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Welcome to Ancient Egypt, Land of the Pharaohs! Let's start our Journey by meeting the Pharaohs and Queens themselves...get to know them! Then you can go on to learn about how the Ancients lived, their religious beliefs, and how to read and write like an ancient Scribe! Finally, if you have any questions, write to me and I will try to help you find the answers! Your main assignment, however, is to have FUN!!! Egypt is a very intruiging place, once you learn a little you'll be hooked!!

Send me your questions by clikcing here,
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Thank-you for coming to Egypt with me!
Have a good time on your trip!

Meet The Pharaohs
Learn About The Egyptian's Food Source
Visit the Pyramids
Talk to an Embalmer about Mummification
Talk to a Priest about the Afterlife
Important Egyptological Finds That Shaped What We Know About History
Visit The Valley of The Kings
Visit Our New Message Board
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