San Francisco/Chest Surgery

  • Emm...drugs
    This is just after I woke up from surgery and managed to get clothes on. Okay, mom put clothes on me...but still...
  • Binding and Drains
    First or second say after surgery. Close up of binding and drains...ewww...and my gorgeious beer gut.
  • Less Drains, More Me!
    This was just to illustrate my overall mood at that moment.
  • Bondage Wear!
    Yet another pict of my drains and I, but here you can see the beginnings of my hip bruising. Look for it again, in it's entirety in the bleeding chest picts below!
  • Bruises
    Better look at the bruises.
  • Bloody
    Yes theres blood in this one. It's just after my drains were out and I was about to shower.
More to come
  • Mom and I
    This is after I had my drains out and the wick was in my incision to let old stuff drain from there.
  • Fisherman's Wharf
    Mom gets camera happy @ the wharf.
  • Mom and the Wharf

  • Final Product
    Thanks to Abby for taking this. This is a month and a week post-op. The bloodclot has since diminished significantly and will soon be for the beer gut, well...