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TWC Mission Statement

The Tulsa Walking Club exists for the sole purpose of promoting volkssporting.

This is accomplished through our sanctioned events, by sharing information

about events that other clubs are holding, by encouraging walkers through

our monthly meetings and our monthly newsletter, by organizing routine

group walks at our YR's, and by recognizing the achievement of

individual walkers.





President - Frank Reigel, contact at 918-865-5274 or

                                            by email at

V. President -Teresa Arnold, contact at 918-355-5820 or

                                                 by email at

Secretary - Frank Sober, contact at  918-481-1718 or

                                           by email at

Treasurer - Jeannie Richey, contact at  918-455-4908 or

                                                by email at


Our Regularly Scheduled Club Meetings

         (contact any officers

           for more details)

The Club Officers meet on the first Monday of each month at 7 PM in various homes to plan activities. This meeting is open to any club member.
The full membership meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 PM in the Hardesty South Regional Library. This meeting is open to club members and non-members alike - all are welcome.
A walking event is scheduled normally for the first and third Saturdays of each month. These events are detailed in our monthly newsletter and are open for all to attend.

The Tulsa Walking Club is a part of the national walking organization -

The American Volkssporting Association

and the international walking organization -

The International Federation Of Popular Sports

AVA and New Balance Athletic Shoes, Inc. have partnershiped to promote walking as a fun, healthy and life enriching activity for people of all ages. New Balance will be providing a pair of shoes for a drawing giveaway at many AVA events so check the flier for the event you are attending for this special feature.

Contact New Products Shoes via





Keystone State Park walk in Mannford, OK. Contact Dan Nerren at 918-245-2024 or at for further details.
Utica Square walk in Tulsa, OK. Contact Dorothy Amsey at 918-742-5859 or at for further details. There are several trails offered (only one stamp) and one takes you along a portion of the old Route 66.
LaFortune Park walk in Tulsa, OK. Contact June Holmes at 918-481-1860 or at for further details.
Bartlesville city walk in Bartlesville, OK. Contact Bill Dum at 918-335-0709 or at for further details.
2003 Walking Events

Offered By The Tulsa Walking Club

<<<<<< + >>>>>>

The Tulsa Walking Club offers many more walking opportunities beside the monthly events shown here. Our members walk together at various locations and times on various week-day mornings and on some Saturday mornings. Contact our officers if you wish to join in these walks. You are welcome.


January 18 - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Contact Jeannie Richey at 918-455-4908 for more details.
February 15 - Sequoyah State Park. Contact Adelle Stults at 918-481-0121 for more details.
March 15 - Pryor, Oklahoma. Contact Les Clutter at 918-492-6577 for more details.
April 19 - Woodward Park, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Contact Dorothy Amsey at 918-742-5859 for more details.
May 17 - Kaw Lake, Ponca City, Oklahoma. Contact Frank Reigel at 918-865-5274 for more details.
June 14 - Woolaroc Park, Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Contact Gary Hatfield at 918-331-2157 for more details.
July 19 - Tulsa Trails, Mingo Circle, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Contact Lewis York at 918-492-4296 for more details.
August 16 - Mohawk Park, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Contact Bob Pugh at 918-446-7924 for more details.
August 30, 31, September 1 Labor Day Weekend - 6  walking events held at various locations and times around Oklahoma. Contact Bob Pugh at 918-446-7924 for more details.
September 20 - Har-Ber Village, Grove, Oklahoma. Contact Cathey Hathcock at 918-786-2167 for more details.
October 18 - Oktoberfest, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Contact Shirley Schelper at 918-481-1860 for more details.
November 15 - Fountainhead State Park. Contact Linda Woodard at 918-747-4493 for more details.
December 6 - Christmas Lights Walk. Location to be determined. Contact Jim Renner at 918-251-7605 for more details.

Walking is a Healthy, Fun, and Enjoyable Sport !

QUESTION : How many calories does a person burn walking???

ANSWER : According to "The New Wellness Encyclopedia" from the editors of the University of California at Berkeley Wellness Letter, the calories burned per minute of activity per pound of body weight are -

+ walking at a normal pace over fields and hill - 0.037

+ walking at a normal pace over asphalt - 0.036

+ climbing hills -0.055

+ running a 6 minute mile - 0.115

+running an 8 minute mile - 0.095

+ running an 11.5 minute mile - 0.061

So a 150 pound person will burn 5.55 calories per minute (150 X 0.037) walking at a normal pace over fields and hills.

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See you on the trail!


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