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My Characters.

These characters belong to Me. Any similaraty with any other furry characters out there is a total coincidence. All characters © T.L. 2000-01. Most of this stuff is CG colored, but there are a few in this area that are done with colored pencils....

Green Anthro Dragoness.*NEW*

Wingless brown Dragon Anthro.*NEW*

Sorry it took so long to update this part of the site. I've been working on my VCL gallery over the past little while. There's lots of new stuff there if anyone's interested. Oh, as for this pic', it's sort of an inside joke between me and my bro'. XD

This is one of those rare b&w drawings that I do that comes out of nowhere. It started as just a bunch of scribbled lines, and ended up as this. Jaxx smirks at the viewer as she sits atop a mound of bodies of Covenent Grunts, her Hunt a total sucsess. Her wings have incorperated into her armour. And her gun rests loosely in her right hand, helmet below her left. God I love that game.... *^_^*

A painting I did on 9"x12" paper canvas of a were-Malamute. I sort of messed up his legs, and the scan turned out kinda dark again... >_<

Another Prisma color pencil drawing. I haven't thought of a name for her yet, but she's still © me!

A portrait of a Fox with a lovely head dress of exotic feathers and jems.

New photoshop colored image. I love how this turned out. I was using a new technique for this likes! ^_~

Shard the Gothic Sandslash. Yes, he's a pokemon, but a cool one at that! Look and see, don't be afraid....muahahaa...

Hey lookie! Jake is makin' moves on the new chick in town...hehehe, isn't that cute! XP

A new character. This vixen is Fallen Angel. I really like her. She represents all of us who are shunned because we're different, yet are strong enough to be proud that we are who we are. Fallen Angel © T.L.2001.

Another Anthro' pokemon picture. As with the last one, if you REALLY have something against pokemon, you don't have to look at it... *wusses*. Mage Kadabra © Me.

Someone suprised Jake while he was eating his favorite treat. Pepermint ice cream with chocolate chips.... :9

A new character. I based her off of one of my favorite characters in the game Final Fantasy 9. She's a Dragon Knight in training who's hero is the famous Dragon Knight Freya.

A new pic' with a bit of a new style.

Ok, lets try this again shall we? I know that I suck at drawing 2 legged critters (cuz I draw dragons too much), so lets try again. This time Kitana's hauling ass....dunno where tho'. At least her hips aren't as fucked up... ^_^;;;

Yet another new character. Her name is Kitana. She's a Kirin (japanese unicorn) with some attributes borrowed from classical Western Alicorns (Unicorns from Europe). Just like true Kirins, Kitana is a despencer of Justice and tends to be quiet moody. I drew her with just a little clothing so she could show off her tattoos.... ^_~

Another new character! Meet the Dragon warrior, Kane. He's not a wolf, he's an Alaskan Malamute. This pic' took over seven hours to enjoy. *goes and puts some ice on her hands*

Another "new" character. Actually, I've been drawin' him for a while...I just didn't post a picture of him until now. Say hello to Jake. :)

A furry character I did who represents my Aunt who lives in British Columbia Canada. The bear spirit is her guide.

Yet another new character. :)

A color study of a Silver-backed Jackal character I'm developing. Look for more pictures featuring her in the future.

This picture is pokemon related. Do I care if you don't like pokemon? NO... But it's a furry drawing, and a good one at take a look anyway. :P

A furry Pixie.

Two new characters of mine.

Kestral.A Mer-Furry character of mine.