I Never Forgot You

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Subject: Methos/Connor

Disclaimer: Highlander and Associates are not mine. I am merely borrowing them for my story. I am not getting anything for this story.
Rating: PG-15
Author's notes: There is no sex. Just implied. This story takes place about three years after "Not To Be." Sorry about the joint-popping scene. It's a morning routine for me. Besides, Methos is old, so give him a break.
Characters: DM, ROG, CM
Summary: Methos and Connor meet for the first time (As if!) at Duncan's and things "heat up."
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By MichiruK

I Never Forgot You

Duncan watched as his friend slowly peeled the label off his beer bottle. He knew something was bothering his friend, but Methos wouldn't talk.

"Did you know him?"

All he got was a blank stare. He sighed. When the Old Man had shown up on his doorstep he could tell that he had taken a head. Duncan decided not to pressure Methos. He would talk when he was ready. They sat in companionable silence, drinking their beer. They were not expecting the Presence. Nor one so strong.

Duncan picked up his sword. Whoever it was, they were going to fight him. Methos was too weak. He swung open the door and raised his sword.

"Now is that any way to treat your Clansmen? I taught you better than that." The lilt in the voice betrayed the words.

"Connor! What are you...I mean...Damn, come in." He put his sword aside as the elder Highlander stepped into the barge. His eyes rested on Methos.

The world's oldest man rose, meeting Connor's gaze. He barely registered Duncan's voice.

"Connor MacLeod, this is..."

"Adam Pierson."

"Nash." Methos' voice was barely above a whisper. "Is it really you?"

Duncan watched as his former teacher and friend strode over to Methos. Connor cupped Methos' face in his hands and kissed him softly. Methos gladly returned the kiss, moving his hands up Connor's chest and around his neck. The younger Highlander stared at them in shock. He wasn't disgusted. Many Immortals at least tried same sex relationships. He just couldn't believe that his closest friends...

He shook his head. "I take it you two know eachother?" he asked unnecessarily.

His guests finally came up for air. They looked at Duncan with guilty expressions. Methos was the first to speak.

"Mac, I..." He blushed as he realized he had no idea what he wanted to say.

Duncan smiled at them. "Hey, what you do with your time is none of my business. But this is my barge. And I am tired..." He hoped they caught the hint.

Connor wrapped his arms around Methos' slender waist. "Don't worry. I got a hotel room." He nibbled on Methos' ear. "Care to join me?"

Methos smiled. "Duncan?"

Duncan shooed him. "Go. Have fun."

"What about you?"


"Just checking!"

Duncan sank down on the couch as soon as the left. This was perfect! Ever since Connor lost his beloved Rachel in a car wreck two years ago, he had been so depressed. And if Methos couldn't talk to him...well, maybe he'd talk to Connor. Yes, it was a perfect solution.

Connor watched Methos as he slept. He couldn't believe that he was with him again. It had been over five years since they parted. He had felt bad about the affair because of Rachel. But now they could be together forever.

I wish he had told me that he was Methos. But I can't really blame him. We barely knew each other. Learning that the man he had made love to was the oldest Immortal had been a shock. But it didn't matter. It didn't change anything. Liar. You're afraid that if others learn his identity, that he'll run. It was true. He feared he would lose Methos.

The lump on the bed rolled over and opened its eyes. "Hi." Methos sounded tired, but happy.

Connor took a deep breath. "Hi. Sleep good?" He ran his hand over his lover's chest.

"You make a very good pillow." Methos stretched, popping his back. "So, what's on the agenda today?" He proceeded to pop his neck, turning his head first to one side then the other.

Connor studied him. "Methos? Are you OK with us?" He had to know.

Methos gazed up at him. He cared deeply for this man. He read the questions his lover needed to ask from the expression on his face. "If you mean will I run if I'm hunted...no. I will never leave you. I didn't want to leave before. But I knew about Rachel. I'm sorry. You must have loved her very much."

Connor took his hand and kissed his palm. "I never forgot you, Methos."

"Nor I you, Connor."

"Those few weeks we spent together were the most happy of my entire life. I almost wish I had left her."

"No, Connor. You loved her greatly. But I am not upset. I have you now."

Connor rolled to where he was on top of his lover. "I love you, my Methos."

"I love you too, Connor MacLeod, my Highlander."

They moved together in a way that only lovers know. Their love bonded them. That simple phrase of Connor's echoed in their heads.

"I never forgot you."


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