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Commission Information.

It all depends on what ya want; size, media, theme, get the idea. Anyway, here's the long awaited list. Note that at the very top is where you'll see if I'm accepting any commissions right now or not. Below it is the price list.

At this time I : am not : accepting commissions.

Price List *soon to include examlpe images*(All Prices are in U.S. Dollars) These are starting prices only! Prices will vary depending on what you want and how far it has to be shipped:

$35~40~ Line art. Basic pen&ink or pencil with shading. Acid free paper. One character.

$50~ Detailed pen&ink with basic color. (Prisma Color pencils) No background to basic background with little detail. Size usually about 9"x12". Paper or Illustration Board. One character.

(no image example yet) $60~70~ Detailed picture with basic color. (Prisma or Acrylic wash) Semi-detailed background. Sizes from 9"x12" to 11"x14". From Paper to Illustration board or Canvas Paper(9x12 only). Up to 2 characters in the image.

$75~100~ Detailed picture with color. (Acrylic paint) Detailed background. 9"x12" to 11"x14" Up to 2 characters in the image.

$200.00 or higher~ We'll talk. Can consist of one 16"x20" canvas with extreme detail or several smaller images of variying quality and/or media.

I accept CASH and International Money Orders ONLY!

These prices may be subject to check often. Feel free to email me for clarifications.

Email: OR