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Welcome to my Website.

Welcome to my website. You can call me BlackFox, Black Dragon, or whatever. This site contains some of my artwork. The site is orgonized into distinct areas of intrest. To see some of my Furry (Anthropomorphic) artwork, visit my Den by clicking the image of Jaxx. If dragons and other creatures are more your thing, check out the Fantasy Gallery by clickin' on the dragon image.

You may notice that I tend to draw a lot of critters with wings, don't ask me why. I just have an infinity with the ability to fly, always have, always will.

All artwork displayed on this website is © Tina Leyk 1990-2001. And may NOT be used, altered or redistributed without written concent of the Artist!

Fair warning to those of you who are on Macs or have your speakers turned way up, the furry section of this site features MiDi music!

Enjoy your stay, but please respect all due copyrights!