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Welcome to Mount Helicon!

I am Christina, a seventeen year old high school student madly in love with life. Mount Helicon is the home of the Nine Muses in Greek mythology. Within these pages, I strive to share, showcase, and introduce all that is creative and beautiful, namely art, poetry, tidbits of information and various "intelectualisms."

Mount Olympus

Outpourings of Soul - Poetry and Prose of young people

"Poetry in Motion" Submissions now have their own site!

Quotable Outpourings - Famous and Not-So-Famous Inspirational Quotes

It's All Greek To Me - An explanation of Greek allusions found within Mount Helicon

Socrates Rediscovered - The latest in the philosophies of young people

Aphrodite's Gallery - Random artwork of various subject matter

My Biobits - a little about me

Pierian Spring

The Freakwad Hippie Homepage - A Poetry Site by Alexandra

The Arcadia - Poetry, Photography and more by Susan

On Beauty and Love - Prose and Poetry by Gary Boone

The Muse's Must-Sees

The Musée Rodin in Paris - Dedicated to the sculptor with the hands of a genius

What does your taste in art say about your personality?

What would you be in Medieval times? - A site for reading, publishing, and exploring poetry, famous or not...also the home of the daily "Poetry in Motion" contest!

Villa Maria Academy - Where I strive to balance, Socrates, Darwin, and the occasional bit of homework

Malvern Prep - The Home of my theatre company and many of my friends

Euterpe's Emissions

The Official Phish Website

An excellent Phish Phan Site

CK5 - A Website dedicated to the Unofficial 5th member of Phish: Lighting Director, Chris Kuroda

The Official Dave Matthews Band Website

"Tripping Billies" - an Unofficial Dave Matthews Band Website

The Official Santana Website

Stingchronicity - an Unofficial Sting Website

The Official Peter Mayer Website

102.9 WMGK, The Classic Hits Station

88.5 WXPN, Member Supported Non-Comercial Radio from the University of Pennsylvania

Please feel free to e-mail me with comments, suggestions, and especially, submissions!