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The Sketchbook.

Here is where I'll stash random sketches, either of pic's that I have done and are already up, or ones that I just like enough to put up that have never been finished. The stuff at the top of the page is the newest stuff and the farther down ya go, the older the sketches get...

Rosie. More sketches of Rosie the Pit Bull's head and face. *NEW*

Anubis. The Egyptian god of the stuff, but don't worry, he's got a loin cloth on. I'm planing on coloring this. *NEW*

BlackFox. Foxxy's arguin' as to the nutritional benifits of...Pixie Sticks??

Jake. Just some random drawings of Jake's head done in ball point pen in one of my sketchbooks.

Rosey. A pitbull Terrier character I made for a co-worker friend of mine named Robin. A page of faces done as a study.

Winged Warrior. some pants on this time eh? ^_^ NEW

Winged Warrior. o_O' Ack! What happened to your pants?? Where's that loin cloth when ya need it! ^_~ NEW

Foxxy's Dress. No thumbnail for this one. The drawing is a rough of one I'm working on that is to be colored, thus the lack of wings. The dress is one that I actually own.

Baha! This is a rather old doodle of my buddy Baha the dragon.

Dragon Girl. Another anthro' dragon chick. I like her, maybe I'll make her a regular character sometime.

Chinese Dragon. A Chinese Dragon Anthro'. Oooo...lookit the purdy pearl. ^_^

Winged Warrior. Dunno his name yet, but he's a cuttie... heaven forfend that he loose that Loin cloth...muahahaha... ^_~

BlackFox on the Hunt. I did this drawing a long time ago and never got around to coloring it...oh well.