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Week One

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Monday, April 3, 2000--The Journey Has Begun! Oh, The places she will go...
Thursday, April 6, 2000--Oh the places she will go, Part 2
Saturday, April 8, 2000--Bike For The Cure Day 1 - Santa Monica - Covina CA
Sunday, April 9, 2000--Bike For the Cure Day 2 - Covina - Moreno Valley CA


On the road again ... It's Monday morning, April 3, and the first leg of the
bus/train ride from Colorado Springs to Los Angeles has begun. After months
of anticipation and preparation, it's really happening! I thank God for what
He's already brought me through!

Thanks to those who have sent messages to me, wishing me well, and Godspeed, and assuring me of your prayers.

So far the trip has been relatively calm. In the Colorado Springs bus
station, I met Paulette, a very nice woman about my age. She's headed back
to Spokane WA via Los Angeles. We visited pretty much non-stop for 3 hours.
Her husband Daniel died of a heart attack last year, at age 52. Her daughter
and son-in-law live in Colorado Springs.

There was quite a bit of snow from Pueblo South to Trinidad, but Raton NM
was sunny, albeit rather cold, with an icy wind. The Southwest Chief was a
little late, but not much. Now we're headed South, paralleling the I-25.
Memories of last year's ride return hauntingly. The countryside is still
drab tan; not much sign of Spring here, except the calves.

I slept through going over Glorietta Pass, NM which is the highest point on
the ride.

Spring was very much in evidence from Lamy to Albuquerque. Albuquerque's
scheduled stop went by quickly, as Paulette and I peroused the displays of
the Native American jewelery.

From Albuquerque to Gallup a Native American gentleman spoke about the
history of the area, from Native Americans through Spanish conquistadors,
railroads, Route 66, mining, and uranium boom and bust.
Quite fascinating. I even took notes for future reference.

Paulette and I had a lovely dinner in the dining car. The food was good, but
the train rocked back and forth quite a bit, once tossing my bread/butter
plate onto the floor!

As evening fell, I curled up on two seats for an intermittant sleep from
Holbrook (Charlotte, I saw the "sleep in a teepee" motel) on to San

Barstow station was a welcome sight. The Amtrak was running early, so we had to "lay over" for about 1/2 hour. I walked around out on the loading area,
just taking in the cool desert air, and beginning to realize that the months
of preparation for Bike For The Cure have finally come to an end.

I slept through the descent of Cajon Pass, but woke up in San Bernardino.
Paulette was still sleeping, so I visited with an 82 year old spry Japanese
lady, Seda Fujishiro. She grew up out in SE Colorado, but escaped interrment
because she was living in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was bombed.

Union Station was a wonderful site. I claimed my boxed-up bike and luggage,
re-assembled my pedals and handlebars while my mother loaded up the rest of my gear into her car. She then hurried back to her home. 5 miles away, so as
to not miss the UPS driver who would be delivering a large box containing
the BOB trailer Scott will pull, a bike rack, and some of my other ride
necessities. I rode my bicycle from Union Station to my mother's house,
along Sunset Blvd.

Jim Giles sent Scott's and my ride T-shirts to my mother's. They're very
nice. Don't forget to order one. You won't be disappointed!

I am grateful to be in Los Angeles. My mother and I have lots of things
planned for the next 3 days. I will save those details for the next E-mail.

Love to each of you.

Yours resting, but anticipating the start of Bike For The Cure 2000,

Marie Nemec
It hardly seems possible, but I've been in Southern California for two days
now! Time to catch you up on my comings and goings!

Tuesday after getting situated at my mother's house, we had lunch and then I
took a nap. After I awoke, my mother and I washed her car, to get it ready
to be the first "official" SAG vehicle on Bike For The Cure 2000. This year,
each SAG vehicle can sport a set of 12" x 18" magnetic door signs, which say
"BIKE FOR THE CURE" Huntington's Disease, with a Colorado license motif
"CURE 4HD." Jim Pollard, does that qualify for the state collection?

After dinner, we just relaxed, although I did begin sorting through my gear,
rearranging it for the ride.

Wednesday morning is always "Breakfast Club" for my mother, so we arose
early to be there at 6:45 am. I was able to meet many of my mother's
friends, which was a pleasure. The talk was on the current status of the LA
City Schools, particularly the turmoil that has been created with not having
enough facilities for the 10,000 students a year influx, into an already
overcrowded 712,000 student population.

Afterwards, we went to the Automobile Club of Southern Calif. to get some
maps for the trip, and to Target to buy a couple of items which I neglected
to bring. I also bought a new phone for my mother. When we got back to my
mother's house, I started to program in the Speed Dial phone numbers she
wanted, but something was wrong with the phone. We heard a loud knocking on
her front door, and to our surprise, there were two of LA's finest
(policemen) at the front door, thinking we had a major problem, because
somehow the phone had dialed 9-1-1! Were we ever embarassed! Guess what? I
called the helpline for the company that manufactured the phone, and I was
told that the phone was "defective." So ... we're returning it on Thursday
when we go to Burbank to visit my very good friend Dede Duly.

We left to drive to Lake Elsinore CA, along the I-15, between San Bernardino
and San Diego. We were to meet up with my sister Meg and niece Jenna. It
took us 2 hours to get there, in traffic, but only 1 hr. 10 min. to get

Dinner at Denny's was to celebrate my mother's upcoming birthday on April
13, when she turns 80. It was a 3 generation get-together, a special time
for all.

Thursday morning, bright and early, I got the bike rack set up on my
mother's Nissan, and we drove to Union Station to pick up Scott Springer,
who's riding with me. I found myself entering the elevator to go up to the
bike claim area, and who's on the elevator too? Scott! I looked at him and
asked, "Scott?" He said, "Marie?'" and we hugged hello. Perfect timing,
God's timing.

After Scott got the handlebars reattached to his bike, we took the elevator
back downstairs and then walked out the front door to meet up with my
mother. We loaded Scott's bike onto the rack, and drove back up Sunset Blvd.
to my mother's house. Scott felt pretty grungy after being on the train for
3 days w/o a shower! He "cleaned up real good," though; what a delightful
young man! Pat, I can see why you, Paul, and Shannon love him!

After breakfast, a friend of Scott's drove down from Thousand Oaks to pick
him up, so he could spend the afternoon, night, and most of tomorrow with

My mother and I are going to return the phone, then go to Dede's to visit
and have dinner.

It's hard to believe, but just one more full day until the ride begins.

I'll try to write one more message before the ride starts. Please pray for
travel safety and physical stamina for us. We are anticipating the beginning
of a great adventure. Thanks to each of you for your support and
encouragement. It means so much to me; words are inadequate to explain.

With love and hope,
Soon to starting Bike For The Cure 2000
Marie Nemec


Saturday morning arrived, albeit a bit dark due to the start of Daylight
Savings Time. It was finally time to start Bike For The Cure 2000. Scott, my
mother, and I loaded some of our gear, and the bikes, and headed for Santa
Monica straight across Santa Monica Blvd, through Hollywood, West Hollywood, West LA, Beverly Hills, Century City, and finally to Santa Monica. When we arrived at the pier, we were greeted first by Jan Folick, from the Hunt-Dis list, a lovely lady married to Henry, a pHD. Jan and Henry saw us off last year, too! Soon, much to my surprise and pleasure, who should pull up in his hot metallic green sportscar, pulling his hand cycle on a trailer? Jeremy
Newman, who Charlotte, Evelyn, and I met on the Katy Trail in Missouri last
year in May, when he and others were riding across America for Tri4Life.
Megan Younger's friend Katy showed up, and so did Ted Hatfield from the
Kansas City support group, and my friend Marilyn's sister Bev Boeck and her
husband Jim, who drove up from Orange Co. Quite an improvement over last
year's send-off! After the photo session was completed, Scott, Jeremy, and I
rode up the pier ramp, and Bike For The Cure officially began! Jeremy is
doing a duathlon in Santa Barbara tomorrow, so he just went 3.5 miles one way
with us, before we bid him fond adieu. What a special young man! He shared
that he will be starting med school this fall, completely funded by one of
his sponsors! He wants to be a sports medicine Dr., despite his paraplegic

Scott and I rode along Santa Monica Blvd, which is being torn up and repaved.
About two miles from my mother's house, my dear friend Dede Duly spotted us! She drove from my mother's house to see how we were doing! What a special friend! Our friendship goes back to when our son Kevin was an infant! We had ridden 17 miles before lunch with Dede and my mother.

Scott and I left again while Dede and my mother loaded up the rest of the
gear. We rode past Griffith Park, into Glendale, Eagle Rock, Highland Park,
and Pasadena. Colorado Blvd, Foothill, Duarte Road, and the Arrow Hwy were out main path E.

At the edge of Monrovia, about 6 middle school aged girls flagged us down.
They were operating a lemonade stand. We gave each of them an autographed
folded brochure, and they promised they would track us on the website We were very happy to reach the Covina Evangelical Free Church, where Pastor Neal Montgomery welcomed Scott and me. My mother somehow missed our rendezvous at the church, but finally found us about 45 min. later. Pastor Montgomery and his wife Carol hosted us overnight. They had a potluck at their home, with three wonderful couples from the church.

We were pretty tired from the first day on the road, but it felt good to have
the first 50 miles done.

I really appreciated Pastor Montgomery's prayer which ended the evening. Such a warm, caring couple!

Because of the heat, we purposed to be on the road by 7:00 am.

I will do my best to keep the daily message up to date.

Love to each of you who are reading this. Feel free to forward it, and share

Yours Biking For The Cure,


On the road again ... After a departing prayer with Pastor Montgomery, my
mother, Scott and me, we headed out right on schedule, at 7:00 am. Back to
the Arrow Hwy for awhile. We rode past the gym at the Univ of LaVerne
(looked like a small part of DIA), past the Fairplex in Pomona (home of the
L.A. County Fair), and the Ontario Airport. At some juncture, Arrow Hwy
turned into Mission, and later Van Buren. The miles flew by; maybe there was
a slight tailwind. Good ride, great company (Scott). We arrived in
Arlington (near Riverside) in time to have lunch at De Anza Park, under huge
shade trees, with music for a Walk For Life event, in the background. A
turkey sandwich with avocado (thanks to Dede) never tasted so good!

We rode past the California School for the Deaf (thought of Dwight and Ardie
Newbold). Up until then, the first 35 miles of the ride had been pretty
easy, but when we were Eastbound on Arlington, and then turned the corner
onto Allesandro, the hated long hill appeared. Although Scott rode up pretty
easily, I had to walk for a lot of it. Finally the road crested, and a
terrific downhill into Moreno Valley followed. A quick phone call to Jim
Giles yielded directions to his house, which at that point was about 5 more

I dropped off my first roll of film at Ride Aid 1 hr. developing. Scott
bought some sundries. We didn't have far to go to get to the home of Jim and
Nita Giles. Jim, his daughter Jenn (our webmaster, Brian (Jenn's husband),
and Becca, their 7 year old daughter, were in the front yard to greet us!
Once inside the house, we greeted Nita (pHD). She remembered my mother and me from last year.

Becca gave us a tour of her grandpa's back yard (many flower beds of irises)
and immediately she bonded with Scott. Jim barbequed dinner for us (I had a
hamburger); really hit the spot!

Tonight we may watch a video movie, and turn in about 9-9:30 pm.

Almost 100 miles into the ride now. Gaining confidence, but taking nothing
for granted. Each day is a gift from God; that's why it's called the

Yours Biking For The Cure,

For more information or if you have comments send mail to me, the webmaster.