Cold Lemonade: Updates



    6.6.2k ~ Added Updates page!  That way it won't take up a million lines on the main page.  Check out the Request page, okay peoples?  These are fics that I would really like to see, and I'm up for trades ^^.
Can Lina Handle the Lord Nightmares? by

    6.5.2k ~ Hey, thanks to the people that e-mailed me about the Sakura Archive thing ^_^.  Well, it's finals week... they end next Wednesday.  So I'll be pretty darn busy until then.  But for now, I'll add a fic ^_^.  Also thanks to the people that have e-mailed me their lemons and links... new stuff Sakura Archive doesn't have 6_6!
        Final Fantasy VII
Aphrodisiac Power by Archone 

    5.31.2k ~ Hm, we've got a bit of trouble.  The Sakura Lemon Fan-fiction Archive seems to be... uh... demolished.  So now, more than ever, I'm counting on lemon submissions!  I'll be looking elsewhere for good fics,too, but it will take a bit more work (and time).  If you know of a good lemon site or source (besides the ones listed in the Hentai Fanfiction Webring), please, please forward it to me.  Thank you!

    5.24.2k ~ Ack!  I'm having trouble getting files up in one piece (I had to break up Emotional Rescue) and when I use html on Frontpage 2000 and cut and paste it onto Angelfire, it doesn't work out.  So either somebody can help me out or you guys can live with crappily formatted fics ^_^;.
Emotional Rescue Part 1 by Sailor Mac
Emotional Rescue Part 2 by Sailor Mac

    5.20.2k ~ Added Request page!  I'm pretty happy with the amount of traffic this site is receiving.  6_6 Who would've thought that there were as many hentai as me? 
Love in the Forest by Starri Wandererr

    5.19.2k~ Changed to a better looking counter, changed Updates layout, added (hopefully) helpful character indications, and added Paypal banner (click!).
        Magic Knight Rayearth
Fuyu no Hana by Team Bonet
        Slayers Midnight Walk by CC1
Slayers Temptation by Amelia Elf

    5.18.2k~ I'm adding these at a slow pace (they take longer than I thought they would to get up), but it's coming along. ^_^ Check back soon! I update almost daily.
        Ranma 1/2 Fragmentation 1 by Teflon Booger
Ranma 1/2 Fragmentation 2 by Teflon Booger
Ranma 1/2 Fragmentation 3 by Teflon Booger 

        Pokemon Ash and Misty's Permanence by Cold Lemonade

    5.14.2k~ First update!  I'm adding as many fics as I can find as fast as I can.  I'm also hoping to expand this into a really nice website, but for now, just bear with me!
        Hana Yori Dango Fire in the Blood by Micchy