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All Artwork Tina Leyk 1994-2002 and may NOT be altered, redistributed or used in any way without the written concent of the artist.

By the Falls. A green dragon sits on a rock near some waterfalls. Totally done in adobe yet again. *NEW*

Pain. Yet another photoshop painting of a dragon. I absolutely love how the rain effect came out in this. ^_^ *NEW*

The Light. My black dragon yet again. Simillar to the image below. I still like the first one better tho'...oh well.

The Coming Storm. My black dragon, flying past a giant thunderstorm. This is my very first Digital Painting.

Dark Realms. A ghostly dragon awakens....fear what dwells in darkness.

Pern Dragon. A ink drawing of a pernese dragon I did as a commision. Red dragons don't exist on Pern, but this one is fan made.

The Watcher. A painting I did in '99. Some of the regulars who have visited this site from the very beginning might remember this picture. I had to rescan it, it's much brighter than the old scan. Art © me!

Black Dragon head. A pen drawing of the Black Dragon's head.

Black Dragon head 2. The same drawing as the one above, but slapped with some color. The Black Dragon's scales aren't flat black, they're metallic and shimmer with many colors, like the feather of a Crow or Raven.

Snow Dragon. A painting suggested to my by a good friend. I did it, and now it's up.

Black Dragon Sunset. A painting I did a little while ago. My black dragon © me.

Fight! An old painting I did of two dragons fighting each other

Jewels. A painting I sold during a craft fare for 30 bucks...kinda cheep now that I look back on it. -_-'

Dragon's Airie. A dragon...sitting...nuff said

Amethist Dragon. Drawn for my good friend Sam. ^_^

Dragon Sketch. Done in colored pencils. Just another drawing done to test colors and body structure.

Green Dragon. A page from one of my old sketchbooks.

Grey Dragon. Another page from that sketchbook.

Bronze Dragon. Yet another page...

Gold Dragon. Another page.

White Dragon. And another...

Blue Dragon. And another...

The Black Dragon. This page is deticated to the statistics and images of my black dragon persona.

The Silver Dragon. This page is about the Silver Dragon.

Dragon Sketch 2. Another color drawing done with colored pencils

The Beast. A pen drawing of a creature I created in my spare time.

Dragon Heads. A page in my sketchbook, several styles of dragon heads.

Battle Dragon. A battle dragon, armour and all.

Battle Dragon Weapons. Some weapons I made up....

Dark Flame Battledragon. A character I made up after reading the Bazil Broketail series of books by Chris' Rowly.....I did a painting featuring him/her also.

Earth Rune. A color pencil drawing I'm planning on making into a painting in the future.

Warriors. A painting I did in 1998 while living in British Columbia, Canada.

Rage. A red dragon flying throught it's own flame produces chaos.

Flight of Giants. This painitin is titled "Sea of clouds." I wanted to try to get a feeling of scale between the dolphins and the giant dragons flying above. It was painted on a maisonite board.

The Shadow.A large dragon sunning itself on a sand dune.

Dragon Sketch. This is just a figure study done in pen and ink.

Sea Dragon. Yes, he's back. This is an example of the finished paintings I create.

Dragon in Winter. A VERY old painting I did, before the TRUE Black Dragon existed. I still like it though...

Rell. A commisioned painting of a white dragon named Rell. Rell is now owned by Daryl Small of Ontario Canada,(sorry if I spelled that wrong). Sorry for the fuzzyness of the picture, but it was a photo a bit out of focus.

Cliff Dweller. A pencil drawing of a dragon, it's wings are too small for powered flight. But it uses them to aid it as it jumps and climbs on the sheer cliffs on the oceans edge.

Silence. An old painting i did on illustration board. It really is a nice piece though.

Rainbow Dragon. One of the oldest dragon paintings I still have. It was painted on illustration board.

Reflections. A blue wyvern looking at it's reflection. Another OLD painting, and a small one at that, about 6x8 inches.