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Traditional Media Artwork.


This is the page where you can view some Anthro' art done in Pen and Ink, Acrylic Paint, colored Pencils and so forth. Enjoy, but absolutely NO stealing!

Another acrylic painting. 9"12" canvas paper. Neat stuff. ^_^

A prisma color pencil and ink drawing. Actually it's a color study rough for a painting I'm planning. ^_^

Prisma Color Pencils. An anthro' water dragon/Mer-Dragon and her dolphin. I really like how this one turned out.

A colored pencil drawing of Tytus the Great. An infamus Pit Bull Warrior, standing victorious with the severed head of his defeated arch rival Cu'fa. Tytus © T.Leyk 2001.

A PrismaColor Pencil picture of a Kirin, or Chinese Unicorn creature. I'm thinking about selling this baby off FurBid in the future... :P

A pen and watercolor style acrylic painting of a cute Angelic Pomerainian anthro'. She doesn't have a halo, but she does have gold rings as anckletts. ^_^

A drawing I did in exchange for some UK Spyro the Dragon action figures! Well...actually, I did it as a gift, I payed for the figures. Image now owned by Sam Clements.

A colored pencil drawing of a cute winged wolf I've drawn for a friend. ^_^

This painting is actually on the lid of a wooden box that I painted. I used the same theme as the digital painting below of a fox wearing a feathered head dress.

A Lynx Mage gazes into his crystal ball.

One of my traditional Pen and Ink pictures. A Gothic Weasle Fem'.

I've just gone wild with the traditional media lately. Sorry again for the odd lines through the image, and the rather dark color (the actual painting is rather bright) I need a bigger scanner... ^_^'

This is an ACRYLIC PAINTING I did of my Jaxx BlackFox persona! It was done in a semi-realistic style, and is done on a clay-board measuring 16"x20". I re-scanned the damn thing and have the color as close to the actual painting as possible, and I also got rid of those annoying lines running through the image!

"Arora." Another Acrylic painting. This one was done on Illustration board measuring almost 16"x20". Sorry for the funny lines, but it is a rather large image to scan. I know that the color of the scan sucks, the actual painting is lighter in color than the scan and much more detailed. Pic © Me.

A pretty vixen sporting a fancy dress. This pic' is done in colored pencil and ink.

It's Silverblue the Gothbunny! Silverblue © herself. Art made by Me. NO STEALING! Silverblue is an amazing furry artist with a Gothic flair. A link to her website can be found on the Links page.

Dragon Girl. An old drawing I found recently. Colored pencil and ink. New Addition.

Hunter. Hunter the Jaguar. An older drawing I just found. Done with colored pencils and pen & ink. New Addition.

Jaxx and Jhon. Jaxx and a one time character named Jhon, he's a Simons Fox. New Addition.

Husky Anthro'. A black and white ink portrait of a Siberian Husky dog.

Malamute Anthro'. A black and white ink portrait of a Alaskan Malamute dog, not unlike my character named Kain.

Wolf Etching 1. An etching done for a college project. Art © T.L. 2000.

Wolf Etching 2. The second of the etchings I did for a college project. There were 3 in all, but I desided to post the two best of them. Art © T.L. 2000.

Quiet Time. A 100% colored pencil drawing of Jessica Redfox haning out at her favorite quiet spot.

Baha. A pen drawing I did of my friend in his dragon form.

WolfTiger.One of my characters. (colored finally.)

LunaWolf. She's a furry socesress who uses earth magic.

Jessica Redfox. I love this pic'.