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A totally NEW approach to getting the body you want.

Become Lean-Not Just Slim!

When a weight loss system focuses on fat loss no just pounds lost, you are able to lose unhealthy fat stores while maintaining healthy muscle. You want to lose the fat you've collected around your waistline, on your hips, thighs, upperarms-not muscle and not water weight, although some water weight will naturally come off as less fat is stored.

Muscle weighs more than fat, but it gives your body the toned, firm look you want and it actually helps you burn more calories. So rather than being anxious about dropping pounds fast, notice how your clothing fits and keep a record of the inches you lose.

The GlycoLEAN Body System is designed to help support:

*Becoming lean-not just slim.

*Normalizing your appetite.

*Increased energy.

*Improved digestion and elimination

*Improved protection against oxidative stress.

*Increased sense of well being.

*Improved colon health

The GlycoLEAN Lean Body System contains:

*NO fat blockers that can rob you of even the essential fatty acids and important fat soluble vitamins.

*NO carbohydrate blockers which block all carbohydrates even the ones needed for balanced health.

Mannatech's GlycoLEAN Body System was designed to work with your body, not against it!

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