Loving You

Title: Loving You
Author: Cynthie Beckner
Paring: Richie/ Methos
Rating: NC-17
E-mail: cbeckner@geocities.com
Author's Notes: I don't own any one here and do plan on returning them to their places when I'm done. This is a slash piece with sex between two men. Please do not read if you are under age or don't care for this sort of thing. For my other stories go to http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dimension/3249/stories.html.

Please send comments, casue this is the first piece of slash fiction that I've sent. And thank you to my beta reader Justin for catching all my mistakes. Last happy V- day to everyone.

As Mac introduced me to "Adam Pierson," I could hardly contain myself from laughing. I wonder what Mac would say if he learned that I not only knew about Adam already, but we had been lovers since my 18th birthday. I mean, I knew Adam was Methos before Mac even knew who Adam was. I did know about immortals before I met Mac, but I had no idea about the cutting off of heads. Also it wasn't until my first death that Methos told me his real name. He said it was to protect me, but now that I was immortal, I should know nothing less then the truth.

So as Mac took Tessa back to Paris to be buried, Methos let me in, to the whole immortality thing. Which is great, because Mac wasn't that good at explaining it. Methos said it was because he wasn't old enough to understand it yet. I wonder what Mac would say if he knew about us? I wonder where I'd be if I hadn't meet Methos when I did? As Methos said though, don't worry about the 'what ifs.' but concentrate on the future,* Richie thought.

"Earth to Richie. Come in please," Methos whispered in to Richie's ear. They had secretly met after Kristin's death at a hotel. "What's on your mind?"

"Just thinking. Like, what would Mac say if he could see us right now? He'd probably take both of our heads for not telling him," Richie commented.

"No, he would just take mine, and probably have your's examined. He would probably think that the big, old Methos took advantage of you just like Kristin. Other than that we have nothing to worry about, but speaking of Kristin, next time."

"Let's not talk about her tonight," Richie cut the older immortal off.

"On one condition," Methos said.

"What's that?" Richie asked.

"Next time stay away from older immortal women, and listen when you get warned about someone," Methos said.

"Deal. After Kristin I think I learned to stay away from older immortals when it comes to lovers. They don't seem to be trustworthy," Richie said.

"Brat," Methos said.

"Everyone except for you is what I mean," Richie corrected himself.

"That's better. Now what were we talking about? Oh yeah, MacLeod. We've hid this from him this long, what will be any different now? I say we don't worry about it until we have to. At that point, I think we should run off together to some deserted island in the middle of nowhere. Anyhow, you have more important things to worry about," Methos said.

"Like what?" Richie asked.

"Like what I'm going to do to you next," Methos said to his lover. They were sitting on the couch of the hotel room watching a movie. Richie had his head in Methos lap and his feet hanging over the other side of the couch. Both were only dressed in boxers.

Methos slid his one hand under Richie's head and another under his shoulders. He lifted him until he could slide out from under the younger immortal, then Methos layed him back down. He climbed on top and peered down at the younger immortal. "Something like this," Methos said before he kissed him.

Surrendering to his lover's probing tongue, Richie parted his lips to the older immortal. He ran his hands down the soft skin of his lover's back. Their kiss was only broken because they both needed air.

"Maybe its time we go to bed," Methos commented. "More room."

Methos climbed to his feet as Richie sat up and allowed the older immortal to pull him to his feet. Hand in hand they walked into the bedroom. Methos told Richie to lie down and relax while he did something. The young man complied, sitting back against the pillows, Richie lazily watched Methos light several candles that he had placed around the room earlier.

With only dim candles, lighting the room, Methos joined Richie on the full size bed. "Tonight I want you to just lay back and enjoy yourself," Methos commented.

"Don't I always," Richie said, pulling Methos into another kiss.

"Complaining now, are we?" Methos questioned, even though he already knew the answer.

"I can never complain when you're here with me. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to me if we hadn't met." Richie looked away from Methos and turned towards one of the candles as he thought about their first meeting.


Richie huddled into a tighter ball trying to stay warm. At 15, he had been on the street for three months, but this was the first snowfall of the year. He didn't know if he was going to freeze to death or not, but he knew that he couldn't go back to his foster home.

As he let his eyes close, he never heard the footsteps that came up behind him. His eyes shot open though, when something was draped over him. Even with the warmth that it offered Richie shrugged it off and stood up. He quickly turned to the person who laid it on him.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you, but you looked really cold there," the man said. He was tall with an athletic form. He had short brown hair and hazel eyes that looked to old to belong to this person standing in front of him. His face held nothing but concern, as he looked the teenager up and down.

"Well I'm fine," Richie said trying to control the terrible trembling that wracked his body. After only a week on the streets, he had learned the hard way that nothing came for free. There was always a price. "Now why don't you take your coat and leave."

"So you're planning on spending the night here," Methos asked, only to receive a shrug from the boy. "You'll be dead before the weeks out. Why don' t I take you home?"

"I don't have a home," Richie blurted out. As he looked into the eyes of the other man, he wished he hadn't said it. "Look, you don't have to worry about me, I've been taking care of myself for a long time."

"A long time," the stranger repeated. He placed the boy at no more than 16. "Then how about I take you to a shelter, or a friend's house. Even a hotel, my treat."

"No thank you," Richie replied.

"Suit yourself, but I've spent a few nights in the cold and it's not fun. My name is Adam Pierson," he commented.

"Well, Adam, I could careless what your name is. Why don't you go find yourself a different charity case," Richie said, walking away.

Picking up his coat, Adam wondered if he should go after the youth. There was a low buzz coming from him, and it was the only thing that brought him to try and get the kid out of the cold. 'He won't become immortal tonight if he is smart, but let's see what a night in the cold does to make him reconsider," Methos thought to himself.

A week later, Richie was living in an apartment with Adam as he worked to get over pneumonia. The immortal had found Richie three days later soaking wet and sick. Someone had robbed him and then dumped him into the bay.

End of flashback

"I don't care to wonder what could have happened," Methos said, drawing his lover back to the present.

"I would have died young. I probably would have died on that beach," Richie said.

"But you didn't." Methos caressed Richie's cheek with his left hand. "I know I love you very much."

"You do, do you. Then why don't you show me just how much you do." Richie hooked his arms around Methos's waist and pulled the older immortal on top of him. Then he slipped his hands under Methos's boxers, rubbing his hands up and down Methos's ass. "You could start by lossing the last of this clothing."

Methos smiled down at Richie giving him a quick kiss on his forehead. Sliding off Richie, the older immortal removed his boxers and released his erection. Then he pulled Richie's boxers off. With a mischievous grin he moved to the end of the bed.

"Do you know how beautiful you are?" Methos asked. He watching as Richie's body slowly turned a shade of red as he blushed. "All the way down to these cute toes of yours." The older immortal massaged first Richie's right foot, then he moved on to the left. "Then there are your legs."

Methos spread Richie's legs apart and moved in between them. He gently massaged the left leg and then the right, drawing moans out of the youth. When he looked up from what he was doing, he saw that Richie's eyes were closed and his head was thrown back. At that point Methos bent both of Richie's knees so he could get closer to his prize. He replaced his hands with his mouth and place kisses over Richie's legs. He ran his tongue down the inside of Richie's leg. Then he ran his tongue around Richie's erection and balls. Richie groaned trying to move his hips up, hinting to Methos about what he wanted. But Methos, kept a tight hold on Richie's hips to keep the younger immortal from moving.

"Do you want something?" Methos asked, teasing Richie by kissing the head of his erection.

"Methos," Richie groaned. "Please."

"Please what?"

Richie reached up and wrapped his hands around Methos's head and guided Methos towards his erection. He was so hard that it hurt, but Methos had other plans. Slipping his head out from Richie's grip he slid up Richie's body.

"Tease!" Richie muttered.

"Always," Methos laughed claiming Richie's mouth. "How much do you want this?"

"I want this more then I've ever wanted anything. Please, I want to feel you inside me," Richie groaned as Methos nipped at his throat.

"Your wish is my command." Methos moved out from between Richie's legs. Asking Richie to turn over, he placed a pillow younger his hips. He then reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a tube of lubrication. "I love you." Methos said as he kissed Richie again, before he moved back to kneel between Richie's spread legs. Setting the lubrication aside, he rubbed his hands up and down Richie's back. "Relax, Richie," he said.

Richie did as he was told and moaned when Methos hands moved away. Seconds later though a slick finger slid past his defenses and into him. Methos gently prepared Richie for what was coming next. First with one finger, then two, and finally with three fingers he prepared the young man. At that point he was sure that the young immortal was ready for him. All the while, Richie was moaning in pleasure and clenched his fists around the blankets below him. With Richie prepared, Methos turned him back over, keeping the pillow under his hips.

Richie pulled Methos into another kiss as soon as he was on his back again. "I love you too," Richie said.

Bending Richie's knees again, he slid into position. Running his hands over Richie's legs he entered the young immortal. He stopped as soon as he was in, giving Richie the time to adjust. Once Richie started thrusting back against him, he moved the rest of the way in.

"Oh yes," Richie groaned. "More."

Methos listened to his lover and slowly drew himself almost all the way out before plunging back in. The groans of pleasure coming from his lover only spurred Methos on faster. Wrapping his hand around Richie's erection, Methos increased the tempo until they both lost themselves in ecstasy.

Collapsing against Richie, Methos tried to calm the speeding of his heartbeat. Only when Richie started to stir under him, did he withdraw from Richie and move off the bed. He came back with a wet washcloth and cleaned himself and Richie off.

"I love you Richie, and I'd do anything to make sure you stay happy too."

"I know. Right now though, all that would make me happy is to fall asleep in you arms," Richie yawned.

"We can do that," Methos pulled the covers out from under them and over them. Then he positioned Richie so his head was resting on Methos's shoulder. "Are you conformable?" Methos asked as he wrapped his arms around Richie's body.


"Sleep and we'll worry about what Mac would think tomorrow. Maybe he'll give us his blessing and not think twice about it, " Methos said. A snore was the only response. Methos looked down to find Richie sound asleep. "Sleep well my love."

The End   


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