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The Pyramids

The first Pyramid was built by Pharaoh Dzoser of the Third Dynasty, but origins can be traced to the second Dynasty Pharaoh Khasekhemwy, he was buried in a Mastaba. It is thought that Imhotep, Architect of the Step Pyramid, made the pyramid by placing mastabas on top of each other, each one smaller than the next, making a "Starway to the Heavens," as some Scholars say. The Step Pyramid then evolved into a "True" Pyramid, Such as the ones at Giza.

Neat Fact: All the stones used in Khufus Pyramid at Giza is almost Equal to all the stone used in the fifth and sixth Dynasty pyramids combined!

I have a new section about the Great Pyramid and I hope to have a few more up soon! check back for updates!

The Great Pyramid
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