Simple altar decorations can be obtained by taking a calm "pilgrimage" through your local woods and collecting leaves, acorns, berries, and other things symbolic of nature's bounty.

* Some chose to sprinkle Autumn leaves around the house and on the sides of walk ways as decoration, though this may not be convenient if one lives in the city or doesn't enjoy the cleanup.

*The changing leaves can be dipped in paraffin and put on wax paper. After the leaves dry, they may be placed around the house or in large jars with sigils of protection and/or abundance carved lightly into them.

*A harvest cornucopia filled with autumn leaves, dried gourds, Indian corn ears, straw, nuts, and the like, makes a beautiful addition to your table.

Sun Wheel
Wire coat hanger (or other similar material)
Glue or thread (to attach cornhusks)
Small wooden disk (to place in center of circle)
A very easy and fun decoration is the Sun/Corn Wheel. It is made to honor the Sun God of the festival. Wire coat hangers (or any similar material) are fashioned into a circle, and cornhusks are attached to the perimeter. Ears of corn are connected from the perimeter to a small wooden disk that rests in the middle of the circle. Next, wrap extra husks around the outside of the wire circle, using glue or thread to bind it, and leaving some dangling decoratively. Try to keep the hanger hook to hang the finished product by. Another variation is the Corn Man Wheel, made in a similar manner, but with five husks to resemble the five points of the pentacle. (Greatly resembles a wire wheel with cornhusk spokes.)

The Spokes of the Wheel