and they are having a great time. Hearing about their trip is making me want to make a trip to the East Coast. Maybe we can do that this fall. I have so many things on my Make A Wish List. So many places I want to see yet… I received a really cute card from Sis in the mail today. Thanks Sis... Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 11, 2002

I woke up early again and had my oatmeal and coffee out on the patio. Then I fed the birds, paid bills, worked on the checkbook and did some laundry… I called my Mother and she was in good spirits. She said Kenny and family had been to visit her yesterday and again this morning. They left this morning going to Pennsylvania. I am looking forward to them checking in again… Lori called and we had a nice visit... I fed Boris a carrot and he seems to really like it. Dave and I fixed Enchiladas for supper… Dave is getting so good at figuring out what I mean when I use the wrong words. Like when I say rick rack he knows I am talking lattice work and when I say bucket it could be any kind of container. LOL … One of my Clematis’s has started blooming… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 10, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JERE!!! Jere is my friend in Mobile, Alabama… I got up at 6:30 this morning so I could get a few things accomplished before I had to leave for my appointment with the eye doctor. A nice man from Share a Ride picked me up and took me to my appointment. I never like going to have my eyes checked. This is so hard on a person with short-term memory problems. He will ask me which is better one or two. Well, by the time he shows me number two I have already forgotten what number one looked like. Well I did make it through the exam and he said there was only a slight change in my cataracts but not enough to worry about and I didn’t need a change in my glasses at this time and I don’t have to go back for a year… I am so tired from all the decisions I had to make at the doctors. I tried to take a nap but as usual my mind wouldn’t let me rest… Dave had an appointment to see the ENT doctor and he will be going in for another over night stay in the hospital for a sleep study for his Sleep Apnea… This afternoon in chat Mark who is in Massachusetts and is a freelance writer for Wired News joined us. Later Mark called and we visited on the phone… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 9, 2002

Kenny called last night from Rantoul, Illinois. After they finish looking around Rantoul and going to the Museum on Chanute AFB they will be going to visit his Grandmother, my Mother… Last night we had more thunderstorms. I wasn’t able to do the chat because of having to shut down the computer because of the storm. I thought it was a good excuse to go to bed. I was tired so I was in bed before 9:00… I slept all night and woke up feeling good this morning… Dave and I went for a scenic drive in the country then to Dillards to pick up some new towels and pillow covers for our down pillows. Then he took me to Zales and bought me a beautiful Alexandrite ring. He also dropped off his ring to have a new prong put on. The same lady Joan who sold him my beautiful wedding set on our 25th anniversary waited on us. She didn’t recognize me at first but she remembered my ring because she was the one who had designed it. She also remembered my name was Mary. I envy people who can remember names like that… We went to Sub Shop and got our supper… I called my Mother… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 8, 2002

We had a good visit with Kenny’s family last night. Dave showed Josh and Heather how to fold and pack their clothes. They thought he was really something. Dave has had lots of experience folding and packing with all his 21 years of traveling in the Air Force. We had a pizza party and watched a movie. Josh gave us instructions on caring for Boris while they are away and he also wanted us to drive careful with him in the car. LOL… Dave drove by the State Capital on our way home so we could see the Guardian above the dome. It was dark but we were still able to see it. We will go back again and see it in the daytime later… I was in a lot of pain during the night. Even with my sleeping pill I woke up. My head was hurting bad and I had that terrible burning sensation again, also my tummy was hurting. I got up at 7:00 and took the dogs out on the patio to watch the birds. Bird watching and my computer help me to keep my mind off my pain… One of my favorite birds are the Doves. Every time they come Cindy and Tootsie will chase them away. All of the other birds can come and walk all over the yard and even drink from their water bowl… We have several members of our family who have cancer and my thoughts and prayers go out to all of you… Kenny called this morning just before he left and David called this evening… Goodnight All… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

June 7, 2002

Congratulations to Jr. and Anita on the birth of their Son Kasey!!! Jr. is my Nephew and my Mother has really been looking forward to this great grandchild… Thanks to Sandy in Texas and Kendall in Plant City, Florida for visiting Mary ‘s Place and signing my guest book… I found out this morning when Kenny called that Heather made the honor roll. Tonight we will go over to see Kenny, Kathy, Josh and Heather and reward Josh and Heather for making the honor roll. We will be babysitting Boris, Josh's Hampster, while he is away.. Tomorrow they all leave for a well-deserved vacation. They are going to visit Kenny’s birthplace in Rantoul, Illinois and then to visit my Mother and then to New York City, Washington DC and then to Huntington, West Virginia to visit some more family, then to Kentucky to pick up Kathy’s daughter and grandkids and bring them back to Oklahoma for a visit… We are looking forward to seeing Jamie, Allison and Mathew… We watched the placing of the Guardian on our State Capital Dome this morning, it was very touching to watch… I made out a grocery list for Dave and did laundry. Dave went to the Commissary and got groceries, it is a good thing he did because we were out of everything. Thanks honey for getting the groceries. You know if I could still do it I would… Thanks Lynne for hosting chat tonight so I can be with my family… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 6, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY LOU!!! … Mary Lou is a friend in Carson City, Nevada… Thanks to Evelyn in Peru, Indiana, and Alice in Middleton, Idaho for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book.. I seldom have dreams and if I do I don’t remember them. But last night I had quite a few and some of them were nightmares… This morning Dave and I left early to go take care of some errands. We had to take the car in to have the Air Conditioner serviced. We were there for three hours waiting. I don’t wait well anymore… Since neither of us had time for breakfast and we were right next-door to Krispy Kreme Donut Shop, Dave walked over and got us a Donut… We went to Walmart and from there we went to the pool supple store to get a new solar cover and a new ladder and then to the Birdfeed store to get fifty more pounds of Black Oil Sunflowers Seeds and ten pounds of mixed wild bird seed… So we will be feeding the birds for a while now. I love feeding and watching the different birds at our two feeders… We got home just in time for me to do DASN topic chat. Our topic today is: How can others work with us to better help us. Alan in New Zealand always does a great job at helping me host and posting the Summary of our chat at the DASN International site… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 5, 2002

Thanks to Sally in North Hollywood, California, Edie in Marietta, Georgia, George in Louisville, Kentucky, and Glenna in Vancouver, Canada for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I have taken it easy today. I woke up early and went outside to deadhead the flowers and fed the birds. It was very muggy … I played dominoes at and I did pretty good for a change… I called Josh, Kenny, and my Mother. David, Regina, and Virginia called… Dave fixed steaks on the grill for supper… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

June 4, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC!!! Marc is our friend and Lori’s Dad in Noble, Oklahoma… I got up early this morning so I could wash our bedding and finish picking up before the Merry Maids got here. I love it when they come and deep clean our home… David called and he has been busy as usual. He now has two beehives and soon we will have some fresh honey. I use honey in my oatmeal every morning… I IM’d with my niece Kathy in North Carolina this morning and found out my great nephew Lewis had been injured in a four-wheeler accident. Lewis I hope you are feeling better soon… I have been trying to call my friend Laura but haven’t been able to get hold of her. I will keep trying. I always worry about my friends when I don’t hear from them… Dave brought home Burger King for lunch and surprised me… We are getting much needed rain tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 3, 2002

Thanks to Howard, Catherine, Bill and Ollie in Gahanna, Ohio, Sis in Rusk, Texas, Janey in Plainfield, Illinois and Diane in Pleasant Plains, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Dave had to go back to work today and when he came home for lunch he was so tired. He laid back in his recliner and took a long nap before going back to work. I woke up late and feeling overwhelmed with so much to do before the Merry Maids come tomorrow. I need to make a path. LOL… I toured the garden and we have lots of baby vegetables coming on. I can’t wait till they are ready to eat. I noticed the Hibiscus is budding and so is the Clematis… It was up in the 90’s today and very windy… Looks like we are heading into summer… I cut out coupons, picked up around the house, did laundry, and fixed Spaghetti for supper… Jamie, I enjoyed IM’ing with you today and look forward to seeing you all again… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 2, 2002

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TERESA AND BILL… Teresa is my DASN friend and Web Mistress in Illinois… I fixed Dave and me a country breakfast and we ate out on the patio… Congratulations to our Grandson Josh for making the honor roll… Dave helped me give the dogs a bath and I washed their bedding… I called my Sister… I am feeling tired tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

June 1, 2002

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO DAN!!! … Dan is a DASN member in Ohio… I am feeling better today. These attacks always leave me feeling weak for a day or two… I fed the birds and flowers outside and took care of my houseplants. Dave flew to Arkansas and David came and picked me up to go and have lunch at his home. Chris, Jenny, Jake, Trevor, and Madison were there. Lori fixed Barbeque Pork Chops, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Spaghetti Salad, Potato Salad, Baked Beans and Cake. David brought me back home on his way to work with plenty of leftovers… I watched a Lifetime movie and then my friend Janey in Illinois IM’d to let me know the Gaither’s were on TV. Janey knows how much I enjoy watching them… I called my Brother in Kentucky and my Mother, but she does not want to talk on the phone so I just leave a message on her answering machine. At least she knows I am thinking of her… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

May 31, 2002

I had a rough night with GERD and Diverticulitis last night. The doctor told me that they go hand in hand. I do know I was hurting so bad I wanted to die. I am back on Cipro and bed rest. I know this will pass but it can’t be soon enough for me… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 30, 2002

Dave is only working three days a week now. He is getting some extra rest by using up some of his sick leave. I feel he really needs the rest because with his blood pressure and with all the extra work he has at home he was beginning to get so tired and it was starting to worry me. He has been working on getting our pool ready. Soon it will be warm enough for us to be able to enjoy it again… I got my medication set up for the next four weeks and that always is a good feeling… Last night when I was getting ready for bed I was brushing my teeth and flossing and started to wonder if someday I get so bad I can’t take care of myself. I hope and pray that whoever is caring for me will floss my teeth for me, that will really bother me if they don’t. Oh another thing I hope they will do and that is to pluck my chin hairs. LOL… I hope you will take the time and visit my friend Jan/Mina’s journal and while you are there be sure and vote for her site. Jan's Journal I want everyone to see what a great job she does on her journal and what a great writer she is… This afternoon we went to the Airport so Dave could put a new battery in the plane. On our way there we just missed being in a terrible accident on I-40. There was a car that crossed the median right in front of us and flipped three times. A 19-year-old boy was killed in the accident. If you would have seen the car you would have wondered how even the young lady who was driving ever survived… David came by and gave me a hug and Josh called… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 29, 2002

My foot was hurting last night when I went to bed so I had a hard time falling asleep… I woke up this morning feeling no pain and with a clear head. I love days like this, almost makes me forget I have Alzheimer’s. I got caught up on the job of paying bills and mopped the kitchen and bathrooms… Dave and I had our lunch out on the patio watching the birds and enjoying the sunshine… I made a dump cake and Dave and I fixed Short Ribs, mashed potatoes, onion gravy and buttered carrots for supper… Larry Rose is back from visiting his Sister in Kansas and was in chat this afternoon. He had planned on stopping by to visit Dave and me on his way home but because of the bridge being out he went back to Arkansas through Tulsa, maybe next time Larry. Anyhow it was great having you back in chat… Thank you God for a great day… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 28, 2002

Thanks to Sis in Rusk, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Last night after chat Dave and I went out on the patio. It was so nice and while we were out there talking we seen several lightening bugs. The first we have seen this year. They always remind me of my childhood when my brothers and sisters and I would catch them in a fruit jar… I transplanted another flower in the garden this morning and I think I am finished doing that. It is looking good… I can’t get over how much rain we are getting. It seems like it has rained every day for quite awhile now. It doesn’t bother the birds. I noticed when I was sitting outside this morning eating my oatmeal there were so many of them coming to the feeder… Dave had to go back to work this morning after being off work for five days and I am missing him. This morning I smiled when I seen the orange and apple he always leaves on the counter for me to remind me to eat my fruit… When Dave is home I get off my routine of doing things so today I am back trying to get on routine again. I have done some picking up and did the laundry… I had a call from my DASN friend Jan/Mina in California… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 27, 2002

Happy Memorial Day and thanks go out to all the Veterans… HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNN!!! Lynn is the Vice President of DASN International and my friend in Vancouver, Canada… Thanks to Brian, Jean, and Kate in New Zealand for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I finally was able to get hold of my Mother last night. I guess she just didn’t feel well enough to answer the phone before when I had called. I can tell she isn’t doing very well and it hurts so bad… We got more rain during the night… I have been sleeping so well with my sleeping pill… Dave and I had our Bacon and Apple Pancakes on the patio this morning. Then we got busy, he helped me transplant some flowers. I got the Salvia planted and deadheaded the roses. Smelling each rose as I went. They all have their own fragrance and I love each one of them… Even though it was a holiday we had a great chat at DASN this afternoon. Thanks to all who participated in it… I had a dizzy spell this evening, first one in a long time… My friend Rosalie called, and Josh and as always I love hearing his voice… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 26, 2002

Right after breakfast this morning Dave and I got in the VW and went to the Airport. While he did some work on the plane and visited with other pilots I read and just enjoyed the quietness out there. No noise, just sounds. Later we went out on base to the BX and to Home Depot. I got some Salvia and a couple large planters to put on the deck and after I got home I decided I didn’t like them. I told Dave I wanted to go back and get the ones he liked. He told me he would take me back tomorrow. Poor Dave! … Later we went for a scenic drive and then stopped by Subway for sandwiches. I had the Chicken Sweet Onion Teriyaki and it was real tasty… We had thunderstorms early this morning. Dave had to tell me about the storm because I slept through it. He told me when I had noticed how wet it was when I was out feeding the birds and touring my haven. It turned out to be a beautiful day with 80-degree temperature… I have tried several times to call my Mother but can’t get her… I am feeling so much better, if only the cough would go away… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 25, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!!! We all met at a Chinese Restaurant to celebrate Dave’s Birthday. David, Lori, Kenny, Kathy, Chris, Jenny, Madison, and Erin were there. Josh and Heather were at their other parents for the weekend. It was Dave’s choice to go there and it was a good choice. It was nice and quiet. We all had a great time being together and everyone enjoyed their meal. Madison was the entertainer, she jabbered and smiled at everyone. She is six months old already. I love being with my family and so thankful I have them close by… Dave drove our 72 VW and we got lots of attention because it is such a good-looking car… We came home and Dave took a nap. I folded clothes that were left in the dryer yesterday… It feels good not have to wonder what to fix for supper… Honey I hope you enjoyed your Birthday and know that your family and I love you so much… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

May 24, 2002

CONGRATULATIONS ERIN!!! Erin graduated from high school today. Josh and Heather had their last day of school today. Josh will be in the seventh and Heather will be in the fifth grade next school year. We are proud of all our Grandchildren… Thanks to Janey for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I have a sore throat and my ears are hurting again. Yesterday I felt so much better that I came off my medication but I am back on it today… Dave and I had breakfast on the patio this morning and while we were out there a Hummingbird came to the feeder. I cleaned the feeders and put fresh nectar in them. I wish we had more hummers here. You would think the Honeysuckle would attract more of them... I did a load of laundry. Dave and I went to a jewelry store and we planned on going to the mall but I started feeling bad and had to come back home… Cindy got groomed and she is feeling perky. Karmeletia and Tootsie keep smelling her… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 23, 2002

Last night Kenny, Kathy, Josh, and Heather came for a visit. It was great having them. Josh and Heather were excited about the pool being uncovered. I gave Kathy some starts of my Passion Flower. I tried not to spread my germs around. All I have now is a leftover cough… Today I deadheaded some roses, cleaned the kitchen and played some dominoes. Dave got a rebuilt steering gearbox for our 72 VW. Boy those things aren’t cheap. At least he is mechanical inclined and can put it on. There isn’t much that Dave can’t fix, except for me. I am always calling him my Mr. Fix It… My friend Martha called. She and Alfred have just bought a new Motor Home. I am excited for them and hope we can go on some trips together… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 22, 2002

Congratulations to Kathy!!! She is getting a new job at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital. This is a dream come true for Kathy to work in a brand new Heart Hospital and we think they are very lucky to have her. The hospital will open in July… HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORITA!!! Norita is my sister-in- law in California. I called her last night. She and Wesley were going to Reno, Nevada to celebrate her birthday… Thanks to Sis in Texas and Mary Lou in Carson City, Nevada for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I didn’t sleep well last night because my ears were hurting… The Dell man came today to replace my mouse and other things on my laptop… I did some picking up around the house and paid bills… I had phone calls from Lori, Virginia and Jaunita… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 21, 2002

Thanks to Dan in Illinois, Jan in Kansas, and Sandy in Ohio for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to vote for me when you visit. It means so much to me when you sign my guest book and vote for my site… I still have the crud and I can’t wait to feel better, guess I am not a very good sick person… When I woke up this morning I was real confused... Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 20, 2002

I woke up feeling even worse this morning. I was coughing, my head, ears, and throat was hurting and I was running a temperature. So I called Dr. Morgan and he called in prescriptions for Promethazine with Codine and Zyrtec-D for me and Dave picked them up at Eckerd’s. I spent the day in bed… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

May 19, 2002

The sun was shinning today and it is starting to warm up. It got up in the 70’s and Dave and I had our brunch out on the patio… I am still not feeling up to par, even my food doesn’t taste that good… Laid on the couch most of the afternoon watching movies on Lifetime. I did manage to do a load of laundry… I called my Mother and she had Kentucky Fried Chicken for supper that my Sister Martha had brought up to her. I asked her if she got a wing and she said yes. That is Mom’s favorite piece of chicken… I am going to watch Dinosaur, a Disney Movie on TV… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 18, 2002

Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I woke up feeling rotten, my throat hurts and I feel congested with a bad cough. I hope I am not coming down with a cold. But as the day goes by I start to feel better. Then in the evening it comes back again... Dave went to the Airport to get in some flying time… I fixed Liver and Onions for supper. Not Dave’s favorite but I like it… I seen a little bunny in the back yard and my Cecile Brunner Rose and Hollyhocks are blooming… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

May 17, 2002

Congratulations to Ashley, our Grand -Niece in Seagrove, North Carolina for making Cheerleader… Thanks to Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… We got a lot of rain during the night and some strong winds…I went to the OU Dental College this morning for another adjustment on my partial. I had several sore spots and Pete took care of them. This was my last visit with Pete, as he will graduate in a couple weeks. He has been the best student I have ever had and I have been going to the college for years… We went to garage sales after my appointment. First time we have done that in a long time. But we never found anything we couldn’t live without… Then we made a fast trip to the jeweler to have my rings cleaned and checked. I barely made it home in time for DASNChat… My Sister called me from our Mother’s room today so I was able to talk to Mom. This is the first time in a long time I have been able to talk to Mom. Martha said they have a longer extension cord now so hopefully now Mom will be able to reach her phone… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 16, 2002

Thanks to Diane in Australia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I was feeling real tired again last night and went to bed early. This morning I woke up feeling terrible. I started feeling better later in the day… I watered and fed the vegetables and flowers. I have more flowers blooming. My New Dawn Rose and The Old Fashion Roses are blooming and the Lamb’s Ear is blooming also. I counted my Roses today and I have ten different Roses. Seems like everyday something new is blooming… Dave had the day off from the office but he worked hard around the house. He uncovered our pool, cleaned the fountain, and put a sealer on the patio cover… Thanks Dave for all you do and for understanding when I interrupt you all the time when I get a thought that I think can’t wait. Whether you are reading or whatever you are doing, you always seem to understand. When I get a thought a lot of times I can’t bring it back up if I try to hold it for later. So I find myself doing a lot of interrupting and changing the subject often and sometimes it is important. LOL… I got to keep Madison again today. I love it when she comes… Lori had supper with us… Virginia called… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

May 15, 2002

Thanks to Jean in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for visiting Mary's Place and signing my guest book...Last night I thought if I got in the whirlpool bath it would help with my legs. When I went to get up, I wasn’t able to stand up, not even with the helper bars we had put in. I had to call for Dave to help lift me up. I was so frightened. Guess I won’t be trying that when I am home alone… Early this morning David called me and asked me if I wanted to get out of the house and ride with him to the butcher shop to pick up the beef and pork. So I jumped out of bed and into the shower and soon after I had my breakfast he was here and away we went. Wow, a half of beef and half of pork is a lot of meet. Dave was home for lunch when we got back home and he was able to get it all in our freezer. David and I had our doubts but we should have known Dave could do it… I tried to call Dave this morning to let him know I was going with David but I couldn’t remember his number, had to go look it up. It seems so funny that a number I call so often could just leave me like that… I finished up the laundry and helped Dave fix supper… I did remember it was the 15th and it was the day to give the dogs their Heart Worm Medication... Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 14, 2002

Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois and Sis in Rusk, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Boy was I tired last night; I was in bed at 8:00 and asleep soon afterwards. I woke up around eleven with my legs hurting… I guess all the Mother’s Day excitement caught up with me because today I am still tired… I noticed this morning when I was touring my haven that the Peonies are finally blooming. It seems like they were later this year than before… Dave and I enjoyed our lunch out on the patio, the birds were keeping us entertained… I meant to finish up the laundry today but ended up not getting around to doing it or much of anything else... I had phone calls from Barbara, Lori, and Virginia today… I forgot to take my afternoon medications again… Thanks to my web mistress Teresa for posting the picture of our Great-Granddaughter Madison and me on my Mother’s Day entry… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 13, 2002

It was a normal but chilly Monday in Oklahoma. Dave went back to work and I did my usual Monday thing. Laundry, feeding the birds, hosting chat, planted the flowers I had gotten for Mother’s Day and fixed supper… I heard from my Sister and she said that Mom’s phone was where she couldn’t reach it yesterday. But said she did play my messages to her. She also said that Mom had a good day… I am tired tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 12, 2002

I have had a wonderful Mother’s Day. David and Kenny called first thing this morning… I am so thankful that I have my Mother for another year. This past year she has had so many close calls… Dave gave me a Gardenia Plant and some other plants to add to my garden. This afternoon we went to Barbara’s House for a Mother’s Day Dinner. There were a total of 8 Mothers there. David and Lori were there and so were Chris, Jenni and Madison… David and Lori gave me a beautiful card and Bougainvillea Plant.

Then when we got home Kenny, Kathy, Josh and Heather came to visit. Kenny made me a special card and they brought me a Grandma’s Little Angel s shirt that Kathy had embroidery with all eleven of the grandkids names on it and a DASNI patch that she embroidery too. I am the luckiest Mother in the world… I called my Mother several times and I have gotten the answering machine every time. I called my Sister to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day… This picture is of me and Madison and was taken today. Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 11, 2002

I wanted to share something here that a friend sent to me. Thanks Tay.

Here's to the moms both past and present....

I thank you for all the times I took, but never gave back. I thank you for loving me for who I was, for who I am, and for what I'll become. I thank you for believing in me...for allowing me to fall, for helping me back up, and for giving me the courage to go on. I also thank you for all the things that make you, remarkably you. For kissing my boo-boos, for wiping away my tears, for encouraging me to try, and for being there when I failed. When I have doubts, you give me confidence. When I succeed, no one is prouder. You stand back and let me shine, yet I know full well, I am nothing more than a reflection of you. You, who taught me that laughter is far better than tears. You, who taught me to look beyond the human face and search out the heart instead. You said; 'there', is where the real person lies...and you're right. But how did you know to teach me that? You've always given me whatever I have needed. Whether it was faith, confidence, or courage. But above all, the most important thing you have ever given me, is your love....and THAT is the most priceless gift on earth! May God Bless Each Of You This Mother's Day.

Dave and I had a country brunch on the patio… My Passion Flower is blooming and the blooms on it are so pretty and unique… We went to the library and I got Nancy Reagan’s book, “ I Love You, Ronnie”… We went to Home Depot and Dave then took me out to eat at a Chinese Restaurant and then out to the Airport. Dave worked some on the plane and I read… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

May 10, 2002

My alarm went off at 7:00 this morning so I could make my appointment to the Doctor’s. A man from Provide a Ride picked me up right on time and drove me to see Dr. Morgan. After telling the doctor about all my complaints he put me back on Cipro again. He also gave me some samples for my allergies and some Aricept samples… I watched the birds feed their babies in the birdhouse… We got a little rain today and it is so cold that we had to turn on the heat again. Air conditioner one day and heat the next… I did laundry and did some more work on my html. I am determined to learn it. Here is a practice html link to my friend Alice’s page. . Alice's Page I think I have it figured out now finally… I am going to watch my favorite show now, Providence and then host the DASNI chat… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 9, 2002

I have had another easy day. Dave took me to be groomed. A good haircut always does so much for me… We went by PetSmart to pick up a few things and then went to Red Lobster for an early dinner. When I go out to eat I like to go before the crowds start… We found a Cardinal’s nest in the Passion Flower Vine and it has three eggs in it. I fed the flowers and vegetables with Miracle Gro. Everything is growing and looking so healthy. I think I may have inherited my Dad’s green thumb… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

May 8, 2002

Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… This morning I slept later than usual… We were out of milk so instead of my usual oatmeal, I had toast for breakfast. Later I was IMing with my friend Sally and she asked if I had taken my medication and I hadn’t, so I went right away and took them. Thanks again Sally… It feels good to have a clean house and so I have just rested most of the day because I am feeling extra tired. I did work on the checkbook and made a big grocery list for Dave… I called my Mother and she is having a big Mother’s Day Brunch at the Nursing home on Saturday. Anita and her Mother will be joining her. Mom told me David and Kenny had called her and that Kenny was coming to visit in June. I am so thankful that Mom is mentally okay… Kenny called and invited us to Celebration Station tonight to celebrate Josh’s Birthday. But Dave was getting groceries and would be late getting home and I knew he would be extra tired when he got home. I remember the last time I went to Celebration Station, it was very noisy and I can’t handle a lot of noise anymore. But then only someone who has this awful disease would understand what it is like. Josh I would like nothing better than to be with you tonight as you celebrate your birthday. You mean everything to me… I am feeling very tearful tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 7, 2002

Thanks to Janie in Mustang, Oklahoma for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I got up early this morning because it was going to be a great day. Lori had an appointment today and was bringing Madison for me to baby-sit. I was going to get to watch Madison for the first time. Madison is five and half months old already… The Merry Maids were coming for the first time in two months. I missed out last month because we were on vacation… I washed our bedding and hung them out on the line to dry. I love that fresh outdoor smell. Then I fed the birds and took a tour of the back yard. The tomatoes and peppers are blooming and so were the Queen Elizabeth Rose and the Lowell Thomas Rose. The Queen Elizabeth Rose I have had for many years but the Lowell Thomas Rose is new this year… Thanks Kathy for the picture of Lewis’s and his date’s prom picture. Lewis is my Grandnephew in North Carolina and a very handsome boy. Thanks Jamie for Allison’s school picture. Now I am having a Great Grandkid attack for Allison. Allison is my five-year-old Great Granddaughter who lives in Kentucky… I have noticed my voice getting weaker at times and my speech is getting worse, by that I mean I keep using the wrong words… Madison and I had a great time today. I can tell she loves her Great Grandma 3… Marcel, my DASN Friend in Switzerland just got a web site and has added several DASN friends and myself to his web page. Please visit Marcel's Place To translate go Free Translation ... Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 6, 2002

I got up this morning when Dave left for work. I was wide-awake and couldn’t get back to sleep. I had too many things on my mind that I needed to do today… We had some rain during the night so I didn’t need to water the garden… I gave the three dogs a bath, did two loads of laundry, picked up the branches in the yard that had blown down during the night, fixed lunch, and called Safe Return about my bracelet. They had put Edith on it instead of Mary. They will be sending me another one out. Dave is wearing his bracelet now that identifies him as my caregiver. That makes me feel better knowing that if something were to happen to him, someone would check on me… Tonight we went to see Josh and Heather and to take Josh his birthday gift. They were both busy cleaning their rooms. It was so good to see them, get hugs, and get my grandkid fix. Kathy gave us some more of her delicious jerky. Thanks Kathy… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

May 5, 2002

Happy 13Th Birthday Josh!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANEY!!! HAPPY 40th ANNIVERSARY HANK AND DIANE!!!… Thanks to Linda in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I forgot to mention that last night when I was cooking supper and Dave was in the garage I had a grease fire. I screamed for Dave but he couldn’t hear me. I managed to smother the fire out. Thank God… Today I was using the toaster oven and touched it with my hand and burnt my hand in two places because I wasn’t paying attention... It has been two years since I went through training to be a chat host and I have been hosting a chat room for Alzheimer’s and Dementia PWiD (People with dementia) ever since. I took the day off from hosting so I could enjoy the day outside with Dave and watch the movie Little John tonight. My friend Sally’s husband worked as the Key Grip in the movie… We have spent the entire day outside. It was a beautiful day to do nothing… The Honey Suckle is blooming and so is my new Paradise Rose that I got when we were in Texas. It sure is a beautiful Rose… David called... Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 4, 2002

Thanks to Sis in Rusk, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Last night I was hurting and feeling sorry for myself. I hate it when I do that. I had forgotten to take my afternoon medication and that didn’t help a bit. I had forgotten my morning medication too until my friend Sally came online and asked me if I had taken them… I don’t know what I am going to do with me. I want to be the person I used to me but that will never happen… This morning Dave gave me breakfast and my medication in bed. I stayed in bed till around noon then I got up and made potato soup, washed our comforter, cleaned the refrigerator and freezer, and fed the birds… Dave has worked in the yard most of the day. He does such a great job of making our yard a show place for me to enjoy. He never complains about the obstacle course in the back yard where I have flowers and bird feeders all over the place besides a large water fountain, a 24 ft pool, a vegetable garden, and a motor home to mow around. I call it an Obstacle Course because that is what Kenny called it when he mowed our yard while we were on vacation… This evening Dave and I had our supper on the patio and it was so nice and peaceful… I still have to take the ibuprofen regularly for pain… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

May 3, 2002 Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois and Elaine in Vancouver BC, Canada for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book... My friend Sharon has been teaching me how to do HTML, something I have always wanted to learn. I am learning a little bit at a time. I hope I can remember it. It has been a cloudy dismal day. I took down our bedroom curtains and washed them and the bed skirt. Still doing some spring-cleaning. Seems like I never get done… Dave moved the bed and furniture out and vacuumed and I cleaned the windows and blinds. It always feels good to get a big job like that accomplished… I chatted on IM with my Sister Martha and Niece Kathy… Yesterday in the mail I received the cutest pictures of my boys when they were about two and four years old from my cousin Ruth Ann in Logansport, Indiana. The pictures were taken when we were visiting my Uncle and Aunt (Ruth Ann’s Dad and Mom) back in the 60’s. Thanks Ruth Ann for the pictures… I called my Aunt Flo today… David came by before he went to work and brought us some fresh country eggs… I am going to watch Providence now. Trying to keep my mind off my toothache… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

May 2, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARON!!! Sharon is my friend in North Carolina... Last night I went to bed at 9:00 right after hosting chat, I was feeling exhausted. I don’t know why I am so tired. This morning I didn’t get up till 10:30 and I am still tired. I hope this will pass soon… Nothing much at all accomplished today. My tooth is still bothering me so I called my dentist and he said I should give it a week or two for it to settle down and then if it is still bothering me, he will have to do a root canal. Meanwhile I am taking Ibuprofen for the pain. My Roses are starting to bloom, one of my favorites is the Zephirine Drouhin Rose. It is a thornless rose… I called my Mother and she is doing better. It is always good to hear her voice… My phone buddy called… My DASN friend Morris has returned home from his trip to Washington DC. Morris gave me permission to add his presentation to my journal. Dr. Morris Friedell is a fellow Board Member and Treasurer of DASN International. Dave and I have had the pleasure of meeting Morris in Montana last June when we were all there for a DASN Board Meeting… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma…

I'm honored to be here as a representative of DASN International. Here is our brochure, in which we state: "We are autonomous competent people diagnosed with dementia and their loyal allies. Our purpose is to promote respect and dignity for persons with dementia, provide a forum for the exchange of information, encourage support mechanisms such as local groups, counselling, and Internet linkages, and to advocate for services." Our logo is a winged turtle bearing a forget-me-not in its beak. It signfies that despite our bradyphrenia, or torpid thinking, our spirits can ever soar. I have long valued support groups. As a social psychologist interested in improving society, and as an individual struggling with various issues such as compulsive overeating, support groups meant a lot to me. Persons who don't measure up to normal standards, who society treats as defective, damaged goods, can feel less alone in support groups, and can work together to challenge society and to change it. So, when I encountered catastrophe for the first time in my life, in June, 1998 when an MRI revealed I probably had a dementing disease, finding a support group was something I quickly thought of. Because it seemed unlikely there would be anyone in my geographic area who would want to confront dementia with all their remaining spirit and intelligence, I turned to the Internet. I also began to study how rich young persons with brain injuries from motor vehicle accidents, whose memory loss and confusion were far worse than mine, received and benefited from intensive rehabilitation, while people like myself were only given "hospice in slow motion," so to speak. As a sociologist who'd studied prejudice, I knew how easy it was to discriminate on the basis of biology and to claim that biology was destiny. Internet Alzheimer's support groups were, of course, generally caregiver rather than patient oriented, and rather depressing to persons like myself. I was not interested in incontinence, for example. But in early 1999 I found on the Internet CWPML, Coping with Personal Memory Loss, which Laura Smith, diagnosed with AD and living in rural Montana, had recently organized. Like myself, she had a background of 60s activism, was a support group veteran for her personal issues, and had studied leadership, such as Scott Peck's work on community building. Creating DASN as an incorporated nonprofit combining support and advocacy in its mission was particularly her idea. This happened in Aug., 2000, and she became our first president. An online network is especially helpful for us pwids (or, persons with dementia) because it enables us to get around our memory and processing difficulties. Written communication in chats or emails lets us reread rather than having to remember, and let's it be OK to think and write slowly. Then, not being embarrassed by slowness and forgetfulness we have better self-esteem, which in turn boosts our cognitive performance. Our co-secretary, Carole, with vascular dementia, wrote: For me, finding chats was like the arrival of paramedics in the 911 emergency of my life! Through them, over time, I was able to: 1. regain hope 2. restore a feeling of belonging 3. rectify misinformation and find authoritative resources 4. resolve to fight my decline 5 ressurect a sense of purpose and direction 6. redirect my energies to helping others in similar situations. Preparing this talk, as I am doing, 3 1/2 years after diagnosis, I'm conscious of an increased difficulty in organizing my thoughts. I feel challenged to adapt to this situation, but not withdraw from life. I think of the Serenity Prayer, which has been used so much by support groups: "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." We pwids give each other support in accepting the realities of our situation, but we also advocate for change. We are part of the disability rights movement, advocating for respect and inclusion, whose slogan is "Nothing about us without us." In pursuit of these values, members from California, Montana, Canada and Australia communicated on the Internet and converged on the Alzheimer's Disease International Conference in New Zealand in October, 2001. We had a DASNI booth and led workshops, and put forward the recommendations in the handout. An ADI working group is now considering them. I want to particularly stress 3b) "ADI should urgently determine the policy basis on which people with dementia can be full partners in the life of the organization including contributing to activities and participating in management and advisory functions." In February we presented analogous proposals (in the other handout) to U.S. Alzheimer's Association staff. Why do we do this? Why not just try to be comfortable and as normal as possible? Why not simply spend our days gardening or doing crossword puzzles or telling recycled stories until its time for the nursing home? Some of us see it as a matter of the survival of our personalities. Dementia and a dementia diagnosis are traumatic experiences, and the classic text _Trauma and Recovery_ asserts the value of a "survivor mission" for recovery. Forty years ago Martin Luther King took his message to Washington. He wrote about the "degenerating sense of nobodiness." his people were afflicted with, and he spoke of collective protest with discipline and dignity as a path to pride. He gave his people a survivor mission. Martin Luther King said, "I have a dream." I too have a dream. I have a cognitively disabled grandchild who is 9 years old. I have a dream that by the time Amy is grown every organization that serves disabled people will include them as much as possible in their staff and administration. Disabled people will no longer be treated like 19th century women who were put on pedestals of motherhood, but denied the right to vote. This is a dream I want each of you to think about, because pursuing it is so vital for our selfrespect. I know there are not easy answers but hard questions: How many of us are qualified, and for how long? But I would very much like to see the Alzheimer's Association have an affirmative action program under the direction of a senior staff member which would recruit pwids to serve on local boards (like, for example, Jan Philips, speaking in a nearby room) and to hire pwids as paid Internet chat hosts. Here I'm thinking particularly of Mary Lockhart who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease around 7 years ago and has done such a splendid job. I guess the way I'm talking about advocacy right now is by doing advocacy. I used to be a professor, and I suppose it is a kind of Socratic advocacy, where my goal is to leave you troubled by the questions and concerns that trouble me. Then we can work together to find the answers. Thank you.

May 1, 2002

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KENNY AND KATHY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORB!!! Norb is our friend Janey’s husband in Illinois… Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois, Diane in Australia and Diane in Pleasant Plains, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I had a phone call from my Sister last night and she had spoken to the Administrator of the Nursing Home and gotten them all straightened out. Now my Mother should be getting better care from now on. If not Martha will be moving her to another home. Thanks Martha for doing a great job in making sure our Mother gets the best care. Mom got a perm and a manicure yesterday, also a bath. They had really been neglecting Mom. They were not giving her baths, just dropping her tray off and not helping her eat. Leaving her heart patch lay on her bedside stand, among other things. All this was tearing me up inside… I got my medicines set up for the next four weeks and every time I do this I am so thankful I have my Aricept most of all. I know I would never be doing as well as I am without it. I think my Vitamin E also helps… My DASN International friends Jan/Mina and Wade have returned home from Washington DC. She gave me permission to post her speech here. Thanks Jan/Mina. Dave and I feel so honored to have had Jan and Wade in our home… Goodnight All… KTFIOK I share a common bond with you all and the rest of the world in that what is adverse in our lives propels us into action. I believe this is universal. We face our daily trials, work for solutions, then get back on the merry-go-round of our lives -- until we are faced with an insurmountable crisis. For me the diagnosis of probable Alzheimer's Disease, was that crisis. Alzheimer's was a living death sentence. I was sentenced to a daily loss of self, social standing and all the abilities I had taken for granted in the past. Already I had suffered so much loss that getting a diagnosis was imperative. No possibility of hope was offered for any type of future or meaningful life between diagnosis and death. I'd like to share just a simplified brief outline of my journey from apathy to advocacy. Many confusing and frightening occurrences started to become regular enough to cause me to go to our family doctor when I was 43, in 1993. They couldn't be wished away nor ignored. When all the medical reasons that he could find were ruled out, the doctor proposed a brain biopsy to check for dementia. At least I had the presence of mind to refuse that! Guess he thought he'd just do these random drilling sites since he had given me no neuropsychological testing. I kept my concerns to myself, not sharing them with my family - I became more and more adept at covering up and making excuses for my lapses. I actively sought my diagnosis in 1995 when news was shared by an Aunt that my uncle had passed from Alzheimer's Disease. It was as if a light bulb went off in my head; now what had been happening to me might be explained in a similar way, and the peculiar behaviors of my Mother and an Aunt might be explained as well. I knew nothing about Alzheimer's disease at that time. Being a new grandmother I was afraid of endangering my granddaughter. So I had to know. I was 45, my husband 50; we were a long way from retirement. He had switched from the corporate world to begin a consulting firm in which I was the "word monger." I wrote business plans and the like. But I had found it increasingly difficult to be of any help. I read a newspaper ad looking for volunteers to participate in anti-dementia drug studies. The outline they laid out as to symptoms seemed fit many of my concerns. So I called them. Like my doctor, they said I was too young, but agreed to see me and do the testing required for the research study. They ran a full battery of neuro-psychological testing and bloodwork. As I passed the criteria for possible dementia they asked for an age waiver so that I too could be included in their studies. Two years later I went through a similar testing battery at UCI and had a MRI which confirmed dementia - I have been followed there for 4 years. I feel very lucky to have become involved in the anti dementia drug trials at Pharmacology Research Institute or PRI, in Southern California. Obviously a patient-oriented, caring research facility, the staff insisted that we contact the Alzheimer's Association for support and further information on dementia. This was to be my 1st step in changing from apathy to advocacy. After being part of the Early Memory Loss group, I realized the value -- and my need for -- support, empathy and understanding, and yet I was frustrated by the lack of services and information available for early stage people with dementia or PWiDs. Pronounced to rhyme with kidz (that acronym was coined by DR. Morris Friedell, a fellow DASN international board member, who is here presenting in another workshop). My daughter, dismayed at my apathy and depression spent the better part of an afternoon on the phone trying to find a support group for me. After a dozen calls she finally was referred to a 'wonderful young woman recently diagnosed who would be able to provide tremendous support'. - Her excitement soon turned to a fit of the giggles when she revealed that wonderful young woman was me. She had been referred back to the very person for whom she was seeking support! I had started keeping a journal of sorts about my dementia and shared it with Selly Jenny. (Selly is the founder of Memories in the Making, an art and self expression program for PWiDs. Selly didn't give me a bit of sympathy. Her comments? "So what now? It's obvious you are very angry - are you going to continue to whine and be a victim?" That second step towards advocacy would be better described as a boot to the backside! My husband made a huge third step possible when he set me up with the Internet. Timid at first, I found a wealth of information about dementia and many support groups for Carepartners, but there were none for people diagnosed with dementia. The carepartner boards were frightening as they dealt mainly with the problems of later stage PWiDs. This was an extremely traumatic time, although the effect of the disease was relatively subtle and sometimes almost imperceptible to others, for me it was so totally life altering. My inability to adjust without support was devastating to myself and my family . Laura Smith, a PWiD living alone in a rural area of Montana, then contacted me. She had formed an online community called "Coping With Personal Memory Loss." There I found understanding and support and a lot of other angry people too, also struggling with the early stages of their diagnosis, and very frustrated with the lack of services and information available for the people with dementia themselves. The fourth step towards my advocacy was the realization that in helping one another, we could turn lemons into lemonade, and, by golly, we were going to set up our own lemonade stand! A group of nine of us with different illnesses causing dementia branched out from Coping With Personal Memory Loss to form a nonprofit corporation, the Dementia Advocacy and Support Network or DASN. The group formed to advocate specifically for services for early stage patients and their care partners. That was October of 2000. Since then DASN has grown into DASN International, with a membership of over 160 in eleven nations worldwide. Our youngest member diagnosed with dementia is but 25 years old - definitely NOT an "Old Timer"! Her dementia is hepatitis-related. We at DASN are living history. The first generation of people with dementia to have received the new cognitive drugs like Aricept, Excelon and Reminal. As such we are the new face of dementia. The majority of our membership have been diagnosed with various forms of dementia and the remainder of our membership is comprised of those temporarily able-brained individuals, or TABS as we refer to most of you, who support our principles, beliefs and values (brochure in your packet) Our primary means of communication are the Internet, our website, twice daily chats and an email community which provides anonymity, time to interact at our own pace, and safe support for more complex and intimate issues. The DASN International board of directors has met face-to-face twice in the past two years. Being international, the location of our office has been a problem, so we tell the world we "telecommute" for board meetings. Time is irreplaceable with an early stage PWiD both because they now know that their lives will be shorter and of less quality than they hoped, and because function lost prior to treatment can never be wholly recovered. Diagnosis and treatment are a race against time. The odyssey through the medical establishment begins when you realize something "isn't right" with yourself. In spite of that, diagnosis can take up to a year, sometimes more, as you go from one doctor to another trying to find someone who will listen and not just summarily discount you because of your age or vagueness and inability to articulate the confusing changes occurring. The medical profession needs to better educate general practitioners and the public at large about the early warning signs of dementia and about the neurological terms needed to describe the "problems" we experience. The general public now knows about the language of the heart. We know about systolic and diastolic blood pressures, arteriosclerosis, cardiac arrhymias and the like. Equally, we must be taught about neurological dysfunction. Agnosia, aphasia, apraxia, short and long term memory loss are not difficult concepts, but if one does not have the language to talk about one's experiences, one is rendered effectively mute, and diagnosis is often delayed. As one DASN International board member in Australia puts it, "Treatment delayed is treatment denied" because the research clearly shows that when treatment is withheld even for a few months, the lost function is never fully recovered. Finding the right specialist and getting appropriate treatment seems never-ending and frustrating as one struggles with denial oneself, often becoming more depressed. The best hope for early-stage people is early detection, immediate and aggressive drug intervention, early stage services and an empowerment approach. Rehabilitation, self-monitoring and management, and vocational or recreational therapy must be elements of the patient's tool-box for coping. Counseling for grief and loss are also of enormous help in maintaining quality of life. Long before the diagnosticians detect our deficits, those of us in the early stages are well aware of the losses we have endured, despite our inability to describe them in ways practitioners can recognize. Delaying the diagnosis or delaying telling the early stage patient is not a kindness, any more than avoiding discovering and treating termites in the foundation of a house! Early detection enables us to receive drug intervention. The drugs available now help to forestall the dementia's progression - many of us in DASN International actually refer to ourselves as the "Aricept Generation," having maintained a sound level of cognitive ability since starting on the drug when it became available 5 years ago. As well, drugs are available that can help us deal with apathy, depression, aggression, anger outbursts and other unacceptable social behavior. PWiDs in DASN Int'l have told me that until getting into stabilizing medications, they would not even consider seeking any support, be it privately with a counselor or in a support group. Perhaps physically, as well as mentally, they were not feeling well enough to socialize and talk to others as apathy and social withdrawal can be significant early symptoms of dementia stemming from frontal lobe damage. We at Dementia Advocacy and Support Network International are channeling our frustrations into empowerment and a sense of accomplishment. Educating ourselves and doing our best to affect changes for PWiDs worldwide. Our motto is "Think Globally - Act Locally." Even in it's infancy DASN International has made a worldwide impact. In your packets you will find two proposals made by the DASN Int'l membership to Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI), an umbrella organization for the Alzheimer's Association in the United States and in sixty-four member nations worldwide. The first was presented just prior to ADI's world conference in October of last year in New Zealand. ADI has praised our initiative and formed an international working group to which two DASN International members were appointed for further discussion on the implementation of our proposal. The second proposal was made to the National Alzheimer's Association here in the US in February. DASN International board members were pleased to be able to meet with Kathleen O'Brian, National Vice President for Program Services, and executive members of the Orange County and Los Angeles chapters to discuss its future impact on the Alzheimer's Association and its chapters here in the United States. We look forward to our continued working relationship with the National Alzheimer's Association and its many chapters. As I said initially, "Adversity propels us into action." For me my action has become a quest, my Holy Grail. There has been a continuing theme that keeps me motivated and that theme is preserving the health of my family (share four generation picture.) This is my daughter, my granddaughter and my mother. I am honored to say our picture has been featured in the Orange County newsletter, Memory Walk brochure and a membership invitation. My quest is to see a cure and a vaccine for prevention. The legacy of Alzheimer's Disease needs to stop with my generation - this is an inheritance that should no longer be shared. Also with my PWiD advocacy, I hope to make the way of those diagnosed after me easier and better supported in early stages within the Alzheimer's community. I would like to say that my advocacy efforts locally and globally are supported by people and organizations that I consider carepartners in this journey, people who share my philosophy in regard to Alzheimer's Disease. Carole Mulliken, my friend , carepartner and DASN Int'l. co-secretary who graciously shared thoughts, ideas and helped to clarify this talk. And without the continued support and generosity of my carepartners at the Alzheimer's Association, and in particular the California chapters of Los Angeles and Orange counties, and the forward-thinking of executive directors, Peter Braun and Linda Scheck, my efforts would be greatly curtailed. Most Alzheimer's conferences are filled with people who work within the "providers" industry. Not often do we reach the people who are most in need of the information, the consumer - the person with dementia, their carepartners. As advocates, we usually "preach to the choir," but during these next few days we have an opportunity to give testimony to those who in a great part enable us to sing. Together we have the power to affect change. To date, the advocacy of people affected by dementia has helped to dramatically increase the amount of money available for research. The new cognitive drugs that are the result help people with dementia to live with enormously improved quality of life and productivity. I am one who has reaped those benefits. However, it is now time to redirect our vigorous research energies toward a vaccine to stop Alzheimer's Disease in future generations, and to fund care for those diagnosed at earlier ages. Specifically, we must channel monies toward programs that will enable PWiDs to remain at home with their families longer and programs providing access to counseling, rehabilitative activities, innovative technological tools and timely medical services. Just briefly I'd like to go over the handout in your packet which outlines ways in which you can become involved in advocacy and add to that list : contacting the media in your town when a story breaks about dementia to give them your unique perspective. Even those confined to their homes can still be advocates through hosting chats, developing e-mail communities, conducting letter writing campaigns to legislators, writing editorials for local papers, offering phone support, and so forth. Opportunities within the Alzheimer's Association abound I invite you to join us in DASN International Take advantage of the many opportunities in your community, church, social clubs And so forth … You need not be limited by any existing barriers. DASN International has accomplished amazing things without an office, without a budget, or paid executives. It shall take the imaginations and creative energies of us all to bring about the kind of change needed to conquer dementia. In closing I implore you to not only add to this list, but share it as well with others who can share with us in our advocacy's. Thank you ….

April 30, 2002

Last night we had a phone call from Dave’s brother Richard. It was great hearing from you Richard… I got up this morning and finished the laundry. Then I went out and did a tour of my back yard and fed the birds. Everything is looking great. My Primroses are blooming. They are pretty but I have to watch or they try and take over my flower garden… We have so many pretty birds. They have already moved into my new log cabin birdhouse. Dave and I saw a finch this evening. We tried to get pictures of our different birds. Sometimes they won’t corporate though… I spent a lot of time on the phone this morning talking to our insurance company and the hospital. The hospital sent me a huge bill and I don’t owe it. Bills really upset me especially when I don’t owe them… Sometimes I wish I didn’t have anything to do but sit outside with my dogs and watch the birds and enjoy my flowers, and listen to the water fountain when the weather is like it has been. But I have other things to do like, laundry, preparing meals, paying bills, picking up around the house, etc… I received a letter in the mail today inviting me to my 45th high school class reunion. I can’t believe I am that old… I hosted two DASN chats as usual and today was topic day… I had a phone call from my phone buddy Virginia… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

April 29, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYSELLE!!! Mayselle is Lori’s Grandmother… Last night Dave and I watched the Documentary on Gloria’s life with Early Onset Alzheimer’s. We thought her daughter Julie did a great job on getting the word out, that Alzheimer’s doesn’t just hit the elderly. Our Sons and Grandchildren watch it too. Parts of it were very hard for us to watch… David called me this morning at 9:30 and I was still sleeping. I was glad he called because it was the beginning of a great day. David was babysitting for Madison while Lori was at the Doctor. Jenni, Madison’s Mother, started a new job today at Southwestern Bell… I did laundry, pulled weeds, fed some flowers, watched the birds and butterflies, called Safe Return and ordered new Safe Return bracelets for Dave and me since I have had mine for seven years it was getting pretty worn. The first replacement is free. Dave has never had one. When I got mine seven years ago they weren’t available for the carepartner. His only cost five dollars. I called my DASN Friends Chip and Sharon. It was so nice to hear their voices. Chip you have an accent. LOL… Dave went in for his last appointment with the surgeon today that did his shoulder surgery. Everything was fine… Dave took the rest of the day off and has been doing lots of honey do’s for me… We were having our lunch on the patio when a Hummingbird came. I had my feeders out but hadn’t filled them yet. I went right away and got them filled up. I sure hope he comes back… Dave had a call from the Insurance Company and they are going to pay for my wheel chair. Until now I have just been renting it. So that was good news… Thank you God for a great day… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

April 28, 2002

I can’t believe how I can go from having a terrific day to a very cloudy day. I woke up this morning feeling terrible… Dave fixed us an Omelet but I felt so bad and I was freezing so I went back to bed and stayed there most of the day. Sleeping off and on. Dave went flying with Kenny and Kathy. I had planned on going but felt too bad… George called from Mom’s room so I was able to talk to her. I had been trying to call her but guess she is unable to answer the phone. It was good to talk to Mom but I didn’t like the way she sounded, so weak. I want my Mother back so I can talk and laugh with her again. Thanks George for the phone call… David called, he and Chris had taken Helen (the pig) and T-bone ( the Bull Calf) in to be butchered this morning. Soon we will have some pork and beef in our freezer… Tonight there will an EOAD Documentary on MSNBC at 10:00 EST. This will be about a lady who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in her late forty’s and I thought I was young when I was diagnosed at 55… My DASNI Friends, Jan/Mina and Morris are speaking today on the Public Policy Forum in Washington DC. I know they will do a great job representing DASNI… I made a Spinach Quiche for supper… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

April 27, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELEN!!! Helen is my school friend in Marietta, Georgia… This morning Dave and I went to the Airport for a cookout at a Pilot’s Hangar. There were about thirty pilots there and their wives. Kenny and Kathy were there too. We had a great time visiting and eating some great food… Later, Kenny and Kathy took us to Edmond to the Cemetery where Wiley Post is buried. Then we went to the Omiplex to look at planes there. And last but least we went to Braums for a ice cream. Thanks Kenny and Kathy, we enjoyed spending the day with you… I heard from my brother George and he says Mom doesn’t look well and is failing.... George had gone mushroom hunting and was bragging about all the Mushrooms he found. He knows how I love Mushrooms. I used to hunt for them when we lived in Indiana… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

April 26, 2002

My alarm went off this morning and I sure didn’t want to get out of bed. But I had a dental appointment so I had to. It was raining and it would have been such a good day to sleep in. My appointment was at nine and Dave was late getting home to drive me, I was really pacing. I would go and look for him outside and then come back in and do some more pacing. I don’t like being late and usually I am a person who is twenty minutes early. Dave got caught up in a conversation at work and forgot about the time. He didn’t pick me up till nine. .. I called and told Pete that I would be late. I was twenty minutes late. He was there waiting for me when I arrived and everything went fine. I had to have an old filling replaced and he found a cavity while doing that. I still may have to have a root canal, I sure hope not. My tooth starting hurting, when the numbness was gone. I was hurting so bad that I left DASNI chat and took some Tylenol 3, took the phone off the hook and went to bed… David called; he was holding Madison and I could hear her chattering in the background. Gosh I need a Madison fix… My Sister and I talked and she isn’t happy with the care our Mother is getting. My brother George from Kentucky is to be there later today, I hope they straighten the people out at the Nursing Home. Our Mother deserves nothing but the best treatment… Goodnight all… KTFIOK …

April 25, 2002

I woke up early this morning with the same headache I went to bed with. Soon after I got up I went back to bed because I felt so bad… I haven’t gotten much accomplished today, just a little picking up around the house… I saw a squirrel eating out of the bird feeder this morning. Cindy missed it… I have been freezing all day. One of those days when I can’t get warm no matter what I do. I fixed potato soup for supper… It rained today so we got our vegetables plants in the garden just in time… Tomorrow will be a better day… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

April 24, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE!!!! Marie is my friend in Miami, Florida… Thanks to ELPIDO in Hawaii, Carol in Endwell, New York, Garnette in Texas, and Janey in Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… My friend Glenna from our San Antonio meeting is back home in Vancouver, Canada. She was the last one of us to make it back home. Now it all seems like a wonderful dream… I got caught up on the emails, finished cleaning the motor home, and folded Monday’s laundry that I found still in the dryer. At least I had remembered to dry them and I fixed supper.. Then I supervised Dave as he tilled the garden and planted our vegetables. I am a great supervisor… I chatted on IM with my DASNI friends Jan/Mina and John… My phone buddy Virginia called… My Azalea’s and Iris’s are blooming… I have a headache tonight on the right side of my head… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

April 23, 2002

Thanks Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… This morning I had an early appointment to go see Dr. Smith, the Orthopedic Surgeon who is keeping an eye on the tumor in my foot. It appeared to be the same. The pain is controlled by heavy doses of Neurontin. I am up to 800 mg three times a day now… On the way home from the Doctor we stopped and got some Krispy Kreme donuts. We shouldn’t have but we did and they were so good… I came home from San Antonio with five pounds of Gum Drops and three pounds of Jelly Belly’s from my frends Lynne and Sally. That should keep me in sweets for a long time. Of course Dave helps with them too. Seems we both have a sweet tooth… Dave had to buy another TV today, our TV in the study just quit. We sure didn’t need to spend money on a TV right now. But we enjoy watching the evening news and a few shows while we are on our computers. We were really lost without the TV… I got my flowers all planted today and Dave will plant the vegetables later… I heard from my Sister that Mom is in the Skilled Care Unit at the Nursing Home. She doesn’t have a phone so I can’t call her… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith in Oklahoma

April 22, 2002

I have had another busy but good day… I did laundry, gave the dogs a bath, and when Dave got home from work, we went to get the vegetable and flower plants. Now I can’t wait to get them all planted. I love my fresh vegetables… I got good news today. My Mother was released from the Hospital and she is back in the Nursing Home where she will get some well-needed rest. She said they woke her up every fifteen minutes at the hospital. But they did take good care of her and made her better. Thanks everyone for the prayers… I called my phone buddy Virginia to let her know I was back home. She was happy to know I was back… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

April 21, 2002

Thanks to Diane in Pleasant Plains, Illinois and Judy in Lexington, North Carolina for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I got up this morning before the dogs did, that is very unusual. It was still too cold to have breakfast on the patio… I got the crock-pot out and put in the ham bone and pinto beans that I had soaked overnight. I thought it would be a good day for beans and corn bread. I then started on the checkbook paying bills. We had so many bills come in while we were away and so much junk mail to go through. I always hate that job… I planted the tomato plants that David brought over Friday that he had started from seed. I can’t wait to get to the greenhouse and buy some more vegetable and flower plants… I called Mom and she isn’t doing well yet. I wish I could be closer to her. It is so hard to be so far away. I called Larry Rose and visited with him… Then the rest of the day I spent outside. It turned out to be a very pretty day. Would you believe I had so much fun today that I forgot to eat lunch. I think that was the first for me. LOL… Dave cut the grass and washed the car. Tomorrow he has to go back to work. I sure will miss having him home… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

April 20, 2002

Thanks to Diane in Australia, Mary Theresa in Ft. Gilead, Ohio, Alysha, in Manchester, Vermont, Marie, in Miami, Florida, June, in Casselton, North Dakota, and Maddy in Iceland for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book. Please, when you visit Mary’s Place sign my guest book so I will know you came to visit. I love having visitors… This morning I got up early so I could get caught up on my journal. It was really bugging me to get it finished. I am listening to my garden show on the radio… It is too chilly to have our breakfast out on the patio… Dave thank you for helping me remember things so I could get this all updated and also for the great job you do in editing it… To all my friends at ADF I sure do miss you all and thank you for all the gifts and wonderful time in San Antonio… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

April 19, 2002

This is the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing… I got a call this morning telling me my Mother was back in the hospital. I had tried to call Mom while I was on vacation but was unable to reach her. She isn’t doing very well. She has Pneumonia again. I called and talked to her. She told me she would get better. It hurts so bad to be so far away from my Mother when she is so ill… It is sure good to be home and back in our king size bed… I have been doing laundry all-day and trying to get my journal updated. That is a big job trying to remember everything for two weeks. I did take notes but after my writing is cold it is so hard to read… I chatted with my brother and sister and a few friends on IM. Then I went to DASN chat for a little while and to the ADF chat… All my friends are back home now except for Sally and Glenna. They are doing some sightseeing on their way home to California and Canada… Dave and I called our old friends Joe and Sheicko in Panama City Beech, Florida tonight and had a nice visit with them.. I fixed a Spaghetti supper and we ate out on the patio… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

April 18, 2002

Last night we told our goodbyes and this morning we got ready to go home. We were all ready to go, I was having withdrawals from my patio, computer and washing machine. Dave was tired, and the dogs wanted to shed their leashes… We stopped at a Gift Shop that had some really nice things at Hochatown Junction. I got some wind chimes, a birdhouse, a butterfly house, and the lady was so nice she gave me a log bird feeder and a Crystal Rock. We will definitely be stopping by there again next time we go to Beaver’s Bend… I came home with a nice collection of rocks for my Rock Garden… We got home around 4:00 PM… I started the laundry and pulled some weeds and we had supper out on the patio. My Tulips were just beautiful and my Dogwood tree was in full bloom. This is the first year I have seen my Dogwood bloom. My Iris’s are ready to bloom and so is my Alzelea. My Roses are full of buds. I love spring… I talked to Josh and Heather on the phone and I can’t wait to see them… Goodnight all… David and Kenny thank you for looking after our home while we were away. David kept up the inside and Kenny the outside. We are sure blessed with great Sons…. Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

April 17, 2002

This morning Dave got up early and went with Jack out on the lake in the boat fishing… Jack caught nine Crappie and Dave came home with no fish stories… I kept going back to bed this morning, seems like I couldn’t get enough rest… After lunch Dave rested and then we went for a drive around Beaver’s Bend. While we were driving around we saw five fawn cross the road in front of us. They were so cute… We stopped at a newly opened pawn show but didn’t see anything we couldn’t live without… Then we went to eat in Hochatown at a restaurant called Stevens Gap. We had catfish and it was the best I think I have ever had. We even had homemade pie afterwards. Dave had Coconut and I had Custard Pie… When we got back to the campground we did some fishing off the boat ramp. I enjoyed getting to fish again. But we still have no fish stories. The lake was really up… Then we watched a John Wayne movie called She Wore A Yellow Ribbon… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

April 16, 2002

Dave didn’t feel like going fishing this morning. He was tired and just wanted to rest… We drove into town and picked up a few items… It was a stormy night. Helen and Gerald had given us a few movies to watch. We ended up watching Shane and then went to bed. It rained hard with thunder and lightening. It sounded like hail hitting the motor home, the dogs wanted to get in a closet. They were remembering the tornado we were in three years ago. They have been scared of storms ever since then… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

April 15, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JR!!! Jr. is my nephew in Peru, Indiana… This morning right after we had breakfast we went to Sis’s to see her cows and tell them goodbye… Sis had a cow that had twins and she named them Lynne Twin and Mary Twin. They were so cute… On our way back to the RV Park we saw a sign that said bird houses for sale so Dave stopped and bought me one… We left and headed for Broken Bow to a campground in Hochatown State Park, right next to Beavers Bend. This is our favorite place to camp and we like to go in April and October. We meet our friends down there every year… Dave goes out in the boat fishing with Jack and I visit with the ladies. I love it in the woods… The Dogwoods were in bloom everywhere… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

April 14, 2002 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL!!! Bill is my favorite nephew in Gahanna, Ohio… Today we mostly rested until Sis, Glenna, and Sally came by to pick us up. It has been a sad day for me knowing I won’t see my friends again for a long time. But I keep reminding myself we will talk online… We followed Sis to her Ranch. There we met her Dad and dogs. Sis prepared a nice meal for us. Something I had been craving for a few days, Liver and Onions. They were yummy and it was her beef. When we left, Sis sent with us Liver and Onions and Rice. Dave isn’t that fond of Liver so I got to eat it all by myself. I ate liver for three days straight and I loved it… I saw my first Hummingbird of the year while I was at Sis's... Goodnight all... KTFITX

April 13, 2002

We left the RV Park this morning to go to Rusk State Park in Rusk, Texas… I have never seen a week go by so fast. I sure did enjoy San Antonio. It was a good choice for us all to meet there… Our trip to Rusk was very pretty, lots of Blue Bonnets and Indian Paint Brush along the road. Many yards had beautiful Azalea’s in bloom… We stopped along the highway at a market and bought some tomatoes and a couple of rose bushes, a Paradise and a Lowell Thomas rose… The park at Rusk was small and it had a little train running alongside the Park, The Texas State Railroad. It only ran in the daytime. I even walked down the track a little bit. I hadn’t walked a railroad track since I was a kid. The dogs didn’t care for the noise of the trains… I watched Rain Man and Dave took a nap… Goodnight all… KTFITX

April 12, 2002

This was the day and Lynne and Larry were leaving to go back home. Robert and Mary Ann came around 8:30 to video us and to tell our friends bye. Then the rest of the gang showed up too. Soon it was time for me to leave to go to Mass with Aunt Florence again. I sure did hate to see Lynne and Larry leave. We had lunch with Aunt Florence and I polished her nails for her. I don’t think I had mentioned before my Aunt is legally blind. We told Aunt Florence good-bye. Then went back to the RV Park… We did some bird watching and Dave walked the dogs down to the San Antonio River. Cindy and Karmelita waded in the water. Tootsie waded in and then just sat down in the water… Later we went to the hotel to visit one last time with our friends. Po and Jerri, Lynne and Larry, and Linda had all gone home. We are to leave in the morning and the rest were leaving Sunday… Goodnight all… KTFITX

April 11, 2002

After the big day yesterday I woke up feeling good… So Dave, Larry, and Lynne and I went downtown to the Market. Dave and Larry took turns pushing me in my wheelchair. We saw a lot of little shops but I couldn’t make a decision to buy anything. We met the rest of the group down there and all had a nice lunch at a restaurant called La Margarita. Great food and it was nice eating with our friends again. After lunch I was wanting something sweet so we found a place that sold fudge. It didn’t take long for me to tire out so we went back to the RV Park to rest… Later I made a big pot of potato soup. We all sat outside and enjoyed the soup. Later we had a bowl of ice cream… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Texas

April 10, 2002

This was the day we planned to go shopping. We had planned this for a long time. Right after breakfast Dave drove Lynne and me into the hotel. Sally, Glenna and Lynne went shopping. Sis, Lela, Po, Jerre, and Janey and I caught a trolley and they loaded up my wheelchair and away we went to the Mall. Oh what a fun day we had. Laughing and having a great time shopping. Someone even asked if we were sister’s. Everyone in San Antonio is so friendly and helpful. You should see them jumping off the Trolley to load my wheel chair. The girls all took turns pushing me around in the store. I found the perfect jumper at Dillards and a shirt… Lela found a pair of earrings that went perfect. We had lunch at Hooter’s and later in the evening after we had rested a bit at the hotel we caught the Trolley and went to the Riverwalk and had an Italian dinner. I haven’t had a bad meal yet… Sally drove us back to the RV Park. I think the guys were starting to worry about us a bit. We had been gone about twelve hours…. Goodnight all… KTFITX

April 9, 2002

I woke up feeling good this morning. I called David and Lori and woke them up. Then I called my Aunt Florence to let her know we would be over soon so I could go to mass with her… Aunt Florence is my God Mother and my Daddy’s youngest sister. She is a real sweetheart. She always tells everyone that the reason I turned out so good was because she is my Godmother… Aunt Florence and I went to Mass and Dave stayed in her apartment and slept. It felt so good to go to Mass. I haven’t done that in quite some time and I miss it… After Mass we went to lunch with Aunt Florence there at the Incarnate Word where she lives with many Nuns in a retirement center. This is a beautiful place. It gives me much comfort to know my Aunt lives in such a beautiful safe place… After lunch we took Aunt Flo back to the RV Park with us. I wanted her to meet all my friends. I knew she would love them and that they would love her. My Uncle Arthur had Alzheimer’s so Aunt Flo would fit right in with us. Sally and Sis came out to the park. This was my first time to meet Sis. I can’t explain what it is like to meet all my online friends. But I know there was lots of love there among us all. We all went to the hotel. Now everyone has arrived. Janey was the last one to come in. I was sitting in the lobby waiting on Sally to come get us when Janey walked in with her luggage and I heard her give her name. Janey Voight I jumped up and screamed JANEY and gave her a big hug. We all visited in the hotel room and the guys were out under the Gazebo. It was nice to meet Jere who also has Alzheimer’s. He and Po came in from Alabama.. We all left in cars and went to a Steak Restaurant called The Barn Door. There were a total of seventeen in our group. The food was wonderful… After dinner we took Aunt Florence home and went back to the hotel to visit some more and then we took Larry and Lynne back to the RV Park… Goodnight All… KTFITX

April 8, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD!!! Howard is Dave’s Brother in Gahanna, Ohio… I woke up this morning feeling real bad, I had a cloudy head and I had a terrible night with my Reflux. I should know better than eat Barbeque. But it was so good. I kept trying to get up but had to keep going back to bed because I felt terrible. Around noon I had some yogurt and that seemed to help… Then Dave and I went to visit a school friend Aralee and her husband in Schertz. We had a nice visit and Aralee even did a load of laundry for me. After all that rain and the wet dogs we needed to do some laundry. Thanks Aralee, Dave and I really enjoyed our visit with you and your hubby, sorry but his name won’t come to me right now.. We asked Lynne and Larry to go but they just wanted to rest… We got back to the RV Park and sat outside and watched the birds with Lynne and Larry and Dave brought out five rib bones from the night before. We had five happy dogs. This kept Cindy, Karmelita, Tootsie, Cinnamon, and Snowy busy for quite some time. Dave fixed his famous Spam Supreme for supper for all of us. Even Lynne who hates Spam had a second helping. We were so happy that the rain had stopped. We were able to eat at the picnic table. A very nice evening… Goodnight all… KTFITX

April 7, 2002

I sleep so well in the motor home… Dave went to the office this morning and downloaded my e-mail for me… I straightened up the motor home… Then we went to the hotel to meet some more of our AD Friends who were driving and flying in. They were coming from Alabama, Canada, California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas. It was so much fun meeting everyone face to face. Most of us have been chatting for a couple years and had seen photos. But there is nothing like a big hug from each one of them… After we all said a few words we all loaded up in our cars and followed Robert to a Rib Restaurant. Well we tried to follow Robert. It was rainy and Dave lost Robert. But we all ended up at Casey’s Barbeque eventually. It was a fun place. All you could eat Beef Ribs… We had a great time. Robert knows all the good places to eat… On our way home the streets were starting to flood, it was a bit scary for me… Then we heard there was a Tornado Warning in the area. I got more worried. We were in a motor home. It was raining so hard and it was starting to hail. That made Dave worry about his new car. We didn’t get any damage from the hail. Poor Dave had to walk the dogs in the rain… I am real tired tonight… Goodnight all… KTFITX

April 6, 2002

We left right after breakfast heading for San Antonio. We followed Larry and Lynne down in their RV. It was a pretty drive and we were able to talk back and forth on the CB… We saw some Blue Bonnets and arrived at the Travelers World RV Park with no problems… Lynne and I had found the park on the Internet and were very pleased with our decision to stay there for a week. We were a bit worried that it might not be a good place but we had no complaints… Lynne called Robert and Mary Ann, and they came over right away and we got to meet them for the first time. Mary Ann is a PWiD like Lynne and I and Robert is her care partner… Dave and I followed Robert, Mary Ann, Larry and Lynne to a Mexican Restaurant, which was just perfect. Nice and quiet and the food was wonderful. We had a waitress who entertained us too. It was a perfect evening… Goodnight all… KTFITX

April 5, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICE!!! Alice is my DASNI friend in Kokomo, Indiana… Today I did the last minute things to get the RV ready to go…. Dave took off work early and got the motor home out of the back yard and hooked up the car to it… Soon we were on our way to Iowa Park, Texas to meet up with Larry and Lynne. They were out in their yard planting some Easter Lilies when we arrived. We visited for a while and then they took us to a nice place called Fisher’s for dinner. I had catfish and now I can’t remember what Dave, Larry, and Lynne ordered but it was really good. We camped in front of their house for the night… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Texas

April 4, 2002

Thanks to Louisa in Plant City, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I woke up with a headache and kept it most of the day. Finally I remembered to take something for it… I gave the dogs a bath and washed their bedding, now if I just don’t forget to take them with us to Texas. LOL. That will never happen. They are so excited they know we are making a trip when they see us loading up the RV… Tomorrow we leave for Texas, so this may be my last entry till we get back. I am taking my laptop but don’t know if I will get a chance to write any. We have a busy schedule and when we camp in the woods we will not have access to the internet. We will just have peace and quiet and nature. One of my favorite things anymore… David came by to get instructions on taking care of things while we are away… I called my Mother and she had gone to play bingo for the first time since she has been in the hospital. But she didn’t win she said. It sure made me feel good that she was able to go play. I called Josh and he said he made an A in math and will be making the honor roll. Way to go Josh, I am telling the whole world. Math has been his hardest subject… My phone buddy Virginia called. I know she will miss our phone conversations while I am away… Goodnight all... Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

April 3, 2002

My prayers go out to my cousin’s wife Peggy who had a bad fall and hit her head while she was taking her daily walk. She is now in a coma after having brain surgery… I had another dental appointment today. I am beginning to wonder if there will every be an end to my trips to the dentist… Dave got groceries and washed the cars. I did laundry and have been loading up the RV… My friend Glenna left Vancouver, Canada this morning on her way to the states. I will meet her and other Internet friends soon in San Antonio. I am really getting excited… I am so tired tonight… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

April 2, 2002

Our deepest sympathy goes out to our niece Barbara and her husband Bob on the loss of their new born daughter Claire Elizabeth… I couldn’t get to sleep last night again. I even stayed up and watched the basketball game so I was tired. I woke up when Dave left this morning and have been awake since… My Cyclamens are blooming inside and the tulips are blooming outside. They both are very pretty, it almost makes me sad that I have to leave them… I got some more things put in the RV, I am getting there. I have just decided if I forget something we will just have to go buy it. As long as I don’t forget my medicines… It was seven years ago this month that I received my diagnosis of Dementia of the Alzheimer’s type. I was only supposed to have five years to live, that is what the Neurologist told Dave and me at that time. So I am living on borrowed time. That was before Aricept and I still don’t think the Neurologists know enough about us with Early Onset Alzheimer’s. I still feel like I have a lot of good years ahead of me. But I do know from all the books and articles I have read and by visiting with other caregivers that I could go downhill at anytime. I want my husband and children to know that when I get to be a burden they have my permission to put me in a Nursing Home and I pray that they will never feel guilty for doing so… My phone buddy Virginia called… We are supposed to have a freeze tonight, I want Spring… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

April 1, 2002

Happy April Fool’s Day!!! Thanks to Judy in Lexington, North Carolina and Sandy in Ohio for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my Guest book… I am so proud of myself, today I called our Visa automated account to check on our charges for the month and found a mistake. The place that did the hook up lights for the car so we could tow it. had charged us $317.01 instead of $217.01. I called Dave at work and he called them and they are going to credit our account for a hundred dollars. Dave was so happy that I caught the mistake. I got hugs when he came home for lunch. I love hugs. I also love the feeling that I can still do something to help. No one knows how it feels to have to give up on so many things that I used to do… I have been doing laundry and will finish up tomorrow. I got tired before I got finished… I have been laying out stuff to load in the RV as I think of them and I fixed our supper… Dave is always so good to clean up the kitchen after I finish cooking. Thanks Honey for all you do for me… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 31, 2002

Happy Easter Everyone… HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!!! Erin is our granddaughter who is 19 today… Last night Kenny and Kathy came by to bring a blanket that Kathy had embroidered for Madison. It was so cute…. They had tried to call to let us know they were coming but I had accidentally left the phone off the hook again. I don’t know why I keeping doing that… It seems to take me longer and longer to fall asleep at night. I lay awake for hours so tired and just can’t fall asleep, even with my sleeping pill. I wish I could be like Dave and fall asleep as soon as I hit my pillow… Dave got up early this morning so he could go to the airport and do a cross country flight. I stayed home so I could just have some quite time before I went to dinner and be around a lot of people. Even though they are all like family to me, it is real tiring to me… Our Easter dinner was really nice. Everything tasted so good and I don’t know when I have seen so many desserts. We came home with lots of leftovers and David and Lori gave us some fresh eggs… I enjoyed IMing with my school friend Helen in Marietta, Georgia… I called my Mother and she got to out for dinner. She was pretty tired but I was happy to hear she got out for a little while… I have been on the verge of tears several times today and don’t really know why… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 30, 2002

We had a nice rain this morning just like I was hoping for since Dave had put fertilizer and grass seed down yesterday… I have had another good day… Lori called this morning and asked if I would watch Madison for a little while. She was babysitting Madison because Jenni started a job working at Crest Foods and she and David needed to run some errands. Of course I was tickled to watch my great granddaughter. We had a fun time. I read her the story, The Little Red Hen and told her other stories. Then I changed her diaper and fed her a bottle and she fell asleep and slept till her Grandma and Grandpa picked her up. She likes staying with her Grandpa and Grandma 3. I hope she comes to visit again soon… Barbara called and asked us to join them for dinner tomorrow. Barbara is Lori’s Mother… Dave and I got quite a bit loaded in the motor home… I made a fruit salad for tomorrow… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

March 29, 2002

Happy Good Friday!!! Thanks to Edie in Marietta, Georgia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Last night I got a call from Kenny saying they were coming to visit us and wanted to know if he could bring the kids. I said of course you can, what do you mean? He said, just kidding. It was great to see Kenny, Kathy, Josh and Heather. I watched a video, Beethoven with them. I have seen it many times but it was like watching it for the first time. Kenny took us for a drive in their new Odyssey. It is really nice. But it was even nicer getting their hugs… Many thanks to my DASN friends Ben and Carole for hosting chat for me yesterday. I slept late this morning but I have been busy every since I got out of bed. I have had a Good Friday and got lots accomplished. I got the bills paid, worked on the checkbook, fed the birds, canceled some appointments, got all my emails answered, finished cleaning the motor home, hosted chats, and helped fix supper… Most of my Land’s End order came in and everything fits… Dave cut the grass and put fertilizer on for the first time… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 28, 2002

A beautiful day up near 80 degrees… I fed my dogwood tree and my clematis’s… Dave took me to the dentist to get some sore spots on my gums taken care of… I did laundry and fixed leftovers for supper… Brian and Jean, it was so nice chatting on IM with you. It is still hard for me to believe sometimes I am chatting with someone in New Zealand… I started on Cipro and will be on it for ten days now… I called my brother George in Louisville, Kentucky… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 27, 2002

Thanks to Aralee in Schertz, Texas and Darcy in Maine for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I haven’t felt good today. I am having another attack of Diverticulitis and have been running a fever. I have a call into the doctor for an antibiotic. I hope it will help because I know what can happen if it doesn’t. I sure don’t want to go through another colon surgery; of all my diseases this is the most painful… I had a call from my California Sis Norita and David called. David and Kenny want their Dad to retire… I have been resting most of the day and listening to gospel music… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

March 26, 2002

It was a cool but sunny day in Oklahoma. I got my medications set up for the next four weeks. I sure like only having to do that every four weeks instead of weekly. A week goes by so fast and I hate the job of doing it. I have been doing laundry all day… I fed the birds and watched them. I open my drapes and blinds wide open so I can see the birds at the feeder and birdbaths. I have a birdbath in the front of the house and a fountain in the back yard… Several of my DASN friends are going to Barcelona, Spain for the ADI Conference in October. I wish Dave and I could go. But I was turned down for any funding by the Alzheimer’s Assn. here... Another great topic chat for our DASN chats today: How to deal with mood swings, irritability and anger outbursts… I called my Mother she is looking forward to my brother coming for Easter. She is still on oxygen and said they were getting a big snow in Indiana… I had phone calls from David and my phone buddy Virginia… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 25, 2002

I woke up with a clear head and felt like cleaning a closet and getting rid of some more stuff. I am getting a box ready for the Am Vets who will be stopping by tomorrow to pick it up. It always gives me a good feeling to give stuff away. I never have liked having garage sales… While I was going through stuff in the closet I found a Memory Walk tee shirt than Jan/Mina had brought me when she and Wade came to visit last year. The shirt was from the Orange County Memory Walk and it was hand signed by Maureen Reagan. Of course I will not be getting rid of that shirt… Dave took the car in to have it fixed so the lights will all be working when we tow it with the motor home… I ordered me some clothes from the Land’s End catalog. Finally I was able to make a decision… Dave and I went to the commissary and picked up a few groceries. I hadn’t been to the grocery store in a long time. I got the feeling that Dave would prefer to go alone. I think my Alzheimer’s was showing up a little. It is probably like having to take a child with him. I had to even run to the bathroom in the middle of grocery shopping… Dave thank you for putting up with me and being such a great care partner… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 24, 2002

I had a terrible time sleeping last night, I was having trouble with reflux… This morning we were invited out to David and Lori’s for dinner. Lori had made her delicious Lasagna. Jenni , Chris, Jake, Trevor, and Madison were there too. Jenni took me to see their new home and show me Madison’s room. It was such a pretty cheerful room. Madison is a lucky baby. I spent most of my time just singing and holding Madison. She has grown quite a bit since I last saw her. She just keeps getting cuter… I also got to see Rib Eye the new bull calf… Thanks David and Lori for having us out… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 23, 2002

Thanks to John in Brooklyn, New York for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… We had a great visit with Josh and his Mother Teryl and his little brother Austin last night. Josh showed us his finished NY NY 3D puzzle. I couldn’t believe how large it turned out to be. It was so complicated to build too. We also saw his new puppy, it was adorable. His name is Rusty and Rusty sat in my lap the whole time we were there. I wanted to bring him home with me. They had rescued Rusty from the animal shelter. He is part terrier and part Yorkshire. Dave and I wouldn’t dare go visit the animal shelter… Dave and I have been cleaning the RV. Dave is cleaning the outside and me on the inside. I only wish it was as easy and as much fun to clean the house as it is the motor home… David called this morning and I called my Mother. She is doing better, Thank you God… I was notified today that my site has been added to Mark Lowry’s site, I feel so honored… Dave and I fixed pork chops for supper... I have decided not to take my multi vitamin anymore. I am going to see if that is what is making me want to eat everything I can get my hands on… I am so tired tonight… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

March 22, 2002

Last night I called Aunt Florence, I call her my (Saint Florence), in San Antonio to let her know I would visiting her soon. She was so excited. She is a very special lady to me… Kenny called last night and today David came by for a visit… I haven’t accomplished much today, in fact I don’t even know where the day went. I did fix our supper… Josh called and wanted us to come over and see his new puppy so we can’t turn him down. I need a grandkid fix. I haven’t seen one since Dave got sick… I enjoyed IM’ing with my niece Kathy… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 21, 2002

Thanks to Marie in Miami, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Spring didn’t last long. It is freezing cold here and oh so windy. It is supposed to be in the teens tonight…. I got up early this morning so I could go to the hairdressers and get groomed. Boy, did I get my money’s worth, as my Daddy would have said. It is short. Dave dropped me off at the hairdressers and he went to get his chest X-ray… Our Internet server was down all morning. I hate it when that happens. Today was Topic Chat at DASNI and I was worried about getting there to host. I called my friend Lynne in Texas to tell her my Internet was down. It was a good excuse to phone her and I wanted to let her know I probably wouldn’t be able to host. But just before chat we got it back. So everything turned out okay. We had a great participation in our afternoon chat, the topic was: Dealing with the bad days. What helps me cope? Larry Rose, the author of Show Me The Way To Go Home was one of our chatters. Jeanne in Hawaii was away to do a TV interview… I have paid bills and looked through my Birds and Blooms magazine… I have had a terrific appetite today and I don’t know what to do about it… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

March 20, 2002

Thanks to Glenna in Vancouver, Canada for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book. Glenna I can’t wait to meet you in person… Today is the first day of spring. It was up in the sixty’s and I saw a butterfly. The Bradford Pear trees are blooming… I woke up early this morning and fixed my oatmeal and coffee and felt terrible so I went back to bed. Next time I got up I felt much better. Finished up the laundry, watered my houseplants, and played dominoes… I realized last night when I went to bed that I had forgotten my afternoon medicines, Neurontin and Buspar. So that may explain why I was feeling like I was yesterday… We had a phone call from Dave’s brother George last night in Colorado. They are coming to visit us this summer and my niece Karen says she is coming from West Virginia. It will be great having them come to visit us… David called this afternoon. He will be taking the pig and calf in to be butchered the end of April… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 19, 2002

Thanks to Alyson in Sylva, North Carolina and Sis in Rusk, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book…Last night when I cooked supper I was so proud of myself. The steaks were perfect, then two hours or so after we had eaten our supper Dave came into the study and asked me why the oven was on at 500 degrees. Then I realized I must have taken the steaks out and closed the door without shutting the oven off. Oh well, OG&E should be happy and probably if I didn’t have Alzheimer’s it wouldn’t be such a big thing. I know I am too hard on myself… Kathy called last night to let us know she and Kenny had gotten a new Odyssey. I am happy for them. Kenny has been driving a Honda Accord with 270,000 miles on it… I had just gotten out of the shower this morning when my niece Kathy called. It is always great to hear from her. She said that my Great Grandnephew was making straight A’s in high school. Way to go Lewis… I played dominoes, did laundry, chatted with my niece Karen, and called my Mother.. My phone buddy called…I have been searching through my LAND’S End catalog for something to wear on vacation. The stress is so hard for me and it is making me ill. Making decisions on color’s, fabrics, style, and sizes is more than I can handle anymore. I do know if I keep eating like I have been they aren’t going to have a size large enough for me. Dave is no help as I was always the decision maker when it came to our clothes. I used to really enjoy shopping… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 18, 2002

I was so tired when I got home from my day yesterday I went to bed at 7:00. It has been a long time since I have been that tired. I need to remember that I don’t need to do so many different things in one weekend. I can’t handle it. I really push myself sometimes just for Dave… The RV show was really nice. But the only ones I liked, we couldn’t afford. They were for the rich and famous. So we will keep on with the one we have. It is perfect for Dave, the dogs and me… It was nice visiting with Kenny and Kathy again. Kathy gave us some more of her delicious beef jerky. Kenny gave Dave a RC plane kit to build for him. It is called a Warlock. Dave used to do a lot of building and flying of Radio Controlled planes. Now he is a real pilot. We had a perfect day for flying yesterday… I slept late this morning and woke up to birds singing in the rain. I was sure happy to see rain. We needed it so bad. But I don’t know what the Grandchildren think about the rain, they are on spring break this week… The only thing I got accomplished today was play dominoes, hosted chat, called my phone buddy, and fixed us a steak and baked potato for supper… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 17, 2002

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!!! I woke up at 6:30 this morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I don’t like it when I wake up so early because I get so tired in the evening. I sure wish I were able to take naps… I took the weekend off from hosting chat at DASNI. Thanks to my friends Alan in Canada and Lynne in Texas for hosting so I could take a break… This has been a real busy day for me. Dave and I went to the RV Show, then to Kenny and Kathy’s, and then went to the airport and Dave and I went flying… I am so tired… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 16, 2002

Thanks to Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida and Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book. I look forward to meeting you both next month in San Antonio… I got up this morning and let the dogs out, made coffee, and put a can of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in the toaster oven. I let Dave sleep in. He was really tired, it was a hard week for him… So many different kind of birds in the bird bath this morning. We have clean birds in our neighborhood now… I watered some of my outside plants and the indoor ones too and folded the clothes that I found in the dryer… Kenny and David called… Dave worked in the garage making a space for the freezer... Kenny and Kathy came over with their pickup so we could go pick up the freezer. Then we all went to Barry’s Chicken Ranch in Norman for dinner. We all enjoyed our dinner and I ate too much. On the way to the car I was carrying the doggy bag and left my purse in the restaurant. It is a good thing Dave noticed it as I was getting in the car… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

March 15, 2002

I woke up early this morning and feeling better than I have since my fall… I was starting to get pretty grouchy and Dave was working on the taxes and getting grouchy too. Last night he called me Mary and my name is Honey… Lori called last night. I always love hearing from my daughters… I have been paying bills today and thankful that there is enough money to pay the bills, I did laundry, played dominoes and did some bird watching. I seen two Robins at the bird bath… It was 35 degrees cooler today than yesterday. I have been wrapped up in an afghan today… I called my Mother, she was having shrimp and coleslaw that my sister had brought up to her and was really enjoying it. She also had been to get her hair done. The first time she has done that since she was in the hospital. I am feeling better now that she is getting her appetite back and she said she would go play bingo next week. Martha asked that they not move our Mother from her room to a skilled cared unit. We think that would really upset Mom right now… David called and said he was bringing by some goodies on his way to work. It was Madison’s three-month picture and some of Lori’s delicious leftovers. Dave and I really appreciate Lori’s cooking. It is a big help too, not having to figure out what we will have to eat… I had a call from Chuck, he is one of our friends we used to ride motorcycle’s with… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 14, 2002

I got a phone call last night from my sister-in-law Margot in Colorado and David called too. David is fixing to buy a pig and have it butchered. Dave and I will go in with him and we soon will have some bacon. We need to go buy us another refrigerator so we will have room to store it… We had a record-breaking temperature of 85 degrees today. Forsythia bush is starting to bloom and my tulips are getting big. I love it… I have spent another day just resting, playing dominoes, hosting DASNI chat and fixed supper. I had the scalloped potatoes already in the oven when I realized I had forgot to add the sauce so I quick tried to put it in and spilled it everywhere. I am so clumsy in everything I do… I called my phone buddy Virginia… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 13, 2002

Thanks to Marie in Miami, Florida and Marty in Lake Quivira, Kansas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… It has been a beautiful spring day in Oklahoma, up to 81 degrees. I have rested most of the day still having some headaches. I did go out and fill the birdfeeder and just sat out on the patio with the dogs and watched the birds and listened to all my wind chimes. It was so wonderful to be back out on the patio. Dave went back to work and when he got home he joined me on the patio. Then we came in and fixed our supper, sausage, cabbage and cornbread. Yummy… I called my Mother and she sounded better but they want to move her to a skilled care unit. I don’t think Mom will be happy there. She likes being by herself… Merry Maids called today and wanted to come by and bring a replacement of my Llardo figurine that one of the girls had accidentally broken. I was sure happy they could find a replacement. It was my only Llardo and now I can’t afford to buy things like that anymore… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

March 12, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALLY!!! Sally is my friend in California and I will meet her for the first time in San Antonio next month… Lori called last night; she had kept Madison and was telling me how cute she is. Madison is now trying to suck her thumb. I miss seeing my little sweetie pie… Martha called this morning and had great news about Donnie’s heart catherization. Our prayers were answered… Dave went back to the doctor this morning, and his blood pressure was good, he turned him loose to go back to work tomorrow but he has to go back next week for a chest X-Ray to make sure the antibiotic took care of the pneumonia. Tonight I will move back into my own bed… I was rushing around this morning to get ready for the maids. I went outside to hang out the bed pillows to air out and on my way back in the house I fell and hit my head against the shrunk. I don’t know why I fell. But I do know it busted my head and I have had a headache all day. I am glad that Dave was here. He had just gotten out of the shower. The dogs came to my rescue before Dave did. Dave helped me up and cleaned and bandaged my head… I tried to call my Mother several times but no answer… Goodnight all… KTFIOK.

March 11, 2002

Thanks Ryan in Athens, Georgia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I slept better last night and have gotten a lot accomplished today. Getting ready for the maids tomorrow so I had to do laundry and a lot of picking up. Then I hosted DASNI chat and made reservations at an RV Park in San Antonio for April. I am getting excited about the trip. We have been planning this trip for about eight months. I will meet ten of my online AD friends there. Lynne and Larry will be the only ones that we have met before. It should be a lot of fun… Dave is feeling some better. He sees the doctor tomorrow. He says he is going back to work tomorrow after he sees the doctor but I don’t think that is a good plan. But he won’t listen to me… I received a letter from the Oklahoma Chapter Alzheimer’s Assn. turning me down for any funding to the ADI Conference… I fixed supper and I am done for today… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 10, 2002

Thanks to Sis in Rusk, Texas for visiting Mary's Place and signing my guest book... I am not sleeping very well in the guest room. I will be so happy when Dave is over this pneumonia and flu so he feels better and I can get back in my own bed… I have felt real tired all day but keep pushing myself. I will never give up… I called my Mother but woke her up, and she didn’t sound very good, so I told her I would call her later. I did another questionnaire for a student at University of Georgia, who is writing an article on Alzheimer’s and hopes to have it published in Reader’s Digest… I folded clothes and cooked meals for us… David and Kenny called… Thanks Lynne for hosting the DASN chat today… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 9, 2002

Josh called last night, he had finished his 3D puzzle of New York, New York. I couldn’t believe how fast he got it finished. He had some help but it was a very complicated puzzle… Last night I decided to sleep in the guest bedroom, I didn’t want to get what Dave had… When I took Dave’s temperature this morning it was 103.6 so I gave him some ibuprofen and fixed him some chicken soup for lunch. He was really feeling bad. So he asked me to drive him to the Emergency Room and I did. After being there for four hours we found out he not only has the flu but also pneumonia. Dave told the doctor that last night was the first time in our forty-one years of marriage that we had slept in separate beds in the same house. I am still so afraid I will get what he has… I am so relieved that Dave has seen a doctor and is on two different medications to help him feel better. He is getting my sympathy now… I did laundry and I am tired… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

March 8, 2002

Thanks to June in Elkhart, Indiana for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I had a surprise call last night from my Mother. Well actually Martha did the calling but she said Mom wanted to talk to me. My Mother hasn’t been able to call me in years. I enjoyed talking to her but she had very little to say, she is still very weak… I had to get up early this morning for another dental appointment. Dave didn’t feel good enough to go to work but he did drive me to the dental college. I still can’t get him to call the doctor. So I told him if he didn’t call the doctor he wasn’t getting any pity from me. I am getting mean. LOL. I did get my new denture today… I am happy with them so far. I am sure I will get some sore spots. That goes along with it. I have had an upper denture since I was 22 years old… Joshua called me, he is out of school for some reason today, can’t remember what for… We are supposed to have thunderstorms tonight. It is getting about that time for bad storms and tornadoes… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 7, 2002

I woke up with a cloudy head this morning but as the day went by it got better… I paid some more bills; I still pay the bills but have turned the balancing of the checkbook over to Dave. I can’t seem to be able to do it any more… I read a great article this morning on Alzheimer’s in the March AARP Bulletin. It was about how important early diagnosis is. I am so thankful I went to the Doctor early and got put on Aricept. I often wonder where I would be today if I hadn’t been put on Aricept four years ago… David called and he has a new bull calf. He had called Mom and talked to her. He said she was having trouble talking. If the calf would have been a girl he was going to name it after Mom… Dave came home from work sick. I took his temperature and it is 102. I then fixed him some hot tea and he went to bed.. He has a chest cold. Now how do I get him to go to see a doctor? He is a bit stubborn… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

March 6, 2002

Thanks to Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida and Diane in Pleasant Plains, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… A beautiful day in Oklahoma, up in the 70’s… I finished up the laundry, answered a lot of emails, and fixed supper… I called Virginia and my Mother. My Mother sounded so weak. She is still on oxygen… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

March 5, 2002

Thanks to Edie in Marietta, Georgia, Diane in Melbourne, Australia, Aralee in Schertz, Texas, and Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… First off I would like to thank all of you who prayed for my family. I haven’t heard any more news from my Mother today. So I am thinking no news is good news… I was up early this morning and feeling overwhelmed with so much to do. So many dirty clothes, clutter, mail to read, bills to be paid, dogs to bathe, and etc. I always hate this feeling of being overwhelmed. I am going to have to figure out a way to handle it... I am going to take a few days off from hosting chat at DASN. Alan in New Zealand has done a great job taking care of chat while I was away and he has designated chat hosts to take chat through Wednesday. Thanks Alan and all who have helped out while I had to take a break… I have gotten a good start on the laundry, gave Karmelita and Tootsie a bath, paid bills and Dave took Cindy to be groomed… Phone calls from Rachel, David, Kenny, and Virginia… I am really tired tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

March 4, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!! Chris is Jenny’s husband… We got home at 5:00 this morning after fifteen hours on the road. We had ice on the turnpike in Oklahoma. Boy did I miss the motor home but with the strong winds we were having it would be very hard for Dave to keep the motor home on the road… Once I went in to the bathroom at a service station and I had a hard time figuring out how to open the door but after awhile I did get out. But not before I got panicky… Dave and I got a few hours sleep then we went to pick up our mail and to Bethany to Kenny and Kathy’s to pick up our dogs. They kept all three of them for us while we were gone. Thanks Kenny and Kathy… I heard from my sister today and they have moved Mom back to the Nursing Home. But she is still very ill but when you are on Medicaid you don’t stay in the hospital for very long… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

March 3, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE!!! Jamie is our granddaughter in Bowling Green, Kentucky… We woke up to snow falling and very low temperature … George fixed us all a big country breakfast and then George and I left for the hospital. I wanted to spend as much time with my Mother as I could before I had to leave and return to Oklahoma City. We found her breathing so much better, she wasn’t near as congested as she was the night before. So the medications were working. But the steroids were bringing her blood sugar up. It was 419 before her lunch. They were checking it and watching it close. At 2:30 we all met at the hospital for birthday cake and coffee. Jr. and Anita had brought her a cake and so did Martha. But Mom wasn’t allowed to have any cake. I felt bad but it didn’t seem to bother Mom that much… George and Martha and I all took her a bouquet of roses. Each of us chose different color roses. They were just beautiful. Mom always has loved flowers. … Dave wanted to leave right after the party so we gave everyone hugs, it was so hard leaving my Mother. My Mother is such a strong woman and there was me with the tears falling and thinking this could be the last time I see my Mother alive. I love my Mother so much… Goodnight all… Keeping the Faith In Oklahoma

March 2, 2002

We drove straight through to Peru and got to my Sister’s house at 1:00 this morning. It was a long trip. My Brother had already got there from Louisville, Kentucky… We got up early after a few hours sleep and went to the hospital. Mom was responding and was happy to see George, Martha and I walk in. I started teasing Mom that she would do anything to get us home for her birthday and she smiled. The nurse had told me before we left home that Mom had Congestive Heart Failure, Respiratory Failure, and Pneumonia and wasn’t responding. They didn’t expect her to make it so I was surprised to find Mom responding when I got there. She was getting IV’s and had an oxygen mask on. She was having a lot of congestion. It would scare me so bad when she would start coughing. I worked many years at Dukes Hospital taking care of patients at this same hospital as a Nurses Aide back in the fifties and sixties… Mom was in good hands; the Nurses were taking great care of her. We left the hospital and all met at Rich Valley for a Tenderloin supper. The restaurant was very crowded and noisy. I had to leave and go sit in the car while everyone finished their meal… We then all retired early and went to bed… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Indiana

March 1, 2002

7:00 AM

My Mother was put in the hospital last night and not expected to make it. March 3 is her 87 birthday. We are on our way to Peru, Indiana. Don’t know when I will be returning. Please pray for my family... KTFIOK

February 28, 2002

Josh and Heather called me last night and I love hearing their sweet voices. I just wish they would call me more often. I was sorry to hear Heather’s hamster Clyde had died. Now Josh is really worried about his hamster Boris dying. He has a lot of his grandmother in him… Last night after I finished hosting the DASN Chat I was so tired and a bit confused. I went and brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. I just couldn’t get there fast enough… I am thinking the full moon has a lot to do with the way I feel… I have just taken it easy today, made a grocery list for Dave so he could pick up groceries before our bad weather comes in this weekend… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 27, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUISE!!! Louise is Kathy’s Mother in Davis, Oklahoma… Thanks to Stephen in Odessa, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I finished up my proposals today for the ADI Conference and got them mailed off. I have been procrastinating about it for a month now. Seems like I do that more and more anymore... I got my work finished early this morning and it is a good thing I did cause I haven’t felt very good the rest of the day, I feel so tired, chilling, and my head hurts… I tried to rest this afternoon but seem like as soon as I got laid down my mind started to race… Lori called… Dave fixed supper. Thanks Honey… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 26, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!!! Jan is my DASN friend in California and Tim my friend in Michigan… Thanks to Sis in Texas and Barbara in Mississippi for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I had a good nights sleep and woke up feeling great. Thank you God… Dave had his check up with his doctor and his blood pressure was up. He has to check it twice a day and go back in two weeks. I worry so much about him… Called my friends Jan and Tim to wish them a happy birthday, of course they had to hear me sing. LOL David and my friend Martha called… I folded clothes and put them away and washed another load and made a big pot of Chili for supper… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

February 25, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARGOT!!! Margot is my sister in law in Colorado Springs, Colorado… Thanks to Edie in Marietta, Georgia and Lori in Norman, Oklahoma for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Our nice weather is gone and winter came back. It is now 29 degrees outside… Dave took the day off and took the motor home in for a front-end alignment and then this afternoon he took me back to Edmond for my doctor appointment to have my toe checked. The doctor thought it looked fine. I called Margot, got started on the laundry and made potato soup and that was it for today… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 24, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLENNA!!! Glenna is my friend in Vancouver, Canada… Thanks to Marie in Miami, Florida and Diane in Pleasant Plains, Illinois… A very warm day here up near 80 degrees… I received news this morning that my cousin Leroy passed away with cancer. My sympathy goes out to all his family. Leroy and I were the same age.. David called early this morning and invited us out for a beef roast dinner and said that Madison would be there. Chris, Jenny, Jake and Trevor were there also. We had a wonderful meal and it was nice being with my family. Thanks Lori and David for having us… I called Glenna and my Mother… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 23, 2002

Thanks to Patricia in Boston, Massachusetts for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I love it when people sign my guest book, it is like they came to visit me… I am having a harder time being able to fall asleep at night. I sleep well once I get to sleep though… Kenny went for his Bi annual for his pilot’s license today. It is hard to believe he has been a pilot for four years already. It sure was a beautiful day for it. I have been trying to do without my sweets but just can’t seem to do it. I ran out of my gum drops so today the craving for sweets was so bad I had to make another dump cake to satisfy my craving. Of course it made Dave happy too. He has been working all day putting a tow bar on the Honda so when we go on our next trip in April we will be all set… David and Lori called and I called my DASNI friend Ben in Texas… Nothing much accomplished today. Some days are like that… Dave and I went for a drive this evening and seen another beautiful Oklahoma sunset… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

February 22, 2002

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KATHY!!! Kathy is my niece in North Carolina. I was so involved in My Pity Party yesterday I missed her birthday. Kathy I am so sorry… I went to bed last night with a headache but I couldn’t go to sleep without watching the Olympics. I had to see who got the gold medal for figure skating. I was very happy for the winner even though now I can’t remember her name… Today I have spent time outside enjoying our beautiful 60 plus degree weather. I noticed that my Forsythia bush is budding… I picked up clutter, cleaned the kitchen, watched a Gaither Video, and paid bills… I called my Mother and Josh… This is the last day I will have to soak my toe. Yeah… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 21, 2002

Thanks Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Jan/Mina in California called last night, she was returning my call to let me know that she and Wade had been on a short trip. It was so good to hear her voice again… I had a good night’s sleep; it is always nice to be able to sleep all night. Finished up the laundry and cooked a chicken to make Tortilla Soup. Dave always helps me make the soup because it is too complicated for me to do by myself. We both love Tortilla Soup… Later tonight I hope to make us a peach cobbler… I had phone calls from David and Rosa Lee… Today I have had a hard time not having a pity party. I hate pity parties but some times I do have them. Every time I think about my friends who have stopped calling or coming to visit me. I have called them several times and they always say I have been thinking about you, but how am I to know they are thinking of me if they never call or come visit me. I will call them up to three times and after not getting a call from them I just give up. Sometimes I feel there is a big sign in front of my house that says “Avoid Mary”. If you are reading this and you know someone who has Alzheimer’s or who is a Caregiver to someone who has Alzheimer’s, please call and let them know you are thinking of them. It will mean so much to them. Okay now I will get down off my soapbox but I don’t promise to stay off it… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

February 20, 2002

Thanks to Lela in Miami, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… It has been another beautiful day in Oklahoma. I feel like spring is just around the corner… I have gone out in the yard just thinking it won’t be long until my flowers will be peeking through the ground and I can’t wait… I washed our sheets and hung them out to dry. It has been awhile since I have done that. I played some dominoes and did a questionnaire on EOAD for a researcher online. My phone buddy Virginia called. She is almost 90 years old, a widow and lives alone with her parakeet Buddy. It is amazing to hear all the things that she does. She has Parkinson’s and still does all her own yard work. She told me today what a joy it has been to find me to talk to and it has made a big difference in her life. Most people don’t realize what it is like to be homebound and not have anyone to call them unless they have been there. Virginia and I have never met face to face… Kenny called me checking on my toe and me. I have been taking good care of the toe, soaking it twice a day, applying Neosporin, and trying not to bump it… Thanks Dave for checking my journal every night and correcting my mistakes… Goodnight all… KTFIOK.

February 19, 2002

Thanks Edie in Marietta, Georgia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I had to take a pain pill last night before I went to bed but none since then… I woke up early this morning to the birds singing so I got up and went to watch them at the feeder. I haven’t done much today, after yesterday I thought it was a good idea to take it easy… I called my niece Barbara in Kokomo, Indiana. She is Everett and Ruth’s daughter. I tried to call Jan/Mina, a DASN friend but had to leave a message as she and Wade were away. We have been missing Jan in our chats… We have started having topic chats every Tuesday in our DASNI chat room at Eldersearch and it is working out great. Today the topic was “Ways I Have Reduced Isolation”… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

February 18, 2002

Thanks to Sue in Melbourne, Australia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I got up early this morning for a busy day. I had a dental appointment at the dental college to finish up getting my teeth cleaned. A lady named RoseLee picked me up from Provide A Ride. She was a very nice lady. We talked the whole time we were together. It is always nice to be able to talk to a person you can see. I believe we could become good friends. Maybe I will have another phone buddy… I got home just in time for lunch. Then Dave took me to Edmond to get my toenail removed. I was really nervous about the procedure. The Doctor and Nurse were great. The worst part was the injection to numb the toe. The nurse let me squeeze her hand since I had forgotten to take my Beanie Buddy to squeeze. I had to get a new post op shoe as my other one was worn out... Dave had taken the car in to be checked and Kenny was nice enough to loan us his car for the day. Thanks Kenny… FedX delivered my new lamps and they are beautiful… I was having a craving for Taco’s so Dave stopped and picked up some for supper… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 17, 2002

I keep forgetting to mention that Chip placed number three and I placed number one for Top Alzheimer’s/Caregiver’s Site for the year of 2001. There are 130 great sites there to check them out and to vote for my site just click on the Top Alzheimer’s/Caregiver’s picture above. Thanks to all of you who vote for me each day… Dave went to the airport and I stayed home to do laundry and soak my toe. My toe is still inflamed and painful so looks like tomorrow they will have to remove my toenail. I am a bit concerned because of the radiation causing poor circulation in the foot, the doctor said it would be slow to heal. Just like being a diabetic… I watched a Gaither video, played dominoes, IM’d with my brother and called my Mother… Thanks to Jeanne for hosting chat for me today. Great job Jeanne… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 16, 2002

A beautiful day in Oklahoma with temperatures up in the high 60’s… I fed the birds, took care of all the houseplants and Dave and I did some work in the back yard. Dave did the most of the work and I did most of the supervising. We got the Clematis plants moved that were being choked out by the Passion vine… I have gotten most of my e-mail’s answered and deleted a bunch of unwanted e-mails. I can’t believe how far behind I can get on all the e-mails… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

February 15, 2002

Thanks to Aralee in Schertz, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… About 7:30 this morning David called and said he was coming to take me out to lunch for Valentine’s Day. He and Lori got here with Madison about 10:00. She had spent the night with her grandma and grandpa. Madison brought us a valentine. Lori gave Madison a bath while they were here and I got to feed her and of course sing to her. I have to sing to her before she starts to talk and asks me not to sing anymore. Around noon Jenny came and we all went out to lunch. We went for a Chinese Buffet. It was great being with some of my favorite people and having a great lunch too. I wish Erin could have joined us but she had to work… Lori brought us some leftovers and David cleaned my aquarium and it looks so much better… The repairman came and fixed my computer. I am a happy camper now… I have been soaking my foot and keeping my fingers crossed that the doctor doesn’t have to remove the toenail. OUCH… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 14, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!! Amanda is my grandniece in North Carolina who turns 21 today... Happy Valentines Day everyone... We had a great time with the grandkids last night. Kathy prepared a nice meal for us. We both came home with some homemade valentines and some of Kathy's homemade jerky... I have been babying a toe on my foot with the tumor in it and it just wasn't getting any better and becoming very painful. So this morning I called my doctor. They gave me an appointment to come in this afternoon at 1:00. I was put on Keflex and told to soak it three times a day and to continue cleaning with peroxide and apply antibotic cream like I had been doing. If it isn't better by Monday I will have to have my toenail removed. UGH... I have had a great valentines day despite the toe. Dave gave me a beautiful Valentine and two boxes of chocolates... My brother George, David and Lori, and Virginia called... I fixed Dave a nice steak dinner... Goodnight all... KTFIOK

February 13, 2002

I had a bad headache last night and couldn't hardly wait till DASN chat was over with so I could go to bed. I was awakened early this morning by my alarm. The maids must have accidentally turned it on when they were cleaning. Once I am woke up that is it for me, just can't get back to sleep. I have had a headache on and off today. Finally gave in and took something for it... I fed the birds, cut out coupons and made out a grocery list for Dave... I called my Mother and friend Martha. My neighbor Jauntia called... Tonight we are going to Kenny and Kathy's house to get my hugs from the grandkids... Goodnight all... KTFIOK

February 12, 2001

Thanks to Barbara in Florida for visiting Mary's Place and signing my guest book… For the past few days our router has been broken so Dave and I have been having to take turns on the internet… This morning I got up early so I could get started on all the work I had to finish up before the Merry Maids arrived. I had the mattress cover in the washer the pillows outside airing out and the sheets ready to be washed. I fixed my coffee and oatmeal and with my oatmeal in my hand I headed for the laptop to read my mail. I often eat as I read my e-mail. This time I accidentally let go with the bowl and dumped my oatmeal into my laptop, all over the keyboard. I soon found out that my laptop doesn't like oatmeal with honey and milk in it because it quit working. I called Dave at work to tell him and he told me to shut it down and he would check it when he got home. So I did what he said. I just knew my Mr. Fix It would fix it. At least I was sure hoping he would. Meanwhile I had to do my DASN chat on his desktop. It was like starting all over again working with a mouse instead of a touch pad. The maids came and left and my house is clean and it feels so good. Even I get so tired trying to get ready for them to come when they leave I always feel like it was all worthwhile… Dave has my computer working now except for the s key so he is still working on it as I write this. Poor Dave I don't know what he is going to do with me… I hate Alzheimer's and not being able to hang on to things doesn't help any either… I called my school friend Lynn in South Dakota and my phone buddy Virginia… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 11, 2002

Thanks to Marie in Miami, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book…I have had a busy day doing laundry and picking up clutter around the house. I will have to continue doing it tomorrow because I got tired before I got finished… I heard that another one of my favorite gospel singers has passed away, James Blackwood. My first time to see him was when I was only seventeen and he sang at a church in Akron, Ohio. He sang with the Blackwood Brothers. Dave and I have seen him when he was appearing here in Oklahoma City. Many will miss him. Dave and I will continue to watch him on videos that we have collected of the Gaither’s. James Blackwood was a regular on them… My foot with the tumor in it has been cramping today and it hurts so bad… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 10, 2002

Trying to make decisions is so hard for me. Dave was going out to David’s to help David and Chris with the fence and Kathy had invited me to go with her and her Mother to the Affair Of The Heart. It is a huge craft show held at the fair grounds twice a year. I couldn’t make up my mind what to do. Seeing beautiful crafts in a crowded place and Louise and Kathy having to push me in a wheel chair through the crowds or going to David and Lori’s. Madison was going to be at David and Lori’s. Next weekend no one will invite me and this weekend two invites. I called Kathy and found out that Louise was not going to the craft show, they had decided to go back home early. So I decided to go with Dave out to David’s rather than have poor Kathy do all the pushing of my wheelchair. That wasn’t so hard of a decision after all. LOL. I had a great time with Madison feeding and singing to her. I was singing You Are My Sunshine to her and she would laugh. I found out later that is the song that Jenny sings to her every morning. Jake and Trevor were there also, they love it out on the farm. It is so much more fun for little boys than their apartment. The guys are almost finished with putting up the fence. Lori made a great dinner and her famous Yum Yum Cake and as always we came home with leftovers. Thanks Lori… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 9, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANCES!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!! Frances is my sister-in-law in Tennessee and Ben is a DASN friend in Texas… Thanks to Pete in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I called my Mother in Indiana last night and she had played bingo at the Nursing Home and won two games. Her eyes are still bothering her and she has an appointment with the eye Dr. later this month… Dave and I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. It brought great memories back from when we attended the games back in 1984. How exciting that was… I woke up early, made coffee and listened to the garden talk show on the radio while I waited on Dave to wake up so I could make us pancakes… I called Frances to wish her a happy birthday… Dave went to the airport this afternoon and I got caught up on the laundry… David called, he is taking a day off to finish up the fence around his property. I wish someday he would take a day off just to get some rest.. Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

February 8. 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANNE!!! Joanne is my DASN friend in New Jersey… Thanks to Anya in Norway, Allan in Sweden, and Sis in Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Dave and I really enjoyed the concert last night. I laughed till I cried and it was so uplifting too. Anthony Burger did a great tribute to our president, the military, and our fire fighters, and policemen. It was very nice. After the show I was able to get Mark Lowry and Evie’s autographs… It was midnight before I got to bed last night and I had to get up early this morning for a dental appointment. On the way to the dental college I always enjoy watching people who are in their cars and in a hurry to get to work. Some are talking on the phone, some have babies in car seats on their way to day care, women are applying their make up and this morning for the first time, I even saw a man shaving. I just hope they all made it to work safely… Dave took off work to drive me and picked me up when I was finished. Pete, my student was there when I got there and got me in right away. He had my new denture done in wax so I was able to put them in my mouth to see how they would fit and what they will look like and I approved. He was teasing me about having a youthful look. LOL. I was having trouble figuring out how to relax my jaw. It seems like when someone says relax I can’t figure it out… I fixed some great pork chops for supper… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 7, 2002

This will be a very short entry. I had dreams all night and woke up with a very cloudy head but it got better as the day went by… I took a bubble bath and did a lot of resting so I could enjoy the concert tonight… I enjoyed chatting with my Niece Kathy in North Carolina, Barbara in Florida, and Brian in New Zealand. Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 6, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT REAGAN!!! … Thanks to Jamie in Kentucky for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I woke up earlier this morning, got to see the snow falling and watched the birds at the bird feeder. One of my favorite things to do… The snow stopped around noon. I was glad because tomorrow we have plans to go to a Mark Lowry Concert. Anthony Burger, Lord Song, and Evie Karlsson will be there also. I am excited about going… I picked up around the house, took care of all my houseplants, fixed supper and played some dominoes on the computer. I always feel that playing dominoes helps me with my numbers and boy do I need the help… Jan/Mina and Morris my DASNI friends have both received calls from National Alzheimer’s Assn. to go to Washington. Jan will present a workshop in Washington at Public Policy Forum and Morris will speak. What great news that is. Also my friend Chip was invited to attend, but he had to decline… David and Lori came by for a short visit and to give me a big hug. I love hugs and I don’t know who was more excited to see them, the dogs or me… I called Josh to let him know we wouldn’t be coming to see him tonight but will try and make it next Wednesday. I need to see him and Heather…I am tired tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 5, 2002

Thanks to Janet in Plainfield, Illinois, Juliana in Seattle, Washington, and Louisa in Plant City, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Well I slept till past ten again this morning. I am starting to feel guilty, like I am lazy. I guess it goes back to my childhood when if I slept late I would sometimes get the razor strap. But I do know I do better if I get my rest and the razor strap days are gone… I gave the three dogs a bath, did the laundry and ordered a pair of lamps. They should be real pretty, brass and crystal. I think they will give me a big lift. Spending so much time in the house I need changes once in awhile… This was in our Neighborhood Assn. letter for this month and I wanted to share it. “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words” … Dave brought me some more spiced drops today… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 4, 2002

Thanks to Kenny and Kathy in Bethany, Oklahoma for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I must have really been tired this morning because I didn’t wake up till 10:00. I couldn’t believe it was that late when I looked at the clock… I got my furniture shampooed and I am thinking spring even though we are supposed to get snow tomorrow… David called; he and Lori had gone on a ten-mile ride this morning on their tandem bike. I am so happy they are enjoying their new bike. Lori called, she was babysitting Madison and she put me on the speakerphone so I could talk to Madison and I could hear her taking her bottle. I love the sounds she makes when she is eating… I found out today what Kenny and Kathy did with their Christmas money. Kathy got a new ring guard and Kenny an air compressor… I filled up the bird feeder and fixed supper… I am tired tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 3, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE!!! George is my brother in Kentucky… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORRIS!!! Morris is a DASNI friend in Montana… I woke up feeling energetic so Dave and I took all our drapes down and put them in the dryer to remove the dust. While they were down I washed the windows on the inside. Everything seems cleaner now. Tomorrow I hope for another good day so I can shampoo the furniture… Kenny and Kathy got their power back this morning just before noon… Dave left to go flying soon after he finished his honey-do’s and I chatted with some friends and hosted the DASN chat and then I rested for a while… When Dave got home he was smiling… I called my brother to wish him a happy birthday and he had a houseful of guest that he was cooking for. George is a great chef. I wished I could have been there… A beautiful sunset tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

February 2, 2002

Last night Kenny called to say they were still in the dark at their house and they were taking us up on our offer to come spend the night… We always enjoy having our kids with us. I was up late last night and woke up early this morning. Dave and I fixed us all a big country breakfast… Kenny and Kathy left this afternoon to go check on their house and called later to say their neighbor across the street had power and were going to loan Kenny and Kathy their generator… I got a care package this week from my friend Lynne in Texas. Thank you Lynne for the talking valentine bear, I love it… After chat was over I laid down for a while and I think I even fell asleep. Then Dave and I went shopping. We got a couple turtles to put out in our flower garden and he bought me a couple beautiful blooming Bromeliads’. It is nice to have something new blooming in the house. This will do me till spring now… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

February 1, 2002

Thanks to Diane in Illinois, and Sis in Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Kenny and Kathy came by last night. They had taken Josh and Heather to their other parents since they have no power and the schools are closed because of the weather. Kathy and I watched the King and I, one of my favorite movies. We asked Kenny and Kathy to spend the night but they refused… I woke up this morning feeling so much better, now if I can just remember when I have those terrible days that some rest will take care of it. I even gave up doing the DASNI Chat for a few days so I could get more rest, and it paid off… I have gotten a lot accomplished today. I finished up the laundry, paid some bills, called my Mother and Virginia, went for a haircut, and fixed our lunch and supper… David stopped by on his way to work, gave me a hug and gave us some leftovers…. I have had a great day… Lots to be thankful for… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 31, 2002

Thanks to Cheri in North Carolina, Janet in Illinois, Lela in Florida, and Marie in Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… We have had a terrible ice storm in Oklahoma. The worst one ever I think. There are over two hundred thousand people without power. Our Kenny and Kathy are one of those without any power. I am so thankful they have a gas log fireplace to keep them warm. I talked to Josh this morning and he described Bethany like it had been hit with a tornado… A tree had fallen against their house and broke a window. Trees were across his street, it sounded terrible. I hate to hear we are losing our trees, especially the beautiful Bradford Pear tree that was in Kenny’s yard. It was always so beautiful blooming in the spring. Dave and I are one of the luckier ones. We kept our power and only lost branches out of our trees… I spent most of the day in bed resting. I did get my medication set up. I have noticed that I am having a harder time hanging on to my pills from the Peripheral Neuropathy. I keep dropping the pills. I got up long enough to make potato soup for our lunch and went back to bed. This is not like me at all to stay in bed but I feel I need some extra rest… Tomorrow will be a better day… Dave got groceries and fixed supper. I am such a lucky lady to have him for my care-partner… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 30, 2002

Our daughter Lori called last night and we had a lot of catching up to do… I was back at the Dental College this morning. I had to go to a different clinic, as this appointment was for a cleaning. There were so many conversations going on at once, seemed to me like twenty-five at least. By the time I left there I was a basket case. Sometimes I can handle this and other times I can’t and to top it all off the student didn’t even get finished. I will have to go back for another appointment. If you are thinking that my teeth were that dirty you are wrong. The student was slow and everything that could go wrong went wrong… I hosted chat, did a load of laundry and went to bed and spent the evening watching Bill Gaither Gospel Music on video tapes. I am hoping some rest will help… We had planned to go to Kenny and Kathy’s tonight but because of the bad weather Dave decided we should not try it. Josh called to see if we were coming. I sure needed some hugs. Josh said maybe next Wednesday we could come. He also wanted us to take a picture of his hamster and put it on my photo page so the whole world could see Boris. LOL … Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 29, 2002

Thanks to Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida, John and Melissa in Smithville, Tennessee, Aralee in Schertz, Texas, and Sis in Rusk, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I woke up at 4:30 this morning hurting. Seems like my foot and all my joints know of the weather change… The temperature has been dropping all day… Mark Lowery will be in Oklahoma City next month and Dave and I have tickets to go see him. He always makes me laugh and laughter is so good for all of us… I cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floor, played some more dominoes, helped with supper, and ate lots of spiced drops... I received phone calls from Virginia my phone buddy and a lady who is a care-partner to her husband with Alzheimer’s. She had been given my name from someone at her church. I hope I was able to help her. I am so thankful I started on the Aricept right away. Seems her husband wasn’t offered Aricept until years after his diagnosis. That is always so sad for me to hear… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

January 28, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARNETTE!!! Garnette is my friend in Texas… I set my alarm this morning so I could hear my DASNI friend Lynn Jackson in Vancouver do an interview from a radio station in Canada. It was on my computer but I messed up and missed it. I was so disappointed. So I took it out on my closet. I got rid of a lot of stuff. Will give a lot of it to a goodwill shop and other stuff will be in a box just in case I ever need smaller clothes again. This was a great suggestion from Marie, a friend in Florida. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I will get back into those clothes in the box… I fed the birds and while I was out there I couldn’t believe it but I saw a butterfly. It was a very warm day for winter, but from what I am hearing we have a winter storm on the way… I played several games of dominoes at and didn’t do too bad. David called, he is busy working seven days a week plus he is putting a fence around his property… Dave thanks for all your help. I don’t know what I would do without you… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 27, 2002

Thanks to Di in Melbourne, Australia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Today would have been Dave’s Mother’s 94th birthday. I miss her so much… I made pancakes for breakfast this morning. I went to bed last night wanting pancakes. Seems like I am always thinking about food. I am gaining weight and I don’t like myself. But when you have a great appetite, no will power, and don’t have the legs that work very well anymore because of Peripheral Neuropathy and a tumor in your foot, you can’t exercise very well… Dave and I went to the airport and took a picnic lunch so we could eat in the hangar. We would have liked to go flying but the wind was just too bad. So Dave did some work on the plane and I enjoyed the view. It is so peaceful out there. While we were there our Son Kenny and his friend came by. Kenny was out there to fly his model planes and drive his gas-powered car. We watched for a while. He was having a great time… I called my Mother, Jr. and Anita had taking her out for Seafood and she said it was so good… I have had a great day… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 26, 2002

Thanks Janey in Plainfield, Illinois and Sally in North Hollywood, California for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Woke up still feeling bad but as the day went by I starting feeling better… Another beautiful day in Oklahoma up in the high 60’s. Dave did some yard work and I have rested most of the day. I did help fix supper… We had a phone call from Dave’s brother Richard. He has a new Dell computer and will be online soon. We can’t wait to start emailing with him and Frances… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

January 25, 2002

I didn’t sleep very well last night because of problems with my Gastroesophageal reflux disease… I had to get up at 6:30 for a dental appointment at the dental college so I needed a good night’s rest. I was at the college for three hours but I do have a great student working with me. With my mouth he has a big job making a denture for me. I know he will make a great dentist… The best thing that happened to me today was getting to IM with my friend Diane in Melbourne, Australia… I gave Cindy a bath and will get the other two dogs later… I still am not feeling great but tomorrow will be a better day… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 24, 2002

Thanks to Tim Brennan in Macomb, Michigan, Cheryl in Pennsville, New Jersey and Dave in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… David called last night to check up on us… I had a good nights sleep and didn’t wake up till 10:30 this morning. I could not believe I had slept that late. The headaches are gone and I am feeling good again. I think the extra sleep helped and being off the effexor also… I cooked some ham and beans in the crockpot, took care of my houseplants, and did the laundry… I called my Mother and she sounded good. She said she had won a pair of hose at Bingo. I also called Jenny... I enjoyed chatting on IM with Granddaughter Jamie in Kentucky… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 23, 2002

Thanks to Uncle Joe and Aunt Bev in Lakeland, Florida and David and Alice in Idaho for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Josh called last night… This morning I woke up with another terrible headache so I called my doctor and he took me off the Effexor. I tried to stay on it for as long as I could but the headaches were more than I could handle. I did stay on it for two weeks. Now I am hoping the depression doesn’t come back… We had severe thunderstorms this afternoon so I wasn’t able to do the DASN chat. I took a nap instead… My phone buddy Virginia called… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 22, 2002

Thanks to Jo in Wenatchee, Washington and Lynne in Iowa Park, Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… It has been a sunny but windy day with the temperatures up in the 70’s. I spent some time out on the patio this afternoon with the dogs and doing a lot of thinking. My Mother has been on my mind all day. My uncle, her brother’s funeral was this afternoon. My sister and her husband took her to Monticello to the funeral… Thanks to Lori for the leftovers last night, we will have Chicken and Noodles for supper… I have another headache … Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 21, 2002

Thanks to Marie in Miami, Florida and Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I had a good nights sleep and woke up with a clear head. I am so thankful for days like this… It has seemed like Sunday all day to me. Dave is off work for Martin Luther King holiday and he went for his check ride for a renewal of his pilot license. He passed it and is so happy to be back to flying. He hadn’t been able to fly since November because of a broken shoulder. It is hard for me to believe he has been a pilot for over two years now… . I washed our bedding and put fresh sheets on the bed, played some dominoes, and tried to read the Sunday paper. Reading the newspaper is hard for me to do anymore because it makes me so tired… Lori called and invited us out for dinner tonight. Chris, Jenny, and Madison were there so I got to hold Madison and Dave got to fly so we are both smiling tonight… My email address has changed. It is now,,, … Thank you God for another great day… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 20, 2002

Kenny called me last night; he and Kathy are playing a lot of checkers. They have hopes of beating Dave… I woke up feeling good this morning and fixed Dave and I a big country breakfast… I watched a movie “America’s Sweetheart” … Another beautiful sunny day, up in the middle 50’s and the days are getting longer… I called my Mother, she is feeling better and Kenny had called her too… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 19, 2002

Thanks to Elpidio in Hawaii for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I woke up with another headache this morning. I put an ice bag to my head and that seemed to help along with ibuprofen. I cooked a chicken and Dave and I made tortilla soup… David called, and I have been trying to call my Mother… I feel very tired tonight… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

January 18, 2002

Thanks to John in St. Petersburg, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Last night I called my Mother, she had played Bingo and was disappointed she didn’t win. Then I received a call from my sister Martha that there was another death in the family. Our Uncle Roy passed away. He is my Mother’s brother. Now that is the third death in my family in less than a month. I am afraid to answer the phone anymore… I was up early this morning to get my shower, have breakfast, and get to my dental appointment. Dave came home from work and dropped me off there. I called him when I was finished… Snow flurries this morning and then it sleeted. Not good weather for driving. I was relived when Dave got home from work… My Granddaughter Jenny called. She is job hunting I know how bad she hates to leave Madison and go back to work. But Chris has been working two jobs, so she wants to give him a break. I sure remember when Dave and I had to do that too… I fixed supper and paid some bills… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 17, 2002

Happy Anniversary Alan and Gwynneth!!! Alan is my DASN friend in New Zealand… Last night we had a nice visit at Kenny and Kathy’s. We got to see Josh and Heather’s hamsters and this time I remember the hamster’s names, Boris and Clyde. Dave and Josh were down in the floor working on the Twin Tower’s 3D puzzle. That is a tough one. I wasn’t able to help at all even though I did try. I got lots of great hugs from all of them… I went to bed with a horrible headache last night. It was on the right side of my head and it was hours before I was able to fall asleep. Felt some better this morning but since it was still there I ended up taking some ibuprofens for it to get some relief… I did laundry and took care of all my house plants… David came by this afternoon and we went shoe shopping. I finally got to buy his birthday shoes. We have been trying to do this since October. We found a nice pair at the BX on base. David and Lori have been going for a ride on their tandem bike every morning… My phone buddy Virginia called… I fixed sausage, cabbage, and cornbread for supper… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 16, 2002

Thanks to Pat in Carson City, Californina, David in Norman, Oklahoma, and Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary's Place and signing my guest book... I slept till 8:30 and woke up feeling well and glad I had a day that I could just take it slow. After the past two days with so much to do I needed an easy day… Yesterday when I was setting up my medications I remembered not to add my sleeping pill. That way I won’t have any more accidents like I had Sunday morning. I set my medications up for two weeks and after talking to Lynn in DASN chat I am thinking of doing like she does and get two more containers and do it for a month at a time. I hate the job of setting them up but still so thankful I can still do it myself… We had some great chats yesterday in our DASNI chat room at Or you can click on the link above. If you are a person with dementia, I hope you will join others and me with dementia and share… We meet twice a day at 2:00 PM CST and again at 8:00 PM CST. There is also a separate Caregiver Chat that meets at 8:00 PM CST there also. If you are a caregiver you may want to check it out. If anyone has any questions you can email me at … I cut out coupons, did a load of laundry and chatted with my brother on IM. It is so hard to believe out of four brothers and two sisters, now I only have one brother and one sister left… Tonight I will be going to see Kenny, Kathy, Josh and Heather… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 15, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEANNE!!! Judy is my Sister-in-law in North Carolina and Jeanne is my DASN friend in Hawaii… Thanks to Marie in Miami, Florida and Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I had a phone call last night from our grandson Josh. I love it when he remembers to call me. Before he hung up he said I hope they find a cure for Alzheimer’s soon. He wants us to come see him and see his hamster Wednesday. That is the only night he and Heather don’t have Tae Kwon Do. I hope we can do that. I am having a Josh and Heather attack. Haven’t seen them since Christmas Eve… Today was Ruth’s funeral. I wish I could have been there. But the trip to Indiana for Everett’s funeral about did me in. We sent a nice wreath for her gravesite and I have been trying to keep busy today… The Merry Maids came and the sun was shining so that has all helped… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

January 14, 2002

Slept much better last night. I decided to stop taking my antidepressant in the evening and take it in the morning. I hope this will help me sleep better. I have a clear head today but felt over whelmed with so much to do. Tomorrow the Merry Maids come and seems like Dave and I have so much clutter. I gave the dogs a bath, washed their bedding, worked on the clutter, cleaned out the refrigerator and folded the clothes that I had left in the dryer… Eating lots of sweets today... Thank you God for a great day… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 13, 2002

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO BOB AND MARIE in Miami, Florida... Thanks to Larry in Nashville, Tennessee and Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I woke up at three this morning and had a terrible time falling back to sleep then I woke up with a splitting headache. I got up at ten and ate my oatmeal so I could take my morning medicine and something for a headache. I dumped my pills out of the pillbox and without thinking took all of them. One of them was my sleeping pill. I guess when my head hurts that bad I can’t be trusted. Dave had gone to the airport… We had been invited to go to David and Lori’s for dinner. I had a hard time staying awake but I managed. I wanted so bad to be with my family. Chris, Jenny, Jake, Trevor, and Madison were there and Erin came in just as we were leaving, she had to work at Lowe’s today. I spent most of the day just holding and loving on Madison. Grandchildren are better than any medication. Thank you David and Lori for having us out to your home and for a wonderful meal… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

January 12, 2002

Thanks to Edie in Marietta, Georgia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Ruth passed away this morning. Now she is with my brother who passed away just three weeks ago. I am very sad to have lost her but I know she wanted to be with Everett. Ruth was loved by all of us; she took such good care of Everett and my Mother even though she was so very ill herself with cancer… I have tried to keep busy doing laundry and Dave washed the car… I called my Mother and she is doing okay, she is such a strong lady. I only wish I could be so strong… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 11, 2002

I received a call at 7:00 this morning from Martha that my Sister-in-Law Ruth, my brother Everett’s wife, is in intensive care. I called the hospital in Kokomo, Indiana and spoke to the nurse and she told me Ruth was in very critical condition. If it isn’t one thing it is another… The good news is I am feeling better today… I called my Mother and she isn’t feeling well at all. She said her right arm was hurting. They had called the doctor but he hadn’t returned the call. I will call again tomorrow and check on her… I had a surprise visit from my friend Rosalie and her son David this afternoon. Also Grandma Lori came by and brought Madison to visit. What a little angel she is. I got to feed her and she cooed for me… My friend Martha called… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 10, 2002

I woke up early this morning and fixed my breakfast and took my medicines. I didn’t feel good, headache and feeling cloudy again. So I went back to bed and stayed there till I had to get up and shower to go to my dental appointment at the OU Dental College. Dave came home from work and drove me for my 1:00 appointment. He just dropped me off as he had to go back to work. He told me to call him when I was finished. They are remaking my denture for me. I like my new student, his name is Pete, and today he did the impressions… I fixed spaghetti for supper and nothing tastes good to me today… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 9, 2002

Thanks to Diane in Australia and Dave in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I was up at 6:30 to get ready for my doctor appointment… Gloria from Provide A Ride was here to pick me up and drive me… When I told Dr. Morgan what all I had been going through the past couple months he thinks I am depressed and he said with all my medical problems and what I have gone through I had a right to be depressed. He gave me some samples of a antidepressant called Effexor, also gave me some samples of Aricept. That made me happy because Aricept is so expensive. I will take all the samples of Aricept I can get… I believe this new drug will help me overcome this depressed feeling and soon I will be back to my smiley self… 74 degrees today. I cleaned the birdbath and put in fresh water. While I was out in the yard I had to protect my dogs from a cat. The cat was ready to attack Cindy in her own yard and I am just as frightened of strange cats as dogs… David came by on his way to work and gave me a hug…Dave and I went for a drive and went by Barry’s Chicken Ranch and picked up supper… A beautiful sunset tonight… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 8, 2002

Congratulations to Bill and Teresa in Missouri on becoming grandparents… HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARALEE!!! Aralee is my school friend in Schertz, Texas… Thanks to Janey for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I am still not feeling good. Making a list to take to my doctor tomorrow… Thanks to all my friends who have sent me cards and emails. You are the best friends a girl could have… A beautiful day in Oklahoma temperatures up in the high sixties… Goodnight all... Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma…

January 7, 2002

Thanks to Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida and Lori in Norman, Oklahoma for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book…I woke up with a very cloudy head this morning and felt like a vise was around my head. I couldn’t even remember my son’s names when I first woke up. I had a nap this afternoon. Hoping the extra rest will get me out of this??? Don’t know what to call it… I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday… Dave saw the surgeon today for a follow up appointment on his shoulder. Everything is looking good. It will be a long time before he has full use of his arm again. The doctor said six months to a year… Goodnight all… KTFIOK>

January 6, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHEW!!! Mathew is our Great-grandson in Bowling Green, Kentucky who is 4 today… This has not been a good day for me. I have spent most of the day in bed… Good night all… KTFIOK

January 5, 2002

Called Mom last night and caught her in her room, she was doing okay except for her eyes. She said they hurt so badly. I asked her to ask her nurse to call the Dr or I would come and spank her bottom and she just laughed… Kenny and Kathy came to visit last night. We always enjoy it when our kids come to visit… I slept late this morning and have been feeling down some, fighting back the tears. And I thought I was through grieving. Every time I think I am okay that is when it backfires and I find out I am not… David called this morning he and Lori used the money we gave them for Christmas toward a bicycle built for two. They are really looking forward to the weather getting nicer so they can use it. Dave and I always like to know what the kids use their Christmas cash for… I did some laundry and took care of my plants… Dave made us a pizza for supper… Dave, I want to thank you again for all you do for me every day and always being there to lift me up when I am down. I love you more than you will ever know… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

January 4, 2002

I had a terrible time falling asleep last night and don’t know why. I was beginning to think I had dropped my sleeping pill instead of taking it with my night time meds… Then at 5:30 this morning someone was ringing the door bell and banging on the door saying they were from the Cable company needing to get in the back yard to get to the cable box. I am still boiling and do not see a reason for being woke up at that hour for something such as that. I could see it if it was the Gas Company detecting a gas leak but not the cable people. Dave did call to complain… I enjoyed chatting with my friend Laura this morning and it was great having George in Scotland and Alan in New Zealand join us in DASN Chat again… I gave the dogs a bath but first I made sure the bathroom was nice and warm for them. They have been so playful. I think they wanted a bath but they would never admit to it. I washed their bedding, I hope they appreciate a clean bed as much as I do… Dave picked up some groceries and we made Enchiladas… I keep forgetting to call my Mother. I did think about it last night and she had already gone to sleep. I tried today and she was out of her room, I hope to remember to try again later. I don’t think she understands how hard it is to remember anymore because I was always so good at calling her before. I could set the timer to call but when I got up to shut it off the dogs would need to go out, the phone would ring, or I would see a plant that needed to be watered or something is always distracting me… We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 3, 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!! Ashley is my grand niece who is thirteen today… Well today has been a great day for me. My friend Pat called this morning and said she would be bringing our lunch. What a nice treat for Dave and me when she showed up with Chicken Fried Steak Sandwiches from Del Rancho. We are used to having a bowl of soup… Then this afternoon the UPS man showed up with a package for me from my school friend Helen. It was fudge. Yummy!!! Now I need to consider joining Weight Watchers again… I called my friend Virginia and Josh, he was busy doing his math homework and enjoying his new hamster. He told me the hamster’s name but I already forgot… Goodnight all… KTFIOK …

January 2, 2002

I have been sleeping well as long as I take my sleeping pill. Seems like I need it every night now... It is so cold here. Right now at six o’clock it is 22 degrees and is supposed to get down in the single digits tonight. I have been chilling all day and feeling so tired… Did get some bills paid; our first car payment was made. Boy, have the car payments changed since I can remember back in the sixties when we bought a new car and our payment was $68.00 a month. Back then I thought that was high. I also did a load of laundry and the rest of the day I have just been sort of confused. Wondering why I can remember what our car payment was back in the sixties and our phone number back in the fifties but can’t remember what I was going to do next... Goodnight all… KTFIOK

January 1, 2002

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2002… Thanks Diane in Australia and Marie in Miami, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I won second place in Top Alzheimer and Caregiver’s sites. Many thanks to everyone who voted for me… I watched the parade this morning and then the Cotton Bowl Game. Oklahoma won!!! I was doing real good until after DASN chat this afternoon and then all of a sudden I started feeling so tired. So just laid around most of the rest of the day… David came be like he promised and now all our Christmas stuff is back up in the attic. Thanks David… I did fix us some Black eye Peas for supper. So now I think we are all set for the New Year… Two of my DASN friends, Alice and Chip are in Florida or on their way. I wish we were going there too. I am looking forward to spring… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

March 31, 2002

Happy Easter all!!!