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There is something beautiful in the luscious skin near your navel
Soft and interspersed with dark hair
I lay the side of my face on your chest
One arm beside you the other across
You are warm and heavy and real
I want to be cradled forever a child in your arms
I wonder if after all the places youíve been
Could you be with me?
Right now youíre walking in a navy jacket hands
thrust deep in pockets
Black bag slung across your back
Notebook and pen never far from you
Bitching of the cold

Last night on the couch he crouched at my feet
Pulled and slid ever so sweetly my shoelaces
Back in my body I feel the squeeze of my ankles as he ties them
Tickling me a shock to my belly
I pull his arm around me and feel his warmth
Fingers crack as he pulls away in the snow-bright darkness
Cold toes throb as we walk by dark slashes of trees
Pushing me out of the snowbank
Hiding from a passing car
Indoors, laughter and brash embellishment
Sledding stories and smoke as he burns the chicken
Girls with red plush tops plunging necklines and wide faces
They kiss you sweetly I donít dare
Leave me on the road.