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Welcome to the Oekaki BBS and Paint Chat Gallery. Most of the nick-nacks stored here are freehand mouse drawings of different qualities, or drawings done using my newly aquired tablet. Enjoy, but remember that all this stuff is MINE, so NO stealing!

I miss my dwaggy... A pic' of me huggin' a silver dragon plushie that's supposed to represent my long lost buddy Baha(as in Bahamut) that I used to know on the Sega irc chat server....I miss him. *NEW*

Black and White... This started out as a pic' of illucian on pchat, I ended up adding my dragon to the pic'. Yeah, that's dragon's a wyvern type. :3 *NEW*

Crouching Dragon. Done on Pchat. I like the colors. *NEW* ^_^

Alien Metal. My alien creature. Creature Me. *NEW*

Sadnees.(Black Dragon) I was hurting... *NEW*

Dolphins and Dragon. Done on Dezy's a little while ago. One of the first pic's I did with my tablet. *NEW*

Black Dragon. My black dragon persona. B.Dragon me. *NEW*

Illucian. Illucian Herself, steal and fry. >:/*NEW*

Walking Dragon. A dragon taking a nice walk on the grassy plains.*NEW*

Winged Vixen. Nuff' said. Another one done on Dezy's. *NEW*

Sea Dragon Done on Dezy's. A wingless sea dragon. *NEW*

Brown Forest Dragon. A brown dragon walking through the forest.

Sea Amphetere. An Ampheter style dragon.

"You gaze up, wishing you were able to reach the light high above. You stare at the blue sky, far beyond your reach only to see a terrifying figure unfurl its wings and gaze back at you..." BBS Image © T.Leyk 2001.

A cool free hand dragon picture again.

A surreal dragon picture.

Me and one of my pet snakes!

A peaceful forest.

Raven the Gothic Bat girl. ^_^

Drew a pic' of myself after a very BAD week....

A recent BBS doodle of a cute kitty girl with her favorite bow wrapped around her tail.

This is supposed to be a BBS drawing of my female Pit Bull character Rosie. I dunno about her being a blue Murrle, I might change my mind later...

Here's a BBS drawing with something of a Sci-Fi Feel. I have no idea what name he's got. I'm not good at drawing armour, but I like this picture anyway.

Another BBS drawing. I HATE public transit!! Especially the bus during rush hour in the city...all those smelly gross human pigs. I hate people... *eats someone's hand* >:3

A little BIO' doodle I did for the BBS. ^_^

Another BBS mouse drawing...done while listening to some good ol' Godsmack.

Razeil in his fallen form. My favorite vampire drawn on the BBS. It's ok, but not my best work...

Another BBS drawing, not bad for freehand with a mouse...^_^;

Another BBS doodle.

A mouse drawing I did on a Oekaki BBS board! Not bad if I do say so myself. ^_^