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My Favorite George Sterling Links

Here are my favorite links for George Sterling. Please let me know what you think of them.

George Sterling

A George Sterling Page, source of bio on this site
Robinson Jeffers, another Carmel poet
Robinson Jeffers, poet, includes a long story of George's life
Carmel Heritage Society
Carmel Historical Library
Video on Carmel's history narrated by Clint Eastwood; LOTS on George
Monterey County History Pages
George's books available from
Another Carmel site
Clark Ashton Smith : Ebony and Crystal
Poems To George by AshtonSmith
POEM--Black Vulture
Literary San Francisco - Bohemia
Reflections -- Leon Malinofsky's poetry site
Burial of Care - Jinks at the Bohemian Club - 1885
Index of Bohemian Grove Reportage
Clark Ashton Smith Bibliography

George and Jack London

Jack London State Historic Park in Sonoma County, Northern California
London, his life and books (Jack London State Historic Park)
Jack London Ranch Album:by Dave Hartzell
Photos of George and Jack
More photos

Researching George Sterling

Stanford Department of Special Collections
Stanford's Sterling (George) Collection
American Literary Studies
John G. Neihardt, Letters, 1912-1925
London (Jack) Collection(lots of GeoSterl)
Berkeley's George Sterling Collection