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Commitment: love or lobotomy?

Some people have no place in the ocean with the rest of the fish in the proverbial "dating pool". At times, the whole serenade even begins to resemble the eclectic annual spawning-spree of the salmon run. Let's face it kiddies,we don't license people to live, and certainly not to take place in the 'ole dating ritual. In truth, however, some of the social atrocities I've witnessed or heard about cause me to question the purpose of it all.

Why, just today I was innocently enjoying my morning cup of coffee in the Student Union building, when a nearby love-aholic was confessing his still present devotion to a girlfriend he'd recently "taken it to the next level" with (profuse winking on my part). All this on his cell-phone (which is a whole 'nother story). With peaking interest, I listened as he explained to what I could only imagine a half-sobbing mess on the other end of his device.

Not even a full minute after he was off the phone with her (having used a dubious 'maybe I'll call you later tonight' line), he had phoned a (presumably) male friend of his and asked if he still had plans to go to prom. After what I think was a confirming answer, he replied that he would 'patch things up FOR A WHILE' with his girlfriend.

I sat silently with a bemused smile hid imperceptively on my face. Just another case where the story goes much deeper than you'd expect, after all. I began to immediately feel sorry for this high school girl who was dating what seemed to be a fairly attractive (if not persuasive) Shark-Man.

I derive the term "Shark-Man" from the general assummption of a shark as a predatory animal. Thus, this particular shark-man had what I pictured to be a clown-fish in a social death-grip. He was obviously using her.. Did she know; Did she care?

At times like this, I remember the common metaphor again -- this time comically. Are we really so much like fish in the ocean; schools of fish moving with an assimilated 'group' mentality, just waiting until a shark-man singles out a fish and takes advantage of it's numbed and socially blinded perspecives?

I leave you each to ponder your own role in this scenario. Perhaps you are neither the shark-man or the clown fish; perhaps you are a lonesome, spindly Puffer fish, or a gentle manta ray -- gracing the scene with your thoughtful demeaner. However it is with you, I must remind you to watch your step..
The ocean's a pretty dangerous place for fish these days.

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