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The Conspiracy Beckons

The Conspiracy
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(11/26/02)FEEE!- New email (6/20/02)Ceiling Fan- As i am the master of the haiku i decided to put some of me poetry online. wheee! (4/20/02)Everybody get yor roll on!- i added my official band page so i can get groupies. I also added a page or EVILL. My archnemesis. Happy 420!_________________________________________________________________ (2/?/02)Monkies-New section where you can learn all bout little old me! A little sumthin for all you stalkers out there. Its under my other crappy sites_________________________________________________________________ -(1/28/02)OOOO Delicious New Section!- At the suggestion of my cousin Smapdeanna i have added a new page full of all the bestest things there are. After all this site can get kinda heavy sometimes, what with our mission to save the world and all. Also i fixed up some more little things like music on the conspiracy page. Also yestery day i recieved a can of Spam!._________________________________________________________________________________ (1/27/02)BREAK THROUGH IN SCIENCE!!!- After having recived a Tootsie Roll Lick-O-Meter for christmas our Research department embarked on a study of epic proportions! To answer The Question Of The Ages; How many licks does it take to get to the ceter of a tootsie roll pop?! After hours of relentless licking (hey its what we do best here at the sock conspiracy!)we finally came across the answer! and here it is.... (drum roll).... 1566!!! YAAAY In other news i fixed some bad links ad shit like that.________________________________________________________________________________ (9/16/01)The Metal Ones are Coming!!- i neglected this site for a long ass time but now i decided to revamp it a bit. I decided theres too much shit on the front page so im putting all the updates on the front page now like most sane websites do (even though this isnt one of those websites). An' i put the conspiracy on another page _________________________________________________________________________________ In Memory of Todd (10/2/82-5/31/01)- Its been less than a week and i miss you already,and even though your gone forever I will never forget you. Yay pineapples. ~Love always Sammie ______________________________________________________________________________ Cheese in a Can!!!!(6/5/01)- Wow its been a long time since ive done anything but I finally got music up on the apocylpse page. I think im also gonna put in a page about me or like an online journal or something.

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