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Arkonviox, dolphingirl, Trellia, Eccochick, NeoEcco, Swift Current, FragalEX, Frecco, and Whitefin.

Sorry if I typoed anyone's nick or goofed up on the coloring of anyone's character.

Here's more: Kitnee, Delphi, BigBlue5, Tidesinger, Vantid, KuuEao, Alastor, Doomtrain, and Crestoe. I used some artistic licence in the case of Doom' and Cres', I hope they don't mind. (It would look kinda weird havin' a train swimmin' alonside a bunch of dolphins and clone critters.) The metalic dolphin with the skull and crossbones is Doomtrain, hope she don't mind. I also altered Crestoe's chara' a little. I gave him dragon-like pectoral fins instead of those weird froggie lookin' arms and a proper tail fluke also, easier to swim that way. I really hope he doesn't mind. Anyway, enjoy!

P.S: Arkie, please add this to my gallery when ya get the chance. ^_^