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Cheetah: The Fastest Land Animal




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Cheetah's Food

The cheetah is a carnivores. It eats antelope, gazelle, springbok, steenbok, duikers, and impala. The cheetah also stalks down on game birds and rabbits. It can mimic some bird sounds, perhaps to attract them. The cheetah, unlike other cats is a diurnal and hunts during the late morning or early afternoon. The cheetah depends on its sight rather then smell. It also likes to scan the country from a tree limb or a termite mound. The cheetah unlike other cats chases its prey for about 5500 miles where as other cats run for a few hundred miles. When it chases, the cheetahs average speed is 45 mph. The cheetah uses its tight grip to squeeze its preys windpipe shut. It does this for up to 5 minutes. When the cheetah hunts it uses the "stalk and chase" method. When it comes to a herd of animals it looks for a weak, lame, sick, or oldest member of the herd.