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The Afterlife

Along our journey, we stop and talk to a priest who is walking by, here is what he has to say:

“Dear visitors, you are most welcome here, let me tell you some of the things we Egyptians believe, let us start with the Afterlife. “We start preparing for death well before we die, we do this by building a tomb and gathering possessions for be placed in the tomb. When we do die, our body is Mummified and placed in a coffin. While the mummy and its possessions are being hauled to the tomb site, there are mourners who will weep. When they got to the tomb the “Opening of the Mouth” ceremony is performed. A Priest wearing an Anubis mask will stand behind the mummy and another priest touches the mummy’s eyes, mouth and ears with an Adze. we think that this will enable the mummy to use them when he got into the afterlife. Then the Mummy and its possessions are buried in the tomb prepared for it. Some of the possessions can included furniture, games, food, and shabtis, which are small statues that look like mummies that were thought to come alive and work for the mummy in the afterlife. The insides of the tombs were painted with scenes from the “Book of the Dead.“ We believe that in order to enter the afterlife we have to go through the process of the “Weighing of the Heart”

-The Weighing of the Heart-

Before Osiris and a panel of judges the deceased’s heart was weighed against the feather of Ma’at. If the heart and the feather are the same weight the deceased is declared true and justified and may enter the afterlife. If the heart is heavy with sins and unrighteousness then he is eaten by a hybrid of a crocodile, hippo, and lion. (“Swallowing Monster”)

I hope you have learned much from your visit, come back any time and learn more!”

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