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Book of Terra. Elemental Groupings Continued.


This is the most complex of all the groupings. It does not consist of a population of dragons, but of about 7 unique individuals. To be classified as a Rouge, each individual dragon MUST have attribues from more than one element. This "Great 7" of the dragon kingdom consists of the following Dragons:

Archanos the Grey: Elements of Fire and Earth.

Nickoran the Gold: Elements of Fire, Air and Earth.

Zeffer the Red: Elements of Air and Fire.

Son Col'Dar (Quazar) the Blue: Elements of Ice(water), Air, and Earth.

Rei the White: Elements of Water and Air.

Cha Ta'Dar (Chaos) the Black: Elements of Air, Water, and Fire.

Malech the Green: Elements of Earth and Water.

Each of these dragons will have Biographies done sooner or later describing their habitat, behaviour, physical type and so forth.

To be continued.