Grave and Dire Warnings!

Be warned all ye who enter here!

Know that beyond this page lies adult fanfiction, which means two adults in situations which usually do not require clothes, AKA SEX! It also means that you have to have reached the legal age in your part of the world to read such materials! By proceeding you are certifying that you are indeed old enough to read Adult material.

Know that beyond this page lies slash, that is to say m/m or f/f fanfiction. This can range from hints of a relationship to debaucheries in Surroundsound and Technicolor. Most of the stories are rated NC-17. If this squicks you, if you feel yourself hyperventilating at the very thought of two members of the same sex in bed together, proceed no further, but return to more well-chartered waters.

Know that beyond this page are linked stories with pairings other than Duncan/Methos. We have Connor/Duncan, Methos/Joe, Connor/Richie... Well, you get the idea. If this rocks your world/makes you feel faint/gives you nightmares then GO NO FURTHER!

Oh my, I think Iím in over my head, Iím too young to be here!

Slash? Oh deary me! Get me out of here! I feel a fit of the vapors coming on!

Methos with anyone but Duncan? Unthinkable. Let me outta here!

Iím exactly where I wanna be. Let me to the fic!