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Ireland is an island of breathtaking beauty that welcomes the visitor at every turn of the road.  It is populated by a people friendly in disposition and quick of wit.  They are well versed in the art of conversation and have put pen to paper with outstanding success for well nigh two thousand years.

A frequent ploy used by those who write about Ireland is to refer to the "soul" of that mystic isle. Just as numerous are the figures named who, at least in the eye of the writer, best represents that elusive "soul"

The choices are, of course, as long as Ireland's history. Spiritually one cannot overlook Patrick, Bridget, Columba and so many others. Myth and legend combine to give us Brian Boru and his cohorts. The scafford and firing squad have given us Plunkett,Emmett, Kevin Barry and a Glasnevin host of names. O'Connell and DeValera and Collins are from the political spectrum. It is safe to say that Ireland does not lack in names of people who by their action, their deeds, their oratory, or their blood, revealed a love of country that transcends the physical effort and reveals their soul on fire in defense of the beloved Deirdre.    

Obviously there is another segment of Irish society not yet mentioned: the writer, be it poet, prose master or playwright. Remarkably, four Irish writers have been recognized for their genius by being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature from 1923 to 1995.  In these pages I hope to give you a taste of the Nobel winners and direct you to some worthy Web sites. I hope you enjoy your visit