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Your one-stop for all the high-quality lemons you can handle! No three paragraph, bang and go fics here. No super long, boring ones either. 6_6  These are all the fanfics that I found off the Internet and have enjoyed myself.  This page was, in a big part, inspired by the Sakura Fan-Fiction Lemon Archive, but the huge archive has plenty of duds so that's why I decided to make this page.  I didn't ask permission to post these lemons because it would be too big of a hassle to ask every author, so I simply request that if you don't want your written work on this website, please contact me and politely ask that I take it off.  Otherwise, enjoy!




I'm trying to build this up into a giant archive, so if you have any lemons of your own, please, please send them on over!





   11.15.2k ~ Hey, what's up guys? I know, it's been awhile. Updating takes me years since I don't have my trusty Frontpage '98 on this laptop :( I have to figure out everything with just html *boohoo* Well anyway, enjoy the story ^_- For those of you who've e-mailed me, thanks a lot :). I appreciate the stories you've sent and for the requests, I'll get them up as soon as possible.
Tainted Love by Zoey and Olduvai Gump

    9.17.2k~ Sorry about the lack of updates, I happen to not have a computer right now and am just borrowing this one... when all the dust settles, I will update, k' guys? Just be patient, and I'll be with you (hopefully) shortly!

   9.3.2k ~ This is one of the best fics ever!! Hopefully I'll be getting more from this author soon~
        Final Fantasy 7
Memories of Wutai by Damiana Brichardi

    8.24.2k ~ Added fic, fixed "Series" page (did anybody notice it was messed up, or was it just my computer? o_O), and manually cleaned up the existing Sailormoon lemons.
Ai no Escudo by Sailor Star Love

    8.22.2k ~ Hmm... lotsa yaoi recently, geheh 6_6
Fushigi Yuugi Twin Desires by Sara and Amanda Barton

    8.13.2k ~ This is a great fic!! >_<
        Weiss Kreuz
Project: Gang Bang on Ken by Omi-chan 6000

    8.11.2k ~ Added link to a free animetion e-mail domain in the series page ^___^

    8.6.2k ~ Deleted the ff7 fic... after I read it, I decided that it wasn't up to par with the rest of the lemons... but I've got a great Vagrant Story one in place!  This story is awesome.
      Vagrant Story
Control by ChocoZell

    8.5.2k ~ Added the link to Animenation ^_^ click!  I get stuff from there all the time.

    7.25.2k ~ Hey guys, check out this fic!  The steamy parts are great, and the story is wonderful too.  Take the time to read it, k?  It's even won some elite award.
        Rurouni Kenshin
Blanket Scenario: Aoshi/Misao by Miss Led

Dreams by Mistress Tai

    7.2.2k ~  Sorry, I've been on vacation and just got back last night.  I have to clean up some stuff (like e-mail, stuff I promised friends), and I'll work on this some more then.

Dreams of the Darkness by


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