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FIDGET PRESENTS: Liz Smith- June 6, 2000- By Liz Smith- "SEQUELS NEVER JELL- `MONEY IS the element that makes stupidity shine,'' goes the Russian proverb. SEQUELS TO fabulously successful movies rarely work. And often they never jell -- it's just a lot of talk, talk, talk until the stars of the original are too bored, busy, mature or no longer box office gold, and the idea falls away. (Note, for example, that Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford eventually gave up on a reprise of their ``The Way We Were'' characters, and ``Dirty Dancing'' is being remade. It's not a sequel.) So ever since 1990's ``Pretty Woman,'' the movie about an adorable prostitute, there's been talk of a second film, one that tells us just how the hooker and her john-turned-Prince Charming fared. Well, I hear that finally there is a script that all parties agree on. Great, yes? Not really. The next sticking point is cash. Miss Julia Roberts, who is riding the crest of success, wants her usual $20 million salary plus 5 percent of the gross. Richard Gere wants the same! Now, Gere is not quite a dead weight in Hollywood, but his biggest recent success has been ``Runaway Bride'' starring -- ta da! -- Julia Roberts. And Garry Marshall, who directed the original, is said to want $10 million plus 2 percent of the gross. If these demands are true -- and I'm sure we'll be told they are not -- it means the studio would be spending $50 million before a foot of film was shot. Even with Julia, who is sure fire right now, such an investment is a risk. To be honest, I don't know that I care about what happened to Julia's hooker. I thought the film glamorized prostitution, and, aside from the money, what could Julia get out of going back to this character? Her work in ``Erin Brockovich'' was mature and vital. She played a woman onscreen other women could look up to. I say for those who adored ``Pretty Woman,'' leave 'em with their memories and their VCRs." (Why does this woman have the take shots when there are activist women fighting every day? Glamorized prostitution? What do you think acting is? The real girls made a lot more money for overnight deals than what was portrayed in this film, and the moviemakers have been the real clients. Streetwalking may not be glamorous, but the escort business has been, and Richard Gere types were the norm with the business. People should start listening to the experienced experts and give them a voice, not drown them out or kill them off while negatives are played constantly and other groups get overkill with the positive press. One of my platonic Beverly Hills escort clients wined & dined me for a year and took me for shopping sprees down Rodeo Drive before I became his mistress and eventually his wife. I can't figure out why they shut my lines off in 1995 and killed the 5 star hotel world class market. This has carried over into large metropolitan cities which are business centers.) THIS PAGE IS MOVING TO RESERVED (click!).

OnLineDiva@InYourMail.com - "Heres the Fire:HBOs ``Sex And the City returns for a third season on Sunday at 9 p.m. The sizzling comedy fires up the pay cable channel, which has been needing the heat since the dazzling series ``The Sopranos wrapped up in April. ``Sex does not disappoint. The first episode, titled ``Where Theres Smoke . . ., explores that need to be rescued that all women have - even those women who wont admit it. A fixation with firemen opens up the exploration by Carrie (actress Sarah Jessica Parker) and her chic cohorts as they find themselves slumming it on Staten Island without a life raft."

eonline@egroups.com - "Ben Stein learns life lessons from Coolio and Charlie Sheen at Hollywood's A-list table. eonline Print Soup Poor Tom Green. He asks, "Do people not laugh as much at a guy with one testicle?" What do you think? eonline ADVERTISEMENT - Ready for more? The "Sex and the City" girls are back for another season of blind dates and broken hearts. What will the new season bring? Carrie and Big? Miranda and Steve? Charlotte and her knight in shining armor? Samantha and commitment? Beginning this Sunday, June 4, catch all-new episodes of "Sex and the City" every Sunday at 9 p.m. (8 p.m. central), only on HBO. hbo TV SCOOP*: Who's the new, cute guy having sex in the city? (And where's Mr. Big?) Plus, Courtney Loves Dawson, Tim Allen's big-screen "Improvement," and get ready for Real World New Orleans. eonline. "Sexy Swimsuits": From upscale Beverly Hills boutiques to the daring designs of Trashy Lingerie, E!'s ensemble of swimwear designers, fashion editors, models and fitness experts shows viewers how to find sensational swimsuits--and, more importantly, how to wear them with attitude. At 8 p.m. (1 hr.)"

People-"CELEBRITY LAWYER FACES DISBARMENT: Famed criminal defense attorney F. Lee Bailey faces the loss of his law license for allegedly enriching himself with millions of dollars in stock that was supposed to go to the government -- and then lying about it under oath. An attorney for the Florida Bar told a state judge this week that Bailey awarded himself $3.5 mil- lion in fees from the sale of more than $80 million in stock belonging to a drug trafficker -- a client of Bailey's -- in 1995 and 1996. The lawyer argued at Bailey's disbarment hear- ing that the transaction was illegal, because of a court order freezing the assets of Bailey's client, Claude DuBoc. The state bar lawyer also accused Bailey of lying under oath when he testified that he didn't know about the court order. Bailey says federal officials agreed to let him keep the stock, in exchange for his help in locating and disposing of DuBoc's assets. Bailey went to jail for 43 days in 1996 on a contempt of court charge -- before eventually surrendering the $3.5 million. He's now trying to get it back."

Travel@women.com - "Ten Hotels with Sexy Service- Don't worry: You won't need quarters for a vibrating bed. These 10 inns are classy and romantic -- just the kind of lodging you want when you don't want to sleep:" women.com.

"Your Entertainment Backwire For Monday, June 05, 2000- Edited by: Jessica Bizik - mailto:entertainment.jbizik@backwire.com- MR. BIG STUFF- Naughty Chris Noth will be absent during the Sex and the City premiere. But boy will his ears be burning. entertainmentweekly. Entertainment Tonight- WHO'S THE SQUARE PEG NOW? Sarah Jessica Parker talks about the success of Sex and the City--and getting to 'cheat' on Matthew at work. Video. etonline. Film.com- I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR Film.com saves you the trouble of searching for the best entertainment stories, with popular keywords like 'sex,' 'free,' and 'movie.' Just what ARE you people looking for anyway?" film.com.

Editor@chatzonenewsletter.com - "Singer Alanis Morissette will appear in one of HBO's series episode of "Sex and the City". The show will deal with bisexuality. The new season's first four episodes will focus on Carrie's (Sarah Jessica Parker) new boyfriend. In this episode, Parker's boyfriend will reveal that he has been with both women and men. Parker will then run into Morissette's character (Dawn) at a party. Rumors are floating that in the episode there will be a steamy kiss between Morrissette and Parker. The episode will air on June 25."

News@cashpromotions.com - "HOT SEX! Ooops that's not it. FREE MONEY! Wait that's not it either. GREAT JOKES! That's right, great FREE jokes e-mailed to you daily from Rodney And Cathy's Joke List. Or try our twice a week digest version. Just E-mail: rcjokelist-on@mail-list.com Or visit http://www.rcjokelist.com/signup.html"

"FREE SEX+FREE MONEY+FREE LOVE! somewhere else! But now you can get FREE belly ripping laughs by getting The Chucklelist, the bestest joke list ever created. No more jokes you've read 132.7 times already. And every day, there's new, never before seen original humor by Funny Master BEN POPKEN. Get yours-send a blank e mailto:chucklelist-subscribe@egroups.com"

Adworks Publishing - "In the last few days, we received a few complaints about one of the ads we published. Some of you were not happy with the topic of the ad which referred to "adult" material. Adworks Publishing does NOT censor advertising. We believe in freedom of speach. We extend that freedom to our advertisers and subscribers. We understand that some of you out there have a big problem with adult material and we invite you to voice your opinion in the Adworks Discussion Forum. To join this free discussion, send a blank e-mail to..... adworksdiscussion-subscribe@listbot.com." (But escorts are discriminated against! This is an equality issue.)

Sunday, June 4, 2000 - Outpost email ad - "SITE OF THE WEEK (congratulations to...)Gay.com!- Gay.com offers a suite of interactive services tailored to the unique needs of the lesbian & gay market. Gay.com offers eleven high-quality content channels that address gay and lesbian concerns and interests, including Finance, Travel, Arts & Entertainment, Health and Nutrition, Sports and Fitness, Positive Living, Food & Wine, Community Resources, Relationships, Home and Family, and Shopping. A team of editors and producers develop original content. In addition, features from the leading gay magazines and newspapers -- from partners such as Advocate, HERO, Girlfriends, Lesbian News and Genre -- is repurposed into interactive content for distribution across the Gay.com Network."

IrisSilks June Newsletter - "In Celebration of Father's Day all purchases from our men's loungewear line will receive FREE a men's sexy silk brief. http://www.Irissilks.com. NEW Men's Silk Charmeuse Regular cut Briefs. They are sexy, comfortable and offer the right support. Three pack includes: 1White, 1Jade & 1 Hunter $26.95 set. http://www.irissilks.com/briefdirectory.htm.

Trashy Tabloids-"Whitney Huston may finally be fed up with hubby Bobby Brown and gave him a message by refusing to show up for his May 22 hearing leaving him to face the judge alone. Brown shook his head in disgust when the judge ordered him to remain in jail without bail until June 19. That's when the judge will decide if brown violated probation stemming from a drunk driving incident in 1996. Friends and family are happy to see Whitney take a stand and hope she will dump the bum once and for all..."

FidgetLate Night Soup - "JAY LENO- "Scientists say there are over 200,000,000 sex acts on Earth every day. Sad thing, not one on Kevin [bandleader KEVIN EUBANKS]." "Castrated men live 13 years longer. So maybe something good will come out of the FRANK GIFFORD thing." "Remember that mile-high club in San Diego, where they take you up so you can have sex in a plane? The movie is a tape of the last passengers. The flight costs $500. That's not bad when you consider it lets the average citizen see what it's like to fly on Air Force One. Speaking of which, PRESIDENT CLINTON was criticized for not wearing his seat belt on Air Force One. It's not the first time he's gotten in trouble for being unbuckled." BILL MAHER ON POLITICALLY INCORRECT: "BILL CLINTON may be disbarred in Arkansas. Well, he can't practice law, but at least he can still play doctor." "I just hang out at the Playboy mansion for the articles." JON STEWART ON THE DAILY SHOW: "No Holes Bard: There's an all-female nude version of Macbeth, which is Much Ado About Wearing Nothing. It gives theater-goers a great big Bard-on." "A vegetarian woman threw a tofu pie at the Secretary of Agriculture, crying, 'Shame on you, DAN GLICKMAN, you meat pimp!' She was referring, of course, to the 1992 incident in which Glickman bitch-slapped a pork chop." CONAN O'BRIEN ON LATE NIGHT: "BRITNEY SPEARS' new album sold more copies this week than all the other Top 10 albums combined. Britney said she can produce a #1 album with one implant tied behind her back." "Two teenage boys who subscribe to a skateboard magazine got an s&m magazine instead, and they're suing for $2,000,000 for emotional damages. But they'll settle for a lifetime subscription to the s&m magazine."

"Your Entertainment Backwire- For Friday, June 02, 2000- -mailto:entertainment.jbizik@backwire.com. Entertainment Weekly- IT'S NOT ABOUT CENSORSHIP- Mark Harris says the Dr. Laura advertising scandal is really about 'hypocrisy and cold hard cash.' ew(click). TV Guide- WHERE'S MY LEISURE SUIT? How did up-and-comer Hamish Linklater save the day--and his wardrobe--on the set of his new movie Groove? tvguide. SLUTTY CAN BE SEXY, SAYS STONE- Sharon Stone says Jennifer Lopez's revealing look is usually fun. Click here if you want to read what she has to say about vaginas. tvguide. AH, THE LIFE OF OF A POP PRINCESS- Britney says the red leather catsuit from the 'Oops' video made her 'look completely flat.' So she had to wear fake boobies that kept falling down during her dance number. Did we mention her recent Olestra incident? tvguide."

Thursday, June 1, 2000 - sexist inquiry on my escort dinner ad. I cannot accept these assignments nor do I desire this mentality of clientele.

Fidget PresentsLiz Smith - "AND SPEAKING of drifting couples, we're sure there is no significance whatsoever to the fact that Whitney Houston has not visited her jailed hubby Bobby Brown. He's been in the cooler for three weeks. It's probably a wise decision. The paparazzi would be all over her -- though I do enjoy the image of Whitney stalking through the jail, sexy and tough, just like the heroines of those great female prison flicks like ``Caged.''

"Lingerie Monthly Sexy Newsletter - June Edition. http://www.lingeriemonthly.com. Contents: ~Sexual Moments Mood Enhancers. ~Lingerie Monthly Sexy Poll Results. ~Lingerie Monthly Sexy Joke. ~Special Exclusive Offer for Subscribers. Please submit any ideas you may have for future newsletters. Email your Sexy, sensual ideas to: phanie12@gte.net".

"AN EXCLUSIVE SOLO AD FROM ADWORKS PUBLISHING- Send blank e-mail to: adworksdiscussion-subscribe@listbot.com. THE CELEBRITY NUDE PHOTO COLLECTION !!! Are You Tired of Spending Countless Hours Searching for Pictures of Nude Celebrities? Well The Search is Over!!!!!! Celebrite Nudes CD-Rom with 640+ Meg of Images Over 8500 Different Images Plus Many Extras!!! This CD-ROM contains some of the Hottest Actresses, Playboy Centerfolds, Singers, Models, and every Other Celebrity out there. For FREE information send a blank to: nudecelebinfo@gingerlace.com. gingerlace.

Thursday, June 1, 2000 - Entertainment Backwire - "Christine Champagne says the Sex and the City opener (this Sunday) indicates a 'sizzling summer season.' clip. NOW THAT'S A LENTEN PROMISE! Why is Josh Hartnett abstaining from sex for 40 Days and 40 Nights after Pearl Harbor? And what does Katie Holmes have to do with it? variety. Inside.com- SEX AND THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY Scribe Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City) plans to pen an Internet soap opera, called The Morning After. Her inspiration? American Psycho. inside.

Tipworld - "TODAY'S TIP: THE AMSTERDAM RED LIGHT GUIDE - There are the Michelin Red Guides and the historically minded Blue Guide series, but now there's a Red Light Guide. Published by none other than the Amsterdam police and written by one of their own, the guide details how to enjoy the shadier side of the city safely. The Police Red Light Guide, written in English, dispenses advice such as from whom you can safely buy marijuana and cautions against assuming that all the women in the windows are actually of the female gender. The book is due out by the beginning of the summer tourist season. For information on how to obtain a copy, visit the Web site of the Amsterdam tourist board at visitamsterdam".

Travel Backwire - "THAI TRANSIT FOR WOMEN Bangkok transit authorities launch a Lady Bus service 'to protect female passengers from crime and sexual harassment.' cnn.

CBC Newsworld Online - "LAW COMMISSION STIRS SAME-SEX RIGHTS CAULDRON The Law Commission of Canada has released a discussion paper about what it calls "close personal relationships between adults." The reviews are mixed on what it says about the Canadian family. FULL STORY. BAYER DEVELOPING RIVAL TREATMENT TO VIAGRA- Viagra may soon have a rival. German drug maker Bayer AG says it plans to introduce an anti-impotence pill for men in two years. FULL STORY.

ArcaMax Weird News - "The king of fart humor -- Howard Stern -- stars in a computer game now appearing on E! Online's Web site www.eonline.com "Assteroids" is a parody of the popular "Asteroids" video game of the 1980s. In it, Stern "blows away" annoying celebrities Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Kathie Lee Gifford, Robin Williams and Don Imus by farting at them. When the celebrities are "hit," they split up into smaller pieces. You can also earn 10 points by intersecting Howard's "star" Robin Quivers. But make sure you don't gas her -- or the game's over."

ArcaMax Movie Review - "ANYWHERE BUT HERE - MPAA Classification: Rated PG-13 (sex-related material)"

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Film&TV Quotes-Great Sexpectations Is Here- "ShagMail has really done it this time with its all new newsletter, Great Sexpectations! Your editor is none other than Carmen Sutra who will cover facts, fiction, and fun of the primal nature. It'll keep you on (or off) your feet! A daily dose of helpful hints and sexual suggestions to fuel the fire or help expand your horizons! Great Sexpectations is only available from ShagMail.com... sign up FREE today." Get Great Sexpectations

Your Entertainment Backwire- For Wednesday, May 31, 2000- Edited by: Jessica Bizik- mailto: jbizik@backwire.com- Entertainment Weekly- THE UNDERPANTS NETWORK GOES WILD Ken Tucker says UPN's new game show Strip Poker (think The Dating Game meets Howard Stern) isn't just for bottom feeders. backwire E!- IT'S A GAS, GAS, GAS Help Howard Stern wage a 'rear gear attack' on Kathie Lee, Dr. Laura and other annoying entertainers. Video game. eonline DEEP THROAT Vet rocker Rod Stewart 'gets his pipes cleaned' at an L.A. medical center. We still think he's sexy, even if less raspy. eonline. HOT ENOUGH FOR YA'? The essential guide to summer TV, including 10 things you have to know about Sex and the City. Plus, how to get 'booted' from Big Brother and Survivor. And a chat with Clerks creator Kevin Smith. eonline.

FIDGET PRESENTS: Liz Smith- May 31, 2000- By Liz Smith- WHO WANTS TO BE REGIS? ``TO ME ... Ava Gardner was the most beautiful woman in the world -- and it's wonderful that she didn't cut up her face. She addressed aging by picking up her chin and receiving the light in a better way. And she looked like a woman. She never tried to look like a girl.'' So says Sharon Stone, waxing wise on what makes women sexy in the new issue of Marie Claire. Stone, now 42 and in her prime, gives tips, offers her ``secrets'' (moisturize and eat, for heaven's sake, insists Sharon, who says her hubby prefers her with some meat on her bones). And this goddess weighs in on what makes men sexy: ``Humor, intelligence, wit, decency and competence. The hopeless boy-man is not sexy to me anymore.'' In other words, Peter Pan can't cope with a real woman."

Tuesday, May 30, 2000 - ArcaMax Celebrity Gossip - "ROCKER BACK IN THE HOOSEGOW: Tommy Lee -- who spent four months in jail two years ago for abusing his wife, Pamela Anderson -- was ordered back behind bars for five days Friday, when a judge in Malibu, Calif., ruled that Lee had violated his parole. Judge Lawrence Mira also extended Lee's probation to run for three more years, and ordered the Motley Crue drummer to start undergoing random drug testing again, and to join Alcoholics Anonymous. Mira conducted Lee's hearing in his chambers, with the public and the media kept out. Prosecutors had charged several weeks ago the Lee had been seen consuming alcohol -- which would be a violation of his earlier parole terms. Lee pleaded no contest to felony spousal abuse following his arrest in 1998, when Pamela Anderson told investigators her husband kicked her while she was holding their son, who was an infant at the time. Lee was sentenced to six months in prison, and released for good behavior after serving just four months." (In the States, you are guilty until proven innocent. His 4 months in jail was probably because he wasn't allowed to make bail. They make you sit in jail for months on minor charges until your court date comes up.)

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"A VIAGRA ALTERNATIVE THAT WORKS- Why Choose - Ultra V Plus - Viagra® Ultra V Helps achieve erection and increases sensation -Viagra Helps achieve erection. Ultra V Increases sex drive- Viagra Does not increase sex drive. Ultra V requires no doctor visit- Viagra Requires expensive physician exam. Ultra V is a Natural Product- Viagra ia a Chemical product. Ultra V requires no prescription- Viagra requires a prescription. Ultra V is affordable - retail under $0.49/pill- Viagra is expensive - up to $14.00 per pill. Ultra V side effects - very rare- Viagra has requent side effects. Ultra V isspontaneous- Viagra requires planning - must take one hour before sex. Ultra V will not impact other medications- Viagra can interact with other medications. Ultra V preserves sexual function- Viagra does not preserve sexual function. A simple explanation of the difference between the drug called Viagra ® and the potency formulas that we manufacture. Viagra ® addresses one symptom The mechanical function of the penis to become erect. For example, Viagra ® can in some people temporarily and on a one-time basis improve and/or restore their sexual function. This works in the same manner as a bandage or similar temporary fix. Temporary being the key word because Viagra ® does NOT address, heal or repair the CAUSE of the problem. Ultra V Plus, in contrast, is formulated to address the cause of a sexual malfunction. We take a systematic approach from several different angles targeted directly at the sexual problem, and at sexuality as a whole. In this way, the product addresses the emotional and psychological needs as well as the physical, thereby creating an enhanced desire and enjoyment of sex. This is the difference between Viagra ® and Ultra V Plus. Viagra ® may restore your mechanical condition on an as-needed basis, whereas a properly engineered natural product can restore the health-allowing your sexual experience to reach a new level of enjoyment from increased passion, desire and performance." Nubio Research Inc.

Fidget Presents- Liz Smith - "SPEAKING OF Cannes, there was one song that seemed to dominate every party, every event. It blasted from speakers on the beach, driving the Cannes crowd into nonstop dance action. The song? Tom Jones and Mousse T.'s ``Sex Bomb.'' I don't know who or what Mousse T. is, but Jones is simply indestructible, obviously. I'd say he's come a long way from ``Delilah,'' but he really hasn't. He's the same old sex bomb!" (pffft!)

Monday, May 29, 2000 - ""Protecting Your Children from Sexual Predators"- HealthyPlace.com Chat Conference - Thursday, June 1, 2000. Our guest, Debbie Mahoney, is the founder and president of Safeguarding Our Children - United Mothers (SOC-UM). Her former next door neighbor molested her son. Since 1996, Debbie has devoted her life and her personal resources to keeping children safe. She has a new book out called "Innocence Lost". (And what are we doing about mainstream media, culture & entertainment? Psychologists' studies in books have proven that rapists are influenced by mainstream movies and the softcore porn in our society!)

"URGENT FREE REPORT: "Sex Sites Are Not The Only Ones That Can Pull In $1,000 to $5,000 a Week Using The Power Of Their "Little Secret!" For the Full Free Instant Report: mailto:freereport@ebizsupport.com"

Sunday, May 28, 2000 - "Try Jane - Jane openly covers beauty, sex, fashion, Hollywood & more for today’s women." freeshop.

edronkin.com - "Aging And Sexuality: It Never Ends! It is a common belief that sex and attractiveness are qualities that belong to the young and not the old. Many seniors also hold these attitudes... Fortunately feelings of guilt and embarrassment need not be obstacles for seniors who want to enjoy sex! If you are a senior with an interest in improving your sex life, read this article at: click. (Seniors have also been known to have rewarding relationships with professional escort girls before they became extinct -- the real escorts, that is. Now if you promote dinner with escorting, you only get sexual harassment on the internet from where the better clients once were, ie.NY).

Dr_Teplisky@nydocs.com - "OVERWEIGHT MEN MORE LIKELY TO HAVE ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION This study was presented at a meeting of the American Urological Association. The researchers have surveyed almost 2,000 men aged 51 to 88 and found that 34% of them had moderate to severe erectile dysfunction (ED), which is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection necessary for normal sexual intercourse. The risk factors of ED included older age, high blood pressure, sedentary life style and being overweight. Men with a waistline or 42 inches were almost 2 times more likely to have ED than men whose waist was 32 inches. Men who exercised 30 minutes daily were much less likely to have ED than those who were not physically active." (So what's causing all the brain dysfunction, then?)

Friday, May 26, 2000 -FIDGET Late Night Soup - "JAY LENO -"This week's NEWSWEEK cover story is on 'Women & Sex.' It turns out to have something to do with meals in really expensive restaurants. And the article lists the four reasons women are most often left sexually unsatisfied: lack of desire, lack of arousal, menopause and can't find the batteries." "HILLARY CLINTON's new slogan: 'One cheating husband down; one to go.' MAYOR GIULIANI said he was quitting the race because he was 'staring death in the face.' BILL CLINTON said, 'Come on. Hillary isn't that bad.' In Arkansas they want to disbar Clinton. Worst ruling he's gotten since the 10 Commandments. Instead of being disbarred, Clinton should lose his drivers license. Have you looked at his girlfriends? Obviously, he can't see." "VIAGRA has different slogans in different countries: England: 'Makes Ben Big Again' France: 'Get an Eyeful of This Tower' Saudi Arabia: 'Need Help Getting Your Tent Up?'" "The NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION is opening a new theme restaurant in Times Square. The killer is the 3-day wait for service. There's already a restaurant in Times Square where the patrons all look like they have a gun in their pocket. It's called Hooters." "TONYA HARDING has been sentenced to a little time in jail, where she hopes to make a set of license plates for her house. She's just upset that she'll miss the Dukes of Hazzard tv movie. Tonya hit her boyfriend in the face with a hubcap-or as coach BOBBY KNIGHT calls it, 'motivational speaking.' Tonya also has to spend 10 days picking up trash along the highway-or as she calls it, 'dating.'" "CANNES is also hosting a porno film festival. One star was accused of acting her way to the top." "The average man has 12 sex partners in his lifetime: Miss January, Miss February ..." Jay: "Backseat of a car doesn't count." MONDAY NIGHT HEADLINES: Ad for "Loaf of Panty Bread" JON STEWART ON THE DAILY SHOW: "Assless Pants: The ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS PRINCE is now The Artist Formerly Known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince. In a related story, the international symbol for No Smoking has announced it would like to be known as Kevin." Correspondent FRANK DECARO: "Out at Center Stage: Turn your head and Baryshnikov. This movie is set in the swan-eat-swan world of ballet. Only one guy is gay, making it the biggest science-fiction movie to open last weekend." ***** CRAIG KILBORN ON THE LATE LATE SHOW: "Vermont and Hawaii, besides being the only two states to allow gay marriages, also have the thinnest men. Other states explain this with the 'How often do you see a fat gay guy?' theory."

Entertainment Backwire - "XENA READS IT FOR THE ARTICLES, TOO In this month's Stuff, Lucy Lawless tries to distract us from pictures of her in leather underwear by doing something called an interview. story. TED TURNER'S TANGLED WEB- Ted Turner, a untrustworthy girlfriend, Bill Clinton and sex education lecture. Surprised? Didn't think so. pagesix.

For Peak Sexual Performance 234

Entertainment Backwire - Thursday, May 25, 2000 - "ARTFUL EXHIBITIONISM Gist says Showtime's Dirty Pictures--about photographer Robert Mappelthorpe and the curator who risked everything to exhibit his work--feels more like 60 Minutes than a docudrama. James Woods stars. clip.

S.W.A.K.- Where does the Creek's Jack-Ethan liplock fall in the line of Hollywood's same sex smooches? One gay activist group calls it 'historic.' clip. (And why can't we get paid for this in private in America, or in our own homes in Canada? And why does the legal and decriminalized end escort get major entrapment or controls?)

Shagmail-People - "GRANT, HURLEY IN SPLITSVILLE: According to a report in the New York Daily News, it's the end of the line for Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley -- after a 13-year relationship that certainly had its ups and downs. The paper quotes a friend of Hurley's as saying the split is "very amicable," that Hurley and Grant "still talk all the time" and that "it's more of a trial separation." Grant is best known as the star of "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and "Notting Hill." Supermodel Hurley has served as spokesmodel for Estee Lauder and co-starred in "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" and "My Favorite Martian." Grant and Hurley are partners in Simian Films, the production company that turned out two of Grant's movies -- "Extreme Measures" and "Mickey Blue Eyes." Hurley stood by her man in 1995 after his embar- rassing arrest in Los Angeles, when police caught him with a prostitute on a public street. (He should have stuck to the sex on camera.) FORMER EMPLOYEE SUES 'GODFATHER OF SOUL': A woman who ran James Brown's Los Angeles office for seven years is suing the Hardest Working Man in Show Business for $1 million. Lisa Ross Agbalaya claims that Brown fired her after she rejected his "highly offensive sexual demands." In a suit filed in L.A. Superior Court, Agbalaya claims that Brown once ordered her to put on a pair of zebra print panties while he massaged her, and that he "repeatedly stressed" that it was too bad she was married to a black man. She says Brown often told her black men are "nothing" and would "never amount to anything." Agbalaya and her husband have two children. Brown's lawyers dismiss the suit as nothing more than the revenge of "a disgruntled employee."

ArcaMax Celebrity Gossip - "MORE SPONSORS SHYING AWAY FROM 'DR. LAURA': According to a published report, AT&T and American Express may be the next major sponsors to pass on advertising on the upcoming "Dr. Laura" TV show. Daily Variety reports that, on the heels of Procter & Gamble's decision not to advertise on the show -- starring radio talker Laura Schlessinger -- sources say AT&T and American Express intend to order their media buyers not to buy time on the show. Variety says that all three corporations are basing their decision on the controversy surrounding Schlessinger's long-running on-air argument against homosexuality. Gay protestors -- organized around the Web site stopdrlaura.com and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) -- are trying to get Paramount, the studio that is producing the show, to shut it down before it airs. The show is scheduled to premiere on Sept. 11. (Not even Dr.Laura gets freedom of speech.)

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