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Clinical Medical Homeopathy
Alternative Vibrational MedicineClinical Medical Homeopathy

Correspondence courses in Alternative medicine college,London, Canada  Homeopathy, developed in XVIIIth Century by German Doctor Samuel Hahnemann is a system of Medicine, based on the Theory that "Like cure Like" and is one of the most popular Complementary Medical Therapies. According to the theory of Homeopathy, the Body is integrated by a "Vital Force", which maintains it in a state of Health. If this Force is put under strain, Illness can result. Symptoms of Illness are seen by Homeopathic Doctor es as signs that the body is using its natural powers of self-healing to fight back. Homeopathic Medical Treatment seeks to stimulate this self-healing Process rather to Suppress symptoms. Homeopathic Remedies are made of herbal, mineral and other natural material and highly diluted. According to homeopathic Theory - more diluted Remedies are more Potent

Clinical Medical Homeopathy

I.   What is Homeopathy?Online college course
II.  The Origins and History of Homeopathy
III. The Work of Samuel Hahnemann and Development of
*1. New Medical Principles
*2. High Versus Low Potencies
*3.  The Principle of Vital Force and Miasm
V.   How Homeopathic Remedies are made:  Potencies
       and Proof of Homeopathy
VI. Different Human Constitutional Types. Doctor Homeopaths
      Assess. The  Constitutional Type Questionnaire
VII. Materia Medica:
*1.  Brief description of 150  Homeopathic  Single  Remedies
              2.  Forty Five of the most Important Remedies, used for
                   Minor and Long-Term Complains
*3.  More then 100 Commonly used Minor Remedies
VIII. Homeopathic Remedies for Common Ailments:
*1. Remedies for Adults
*2. Remedies for Children
IX.  Veterinary Homeopathy - effective Treatments for pets
X.    Remedies for different Animal Ailments
XI.   Supplements and Nutrition for Animals
XII.  Biochemical Tissue Salts for Human. What is Cell Salts?
XIII. Importance of Cell Salts for Health and Vitality:
*1. How Cell Salts are made
*2. Basic Biochemical and Physiological Characteristics of 12  Cell Salts
XIV.  Cell Salts for Different Ailments
XV.   Cell Salts for Youth and Beauty

                           Supportive Study material:

      1. "Materia Medica with Repertory" for Health  Practitioners, Booktraining,lesson
      2. "Complete book of Homeopathy", Book
      3. "Homeopathic Medicine for Children & Infants", Book by Dr. Ulman
      4. "Homeopathy", Video
      5. " Cat's Homeopathic Remedies", Book
      6. "Dog's Homeopathic Remedies", Book
      7. "Practitioner Kit", Homeopathic Remedies against 15 Basic Ailments
      8. "Tissue Salts Kit", 12 Cell Salts for the Practitioner.

       Assignments are included with each Lesson for you to complete and  Mail to the College Educational Services. The Doctor of Medical Homeopathy Diploma is Granted on completion of all assignments and a successful pass in the Final Exam. This Extensive Course (containing: Human Homeopathy, Veterinary Homeopathy and Cell Salts) is  designed to be completed  in  18-24 month. Extensions are granted. Minimum study time recommended is  18 hrs. per  week.  Full  Fees One payment for the all Course  $ 900.00 US. Term Fees two payments of $ 475.00 US, Total $ 950.00 US.  Practical Workshops with Professional Homeopathic Doctor are highly recommended and can be arranged. 

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