Coming someday! A new comix-fan page! But for now, check out these links:

[Most of these I don't even read.  Ones with a þ are actually (& especially) recommended.]

Half-Assed Update, August 2008: adding a few (some to bottom of page)
The Ten Doctors has most of the major characters from the history of Doctor Who; I wonder if he'll get really silly & throw Cushing in.
see also Doctor's Girls & Doctor's Boys by a different artist

Piled Higher and Deeper--I just (2006Oct20) was introduced to this; points for not capitalising the "a" in "and"

þ Shortpacked! is muy cool.

November 2004:
Niego is cool for fans of Questionable Content.
Overcompensating by that WIGU guy.
Fallen by Aido

October 2004:
þ Little Dee should have been on this list a long time ago.
Sinister Bedfellows

NEW TO LIST, March 2004:
Skirting Danger!... which is pretty silly, &
Sore Thumbs... which is just plain new.

þ Ape Law: Big site, includes Evil Monkey Studios, Jeremy, et al. another "group of people" site.

þ Bizarro... best one-panel cartoon ever.

þ Sluggy Freelance... the classic!

þ PvP - Player Versus Player... fun!

þ SinFest... perfection of the surreal four-panel strip!

Cat and Girl is funny strange, and I found out about it in a link from
Strings of Fate --which is very long-form and nicely drawn-- & which I only found out about due to guest artist week on
þ Scary Go Round, which is sort of a goofy monster-oriented continuation of
þ The All-New Bobbins Show, with its funny obnoxious characters & clever use of color.  Not going anymore, but the complete run is still up.

þ Spooner is a nice little humor comic.  In fact, I put it on this list with a "recommend" þ on it the very hour I discovered it.  Then again, I'm half-asleep as I'm typing this, so who knows?

þ Real Life—The Online Comic, that is—is actually pretty surreal.

þ Help Desk is actually only the front page of a neat site called, but I figure people might notice the link here.

Questionable Content is indie cool (i guess)

Monkey Business is, apparently, the funniest webcomic since the beginning of time. ... Yeah, right.

Wapsi Square is kind of cute. Distinctive art style....

Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet is a comic I discovered a long time ago then lost track of.

You Damn Kid! The Comic Strip For Grownups About Being A Kid

Baloo is online!


Absurd Notions is ok.

Gene Catlow is sort of classic cartoon furry.  Kinda cute.

þ Ozy and Millie is really cute.

Suburban Jungle (Starring Tiffany Tiger) caught my eye with its parody of the Prisoner.  Then it lost me immediately.

Naught Framed reminds me of Eddie Campbell's art style crossed with Sluggy Freelance. Of course, this is my impression without reading it. I don't read these anymore, you know.

RPG World--I still don't know what to think of this.

Sephen by eight--post-apocalyptic giant robot funnies.

Melonpool is sort of like--oh never mind, see for yourself.

Nukees... eh, I only read it for King Luca.

Mystic for Hire!... What! An action strip? A pagan action strip, no less?  Oh, the art's kinda--never mind.  I now think it's pretty lame, but you might like it, so take a shot.

She's a Nightmare... good old-fashioned action.  And the art's a lot better than that last one.

Alien Dice--what kind of person produces a comic, then does a text version of the story beneath the page? :shudder:

þ Astounding Space Thrills really isn't that fun anymore, but check out the archives.


Online presences of print comix:

Mark Smylie's Artesia Online

Joseph Michael Linsner

DC Comics

Marvel Comics Submission Guide


Comic Art for Sale (like original pages of print comix):

Comic Art Community

BCAM MSN group


OK, these next few aren't comics themselves; more like reviews and stuff.

Journalista was really smart, so I'm linking to it as a standout part of The Comics Journal.

The Last Comic Site - Sifting through the four color ashes...

þ SAVANT: described on its site as "is a magazine by comic fans, aimed at comic fans, retailers, and anyone else interested in the welfare of the industry. We're here to make things better. Welcome to the front lines."

þ Alvaro's ComicBoards and The Island of Misfit Comic Message Boards have various message boards for discussion of comic book characters.

Cyborg Caveman Comics - I'm not sure what this is.  Really, I just like the sound of "Cyborg Caveman Comics"


And finally, a couple that, while I find them just about almost interesting enough to recommend, contain a bit much nudity & "adult themes".  So consider y'self warned.

Steve Hogan & his rude pop art.

CoolCatStudio... very cool, very cute.  Well, the art is, anyway.  Also dead. Oh, it's back? And totally different? OK, let's just say anything Gisèle Lagacé.

Girls with Slingshots is not a schoolground farce.

Least I Could Do is really really silly.

Errant Story is pretty cool for "high fantasy". Poe's previous work, Exploitation Now, was your basic raunchy immature tongue-in-cheek quasi-parody thang.

The Bruno Daily Times... an odd little strip about a depressive woman... most definitely not to be confused with Bruno the Bandit, which is relatively all-ages, & extremely silly.