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Recommended Reading:

All books recorded below have personally been read by 'yours truly' and the star rating that I have rated each one by, is out of 4 (4 being a perfect book). Although I value my opinion, you shouldn't stock your life on it -- Ultimately, make up your own minds.

Sacagawea--(Anna Lee Waldo)A tale about the infamous journey of Louis and Clark, from the view of one of the most important women of early America: Sacagawea, the lesser known, Native American woman who guided explorers through both the friendly and hostile territory of her land. Depicting the harsh reality of living in a pre-modern world and the hardships of this heroic woman's life. A pity more isn't taught about her in schools, but this piece does her justice and it's a definite "recommended read" for history buffs and romantics alike.
Stars: * * * *

Anna Karenina--(Leo Tolstoy)Lengthy novel outlining the structure and ludicrous nature of Russian "aristocratic" society. Tolstoy capture the audience by the lovable nature of his characters and then continues to introduce unforgivable social crimes and diablerie through them. The beauty of this work is Tolstoy's ability to project life through the eyes of the persecuted and incriminators alike, providing each with a valid case.
Stars: * * * 1/2

Catcher In the Rye--(J.D. Salinger)Though this book seems to have no solid theme so-to-speak, the callous and bitter nature of it's narrator (for lack of a better term) Holden Caulfield, gives this book a biting taste of reality from a dark source that most "normals" never get a chance to taste. A classic book that is sure to come up in intellectual conversation time and time again. Stealthy read.
Stars: * * *

Regeneration--(Pat Barker) Fist book in a series of three by Barker exploring WWI through the perspectives of great literary figures in England caught up in the pandemonium and corruptive politics. It's essentially the loss of innocence in a culture with lofty ideals. Regeneration focuses on Seigfried Sassoon and his admission into a mental hospital for men of war to keep him off the front lines -- against his will.
Stars: * * *

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