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Other Furries.

All characters are © their respective owners. So NO stealing!

A tribute to my friend Celesse's undieing love for the evil Snickers chocolate bar.

Vantid! This was the picture I did for her for our art trade. Prisma color pencils on black backing paper. It turned out darker than it actually is, stupid scanner.... Vantid © herself, so NO stealing!

Happy Birthday Wolfie!!

Crimson Fury. A Metal Hedgehog like the ones in the Sonic the hedgehog games, except this one's got an attitude and his own army! Crimson © himself. NO stealing!

Tails the fox © Sega and Archie Comics. Art © me.

Another Pokemon related Picture. This one is for my awsome friend Celesse, Happy Birthday!!

Us girls (BlackFox, Celesse, Katsy, and BlackMew) got bored in chat one night and desided to have some fun outside, too bad it was raining!! All characters © their respective owners, NO stealing!

Hey look, it's my chat buddies! Starting from the back: Baha the dragon, Celesse the white wolf, Tidings, BlackFox (me), Flora the bunnie, J "Riki'" the Sayian, and Katsy the kitty! There are others who frequent our group, but I dunno what their characters look like...sorry. ^_^'

A furry character I designed for a good friend of mine. I used a light background so it would be easier to see her. Goth Vampire bat, Raven Nyte © herself. NO stealing!

This is SilverBat...or at least it was supposed to be. Since he's now changed what his character looks like, this pic' is no longer accurate. But SilverBat is still © himself!

A furry pic' I did for a chat friend named Flora, she likes bunnies so I drew her as one. Hope she likes it. I normally don't draw rabbit furries...but this time I thought it would be interesting. She's wrapped up in that blanket cuse I had no idea what kind of clothes Flora would want her character to wear...I'll ask her and draw another pic' later I guess. ^_^;;

Two characters I know from Chat. Firehawk and FireSonic © their players.

In honour of Christmas. This happened in chat on the night of the 23rd of December. Starting from the left is: Tidings, J/Rikimaru, BlackMew(me), Katsy, Vampchibi, and Celesse.

Crash. © himself.

Dragon Ball FUR. A pic of several friends dressed as DBZ characters...if u don't like DBZ, you don't have to look at it. It's not like I can force you! ^_^

Tails "Miles" Prower. Tails the fox. © Sega and Archie Comics.

Good v.s. Evil. Katsy's character ^Angel^, v.s. LinX's character _Devil_.

Blueblur, Crimson Fury and BlackFox. All three of us together...

Nap Time. Wolfie taking a nap on Celesse's lap. Ain't he CUTE? ^_^

Blueblur. My first IRC friend. He doen't come on the internet much anymore...I kinda miss him..

Up, up and away. Another of those long chat stories...Baha (in his true-dragon form) got miffed at Celesse and desided to take her for a ride.

Celesse v.s. SeaMonster. There is a LONG story behind this pic'....Celesse is one of my Chat friends. ^_^

Vampiric Furries. COLORED!

Vampiric Furries. Done for two friends. If they like it, I'll do a finnished version. ^_^

Fenrir. A character created by a friend of mine.

Dragon Girl. Just having fun with this one.

The Pool Party. This is a painting I did of all my chat buddies during happier times. It remains up in honor of Wolfblade.

RedWolf. This one was done for my friend, I knew him as Wolf. He never got to see it, this one is for him.

Katsy. This is the color sketch I did of my chat friend before the Pool Party painting.