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Tuesday, May 2, 2000 -(Poverty is a Crime Dept.)- APB News - Deposed Beauty Queen faces up to 15 years in Prison for filing bankruptcy newsclip(click).

ArcaMax Celebrity Gossip - "THERE SHE GOES: A former Mrs. America has been indicted on charges of failing to list more than $100,000 in jewelry as part of her personal property, and pretending to be single when she was actually married, when she filed for bankruptcy in 1996. Jill Scott Chance of Paradise Valley, Ariz., was married to Phoenix auto glass mogul C. Richard Chance when she filed, but allegedly filed under her maiden name. The couple has since divorced. Chance is also accused of failing to disclose that she was working as a secretary in her husband's company when she filed for bankruptcy. The filing led to the discharge of nearly $330,000 in debt. Chance's lawyer, Gary Quackenbush, was also indicted -- on charges that he knew her bankruptcy petition was fraudulent. It isn't Chance's first brush with trouble. After she won the Mrs. America pageant in 1991, pageant officials sued her -- and won a $100,000 judgment -- for covering up the fact that she was separated from her husband at the time of the competition. Chance has also been investigated for alleged welfare fraud and was once sued by a promoter who claimed she had gone back on a promise to make a sexually explicit movie. Copyright 2000 by United Press International."

ArcaMax Movie Review - "SKULLS - MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 (for violence and brief sexuality)."

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Entertainment Backwire - May 2, 2000 - "Hollywood Online - I SEE LONDON, I SEE FRANCE... I see Tom and Nicole in their underpants. selects the top almost-nude scenes of all time. hollywood newsclip. SPEAKING OF ALMOST NUDE STARS... Jennifer Binford says a little double sided tape can do wonders when eye-popping celebs want to avoid...well, popping out! Photo Gallery."hollywood newsclip.

Today's Backwire Headlines Online - May 1, 2000 - ABC News - AIDS: FIRST TIME THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY Clinton administration says global spread of AIDS is reaching "catastrophic" levels and fears the epidemic could destabilize the world. abc newsclip. Washington Post - THOUSANDS MARCH FOR GAY RIGHTS IN WASHINGTON Gay demonstrators call for equal rights and include comedian Ellen DeGeneres, her partner Anne Heche, and tennis star Martina Navratilova. Links. (Nothing against gays, but they already have more than their share of rights! Less than 3% of the population has the monopoly in entertainment and in the press, while male gays are the biggest aids threats in America. There are more serious issues to be addressed which involve survival, safety and arrest threats, as well as major discrimination and police harassment!)washingtonpost newsclip.

Backwire Entertainment News - May 1, 2000 - "ADULT AT HEART" Natalie Portman talks about avoiding the teen genre, getting fake boobs, and how she's not "crushy" with James Hartnett.hollywoodclip

Backwire Women's Health&Fitness - May 1, 2000 - "ThriveOnline - VAGINAL COSMETIC SURGERY -I recently read an article that claimed Lara Flynn Boyle ("The Practice") bleached her vaginal area due to pigment discoloration. Julia Scheeres says other women are doing far "worse." thriveonline clip.

Shagmail Trashy Tabloids- May 1, 2000 -"Singer Lou Reed, the pot-puffing guy whose 1972 hymn to transvestites "Walk on the Wild Side" will perform at a May 1 concert hosted by Pope John Paul II.... HOLY Smokesss.."

Shagmail -May 1, 2000 - Film&TV Quotes - 'TV Quote: "Why do they call it sex ed? No sex, all ed." Tommy Solomon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN.'

Delayed SexTalk (click!)
AskMe! (click/see Escort search results)

FIDGET PRESENTS: Liz Smith -May 1, 2000 - By Liz Smith - JON BON JOVI HITS THE BIG SCREEN -``WHERE THEY place you under contract instead of observation,'' said Walter Winchell about Hollywood... He was amused by our mention of his Annie Leibovitz pic in Vanity Fair, on a tanning bed, in his undies...Is it the same thrill stepping on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans, as it was back in the mid-'80s, wedged into pants so tight he might as well have been naked, with all that mall hair in his eyes? Jon smiled a bit wearily. ``It isn't really. That is, the anticipatory thrill is not the same anymore, but that's just growing up and changing. But the thing is, the second I hit the stage, I go, `Oh, yeah, this is what I do for a living!' ''... AFTER OUR recent reconciliation at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, I sure don't want to make Tony Curtis mad at me again, but it's a little late for him to be denying the infamous ``kissing Marilyn Monroe was like kissing Hitler'' line, as he's now doing...Whatever he felt about kissing Monroe, the scene in ``Some Like It Hot,'' with Marilyn all over Tony, who is pretending to be impotent, is classic."

Today's Police and Crime Headlines from Click on headline for full story

AN MULTIMEDIA SPECIAL REPORT - "Sex, Lies and Murder: the Pam Smart Case, 10 Years Later offers a retrospective of the shocking case of New Hampshire schoolteacher Pamela Smart, who is serving a life term in a New York state prison for arranging her husband's murder a decade ago. newsclip(click). Vancouver Pimp Eyed in Disappearance of Hookers" - newsclip(click).

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Saturday, April 29, 2000 - National Post - page A12 - Turkish prostitutes win at-work amenities and social benefits, but must also pay the taxman for the privileges.(click for full article). (America should smarten up and stop making money with the abusive arrests on women trying to make an easier living. This is the solution, and third world countries are now more progressive than we are. American culture & society has regressed because our politicians don't listen to us or let the illegal police movements overpower them). Page A5 - Sask. gay porn film festival draws fire. (Where are the hooker festivals?) Page G1 - Toronto- Sexography headline - Pioneering dirty director Paul Thompson rediscovers the play that rocked the city. Page G5 - Sex rediscovered (cont'd). A new collective creation picks up where Toronto's scandalous 1975 production left off - examining the city's sex life. (I'm not even allowed to meet dates for lunch in my personal life due to fascist controls!) Page E13 - Web Hound section - Sex headings - Sexual Health Infocenter; Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG); Dr. Ruth; Virtual; NetNude.

Shagmail - Film&TV Quotes - Film Quote 1: "Just remember that every relationship starts with a one night stand." - Lance (Anthony Edwards), THE SURE THING".

Now Weekly Classified - April 27, May 3, 2000 - page 87 - Casting Agencies ad - "Beer commercials - needs cool, hip, sexy people.(416)596-7925 (I've been to this talent agent's office, and they listen to Howard Stern! I never had to be sexy for beer commercials in the early days of my acting career and I was cast in a lot of party scenes. Now I'm not allowed to party in real life. I have to be sexy for the camera, but I'm not allowed to stay in bounds in a business that is being labelled by police, search engines, male-owned websites and the press as being sex business! Since when do we engage in sex at the dinner table or in a lounge over a cocktail? Is this what they are trying to prevent? Or is there so much jealousy about the relatively easy money in a potentially and what used to be a very glamorous and fun business for a woman who was/is discriminating and in control. The abnormal controls on us are extremely unhealthy now. It deteriorates the upper social classes as well as this mind, emotion and spirit. And if someone doesn't rectify these problems, they are never going to hear the end of it. I am quite willing to speak out until I'm eligible for my pension, and then some. I will not take this! And they would waste an attractive and intelligent woman on sexist Americans. I'm straight and my clients were conservative and I get put out of business after 20 years. I still had my looks. They beat on the functionals and play up the dysfunctionals with the negative press. It's intolerable.)

Findlaw (click/refer:'') News - "It's okay as long as we can get the Drudge Report Internet censorship threatens free press - report ABC News - Censorship of the Internet by governments is spreading and may become a threat to traditional media liberty, a report on press freedom said on Wednesday. "The explosion of news and information on the World Wide Web is tempting governments, developed and developing, politically free and not free, to consider restricting content on the Internet," said the report conducted by human rights group Freedom House." abcnews(click). (The media has liberty rights, but women's movements don't!)

Friday, April 28, 2000 -Page Six - TRUMP'S GROUP MAY DROP NUDE SEXPOT - The Miss Universe officials may give "SIZZLING Spanish sexpot" (all caps theirs) Helen Lindes the boot over nude photos. SHE (all caps mine) says she was modeling for an underwear ad when the product just...oops...popped off. CURTIS PREFERS BLONDES--AND BLONDE WOMEN, AT THAT Tony Curtis denies that he ever said, "kissing Monroe was like kissing Adolf Hitler." In fact, he says they made passionate love together."

Shagmail - Entertainment Today -"NEW 'BAYWATCH' BABE Playboy's April 2000 Playmate, Brande Roderick, is joining the cast of "Baywatch" in a big way. She'll be the new female lead, Leigh Dyer, described as a lifeguard recruited by the show's star, Jason Brooks (as Sean Monroe), to join the Baywatch lifeguard service and school. The show's new head writer and executive producer, Frank South, told Variety that Roderick originally auditioned for a smaller role, but she "hit it out of the park" in her screen test so her role was expanded. South says he intends to transform the show into one that's "not only good to look at, but active emotionally and physically -- not just a posing show." He said, "We want people falling forward waiting to see what will happen next." South is credited as "the mastermind behind Heather Locklear's character on 'Melrose Place.'"

Shagmail- Trashy Tabloids - "What 42 year old sexy star is denying reports that she is pregnant although she has been spotted at her OB/GYNE's office, Shopping in and exclusive baby store and going into a shop that had a sign in front offering pregnancy massages? Guess.." (I'm not going to tell, because I'm not allowed to be in business for myself in my 40s either as a world class dinner escort, nor as a netpreneur without U.S. interference, nor am I allowed to date and meet new gents for lunch without big B.S. and P.I.controls!)

CBC Newsworld Online - "CONVICTION IN INSIDER TRADING PORN STAR TRIAL - A Wall Street executive has been convicted of conspiracy and fraud for giving insider information to a Canadian porn star. FULL STORY: newsclip(click).

Entertainment Backwire Online - "Gist TV - WHAT A BOOB -It's official. Darva Conger will pose nude for Playboy ." Solutions eLetter - "..RED HOT: Sex Appeal. Does Your Venture Have It? Learn the eight characteristics that give your venture VC-appeal. "Sexy." That's what they call it on the street. It's what makes a venture worth picking up.."

Prevention Sex Quiz

Reuters Entertainment News Online - Hefner would Love to have Darva Conger in PLAYBOY .

FIDGET LATE NIGHT SOUP - April 28, 2000 - By J.P. Strange - JAY LENO ON THE TONIGHT SHOW: "A healthy man gets an erection ten times a night in his sleep, because his penis needs oxygen. That's why men are so attracted to airheads." "Poor ELIAN. Last time a Cuban was treated this bad, it ended up inside MONICA LEWINSKY'S thong." "One of HUGH HEFFNER's girlfriends is going to be a regular on Baywatch. I guess all the CPR she performed on Hef finally paid off." "VERMONT has granted legal rights to same-sex couples. It used to be all the good ones were married or gay. Now they're both. Did you hear the first gay couple to marry in Vermont? The Brawny Paper Towel Guy and the Gorton Fisherman." "Women are removing sperm from the bodies of their dead husbands. Kind of ironic. When they're alive, most men can't give it away." "JAMES BUCHANAN was the only bachelor President-until CLINTON, of course." "MADONNA doesn't know the sex of her baby? She doesn't know the sex of half her lovers." State Slogans: Texas: "How do you want your convicts-stir fried or extra crispy?" Utah: "Take my wife. I have a million of them." New York: "Sorry, we thought he had a weapon." Guest TOM ARNOLD: "Oh yeah, I'll continue to work out until I get married." DAVID LETTERMAN ON THE LATE SHOW: "N.Y. POLICE were arresting a hooker today, when she slipped out of the handcuffs and stole a police van. It happened so quickly the police didn't even have time to accidentally shoot her." "I was late for work tonight. I got stuck in the tunnel, if you know what I mean." Guest JEFF FOXWORTHY, who has a new CD, "Big Funny": "Today I can't drive without my daughter in a special car seat, strapped in. We sent JOHN GLENN into space with a Jethro Bodine seat belt." "You might be a redneck if your mother keeps a spit cup on the ironing board, if your family tree doesn't fork, if your wife says she's game and you shoot her, or if you name your children after the cars in which they were conceived." JON STEWART ON THE DAILY SHOW: "Tonight we have HUGH HEFNER and the BENTLEY TWINS-all four of them." "Big Hack Attack: 'MAFIA BOY,' the hacker who broke into the CNN website, was apprehended at his home." [Footage of ELIAN being carried from his home.] BILL MAHER ON POLITICALLY INCORRECT: "ELIAN and the fisherman was the most famous image of an Hispanic in a closet-not counting RICKY MARTIN." ***** CRAIG KILBORN ON THE LATE LATE SHOW: "DARVA CONGER will pose nude for Playboy. She made the decision after she lost a multi-million dollars." "If you want to give BARBRA STREISAND a birthday gift, you can't She's already gotten it from a gay man." "AL FRANKEN is in a feud with BEN STEIN. Yes, it's the Franken-Stein feud." CONAN O'BRIEN ON LATE NIGHT: "It's something of a scandal that MAYOR GIULIANI'S wife is appearing on Broadway in The Vagina Monologues. Her character helps a penis get elected to the Senate."

Shagmail - Truth or Tabloids -"... Nigel is more turned on by hard cash than true love. Tori's pop is Aaron Spelling, the most powerful man in TV. And he's old and will probably die any day and leave billions. After which Nigel can divorce Tori, take his half and start wooing sexy Hollywood stars as an equal..."

Fidget Hollywood headline- "SO WOULD I WATCH THIS OVER SURFING FOR PORN ON THE WEB? KIND OF A TOUGH CHOICE...." (re primetime tv)...

Multimillionaire Bride to Pose in Playboy (and the rich get richer!)Reuters Entertainment Headline(click).

Findlaw (click/refer '') News -"No, the First Amendment doesn't cover voter fraud (nor do FCCcomplaints!) Voter to face fraud charges - Des Moines Register - Seattle sex columnist Dan Savage will be charged with felony voter fraud for allegedly casting a vote in Iowa's first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses, a Des Moines attorney said Monday. Savage claimed that he used his temporary address at Des Moines' Kirkwood Hotel to vote in the January caucuses. In the days after the caucuses, he wrote an article for online magazine called "Stalking Gary Bauer." dmregister/article(click). Read the Salon article that the felony charges are based upon: salon/article(click). Weird Legal News - Eat My Justice! How did she do it? Police: Handcuffed Prostitute Pulled a Trick on Us Fox News - A 35-year-old prostitute sometimes known as "Dimples" allegedly slipped out of her handcuffs after she was arrested, stole a police van and escaped to New Jersey. She dumped the van in Secaucus, N.J., where she was rearrested while walking barefoot along Route 3 with a sack full of bullets, handcuffs, keys and other police equipment, officials said. foxnewsclip(click).

Wednesday, April 26, 2000 - Entertainment Backwire Online - Premiere - "DAWSON'S WEEK - Margy Rochlin spends a Midtown afternoon with James Van Der Beek, who wins her over with "pansexual" appeal and an earnestness rarely found in teen heartthrobs."

TRASHY TABLOIDS - Wednesday, April 26, 2000- "Meredith Vieira of "The View" is considering getting implants. She wore falsies during one show and liked how she looked and her husband is behind her 100%. She and Barbara Walters agree it could generate great ratings and of course the surgery would be free....sheeeesh what a pair of boobs...Will and grace star Megan Mullally has out on 10 pounds this season and her bosses have told her to drop the excess LB's. They feel the provocative clothes she wears on the show won't look as good if she's "Chubby." Poor thing must have ballooned to a size 4...Liz Taylor is LIVID and joining forces with ex-husband Richard Burton's brother to fight reports that Burton was gay and carried on an affair with Sir Laurence Olivier. "If Richard was a homosexual, then I'm a nun." was the quip made by his brother...The TV star who's husband's sleep habits are no laughing habit? Courteney Cox....Her hubby, David Arquette must have seen the bag of bones naked before he went to sleep..."

Entertainment Backwire Online - Tuesday, April 25, 2000 - TV Guide -"ANGELINA SAYS, TATTOO ME! Billy Bob may think it's sexy. But Jolie's dad Jon Voight feels like swinging a blade (or at least a laser). E! FAKING IT WITH NATALIE PORTMAN - Q&A with the Ivy Leaguer on her first love scene, being friends with Moby, and why she can't score a good fake ID. Video, message boards. HOOKED ON MUSIC More on Mariah's hooking little sis. Plus, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez launches a line of PJs.. DR. LAURA 'S BIG WIPEOUT - Schlessinger settles a lawsuit against a surf shop after incorrectly blasting the merchant for carrying Larry Flynt's lesser-known skateboarding mag. Mr. Showbiz - FROM STRIPPER TO SKIPPER U-571's Matthew McConaughey says the rumors about him and Jennifer Lopez just aren't true, man."

Sex American Style (click) - - "featuring Modern Women's Issues" (I think not!)

Pornwebmaster -!)
"The World's Sexiest Search Engine"
DatingSite Sex ads!

Monday, April 24, 2000 - Entertainment Backwire Online - "TV Guide - REMEMBER AMY IRVING? Midlife seems to be working for Steven Spielberg's "other" wife who's heating up her career in Bosso Nova and The Vagina Monologues (where she has more than 20 orgasms on stage). Cybil would be so proud... E! SPOILER SPORT- Warning: If you love surprises, don't link to this article revealing the end-of-season scoop on Friends, 90210, ER, Frasier, X-Files, etc. Plus, is that Elizabeth Berkley on NYPD Blue? I guess I didn't recognize her with clothes on. Mr. Showbiz - SAMUEL L. JACKSON GETS THE SHAFT IN BED- It's true, the crew did hire a private you-know-what to take over for Shaft in his steamy sex scenes. NO MORE NUDITY FOR TURNER- London's The Graduate graduates to Broadway--without Kathleen Turner. WOLVERINE WOES - You'll never believe the rituals Hugh Jackman initiated to get in touch with his character's "berserk edge" for X-Men. Did we mention he "got his testicles twisted in a harness?"

ArcaMax Celebrity Gossip - "NEW 'BAYWATCH' BABE: Playboy's April 2000 Playmate, Brande Roderick, is joining the cast of "Baywatch" in a big way. She'll be the new female lead, Leigh Dyer, described as a lifeguard recruited by the show's star, Jason Brooks (as Sean Monroe), to join the Baywatch lifeguard service and school. The show's new head writer and executive producer, Frank South, told Variety that Roderick originally auditioned for a smaller role, but she "hit it out of the park" in her screen test so her role was expanded. South says he intends to transform the show into one that's "not only good to look at, but active emotionally and physically -- not just a posing show." He said, "We want people falling forward waiting to see what will happen next." South is credited as "the mastermind behind Heather Locklear's character on 'Melrose Place.'"

ArcaMax Movie Review - Crazy in Alabama-MPAA Classification: Rated PG-13 (for some violence, thematic material, language and a scene of sensuality).

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Online ad -"THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE.. * FREE * SEX(yet sex sells!)* MONEY ----* Get it all at ShagMail! From Freebies, Laffs & the Bizarre see why over 3,000,000 people a day get their news, entertainment & fun from ShagMail! The widest selection of topics on the net... AND IT'S ALL FREE!! Don't miss a thing visit today: shagmail(click!)

FIDGET PRESENTS: Liz Smith- April 25, 2000 - By Liz Smith- CYBILL DISOBEDIENCE- ``...This is a riveting, candid, fresh and self-revealing book from Harper Collins...This saucy 50-year-old, who describes herself as ``an aging beauty in America ... ready for those Shelley Winters roles,'' often has made headlines for yammering on about sex in the morning, sex in the evening, sex after supper time. And she has gotten herself something of a diva reputation for being unable to get along with or cope with her talented co-stars -- Bruce Willis of ``Moonlighting'' and Christine Baranski in ``Cybill.'' But the rigors of a TV series are probably to blame for this rubbing some people the wrong way. The fact is, Shepherd is an intelligent woman who knows her faults better than anyone. She tells all in this book. If you're exhausted by hype, then read this star analyzing her life, marriages, love affairs and her often misguided career." THIS N' THAT: Cannes will present an unusually colorful selection of films this year. Two of the most hotly awaited are Artisan's John Waters epic, ``Cecil B. Demented,'' starring Stephen Dorff as an indie movie maker who kidnaps movie queen Melanie Griffith, and then forces her into low-budget fare. And then there's MGM's ``Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her.' This opens the Festival's Un Certain Regard sidebar selections. Calista Flockhart and Valeria Golina are lovers in this movie. NATALIE PORTMAN, the ``Star Wars'' queen of outer space, is not abandoning her burgeoning career for life as an Ivy Leaguer, but the very-adult-seeming star is choosing judiciously. Soon, she'll be seen in ``Where the Heart Is,'' in which she has her first love scene. The 18-year-old found the (completely clothed) experience unsettling: ``I just felt so weird being told to kiss someone I didn't want to kiss. I felt almost whorish, being told what to do in a sexual way ... and I think it would even be harder if I had a boyfriend.'' Portman says she and co-star James Frain are friends, but, you know, she just didn't feel ``that way'' about him. BITS AND PIECES: Vote for Mamie! That's the cry from fans of Miss Mamie Van Doren, '50s sexpot and B-movie queen. Miss Van Doren, who has survived changing times with panache, is a candidate for the B-Movie Hall of Fame. She has been beaten out in recent years by the late Jayne Mansfield and one Jeanne Carmen, whose claim to fame is an unsubstantiated friendship with A-movie queen Marilyn Monroe. But this year, the star of ``High School Confidential'' and ``Sex Kittens Go to College'' has the Internet on her side. Fans can log onto to the Web at and go to the Hall of Fame to cast their vote for La Doren (or is it La Van Doren?). Winners will be announced at the B-Movie Film Festival, held Aug. 26 and 27, in Syracuse, N.Y. ... MINNIE DRIVER, didn't do herself any favors with British men when she remarked in a London newspaper on their dating techniques: ``They take you to McDonald's, make you pay and ask if anyone is dating your sister!''(That's funny, because British men made great gourmet dinner escort repeat clients, including Lords and Barons!)

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Sunday, April 23, 2000 - (Reuters) - Wife of NYC Mayor to Act in Controversial Play - (while high class call girls get busted at the Plaza Hotel and the world class market gets eliminated from paris newspapers based in new york? has everyone gone mad? the clients were all bankers and producers!)

Erotic Personals online - (clickforporn) (and my unpaid cellphone gets hangup calls all day long from creditors & unassigned or private numbers & no personal or biz straight-dates!)

Saturday, April 22, 2000 - TipWorld - - The Internet's #1 Source for Computer Tips, News, and Gossip - Proudly presents: Tipworld's HollyWired Gossip Column - "MCCARTHY BACK ON BOOB TUBE - Apparently former PLAYBOY playmate and MTV star JENNY MCCARTHY wasn't totally crushed by her brief yet high-profile venture into network television with the quickly-cancelled "Jenny" for MTV. The busty (now) brunette is tapped to star in an untitled Fox comedy pilot next season, Variety reports.."

Email from: - hardcoreteen pornsite(click!)

FIDGET LATE NIGHT SOUP - April 21, 2000 - By J.P. Strange - JAY LENO ON THE TONIGHT SHOW: "MONICA LEWINSKY says she's voting for Hillary Clinton for Senator. Monica gets around. First she was under Bill. Now she's behind Hillary." "A new study says sex before a marathon is a good thing. Nowl men can legitimately say, 'Sorry, babe, gotta run.'" "CLINTON'S will be the first Presidential Library with a mirror on the ceiling." "A study found teenage girls who drink are much more sexually active. The study was funded by teenage boys." "HILLARY CLINTON acted as a high school principal today. Caught cheating? She'll forgive you." "The average male thinks about sex 256 times a day. More bad news for ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. And no wonder gay couples are so happy-that's 512 times." "Did you see little ELIAN'S uncle's census form? Two bedrooms, 30,000 people. DARVA CONGER wants to marry Elian. Elian says what he really wants to do is direct. In Cuba Elian would attend a school across the street from a house of prostitution, while here he'd have sex with the teacher." Rejected Slogans: Summer's Eve: "Douche's Wild." CONAN O'BRIEN ON LATE NIGHT: "After his meeting with gay Republicans, GEORGE W. BUSH announced RICKY MARTIN does, indeed, have a sweet ass." "MONICA LEWINSKY has a wonderful new boyfriend. Her life has become a regular Fellatio Alger story." Guest SCOTT THOMPSON on ELIAN: "Obviously a child belongs to his great uncle and distant cousins." "I haven't seen feet like David Crosby's since I slept with a homeless guy."

Friday, April 21, 2000 - Entertainment Backwire - TV Guide - "NUDE SUNBATHING, GARTERS, BUSTIERS AND WATERBEDS... The original Buffy (Kristy Swanson) gets slayed by perverted paparazzi. Mr. Showbiz - MR. STERN, YOUR GLASSES WILL BE READY IN ABOUT AN HOUR If you can believe it, Howard Stern is emphatically denying his relationship with all-that Angie Everhart." - "Turner Turns Up Heat - Actress Hits the Boards Naked at A Really Good Age - Kathleen Turners nude scene in the stage production of The Graduate has caused a raging debate in British newspapers. Not over whether Mrs. Robinson should disrobe completely. But whether she does it for 20 or 40 seconds. Oh, heavens, says the actress with her recognizable, throaty laugh." (I really don't think women are into this, why shove it down our throats?)

"Horny" Jane Magazine cover - May issue, 2000. (This is mainstream, and my dinner escort line gets monitored with no activity! Local and out-of-area suburb private investigators compete with the ~decent hours~ world tourist and business traveller class!)

NewsLinx Online - (Janet)Reno Licks Chops Over (Canadian)Mafiaboy

Thursday, April 20, 2000 - Entertainment Backwire Online - TV Guide - "IS NATALIE PORTMAN THE NEXT AUDREY HEPBURN? Movie queen Natalie Portman explores her new sexuality on screen. (She's so lovely and mature, don't you think?) backwire(click). E! - THEY DID IT ALL FOR THE NOOKIE - So THAT's (gasp) why Angelina commutes to 'see' A-list actor Billy Bob. Ted Casablanca intercepts Ben Affleck's online book purchases-- Pearl Harbor and porn. An entire audience mocks Monica Lewinsky. Of course there's more... eonline(click). I'M JUST A RIGHT-WING, BISEXUAL, WIFE-BEATING GUY The revelations in John Lennon's secret journals are hard to Imagine. Geoffrey Giuliano tells all (or makes it up) in a new bio. eonline(click). Mr. Showbiz - HOWARD GETS A HEART You have GOT to be kidding. Angie Everhart confirms that she and Howard Stern are, indeed, an item. mrshowbiz(click). Hollywood Online - VESTAL VIRGINS VIE FOR ATTENTION And a clan of Coppolas show up at the premiere of Sofia's directorial debut The Virgin Suicides, described as 'a dreamlike examination of adolescence, love and Josh Hartnett in tight pants.' backwire(click). To subscribe, please go to: Copyright 2000,".

Hotel Banner 7

Wednesday, April 19, 2000 -"Let Over 40s Be Sexy" - Kathleen Turner (Reuters) - excitenews(click). (I bet she wouldn't be playing this if she didn't need to sell her play in London. From a professional actress standpoint and coming from the same generation as Kathleen Turner, I'd only want to be sexy if I was getting paid extremely well for it, but I'd rather be a non-blatant level escort as I was for over 15 years!)

Entertainment Backwire - "LAURA DERN LOSES SLINGBLADE TO ELVIRA LOOK-ALIKE - After all that (ridiculous) press over whether Angelina Jolie was sleeping with her brother, the truth comes out: She's dating Billy Bob Thornton. (That explains that karaoke scene in Pushing Tin, huh?) mrshowbiz newsclip (click).

Shagmail- Trashy Tabloids - "What classy model and spokesperson was recently shopping in a raunchy sex shop on Sunset Blvd and left with a shopping bag full of gizmos, gadgets, and props? Guess Who???...The classy model who shocked shoppers with her shopping? Elizabeth Hurley.......Hmmmm maybe Hugh Grant is staying home these days for a reason........"

Health&Wellness Classifieds Online - Wednesday, April 19, 2000 - "SEX sites are not the only ones that MAKES MONEY "How to make $2-300 each day...working at home in your underwear." This FREE report will show you exactly how. To receive yours, or visit my site at MAKE OBSCENE PROFITS From The Hottest Program To Hit Netdom! The Top NETREPRENEURS, Rudl, Belton, Williams, Leibovich, Dobyns, Edelman, Robbins, McKinney, Lang... Are Pushing And Shoving To Join Now! Click Below NOW To See WHY!!,ur=DJ3693,ww. Get your FREE subscription to "Healthy, Wealthy & Wise" Proven tips and fresh articles to improve your health, make money and enjoy a more abundant life. Published twice per month.

Tipworld's HollyWired Gossip Column - "CLUBLOVE SHOWS MORE SCHLESSINGER - Foe of gays rights and all-around meanie DR. LAURA SCHLESSINGER is back in the news. The adult Web siteClublove(click/doubleclick off) has posted the nudie photographs of her online once again. In case you blocked it out, the controversial talk show host had her privates exploited last year when a former lover sold the shocking photos to the Internet site. So why stir up the pot again? Clublove claims the stunt is being pulled in a show of solidarity with the gay-rights community. Can't we support them without having to look at the photos? Copyright(C) 2000 Topica, Inc." [SUBSCRIBING TO WHATSMYBEEF!'s LIST: People can learn more about the list and subscribe to it on the web at Topica (click). Potential subscribers can also find and subscribe to this list in Topica's directory . People can also join the list via email simply by sending a BLANK email to: Topica will automatically send a confirmation message. Once you reply, you'll be added to the list.]

Your Books Backwire - Tuesday, April 18, 2000 - LOVE IN THE TIME OF GRUNGE An opus in the tradition of 'Bridget Jones's Diary' and 'Ally McBeal', 'Unzipped', is an account of gen-X love, in the loose sense of the word. bookreporter(click).

Tuesday, April 18, 2000 - Backwire Entertainment Online - "IT MELTS WHERE? Eminem's latest single engages Christina Aguilera in a lewd sex act. (click). 'I'D RATHER BE PLAYING BONGOS NAKED' Freebird Matthew McConaughey goes deep for U-571, also starring Harvey Keitel, Bill Paxton and Jon Bon Jovi! (Just don't forget: He keeps getting older, but those high school girls stay the same age.) eonline(click) TV Guide - THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT JENNA - Ben Stiller admits he needed 'shoe lifts and a sense of humor in bed' to keep up with jaunty Jenna Elfman. tvguide(click). ANNE HECHE'S COMING OUT PARTY -Anne Heche says the DeGeneres clan became her surrogate family when she needed sexual identity support. tvguide(click). GLAAD TIDINGS - Debbie Reynolds has a nasty encounter with a car door and misses the GLAAD Awards (and a potential catfight with Liz Taylor). (click).

Email Rec'd - From: To: Dinner Escort ad >"Hi, I'm a promoter looking for the most beatiful ladies for the "SEXIEST >BODY CONTEST" this summer. Over $500 in cash prizes for the winner EVERY >THURSDAY so come check it out, send e-mail to enter contest."

Shagmail - PEOPLE & ENTERTAINMENT TODAY- (ditto ArcaMax Entertainment Today) - Tuesday, April 18, 2000 - "From Hollywood to Broadway...What's Happening In Show Biz" - AMY IRVING Actress Amy Irving just wants to be herself when it comes to what she sees as the requirements Hollywood makes of actresses these days. In New York to promote the new film Bossa Nova, Irving said appearance maintenance by a plastic surgeon is not on her list of things to do. "It's harder (to get movie roles when you're a woman over 40) without getting your face cut and fixed...and that's too frightening an ordeal," Irving said. "I figure if they don't want me because I won't cut my face, then I'll just move along." Irving is the ex-wife of director Steven Spielberg and is now married to Bruno Barreto, the Brazilian director of Bossa Nova. She says her exposure to Brazilian culture has made her more comfortable with her sexuality,(?) and a "happier person."(I do recall seeing some nude photos of Amy from her first film.)

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Deterioration of Society or Undercover Mind Abuse Scams on (Search for Cerebral/Romantic-type only gets sex email responses!)

CBC Newsworld Online -"BIG CANADIAN CITIES HAVE HIGHEST POVERTY RATES A study released Monday shows urban poverty rates in Canada jumped by 34 per cent in the early 1990s. But the highest rates weren't always where researchers expected to find them. Full Story (click). (All the more why women need to supplement their income without controls. Otherwise, the City or the Province ends up having to pay for it with social assistance, literally! But didn't I see ads recently saying that Toronto is the No.1 business center in North America, yet it is second on the poverty list! How did this come about?)

ClickDough Goes International - "There are restrictions: Any person from any country that citizens of the United States are not legally allowed to do business with (such as Iran, Iraq, Cuba, North Korea, Fed. Rep. of Yugoslavia (Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia), Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Myanmar) is not allowed to sign up for the ClickDough service. The list of these countries is located at:"(click!)(I can see why I was cut off from what is obviously nuke threats in the U.S., but this should never have followed me to Canada! Men from these countries were very good clients over the years, and preferred clientele at the world class level of professional escort business.)

FIDGET PRESENTS: Liz Smith - April 18, 2000 - By Liz Smith -"``MY MOTHER, Debbie Reynolds, wanted to be here, but she has a new boyfriend, and she wanted to keep him away from Elizabeth Taylor!'' So cracked Carrie Fisher as she introduced the raven-haired living legend, Miz Liz, at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Awards Saturday night in Los Angeles...Then out from the shadows of backstage walked Elizabeth, trim, radiant, wearing low-cut Dolce & Gabbana...Taylor said something that seemed to mystify the crowd: ``This is so great, you know I've never received an award from a gay organization before.'' The audience thought she was being sarcastic, but the truth is, ET has received recognition only from AIDS service groups, which are not necessarily gay. And Broadway's Alan Cumming had the evening's best quip. ``Your sexuality is like a vacation. You don't always want to go to the same place.'' (c) 2000, Newsday. Distributed by Los Angeles Times Syndicate. "

Your Entertainment Backwire - For Monday, April 17, 2000 - Edited by: Jessica Bizik PLAYBOY WHAT IS THIS, THE CHANNEL? Just when you thought it was safe...Jenny McCarthy returns to the boob tube. Gag. mrshowbiz news(click).

Shagmail- Entertainment Today - GLAAD MEDIA AWARDS - Elizabeth Taylor and actress/director Anne Heche were among those honored Saturday night at the Los Angeles ceremony of the 11th Annual GLAAD Media Awards. Carrie Fisher presented Taylor with GLAAD's Vanguard Award, which honors a member of the entertainment community who has made a significant difference in promoting equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. (I used to attend these, but I feel that they have more than their share of equal rights at this point. We need equal rights for pros on all levels: legal, decriminalized and illegal!) Heche was presented with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award, named after a highly successful casting director who devoted the last part of his life to fighting AIDS and homophobia in the entertainment community. Other honorees: Outstanding Film, Wide Release: Being John Malkovich Outstanding TV Comedy Series: Will & Grace Outstanding TV Drama Series: Dawson's Creek Outstanding TV Individual Episode: "Wild Wild Mess," Popular Outstanding TV Talk Show: Leeza Outstanding TV Movie: Execution of Justice Outstanding Los Angeles Theater Production: Medea, the Musical Additional awards will be presented in Washington, D.C., on May 13 and in San Francisco on June 3, with special honorees Margaret Cho and E*Trade CEO Kathy Levinson.

Backwire - Today's Headlines Online - Monday, April 17, 2000 - "PROTESTS CLOSE SOME FED OFFICES IN DC Fed and local gov'ts encourage all but 'essential' employees to stay home today to avoid 'fierce' traffic jams that could be created by protesters trying to shut down world finance conferences. Video, links. abcnews(click)

National Post - Monday, April 17, 2000 - Front Page Headline -"600-plus arrests...self-styled anarchists, environmentalists and rights groups...Thousands of protesters clashed violently with police in Washington, D.C. yesterday trying in vain to prevent the annual meeting of finance ministers at the International Monetary Fund and World Bank headquarters. More than 6,000 demonstrators tried to break through the ranks of at least l,500 heavily armoured Washington, D.C., police officers who had cordoned off the buildings a few blocks from the White House...banners urging the finance ministers to 'Stop The War Against The Poor'." (90% of my clients were international bankers in the world class escort market for over 15 years, in both Los Angeles and Toronto, before the private investigator controls simulating the market with domestics, locals and off-the-wall suburban inquiries, countering the targeted foreign and business traveller hotel guests which were once the norm).

Sunday, April 16, 2000 - Backwire Travel News Online -"OLYMPIC PROBLEMS IN SIDNEY - Scandals involving corrupt organizers, tiny bikini bottoms and comp tickets cast an early shadow on the next 'Big O.' " newsclip (click).

Backwire Online - Internet & Technology - ANONYMOUS FILE-SWAPPING AIDS PIRACY AND PORN? The AOL-developed (and then AOL-withdrawn) Gnutella allows for Internet users to share files in personal networks that are unable to be tracked. newsclip (click).

Findlaw (click/refer '')- Saturday, April 15, 2000 -"Weird Legal News - Eat My Justice! Howard, don't touch the "private parts"- Morbid Stern Bit Proves Costly- New York Daily News- Howard Stern doesn't mind paying for jokes, but one morbid gag may have cost more than expected. Lawyers for the shock jock and Infinity Broadcasting yesterday reached an out-of-court settlement with the brother and sister of a deceased woman whose ashes Stern played with on his show. newsclip(click).

National Post - Saturday, April 15, 2000 - Front Page Headline - Sex Trade - (cont'd) - Page A4 - Foreign strippers believe they have no choice - "Human Resources Development Canada introduced a policy in 1997 allowing foreign women to work in Canada as 'burlesque entertainers' in strip clubs. The policy was introduced after strip club owners reported a shortage of Canadian strippers in a poll conducted by HRDC'..(countering their own Criminal Code?)..."the real issue is that these girls are being used as sex slaves". Page F1 - Headline - "Shall I undo your clothes?" (article on Toronto's best hotel rooms. Yeah, rub it in. I'm not allowed to do legal outcalls.) Page F8 - Cheesy theatre ad photo for 'Rent'. Page 16 - Weekend Post Style - "MacIvor: All ass and no class" (ass photo). Post TV - page 7 - Thursday Viewing Highlight - "Grin and Bare It" forThe Full Monty (click!) - Fox, CITY TV - 8 p.m. Thursday.

Newsworld Online - FUGITIVE PORN STAR A NO-SHOW AT INSIDER TRADING TRIAL A Canadian ex-porn star remained holed up in Vancouver Monday, refusing to show up in New York to face trial on insider trading charges. Full Story (click).

NewsLinx - Friday, April 14, 2000 - Net Porn - Wired News (links to:)Adult Hardcore Buffet and Mark's 'Dating'Pornsites!

Friday, April 14, 2000 -Shagmail - PEOPLE -"ANYTHING FOR A LAUGH?: Howard Stern reportedly has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum of money to the brother and sister of a woman whose ashes the shock-jock used in an attempt to get laughs on his radio show. Melissa Roach Driscoll and Jeff Roach were suing Stern for $8 million, claiming he caused them emotional distress when he played with the ashes of their sister, Deborah Roach, who died of a heroin overdose in 1995. She had been an exotic dancer and a regular on the Stern show, under her showbiz name, Deborah Tay. When her boyfriend brought her remains to Stern's show for an on-air memorial, the King of All Media decided it would be funny to try to "glue her together" and turned the loving memorial into a comedy bit. The New York Daily News says Stern's lawyers were offering $30,000 to settle the case, while Roach's family members were ready to settle for $60,000. By PAT NASON, United Press International".

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